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Salaries of officers.

and clerks. Criminal char

Chap. 1.-An ACT appropriating the public revenue.

[Passed March 14, 1850.] 1. Be it enacted by the general dssembly, That the public taxes and ar- General fund. rearages of țaxes due prior to the first day of October last, and not otherwise appropriated, and all other branches of revenue, and all public mo. neys not otherwise appropriated by law, which shall come into the treasury prior to the first day of October next, and the surplus of all appropriations heretofore made, shall constitute a general fund, and be appropriated as follows, to wit: To the expenses of the general assembly, one Expenses of lehundred th sand dollars ; to the salaries and allowances of the officers gislature. of civil government, eighty-eight thousand dollars; to commissioners of the revenue and clerks for examining commissioners' books, thirty-two Commissioners thousand dollars; to defray criminal charges, including expenses of guarding jails, forty thousand dollars; to one year's interest on certain certifi- ges. cates of public debt, sixty-four thousand four hundred and seventy-eight Interest on pubdollars; to pay expenses of representation in congress and state senate, Representation. six hundred dollars; to pay for slaves executed or transported, eight Slaves executes, thousand dollars ; to pay expenses of the penitentiary, fifteen thousand &c,

Penitentiary: five hundred dollars; to contingent expenses of courts, thirty-two thou Expenses of sand dollars; to pay for printing records of the court of appeals, six courts. thousand dollars ; to expenses of militia, including pay of adjutant-ge- Militia fund.

Printing records neral, twenty thousand dollars; military contingent fund, one thousand Military contintwo hundred dollars ; military school at Lexington, seven thousand seven

gent fund.

Military school. hundred and ten dollars ; public guard at Richmond, including interior Public guard. guard at the penitentiary, twenty-one thousand dollars; one year's water Guard at penirent to the thirty-first of December, one thousand eight hundred and for- Water rent. ty-nine, one thousand two hundred and eighty dollars ; repairs and trans- Arms. portation of arms, four thousand eight hundred and thirty dollars; to the Eastern lunatic annual support of the hospital at Williamsburg, subject to a deduction

asylum. for clothing furnished at the penitentiary, thirty thousand dollars; to the Western asylura, support of the lunatic asylum at Staunton, subject to a like deduction, thirty thousand dollars, which payment shall be made quarterly in advance ;

for the transportation and maintenance of lunatics confined in Lunatics in jails. the county jails, nine thousand dollars ; to the institute for the deaf and Deaf and dumb dumb and blind, fifteen thousand dollars; to pensioners, five hundred Pensions. dollars; to civil contingent fund, twelve thousand dollars; to civil pro- Civil contingent secutions, four hundred dollars; to public roads, seventeen thousand dol- fund. lars; to Grattan's Reports, one thousand seven hundred dollars; to pub- Roads. lic warehouses, six hundred dollars; to vaccine agent, five hundred dol- Grattan's relars; to supply deficit in the internal improvement fund, to meet interest on public debt, two hundred and twelve thousand dollars; to further ex- Vaccine agent. penses of making fires and superintending furnaces in the capitol, the Internal imcustomary allowance to the several persons entitled to the same, to be Furnaces in ca. paid upon the certificate of the superintendent of public buildings; to pitel the state. librarian, to be expended by the direction of the governor for changes.


ports. Warehouses.

International ex

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