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In the absence of virtue, afflictions are needful to keep

man within bounds. These chastise for obedience
to, and incorporation with evil, that rewards and
strengthens for obedience to, and incorporation with
good. These tend to order, by a state comparable to
slavery. That nourishes and preserves the order
which flows from and consists in justice, mercy, har-

mony, love and general happiness.

The benevolence of our nation and the strength and

wisdom of our government, exhibit striking con-

trasts to our crimes and the inefficiency of our laws.

Honest and efficient laws might be easily framed and

easily applied, and for which the present state of so-

ciety is remarkably prepared, being ripe for improve-

ment and its circumstances imperiously requiring it.

The opportunity of our excellent King to promote the

happiness of the human race far greater than any

other monarch ever possessed. The primary cause of

the unhappiness of man, exhibited by history as well as

by our own experience. Obviously the intention of the

Almighty Father, that man at all times should have

been as happy as was consistent with the more im-

portant interests of his soul ; shown by history, and by

an appeal to man's own feelings. This sentiment by

no means weakened by the fact that the benevolent

Author of Creation has stamped this fiat on the cir-

cumstance of man, that his propriety shall have a

perpetual tendency to promote his prosperity and his

virtue his happiness

Improvidence a main cause of pecuniary distress ...



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mum of punishment to each class adapted to the

mischievous tendency of the crime, the malevolent

nature of it, and the real probability of useful warning

to the offender or others.

An efficient magistracy, accountable for all their conduct

as such to a superior body, to sit periodically.

A police whose remuneration should always stand in

the inverse ratio of the number of crimes committed,

their magnitude and atrocity.

A strict injunction in the legal code to magistrates,

judges and juries, neither to introduce or admit of


simply administered, would convince the thieves
themselves that honesty was the best policy.

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