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1767. August

an application to his duty, without regarding any other obje&, as the finding a proper place for the ship was of the utmost importance to us all ; and conjuring him to return as soon as this service should be performed, with all possible speed.

Soon after I had dispatched the cutter on this expedition, I sent the longboat with ten men on board well armed to the shore, who before eight o'clock brought off a tun of water. About nine I sent her off again ; but soon after seeing some of the natives advancing along the shore towards the place where the men landed, I made the signal for them to return, not knowing to what number they would be exposed, and having no boat to send off with allistance if they should be attacked.

Our men had not long returned on board, when we saw threc of the natives sit down under the trees a-breast of the ship. As they continued there gazing at us till the afternoon, as soon as the cutter came in sight, not caring that both the boats should be absent at the same time, I sent my Lieutenant in the longboat, with a few beads, ribbons, and trinkets, to endeavour to establish some kind of intercourse with them, and by their means with the rest of the inhabitants ; these men, however, before the boat could reach the fhore, quitted their station, and proceeded along the beach. As the trees would soon prevent their being seen by our people who were making towards the land, we kept our eyes fixed upon them from the ship, and very soon perceived that they were met by three others. After some conversation, the first three went on, and those who met them proceeded towards the boat with a hafty pace. Upon this I made the signal to the Lieutenant to be upon his guard, and as soon as he saw the Indians, observing that there were no more than three, he backed the boat into the shore, and making signs of friendship, held up to them the beads and ribbons which I had given him as presents, our people at the same time carefully concealing their arms. The In-. dians, however, taking no notice of the beads and ribbons, resolutely advanced within bow-shot, and then suddenly discharged their arrows, which happily went over the boat without doing any mischief; they


1967. of the natives, who were black, with woolly heads, Auguft.

, and stark naked; I immediately sent the Master out

with the boat to fix upon a watering-place, and speak to them, but they disappeared before she could reach the shore. The boat soon after returned with an account that there was a fine run of fresh water a-breast of the ship and close to the beach, but that the whole country in that part being an almost impenetrable forest quite to the water's edge, the watering would be very difficult, and even dangerous, if the natives should come down to prevent it: that there were no esculent vegetables for the refreshment of the fick, nor any habitations as far as the country had been examined, which was wild, forlorn, and mountainous.

Having considered this account, and finding that a swell, which came round the eastern part of the bay, would render watering troublesome and inconvenient, exclusive of the danger that might be apprehended from the natives, if they should attack us from ambushes in the wood, I determined to try whether a better situa

tion cauld not be found Thurf. 12. The next morning, therefore, as soon as it was

light, I dispatched the Master with fifteen men in the cutter, well armed and provided, to examine the coast to the westward, our present situation being on the lee of the island, for a place where we might more conveniently be supplied with wood and water, and at the same time procure some refreshments for the sick, and lay the ship by the stern to examine and stop the leak. I gave him some beads, ribbons, and other trifes, which by chance I happened to have on board, to conciliate the good-will of the natives, if he should happen to meet with any of them ; but at the same time enjoined him to run no risk, and gave him particular orders immediately to return to the ship if any number of canoes should approach him which might bring on hostilities ; and if he should meet the Indians in small parties, either at sea or upon shore, to treat them with all possible kindness, so as to establish a friendly intercourse with them ; charging him, on no account to leave the boat himself, nor to suffer more than two men to go on shore at a time, while the rest stood ready for their defence ; recommending to him, in the strongest terms,


an application to his dut, Fitnes T ESTE 3 ta objed, as the finding a po 1

T * of the utmost importanz ic a. II E to return as soon as the ST Í E F IZ. with all pobble Specs

Soon after I baé .12 SIE SE Ute S E dition, I sent the lone Vil I THI UT PUZ * armed to the sport, WH PUR = It u t off a ton of water. In die ar

. but soon asa feeng bune 18 te karus along the shore tovrI IP pacz vier te mer indted, I made te hera ir diet a PUT. DE TO ing to what I V I V Txea. Ia 3. ing Do boss to ant vitil asi 3 i

1 de attacked.

Our mer has no WIE Bwrd. 1 122 E saw three of the most tw incer de tes -of the Insp. As der mjedi teze 240 cm the afternoon, is on a tie ster me : :. caring that borin nie vars howa e r 2.2 time, I feut siv Leteja dhe coca, sa few beads, stb ., a thrikette

u k establish come and of intercourte

et la their means with the at the *** men, however, here he wa


alles quitted their tao. Na Voz 1

zen As the trees would ann Teet hr s. *** our people who were making me to sad kept our Era ca inon hentrionit . ** BED foon perceived that we were the hip

her ter fome convertation, the ri hrpe wat an those who mer them grocertet avons doen met wiki hafty pace. Can thuiso nute 11 ionat a lie. 6tenant to be upon us guarity ind is man ir team tim Indians, obierving that there were no more, 491 iritz, he backed the boat into the thore, md nakuttet "HETE of frienciais, Keid in to them the bands in the which I hart give him as presents, our people a se same time cate:11 concealize their arms, Ilir lits dians, however, taking of notice of the Startit auf ribbons,

within, mint then

ws, which hipody milchict, they



did not prepare for a second discharge, but instantly

no picpare i ran away into the woods, and our people discharged some musquets after them, but none of them were wounded by the shot. Soon after this happened, the cutter came under the ship's side, and the first person that I particularly noticed was the Master, with three arrows sticking in his body. No other evidence was necessary to convia him of having acted contrary to my orders, which appeared indeed more fully from his own account of the matter, which it is reasonable to suppose was as favourable to himself as he could make it. He said, that having seen some Indian houses with only five or six of the inhabitants, at a place about fourteen or fifteen miles to the westward of the ship's station where he had founded some bays, he came to a grappling, and veered the boat to the beach, where he landed with four men, armed with musquets and piftols: that the Indians at first were afraid of him, and retired, but that soon after they came down to him, and he gave them fome beads and other trifles, with which they seemed to be much pleased : that he then made signs to them for some cocoa-nuts, which they brought him, and with great appearance of friendship and hospitality, gave him a broiled fish and some boiled yams : that he then proceeded with his party to the houses, which, he said, were not more than fifteen of twenty yaads from the water fide, and soon after saw a great number of canoes coming round the western point of the bay, and many Indians among the tree: that being alarmed at these appearances, he haftily left the house where they had been received, and with the men made the best of his way towards the boat ; but that, before he could get on board, the Indians attacked as well those that were with him as those that were in the boat, both from the canoes and the shore. Their number, he said, was between three and four hundred: their weapons were bows and arrows the bows were six feet five inches long, and the arrows four feet four, which they discharged in platoons, as regularly as the best disciplined troops in Europe : that it being necessary to defend himself and his people when they were thus attacked, they fired among the Indians to favour their getting into the boat, and did


great execution, killing many and wounding more : 5767 that they were not however discouraged, but conti. A nued to press forward, still discharging their arrows by platoons in almost one continued flighi: that the grappling being foul, occasioned a delay in hauling off the boat, during which time he, and half of the boat's crew, were desperately wounded : that at last they cut the rope, and ran off under their fore-fail, still keeping up their fire with blunderbusses, each loaded with eight or ten pistol balls, which the Indians returned with their arrows, those on shore wading after them breast high into the sea : when they had got clear of these, the canoes pursued them with great fortitude and vigour, till one of them was sunk, and the numbers on board the rest greatly reduced by the fire, and then they returned to the shore. • Such was the story of the Master, who, with three of my best feamen, died some time afterwards of the wounds they had received; but culpable as he appears to have been by his own account, he appears to have been still more so by the testimony of those who survived him. They said, that the Indians behaved with the greatest confidence and friendship till he gave them just cause of offence, by ordering the people that were with him, who had been regaled in one of their houses, to cut down a cocoa-nut tree, and insisting upon the execution of his order, notwithstanding the displeasure which the Indians strongly expressed upon the occasion : as soon as the tree fell, all of them except one, who seemed to be a person of authority, went away; and in a short time a great number of them were observed to draw together in a body among the trees, by a Midshipman who was one of the party that were on shore, and who immediately acquainted the Master with what he had seen, and told him, that from the behaviour of the people he imagined an attack was intended: that the Master made light of the intelligence, and instead of repairing immediately to the boat, as he was urged to do, fired one of his pistols at a mark: that the Indian who had till that time continued with them left them abruptly, and joined the body in the wood : that the Master, even after this, by an infatuation that is altogether unaccountable, continued to

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