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Does this practice prevail where the professors of the respective religions live in harmony?

If the Church of Rome has always been intolerant, but when impotence or fear have disarmed it of its tyranny, and kept in the back ground its ridiculous assumptions of right to lord it over the souls of men, keep the power to injure others far from its hands; but do not act unjustly by robbing the poor of their meagre pittance of property, and thereby tempt the improvident to theft, or vex the sullen to murder.

Although an Irishman is naturally disposed to be happy, and of a playful turn, he has, for years, growled under the oppressions of his own priest mentally, and of the English priest physically; so that it has thrown a veil of dissatisfaction over his mind which belongs not to his nature.

Will not the real, honest wishers for England's welfare say to

to those

those unjust stewards, Remove each your portion of the oppression ?

But as the mere removal of tithes would now, in their dense state of population, be

pretty much confined in its effects to increasing the rent, which few of the landlords deserve, because they are so generally nonresident, it might be fairer for the clergy to be paid, each according to the numbers of his hearers, and the revenues of the great dignitaries, as well as those of the inefficient little dignitaries, might be very beneficially appropriated to emigration from Ireland of boys and girls ; this would operate to the relief of the parents equivalent to the tithes paid, while honesty and usefulness would be exceedingly promoted; but by our present system, not only pride, but downright cheating is exhibited in the conduct of the Protestant clergy appointed to Ireland.

Is not the jeopardy in which we are placed, with reference to Ireland, the fruit of that determination to fulfil for the clergy an unjust engagement, to which the payers never were consulted; never were a consenting party; never were benefited thereby; and whose secession has been promoted by the oppressions of the very men who were appointed to lead them to a more spiritual state ? Is

England always to be the cat’s-paw to the rapacity of her clergy, and even place the integrity of the kingdom in danger, because they count gain godliness, and realize, as ill becomes their profession, that declaration, “ The love of money is the root of all evil.!”

Do not the contentions between Catholic or Papal hierarchy, and Church of England hierarchy, appear big with events that seem but little spoken of on either side, even to the mutual destruction of so much of each as is of HUMAN CONTRIVANCE ? and if all that be gone, will there then remain any immediate connexion between church and state, seeing that religion is an individual work between man and his Maker ?

Those who are inimical to what is called Catholic emancipation have some strong facts on their side, for many of them know that there is an intolerance in the very heart and core of their ruling dogmas; but are all the professors of other religions clear of the abominable, cruel, and foolish sin of intolerance ?

Did not Horner, an ordained minister of

the church of England, recently threaten five millions of Irish Papists with extermination, if they did not cease to ask for a further approach towards reciprocity of rights and interchange of power ? and did he not talk of compassion being best promoted by not suffering any to escape, lest they, or their descendants, should require the cruel alternative of slaughter at no distant period? Yet the church of England is, with the exception of the Quakers, perhaps the most tolerant of any church which has ever possessed political power. And did not Cobbett, who appears not to have regard to any Christian sect, write an equally silly article relative to the Society of Friends ? And did not Calvin invite Servetus to Geneva, and there procure him to be burned alive? But if those who are alarmed at the

prospect of the members of the Romish church acquiring political power in England, would endeavour to promote even-handed justice to all, and rely on the blessing of DIVINE PROviDENCE on those endeavours, and on extended education, they might save themselves a deal of

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alarm, though unquestionably such measures would trench on unjust gains as well as on other oppression.

Politicians, willing to carry their object, are apt to represent the leading subject in dispute as involving the integrity and safety of the community, as though all the circumstances and contingencies of society merged in that point ; yet as soon as it is settled, and fresh game started, that in its turn is treated of as though it involved all the welfare of the state. Now however much we may approve the wisdom and integrity which are so clearly manifested in the recent decisions of the cabinet on the Catholic question, yet, though the measure is likely to promote honesty and harmony in no slight degree, can we reasonably expect so small a plaster to heal so large a sore ? for the Roman Catholic Relief Bill extends not to one thousandth part of the Roman Catholics of Ireland and Great Britain.

Suppose that altogether five hundred Roman Catholics acquire thereby seats of honour and places of profit, how will that

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