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to the peace-maker may be abundantly bestowed on our king? Will any one disallow the honest avowal of respectful gratitude? and if I am told that he is not clear of domestic fault, have I not a right to rejoin, that whatever may be his faults, if any, I had rather not know them, for that I have too many faults of my own to combat, to allow me time to con over those of others, and am so much dissatisfied with myself for them, that I cease to have much appetite to hear or relate what may be imputed to him or others individually, except for the purpose of their remedy. Indeed I would respectfully and soberly ask, what can be the anticipation of the SPIRIT which reigns undeviatingly in Heaven; by those who would, by their self-righteous language, seem to think they may carry their own judging and uncharitable habits with them, and yet be accepted with this cumbrous and heavy load?

I would ask the liberty to add, that on looking back on my own past life, my impression decidedly is, that I never did an unkind action to another without diminishing my own happiness; and, that I never did a kindness to another without increasing it—a feeling which, I hope and believe, is extending rapidly in society. For, among the many marvellous features of this marvellous age, perhaps few are so striking as the increased aptitude of society to carry the peaceable spirit of the Redeemer into the occurrences of common life. Thus, formerly, it was taken for granted, that if two persons differed in opinion, they must needs like each other the less for it; but the modern discovery is, that to quarrel on any such ground, cannot possibly do any good, and that it always diminishes our own happiness without any corresponding benefit. Formerly, we were more quick both to appreciate and to bestow injuries than benefits; now, society appears to be merging into the invaluable discovery, that to confer happiness, is to be happy: formerly, there was more of the disposition to wrap ourselves in the folds of proud consciousness of superiority, or the distant begrudging of the superiority of others; now, we are, or at least appear to be, merging into that state wherein peace and harmony in our own breasts lead us to rejoice in all the proper happiness we witness in others, whether that happiness be depicted by our fellow-men, or by the animals that sport around us, we discover that rejoicing in their happiness gives a tone to our minds, wonderfully adapted to increase our every pleasure, and to soften our every grief; while our happiness would be indescribably increased by the consciousness that our first and greatest excitement to rejoice in the happiness of all is, that all are the work of that POWER, whom to know and obey, would be the very chiefest and best of all our delights. How would this tendency of society hasten that period, when the angelic anthem, “ Glory to God in the highest, on earth peace, good will towards men,” would be responded by mankind from every clime, and of all complexions !

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