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most able navigators in Europe, Your Majesty has, not with a view to the acquisition of treasure, or the extent of dominion, but the improvement of commerce and the increase and diffusion of knowledge, undertaken what had so long been neglected; and under Your Majesty's auspices, in little more than seven years, discoveries have been made far greater than those of all the navigators in the world collectively, from the expedition of Columbus to the present time.

To have been appointed to record them, and permitted to inscribe the Narrative to Your Majesty, is an honour, the sense of which will always be retained with the warmest gratitude,


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The Passage from Cape Monday, in the Streight of

Magellan, into the South Seas ; with some general remarks on the Navigation of that Streight. 62

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Run from the Weftern Entrance of the Streight of Magellan, to the Islands of Disappointment.


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The Discovery of King George's Islands, with a Descrip

tion of them, and an Account of several Incidents that happened there.


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The Run from King George's Ifhands to the Isands of

Saypan, Tinian, and Aiguigan; with an Account of
several Ipands that were discovered in that Track, 87

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The Arrival of the Dolphin and Tamar at Tiniax. A

Description of the present Condition of that Ifand, and an Account of the Transactions there. 94

С НА Р. XII. The Run from Tinian to Pulo Timoan ; with some Account of that Island, its inhabitants and Productions, nd thence to Batavia.


с нА Р. XIII. Transactions at Batavia, and Departure from that Place.


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The Passage from Batavia to the Cape of Good Hope, and from thence to England.

109 СА Р.


The Passage to the coast of Patagonia, with some Account of the Natives.



The Passage through the Streight of Magellan, with some

farther Account of the Patagonians, and a Description of the Coast on each side, and its Inhabitants. 128


A particular Account of the Places in which we anchored

during our Pasage through the Streight, and of the Shoals and Rocks that lie near them.


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The Passage from the Streight of Magellan, to King

George the Third's Ipand, called Otaheite, in the South Sea, with an Account of the Discovery of feveral other Ifands, and a Description of their Inhabi



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An account of the Discovery of King George the Third's

Isand, or Otaheite, and of several Incidents which happened both on board the Ship, and on Sbore, 173

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The Sick sent on Shore, and a regular Trade established

with the Natives. Some Account of their Character and Manners, of their Vifits on board the hip, and a Variety of Incidents that happened during this Intercourse.

190 CH AP,

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An Account of an Expedition to discover the inland Part

of the Country, and our other Transactions, till we quitted the land to continue our Voyage. 205

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A more particular Account of the Inhabitants of Otabrite,

and of their domestic Life, Manners, and Arts.


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· Passage from Qtaheite to Tinian; with some Account of

feveral other Islands that were discovered in the South Seas.


€ HA P.

Şome Account of the present State of the Ifand of Tinian, and our Employment there; with what happened in the Run from thence to Batavia.


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Transactions at Batavia, and an Account of the Paslage from thence to the Cape of Good Hope.


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An Account of our Transactions at the Cape of Good Hope,

and of the Return of the Dolphin to England. 238




The Run from Plymouth to Madeira, and from thence through the Streight of Magellan. 249

C H A P.

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