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Colonization, incomparably the most valuable, and

every way the most permanently effectual, if confined

to the youth and the few adults needful to super-

intend and care for them. The portion of English

society which are a dead weight on this country in

their youth, and an excess beyond the means of em-

ployment when they grow up, possess the germs of a

capacity, in conjunction with our possession of New

Holland and its dependencies, to form a nation, as

powerful as any now is, not even excepting England,

and of attaining to a far greater mass of human hap-

ness and true respectability than any country ever yet

attained to, as well as of affording a reasonable prospect

of never sinking to half so low a grade of demoraliza-

tion as the most orderly nation of Europe, provided

the population is made up of the members. of a well

conducted infant colony and their descendants; and all

this at a comparatively trifling cost to this country,

which they would eventually repay. Thus that which

for want of good management is impoverishing the

useful classes of England, by putting their exertions

in requisition to bring these up in idleness, destitution

and crime, would be neutralized as an evil, and con-

verted into a blessing to millions, and perhaps even

rank among the most interesting and valuable epochs

of the history of men; and the wants of such a

colony would perhaps eventually double the present

amounts of the manufactured exports of England 131

If we colonize with those who have had all their children,

neither is the colony more numerous nor the mother-
country less so fifty years after; and if we send
parents as well as children, they have run through
twenty to forty years more of their life than their
children have, consequently have on an average,


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