Records of the Cape Colony, from February 1793 to April 1831

Government of the Cape Colony, 1905

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Seite 222 - I AB do sincerely promise and swear, That I will be faithful and bear true Allegiance to His Majesty King George...
Seite 219 - ... by warrant under the hand and seal of any Justice of the Peace...
Seite 219 - ... shall have been delivered to him, or left at the usual place of his abode, by the attorney or agent for the party who intends to sue...
Seite 157 - And for so doing this shall be your warrant. Given at our court at St. James's the 10th day of March, i/()9> in the ninth year of our reign.
Seite 220 - ... attorney or agent, in writing signed by the party demanding the same, of the perusal and copy of such warrant, and the same hath been refused or neglected for the space of six days after such demand; and in case after such demand and compliance therewith, by...
Seite 220 - Defendant in any such Action, by Leave of the Court where such Action shall depend, at any Time before Issue joined, to pay into Court such Sum of Money as he shall see fit. whereupon such Proceedings, or Orders and Judgment, shall be had, made, and given in and by such Court as in other Actions where the Defendant is allowed to pay Money into Court.
Seite 219 - Agent or Attorney ; and in case the same is not accepted, to plead such Tender in Bar to any Action to be brought against him, grounded on such Writ or Process, together with the Plea of Not Guilty...
Seite 222 - ... do equal right to the poor and to the rich, after your cunning, wit and power, and after the laws and customs of the realm, and...
Seite 221 - That no action shall be brought against any Justice of the Peace for anything done by him in the execution of his office, unless the same be commenced within six calendar months next after the act complained of shall have been committed.

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