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present attempt be succeeds with his wellwishers, be can have no reason to regard the contrary in others; but be assured, thus all the purposes of exhibiting a few scattered .trifles (wrote chiefly at an early age) will sufficiently answer every expectation.

He knows that among bis acquaintance there are many excellent judges of literary composition, whose superior understanding place tbem in an elevated station, while be: is set at a distance from them. To be tempted therefore to this task by any of them, is an honour he never expected; because, 'till now, he never imagined be des Served it.

Hence, if be apologized for the present publication, which in some measure will


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give a transcript of his mind under different affections, bis Readers would probably join in sentiment with Mr. Shenstone, that it proceeded from an idea he was either violating modesty, or presumed himself able to instruct or entertain ; but as he chearfully obeys the call of his friends, and supercedes his own opinion on the merit or demerit of the succeeding pages, it' is enough that he laoks up to them with respect, and promises himself every satisfaction in gratifying their complimentary wishes.

Nonumque prematur in annum, is the advice of Horace; and mould the Author be charged with disregarding it on the present occasion, he must observe, that he has done himself a superior pleasure by attending to the voice of his acquaintance, which if



never offered bim, they would not now be acquainted with the subsequent miscellanies..'

It is further to be observed that, froni the inattention of the compositor, many revises of the Author in the proof-sheets have escaped him, and caused, disagreeably, a table of Errata ; therefore, wherever in the verses there may appear an inaccuracy, or in the profe false concord, the Reader is intreated to refer to the corrections in such table, (which follows the miscellanies) and not attribute to the Author the accidental errors of the Printer.


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Page Love for love, a tale, Maria's answer, Part the second, a tale . Maria's reply, Scyphon to Maria on the same, Maria's answer, Scyphon's conclusion to Maria, Lothario's intervention, Scyphon to Lothario thereon Maria to Scyphon in consequence, Scyphon to Maria on the cause of his introducing the original tale,

102 ESSA Y S. On methodism,

109 Un marriage,

116 On practisers of the law, On jealousy, as

131 On good nature,

137 On easy behaviour, lo Instructions for a gentleman of modern taste,

143 On patriotism,

A character,
On gaming,
A tour,

. . On man's insignificance,

173 - Reflection's on matrimony in old age,

192 Advice to ladies

To Junius,
On libels,

Of Mrs.

W n . -Miss,

R os, · A Love-letter from the Author to a beautiful





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