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I ‘ Pennrylum Curr-
Bm‘lghtwer £311,922 2 0

duo on spring-field manor, now worth 500]. per hun

a’ For 1 . . - .f ,

d:d"edacres"""' a " 6800 00 F r ditto on Highland’s manor, now worth c502. per hun. ' - o

‘I 8000 0 0

d acres . . . . . . - - - . . i . . _ 5' F first“, on ,Springtown, now worth 4001. per hundred , , 0 acres, i’. . . . . . . . . . . . . . _ p 36,500 0 0 6 For ditto on Vincent’s manor, now worth 300]. per hun. dred acres, ' ' . . - - - - . - . .- L _ O b 7 For ditto on Richland’s, now worth 4-50]. per hundred acres, , ,. . - . . - ~ - . . . . . . . 0 o 9 For ditto on the 20' tracts, now worth 300]. per hundred

. . . .. 96,060 00 ' zsssoo

acres,_......... $. For ditto on Springetsbury, &c. at least I . . . 9. For ditto on all the articles of lots from N o. 9 to 14-, be- < ing trebled in value, . . . . . . . . . . . 5050 0 0 15. For ditto on the Marsh land, now worth 201. per acre, 10,200 0 0 16. For ditto on the value of lands within the draft of‘ the town, now worth one with another, 501. per acre,* . 18,750 0 0 17'. For ditto on Streiper’s tract, now'worth 3251. per hundred. [On the next articles for the reserved rent, and the value of the government, we add no advance.] For the thirds of the Bank lots and improvements on them, as they fell in after this estimate was made;

15,000 0 f5


Carried over £5,537,217 2 0


*F The lots of land within the plan of the town were originally promised to be given to the purchasers of land in the country. .But that has been long since discontinued; and for many years past the proprietor has shut the office, and forbid his agents even to sell any more of them; intending to keep them all, till he can let them out on high ground rents, orv on building leases. Five hundred acres divided into house lots, and disposed ofin this manner, will alone make a vast estate. The old proprietor likewise in his plan of the city, laid out fife large squares, one in each quarter, and

one in the vcentre of the plan, and gave the some to the inhabitants for I

public uses. This he published in all his accounts of the country, and his papers of invitation and encouragementto settlers; but as no formal deed or conveyance of those squares is now to be found, the present proprietor has resumed them, turned them again into private property that the num— ber of his lots may be increased; and his surveyor-general in his lately published plan of the city, has concealed all those squares by running in‘ tended streets over them. A proceeding equally odious to the people, and dishonorable to the family!

[blocks in formation]

may‘ y t l ‘ r3 ' “P the 0 “ ‘line i, .‘el


mi“ N ~ Penn-Viva’ 2 3
as Yet . ' 875 593 1
'5' we find fistimate no ) Brought over 16-15,
bet settled ' but sineesllm‘ and must leave it a blank
een f m the ridges of mountains not

e ver
» y valuable Specimens of ores have > ‘ \

c ecgme :3? it is not unlikely this article
Kiley 65 We 3- cl ik Siderable beyond cnmpqtatmm
the in e greatly incre ems? make "0 estimation, tho
' “Se aged "1 Ilumber and value with
‘"68 do e° venue- as . ’ .
mos not raise imm We believe the proprieta-
e ces at 8 late money from the grants of
of to b i e or 1- present’ they being‘ chiéfly disposed
howe‘itigd their Pimfians and favourites;
eats we like 6?, may find their account. _ I
ought a valuable wlrse add nothlng‘; for though it 15
which we can f nuclei We have no information on,
lue, it mustih orm any Judgment Concerning its va-
8 is anmher :‘Tvler be col'lfinually increasing.
which is the inxtelc e’ we are greetly at a' loss about,
tors from scour-Jest of money “15mg to the PIOPI'IE'
able t0 make 1 ms on ‘ands Possessed by persons un-
quit. _ Present Payment. These pay not only
rent for the land but interest foi- the purchase
mc'neY- This interest‘ is thought to be a very consi-
derable income, but we cannot estimate


The three lower counties on Delaware, which are a dis

tinct territory and government from the province of
Pennsylvania, and held by a difi'erent title, are also a
very valuable part of the proprietary estate; though
what value should be put on the same is at present dif-

ficult to say. .--_-.._.._.-
Total in Pennsylvania currency, ,(I 15,875,500 12 0

In sterling, about ten millions!

But on the whole, it appears pretty clearly, that deducting all the-arti

eles containing the valuation of lands yet unsold, and unappropriated within ‘1 ’their patent, and the manors and rents to be hereafter reserved, and allow

ing for any small over-valuations in their present reserved lands and in

comes [though it is thought if any be it will not be found to exceed the

under-valuation in other instances] there cannot remain less than a million

of property which they now at this time have in Pennsylvania.

And in that province there are about twenty thousand families, to each

of which, one with another, there does not belong more than three hundred pounds of property, if so rnuch; which multiplied by twenty thousand gives six million pounds for the whole property of the people there.

* See Fisher’s account hereafter.




‘The proprietaries then have in present possession a propcrty'there at least equal to one-sixth of that of the people. They ought therefore to pay the same proportion of _ the taxes. ' _

That the reader may form some judgment of the profits made by this monopoly of land in America, in favor of the house of Penn, we shall just mention, that the land is first purchased of the Indians within the limits of their grant: the Indians of late years have somewhat raised their price; and for the last great purchase in 1754-, which was of about seven millions of acres, they demanded (how much do you think?) no less than two thousand dollars amounting, at seven and sixpence currency each, to seven

hundred and fifty pounds.v ‘ Paving/Iva. Cum

The land so bought the proprietor has the moderation to sell (except the best of it reserved in manor-s for himself‘) at so low a price as 15!. 10s. per hundred acres,

which willproduce - - - - - - - - - -‘ -£.1,085,00000 Deduct the purchase money 750 0 0

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But the Indian council atOnondago not being satisfied with the sale of so much land at once, the proprietors have since been obliged to disgorge a part of the hunting country they had not paid for, and re-convey the same to the Indians, who, when they are disposed to sell it, may possibly demand two thousand dollars more, for which the above account must then

have credit.

One would think, that where such good bargains are bought of‘ the poor natives, there should be no occasion for fraudulent art to over-reach thefn, in order to take more than is granted; and that if a war occasioned by such injuries, should be drawn upon the innocent inhabitants, those who were the cause of the war, if they did not, as in justice they ought, bear the whole eppence of it, at least they would not refuse to bear a reasonable part. Whether this has ever been the case is now a subject of public en~ quiry. ' I '

But let us see how the land bought in such lumping pennyworths of the natives by the monopolist, is huckstered out again to the king’s subjects, To give the reader some idea of this, after remarking that fifteen pounds ten shillings per hundred acres for wild land, is three times dearer than

the proprietor of Maryland’s price, and ten times dearer than his majesty’s lands in Virginia and Carolina, both as good if not better countries, we shall present him'with a genuine account, stated under the hand of the proprietor's receiver-general, obtained with great difliculty by the pnr~ chaser of two tracts of land, some time after he had paid his money; when on more particular consideration of the sum paid compared with the quantity bought, he imagined he had paid too much. The account is as follows, viz.

j’ahn Fisher in right Qf 7acab 7'01). Dr.

T0 land, 423 acres 53 perches, in Pextang township, Lancaster county, granted to said Job, by warrant of March 19,


17412,---------<----’¢--£-65121 Interest from lst March, 1732, to 19th March, 1742, is 10

yearslSdays, -r - e - - - -. - - - "- '-, - -.3911 2

105 3 3

19thMareh,174'2, paid 15 0 0

- ' _ 90 3 3 Interest from 19th March, 1942, to 20th February, 1747, is~ 4

years,11m0nths,1da_v, - - -' - - - - - - - - 261111 Quit-rent to next month is 15 years, 13!. 4:. 741. sterling, at 85

percent. -------------.--§2496

141 4 8

j’ohn Fisher 'z'nirz'ghtof Thomas Cooper, Dr.

To land, 268 acres in Pextang township, Lancaster. county, granted by warrant of 9th January, 174-3, to said Cooper, 41 10 9 Interest from lst March, 1737, to 9th January, 1743, is 5 years,

10rnonths,8days, - - ~ - - . - . . - . . .14119 56 2 6 19th January, 1743, paid 7 10 0 , 48 12 6, Interest from 9th Ianuary, 1743, to 20th February, 1747, is 4years,1month,11days,- - - - - - - -’- - - 111910 Quit-rent to next month is 10 years, 5]. 11s. 8d". sterling, at 85 percent. --~.--,-.-----_.---1067 F-'-—----—: 70 18 11 20th February, 1747, l ' 5.141 4 s ' 70 18 11\ i , . '212 s 7

10 0 Transfer, 3:0.

‘212 13 7,


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