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Pro. Than men their minds! 'tis true. O heaven!

werc man

But constant, le were perfect: that one error
Fills him with faults ; makes him run through all


Inconstancy falls off, ere it begins :
What is in Silvia's face, but I may spy
More fresh in Julia's with a constant eye?

Val. Come, come, a hand from either :
Let me be blest to make this happy close.
'Twere pity two such friends should be long foes.
Pro. Bear witness, Heaven, I have my wish for

ever. Jul. And I mine.

Enter OUTLAWS, with DUKE and THURIO. Out. A prize, a prize, a prize! Val. Forbear, forbear, I say; it is my lord the

duke. Your grace

is welcome to a man disgraced, Banished Valentine.

Duke. Sir Valentine !
Thu. Yonder is Silvia ; and Silvia 's mine.
Val. Thurio give back, or else embrace thy

death ;
Come not within the measure of my

wrath : 1 Do not name Silvia thine ; if once again, Verona shall not hold thee. Here she stands :

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Take but possession of her with a touch ;
I dare thee but to breathe upon my love,

Thu. Sir Valentine, I care not for her, I :
I hold him but a fool, that will endanger
His body for a girl that loves him not :
I claim her not, and therefore she is thine.

Duke. The more degenerate and base art thou,
To make such means 1 for her as thou hast done,
And leave her on such slight conditions.-
Now, by the honor of my ancestry,
I do applaud thy spirit, Valentine,
And think thee worthy of an empress' love.
Know then, I here forget all former griefs,
Cancel all grudge, repeal thee home again.-
Plead 3 a new state in thy unrival'd merit,
To which I thus subscribe,-sir Valentine,
Thou art a gentleman, and well derived ;
Take thou thy Silvia, for thou hast deserved her.
Val. I thank your grace; the gift hath made me

happy. I now beseech you, for your daughter's sake, To grant one boon that I shall ask of

you. Duke. I grant it, for thine own, whate'er it be.

Val. These banish'd men, that I have kept withai Are men endued with worthy qualities. Forgive them what they have committed here, And let them be recall’d from their exile : They are reformed, civil, full of good,

2 Grievances, wrongs.

i Interest.
3 1. e. plead thou.

And fit for great employment, worthy lord.
Duke. Thou hast prevail'd; I pardon them, and

Dispose of them, as thou know'st their deserts.
Come, let us go; we will include 1 all jars
With triumphs, mirth, and rare solemnitv.

Val. And, as we walk along, I dare be bold
With our discourse to make your grace to smile:
What think you of this page, my lord ?
Duke. I think the boy hath grace in him : he

blushes. Val. I warrant you, my lord ; more grace than

boy. Duke. What mean you by that saying ?

Val. Please you, I'll tell you as we pass along, That you will wonder, what hath fortuned.Come, Proteus ; 'tis your penance, but to hear The story of your loves discovered : That done, our day of marriage shall be yours ; One feast, one house, one mutual happiness.


? Masques and revels.

i Conclude.


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