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Yea-and-nay votes—Continued
Departments of State, Justice, and Commerce,

making appropriations for, fiscal year 1954–

(See bill H. R. 4974.)
Committee amendment allocating foreign cur-

rencies and credits owed to United States in
amount equal to $4 million for acquisition by

State Department of buildings abroad. ---
Committee amendment providing $9.4 million

for censuses of business and manufactures.--
Committee amendment providing $40,144,000 for

ship construction, Maritime Activities, Com-

merce Department-
Motion to reconsider the vote disagreeing to the

reported amendment inserting a provision for

the acquisition of buildings abroad.--
Motion to suspend paragraph 4 of rule XVI for

the purpose of proposing amendment respect-
ing appointment and tenure of deputy United

States marshals and their clerical assistants..
Motion to suspend paragraph 4 of rule XVI for

the purpose of proposing amendments author-
izing the Attorney General and Secretaries
of State and Commerce to terminate any em-
ployee of their respective Departments when
necessary or desirable in interest of the United

Motion to table motion for reconsideration of

the vote by which committee amendment al-
locating foreign currencies and credits owed to
the United States in amount equal to $4 mil-
lion for acquisition by State Department of

buildings abroad was adopted..
Motion to table motion to reconsider the vote on

the committee amendment providing $9.4
million for censuses of business and manufac-

Equal rights for men and women, proposing an

amendment to the Constitution of the United

States relative to—(See S. J. Res. 49.)
Amendment providing that nothing in the pro-

posed amendment shall be construed as im-
pairing any rights or benefits heretofore or

hereafter given by law to women.
Passage of_----
Excess-profits tax, to extend until December 31,

1953, the period with respect to which the,

shall be effective— (See bill H. R. 5898.)
Amendment increasing excess-profits-tax ex-

emption on corporate income from $25,000

to $100,000
Executive Office and sundry independent execu-

tive bureaus, boards, commissions, corpora-
tions, agencies, and offices, making appropria-
tions for, fiscal year 1954—(See bill H. R.

Amendment eliminating prohibition against use

of funds for a statistical analysis of the con-

sumer dollar------
Amendment to committee amendment so as to

reduce by $1 million funds for Public Hous-

ing Administration --
Amendment to committee amendment, to in-

crease by $600,000 funds for housing research

program, Housing and Home Finance Agency-
Amendment to reduce by $4 million funds for

repairs and maintenance of federally owned
buildings outside the District of Columbia,

by the General Services Administration -
Amendment to reduce by 5 percent all items in

the bill except for compensation of President

of the United States..
Committee amendment increasing by $5,923,930

funds for operating expenses.

Yea-and-nay votes—Continued
Fur farmers, to extend for a period of 5 years

the authority of the Secretary of Agriculture

to make loans to- (See bill S. 152.)
Motion to recess_-
Immigrant visas-
To authorize the issuance of 240,000 special-

quota, to certain escapees, German ex-
pellees, and nationals of Italy, Greece, and

the Netherlands (See bill S. 1917.)
Amendment authorizing the President to sus-

pend visas issued under act when other
immigrant-receiving nations are withhold-

ing efforts to alleviate refugee problem.--
Amendment respecting visas to Italian na-

To authorize the issuance of 217,000 special

quota--(See bill H. R. 6481.)

Passage of.---
Internal security of the United States, increasing

the limit of expenditures in connection with

the- (See S. Res. 46.)
Agreeing to...
Lands beneath navigable waters within State

boundaries, to confirm and establish the titles
of the States to, and to natural resources
within such lands and waters, and to provide
for the use and control of said lands and

resources (See S. J. Res. 13.)
Amendment in the nature of a substitute creat-

ing a Commission to study for 6 months the
submerged lands question and to make report
of its recommendations to the President and

Amendment in the nature of a substitute, de-

voting all revenues from submerged lands to

educational benefits.--
Amendment limiting quitclaim provisions to 3

miles seaward from State coastlines, and re-
quiring the Secretary of the Interior to ar-
range for leases on Continental Shelf, royal-
ties therefrom to be deposited in special fund

for reduction of national debt.-
Amendment modifying definition in committee

substitute of the term "coastline".
Amendment proposing a title III to the measure

covering "Submerged lands of the Continen-

tal Shelf”_.
Amendment providing that 8772 percent of

revenues from submerged lands shall be used

for reduction of national debt-----
Amendment providing that revenues from sub-

merged lands be distributed in amounts of
10 percent each toward reduction of national
debt, aid to education, and various charitable

and medical benefits.---
Committee amendment in the nature of a sub-

Motion to lay aside temporarily, and take up

legislation providing authority for temporary
economic controls, after which consideration
of the joint resolution to be resumed with a
limitation of debate of 1 hour each on the
amendment to provide that moneys received
under this act be spent only for national de-
fense or grants-in-aid of education and the
substitute for the committee substitute
amendment, to be followed by vote thereon,
with a provisio that no vote be taken on

either amendment before Monday, April 27--
Motion to table amendment in nature of a sub-

stitute for committee substitute amendment.






[blocks in formation]










Yea-and-nay votes—Continued

Lands beneath navigable wators, etc.-Continued
Submerged Land Act, to amend-See bill 11. R.

5134.1-Sec alo Submerkid !ands of the
outer Continental Shell, below infra.)

Adoption of conference riport.-
Legislative Reorganization Act of 1946, to amend

title VI of the, with respect to the retire-
ment of employees in the legislative branch-

(See bull S. 2175.) Amendment to increase from 6 percent to 9 per

cent rate of retirement diductions from salary of Members of Congress and legislative

employees..-Motion to refer bill to Committee on Post Omce

and Civil Service.... Mutual Security Act of 1951, to further amend

(See bill s. 2128.) Amendment authorizing the President to make

available for purchase up to $50 million of surplus farm commodities owned by the Commodity Credit Corporation for relief of famine

in friendly countries.. Amendment authorizing the President to make

available $25 million of authorized appropriations for purchase for use of Asia-Pacific countries of surplus commodities now owned

by the Commodity Credit Corporation..--Amendment providing that the President shall

make available certain amounts for military assistance to eligible countries through currency conversion agreements involving purchase of United States agricultural commo

dities --Amendment respecting aid to France and Asso

ciated States of Cambodia, Laos, and VietNam for mutual defense assistance providing that mutual security program as to Associated States be administered so as to encourage

their self-government.. Motion to recommit the bill with Instructions to

report back by 4 p.m., July 2, 1953, with reductions so as to provide a total of $4.998,000,000,

the House-passed figure..--Motion to recommit the bill with instructions

to report back by July 15, 1953, with reductions

so as to provide a total of $4,318,732,500.---Motion to table motion to recommit the bill

with instructions to report back by July 15, 1953, with reductions so as to provide a total

of $3,818,732.500.--Mutual security, making appropriations for, for

fiscal year 1954—(See bill H. R. 6391.) Amendment eliminating $50 million for mutual

special weapons planning---Amendment limiting to $5,580,000,000 aggregate

funds available to countries covered by meas

ure --Amendment providing that not more than $6.

196,688,179 of the aggregate appropriated shall

be available for obligation.... Amendment to reduce by $71,800,000 funds for

mutual defense financing, economic and tech

nical assistance to Europe.--Amendment to reduce by $500 million funds for

military assistance to Europe.--Motion to suspend the rules for the purpose of

proposing an amendment to reduce assistance to any recipient nation by $1 million for each cargo of Communist goods shipped prior to date on which Communist China becomes

party to final Korean peace. Passage of..--

Page | Yea-and-nay votes-Continued

Reorganization Act of 1949, to amend-(See bin

H. R. 1979.)
Amendment as substitute to permit disapproval

of a reorganization plan by a simple majority 547

of either House of Congress rather than by a

constitutional majority..Reorganization Plan No. 2 of 1953, disapproving

(See S. Res. 100.) Agreeing to.... Rubber Act of 1948, amending to provide for the

sale of Government-owned rubber-producing

facilities; to repeal and modify certain of its 472

provisions affected thereby-(See bill S. 2047.)

Amendment limiting sale of copolymer and butyl 472

facilities to any one purchaser..-Amendment limiting sale of copolymer facilities

to not more than 6 to the 4 largest rubber

producers. Amendment permitting congressional approval

in whole or in part of any disposal plan.---

Passage of ---415 Rules of the Senate, adoption of for the Senate of

the 83d Congress, motion to lay on the table

the motion for consideration of .-Russia and her satellites, remonstrating against

the treatment of minority groups by--(See 415

S. Res. 84.)
Agreeing to..--
Submerged Lands Act, to amend-Sce bill H. R.

Adoption of conference report....
Submerged lands of the outer Continental Shell,

jurisdiction of the United States over, and to 418

authorize the Secretary of the Interior to lease such lands for certain purposes See bill S.

1901.) Amendment as a substitute for section 9 of the

bill, to apply revenue from Ica:es during na

tional emergency toward expenditures for na419

tional defense and srcurity, and after termination of national emergency to the several States and Territories for educational pur

poses on a ratio basis according to school en419

rollment -Amendment providing for reimbursement to

States of expenses of services furnished to 419

persons engaged in operations connected with

development of Continontal Shell.--. Amendment to provide that revenue rather than

being applied toward national debt, would be 419

applied toward national defense expenses during national emergency, but thereafter would be applied toward grants-in-ald of ed


Temporary economic controls to provide author536

ity for-(See bill S. 1081.)
Agreeing to the conference report on.---

Amendment to eliminate language providing for 536

exemptions from and adjustments of cellings

in certain cases.--

Amendment to eliminate title 8 of committee 535

substitute providing for standby price-wage


Amendment to restrict any standby wage-price 536

controls to wartime, except by congressional

action otherwise--

Motion to table the motion for reconsideration 535

of the vote agrceing to take up the conference

report. Motion to take up the conference report on.. Treasury and Post Office Departments making ap

propriations for, fiscal year 1954 See bill

H. R. 5174.) 535

Amendment to reduce by $33,450.000 funds for 536

postal operators, Post Omce Department....








384 383


[blocks in formation]

Yellow fever, high public service rendered by Maj. Page

Walter Reed and those associated with him in
the discovery of the cause and means of trans-
mission of, act to recognize the, amending-

(See bill S. 1481.)
Yoshida, Hisami- (See bill H. R. 759.)
Yotsumoto, Tei—(See bill s. 2359.)
You, Lee- (See bill S. 2132.)
Young, Milton R. (Senator from North Dakota)

4 Committee asiggnments

61 Conferee, appointed as--- 371, 400, 403, 433, 449, 519, 541 Excused from attendance

115, 351, 420 Rules of the Senate, notices of proposed motions to suspend.---

355 Young Women's Christian Association, issuance of a

special postage stamp in commemoration of

the-(See bill S. 1769.)
Youssef, Nahi-(See bill s. 1421.)
Yu, John C. K.- (See bill S. 1624.)
Yuda, Sachiko-(See bill H. R. 2816.)
Yugoslav emergency relief assistance program, reports

of the Secretary of State on-
For period March 16 through June 15, 1952_---- 20
For period June 16 through September 15, 1952. 20
For period September 16 through December 15,

197 For period December 15, 1952, through March 15, 1953_---

392 Yugoslavia and Italy, plebiscite for the settlement of

the dispute between, concerning Trieste, fa-
voring a-(See S. Con. Res. 17.)


Zachary Taylor National Cemetery, to authorize the

acquisition of land for expansion of the— (See

bill S. 764.) Zahareas, Anthony-(See bill s. 699.) Zahka, Edmond Kaiser-(See bill S. 1987.) Zamunner, Albina-(See bills S. 940; H. R. 2160.) Zankowsky, Gronislav Vydaevich and Leonid- (See

bill H. R. 1141.) Zarkadis, Antonios Vasillos—(See bill S. 804.) Zarrabe, Maria—(See bill S. 1464.) Zarubin, Georgi, Ambassador from Russia, resolution

favoring the repudiation of--Zelveian, Arshag Haigan-(See bill s. 1246.) Zibul, Tatiana-(See bill s. 2122.) Ziegler, Stephania (Sister Benitia)-(See bills S. 519;

H. R. 3035.) Zijdenbos, Hendrika—(See bill S. 1756.) Zinc and lead, to impose sliding scale stabilization

duties on the importation of-(See bills S.

1562, S. 2326.) Zivolich Marina Bernardis and Mirko (See bill S.

Zografos, Constantinos—(See bill s. 871.)
Zorub, David—(See bill H. R. 2801.)
Zubli, Jacob Fraim— (See bill s. 1862.)
Zullo, Bichael Cosmo—(See bill s. 701.)
Zweig, Leo (See bill s. 2501.)

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