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MIS Majesty, soon aster his accession to the crown, formed a design of sending out vessels for -.ig discoveries of countries hitherto unknown; and in the year 1764, the kingdom being then in a state of profound peace, he proceeded to put it into execution. The Dolphin and the Tamar were dispatched under the command of Commodore Byron; and the best account of his Majesty's motives and design that can be given, will be found in the following preamble to Commodore Byron's instructions, which are dated the 17th of June in that year.

"Whereas nothing can redound more to the "honour of this nation, as a maritime power, to the "dignity of the Crown of Great Britain, and to the "advancement of the trade and navigation thereof, ** than to make discoveries of countries hitherto un"known; and whereas there is reason to believe that "lands and islands of great extent, hitherto unvisitedby ** any European power, may be found in the Atlantic ** Ocean, between the Cape of Good Hope and the "Magellanic Streight, within the latitudes convenient "for navigation, and in climates adapted to the pro-. "duce of commodities ufeful in commerce; and


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