Memorials of ... Thomas Cranmer, sometime lord archbishop of Canterbury. [With] The appendix to the memorials. [on large paper, cm.26].


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Seite 830 - But this punishment in this lifetime is not to revenge our original sin, which is pardoned in baptism, but to make us humble, penitent, obedient to God, fearful to offend, to know ourselves, and ever to stand in fear and awe; as if a father that hath beaten a wilful child for his faults should hang the rod continually at the child's girdle, it should be no small pain and grief to the child, ever hanging by his side: and yet the father doth it not to beat the child for that which...
Seite 835 - I will answer no more but this, if ever any cardinal or legate were beneficial unto this realm, we may have some hope of some other to follow his steps. But if all that ever were in this realm were pernicious and hurtful unto the same, I know not why we should be with child to long for any mo.
Seite 920 - Now as concerning the estate of religion, as it is used in this realm of England at this present, if it please your Highness to license me, I would gladly write my mind unto your Majesty. I will never, God willing, be author of sedition, to move subjects from the obedience of their heads and rulers : which is an offence most detestable.
Seite 836 - ... and much more. But it was not for good mind that you bare to the gentlemen that you devised this article; but it appeareth plainly that you devised it to diminish their strength, and to take away their friends, that you might command gentlemen at your pleasures.
Seite 827 - is the power of God to the salvation of all that believe ;" the clear light to our eyes, without the which we cannot see; and a lantern unto our feet, without which we should stumble in darkness.
Seite 814 - Which prayer were but a very fond prayer, and a very mocking with God, if nobody should communicate with the priest. And the communion concludes with two prayers...
Seite 1032 - Hitherto have I recited the mind of Gregory Nazianzene in that book which I spake of before. The same author saith also in another place, that " the learning of a Christian man ought to begin of the fear of God, to end in matters of high speculation ; and not contrarily to begin with speculation, and to end in fear. For speculation...
Seite 915 - God pardon, and seeing hitherto no possibility to utter our determination without great destruction and bloodshed, both of ourselves and others, till this time, have this day proclaimed in your city of London your Majesty to be our true natural sovereign liege Lady and Queen ; most humbly beseeching your Majesty to pardon and remit our former infirmities, and most graciously to accept our...
Seite 819 - For as vigils, otherwise called watchings, remained in the calendars upon certain saints' evens, because in old times the people watched all those nights; and Vigilantius, because he speaketh against these watchings, was condemned of heresy; but now these many years those vigils remained in vain in the books, for no man did watch: even so until this day the order and form of christening was read and kept every year at Easter and Whitsuntide, but none was then christened.
Seite 825 - Tartaries, or Christian people, and you shall not find an image in none of their churches, but that was brought in by the Bishop of Rome, and where the Bishop of Rome is or within these forty years was taken for the head of the Church, and Christ's vicar in earth. And at the beginning the...

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