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The Genuine Text (collated with all the former
Editions, and then corrected and emended)
is here settled:

Being restored from the Blunders of the first
and the Interpolations of the two


: and Notes, Critical and E^&atojfyq/
By Mr. Pope and Mr. Warburton.

Quorum omnium Interpretes, ut Grammatici, Poetarum

proxime ad eorum, quos interprecantur, divinationem vi-
dentur accedere. Cic. de Divin.

TEAETTAlON EmrtNNHMA. . Lang, de Sublim.


Printed for J. and P. Knapton, S. Birt, T. Longman and
T. Shewell, H. Lintott, C Hitch, J. Brind/ey, J. and R. Ton-
Jen and S. Draper, R, Wellington, E. New, *nd B. Dod.

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DDRESSES of this Nature have been long the customaryTribute of Letters to superior Merit: And tho' Flattery may have thrown them 1* to Disreputej yet this concludes no more against the Continuance of honest Praise, than HyV o L. I. A 2 pocrify


pocrisy does against the Practice of Religion. But Adulation no sootier begati ^ to' Mye its Subject, than it ^perverted »M the very Purpose of its Application1; ^ while, amongst its many artful tra- to verses, it would how beg Protection for k the {Book; and, now again, constitute ta $he Matron the sovereign Judge of its h

^to£ti>*; \

1J In this Light, Madam, you might ^ reasonably wonder to fee a1; Collection '} of Plays dedicated to one who reads 5 few* Books besides those of Piety and ) Moral; and will think, the ' Address 'J > might have been made with fomewhat ^iefe^Impropriety even to a Bi^lop. This 1 Is true: - but, as I said, this liferiry Coh- neiiori is hot, of right, ' between #e

• PatrOn and the Work; bm between

* J$m 'and the Author, Whoi so carsy
0ori-6is^ Commerce with -ai^sofl^Gfife-

i science, must* therefore search ^narrowly .
Ubm B lo • i uuqqcH -jnbmob setters.

Jj^tter^^^Jale Jie is giving that to Me&i$x wiu^h jonly Letters can bestow. But X nee^d. n^tybe asham'd to fay, that the Knowledge of you, has* at the,*jsame ttkne, i abridged my Labour, and. rewarded the Integrity of my Purpose. *For if Friendship, Generosity, an4 the Benevolence of Charity, added to every .jlpmale Virtue that most adorns your ^SX, demand this Acknowledgment \t ^gvould be hard to find where it should jjpp earliqr paid, or to whom, in fuller ^Measure,,returned.

1sjs[ $/s^y, now mould affect to/ ask, What Stranger this is, of whom so much

is said? Xet him know, that thi§;his Ignorance is your supreme Praise ;,wJbofe

nMatron-modesty of Virtue declines all

^Hotices, but where the Influence of your domestic Character extends. If, haply, you have any further Ambition* it is only this, tie being known to constitute the domestic Happiness of a Man A 3 who

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