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arises from a reef that runs off to about a cable’s length from the western point, which once known, may be easily avoided. To anchor in this bay, it is fafeit to bring York Point E. S. E. Bachelor's River N. by W. 1 W. the west point of the bay or reef N. W. { W. and St. Jerom's Sound W. N. W. at the distance of half a mile from the shore. There is good watering about a mile up Batchelor's River, and good wooding all round the bay, where the landing also is, in all parts, very good. We found plenty of celery, cranberries, muscles, and limpets, many wild fowl, and some fish, but not enough to supply the ship’s company with a fresh meal. The latitude here is 53° 39' S. longitude, by account, 73° 52' W. the variation two points easterly. The water rises and falls about eight feet, but the tide is irregular. The master, who crosted the Streight many times to examine the bays, frequently found the current setting in three different directions. We anchored here on the 4th of February, and sailed again the rith.

VIII. BUTLER's BAY. This is a small bay intirely surrounded by rocks, so that no ship should anchor here if she can possibly avoid it. We found, however, fufficient wood and water to keep up our stock, muscles and limpets in plenty, some good rockfish, and a few wild fowl, but celery and cranberries were very scarce. This bay lies in latitude 53° 37' S. longitude, by account, 74° 9' W. the variation is two points eafterly. The water rises and falls here about four feet, but the current always sets to the eastward. We anchored here the 18th of February, and failed the ist of March.

IX. LION COVE. This is a small bay, and furrounded by rocks. The water is deep, but the ground is good. It is not a bad place for one fhip, nor a good one for two.

Here is good watering up a small creek, but no wood. There is good landing at the wateringplace, but no where else. We found no refreshment but a few muscles, linpets, and rock-fish, with a little celery. The latitude is 53° 26' S. longitude, by account, 740 25' W. the variation was two points easterly. The water, as far as we could judge by the appearance of the rocks, rises and falls above five feet,




and the current sets at the rate of about two knots an hour. We anchored here on the 2d of March, and failed the next day.

X. GOOD-LUCK BAY. This is a small bay, and like several others in this Streight, intirely surrounded by rocks. The ground is very coarse, and the cable of our best bower anchor was so much rubbed, that we were obliged to condemn it, and bend a new one. At this place there is a little wood, and plenty of good water, but the rocks render it very difficult of access. No man that sees this part of the coast, can exped to find

any kind of refreshment upon it ; and indeed we caught nothing except a few rock-fish, wiih hook and line. There may be circumstances in which it may be good luck to get into this bay, but we thought it very good luck to get out of it.

It lies in latitude 530 23' S. longitude, by account, 74° 33' W. the variation is two points easterly. The water rises and falls between three and four feet, though whenever we had an opportunity of trying the current, we found it run easterly. We anchored here the 3d of March, ad failed the 15th.

XI. 'SWALLOW HARBOUR. This harbour when once entered, is very fafe, being sheltered troin all winds, but the entrance is narrow and rocky ; the rocks, however, may be easily avoided by keeping a good look-out, as there are large bunches of rockweed upon them all. We found here a sufficient supply of wood and water, the wood however was very small. As the water is constantly smooth here, the landing is every where good ; but we found no fupply of provisions, except a few muscles and rock-fish. The mountains round it have the most horrid appearance, and seem to be altogether deserted by every thing that has life. The latitude is 53° 29 S. the longitude, by account, 74° 35' W. the variation is two points easterly, and the tide rises and falls between four and five feet. We anchored here the 15th of March, and left the place the next day.

XII. UPRIGHT BAY. This bay may be safely entered, as there is no obftru&tion but what is above The wood here is very small, but we found



sufficient to keep up our stock. The water is excellent, and in great plenty: As to provisions, we got only a few wild fowl, rock fishes, and muscles. The landing is bad. 'The latitude of this place, is 53° 8' S. longitude 75 35' W. the variation two points easterly. The water rises and falls about five feet, but the tide or current is very irregular. We anchored here on the 18th of March, and failed again on the 10th of, April.

There are three very good bays a little beyond Cape Shut-up, which we called River BAY, LODGING BAY, and WALLIS'S BAY. Wallis's Bay is the best. About half

way between Elizabeth's bay and York road, lies Muscle bay, where there is very good ancharage with a westerly wind. There is also a bay, with good anchorage, opposite to York road, and another to the eastward of Cape Cross-tide, but this will hold only a single ship. Between Cape.Cross and Saint David's Head, lies Saint David's Sound, on the south side of which we found a bank of coarse land and shells, with a depth of water from 19 to 30 fathom, where 4 ship might anchor in case of necessity : and the master of the Swallow found a very good small bay a little to the eastward of Saint David's Head. A little to the eastward of Cape Quod, lies Island bay, where the Swallow lay some time, but it is by no means an eligible situation. The ground of Chance bay is very rocky and uneven, and for that reason should be avoided.

As all the violent gales by which we fuffered in this navigation, blew from the westward, it is proper to stand about a hundred leagues or more to the westward, after failing out of the Streight, that the ship may uot be endangered on a lee shore, which at present is wholly unknown.

The following table shews the courses and distances, from point to point, in the Streight of Magellan, by compass.




In the Streight of MAGELLAN, by Compass.

Cape VIRGIN MARY lies in Latitude 52° 24' S.

and Longitude 68° 22' W.

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Courses. Mil. Latitu. Long. Cape Virgin Mary to Dungenes Point

s. by W.

5 52028163028 Dungeness Point to Point Pofleflion w... - 18 52 2368 571 Point Poffeffion to the S. side of the ift Narrows

S. W, S.

127 52 3569 381 The N. to the S. end of the Narrows S. S. W.

9 The S. end of the Narrows to Cape Gregory

W.S.W. W.25 152 39 70 31 Cape Gregory to Sweepstakes Foreland

S. 300 W

125 Cape Gregory to Dolphin's Forelands. W. W. 114 52 4370 53! Dolphin's Foreland to the N. end of Elizabeth's Island

S. 1 W.- 143'52 5671 6 The N. end of Elizabeth's Island to St. Bartholomew's Illand E. N. E.

1352 5671 4 The N. end of Elizabeth's Island to St. George's land

8 The N. end of Elizabeth's Island to Porpoise Point

s. by W. -12 53 671 17 Porpoise Point to Fresh-water Bay S, I E. Fresh-water Bay to Cape St. Ann, or Port Famine

S. S. E. * E. 113353 4271 28 Cape St. Ann to the entry of a great

found on the fouth shore N. E. Cape St. Ann to Cape Shut up - S. by E.

12 53 5471 321 Cape Shut-up to Dolphin's Illand S. s. w. -17 153 5971 41 Dolphin's Island to Cape Froward,

the southermost in all America S, 47 W. Cape Froward to Snug-Bay Point W.N. 8 Snug-bay Point to Cape Holland w. by S. 133 5772 34 'ape Holland to Cape Gallant W.4S. ape Gallant-to Elizabeth's Bay W.N.W.W113153 4373 241

s. E.


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543 71 59

53 5073 9

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Courses. Mil. Latitu. Long Elizabeth's Bay to York Point

W.N.W. W. 65.53 3973 32 York road to Cape Cross-.ide

WIS. York road to Cape Quod

W. įs. 21 53 3374 6 Cape Quod to St. David's Head S. E.

4ż Cape Quod to Butler's Bay S. W.

4 53 37 749 Cape Quod to Chance Bay S. S. W.

5 Cape Quod to Great Muscle Bay S. W. S. 6 Cape Quod to Snow Sound

W.S.W.W.10 Cape Quod to Lion's Cove

W.N.W. W. 12 53 2074 25 Lion's Cove to Good-Luck Bay

W.N.W. W. 6 53 2374 33 Cape Quod to Cape Notch

W.N.W.W.21 53 2274 36 Cape Notch to Swallow Harbour

S. S. E.

7 53 2974 36 Cape Notch to Pifs-pot Bay

W. S.

123 Cape Notch to Cape Monday



153 12175 201 Cape Monday to Cape Upright W. by N.

13 53 6 175 38 Cape Monday to a great Sound on the N. shore


7 Cape Upright to Cape Providence N. by W. W.9 152 5775 37 Cape Upright to Cape Tamer N.WbyW_W118 Cape Upright to Cape Pillar W.IN. 150 152 4376'52 Cape Pillar to Westminster Island N. E. įN. 15 Cape Pillar to Cape Victory

N.W. N. 128 Çape Pillar to the Island of Direction W. N. W.-123 '52 27'77 19


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