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to command the party that was to be their guard. A tent was erected for them as a shelter both from the sun and the rain, and the Surgeon was sent to superintend their conduct, and give his advice if it should be wanted. It happened that walking out with his gun, aster he had seen the sick properly disposed of in the tent, a wild duck slew over his head, which he shot, and it fell dead among some of the natives who were op the other side of the river. This threw them into a panic, and they all ran away : when they got to some distance they stopped, and he made signs to them to bring the duck over: this one of them at last ventured to do, and, pale and trembling, laid it down at his feet. Several other ducks happening at that instant to sly over the spot where they were standing, he fired again, and fortunately brought down three more. This incident gave the natives such a dread of a gun, that isa musquet was pointed at a thousand of them, they would all, run away like a slock of sheep ; and probably the case with which they were asterwards kept at a distance, and their orderly behaviour in their traffic, was in a great measure owing to their having upon this occasion seen the instrument of which before they had only felt the effects.

- As I foresaw that a piivate traffic would probably commence between such os our people as were, on shore, and the natives, and that if it was left to their own caprice, perpetual quarrels and mischief would ensue, I ordered that all matters of traffic should be transacted by the Gunner, on behalf of both parties, and I directed him to fee that no injury was done to the natives, either by violence or fraud, a*id by all possible means 10 attach the old man to his interest. This service he performed with great diligence and fidelity, nor did he neglect to complain of those who transgressed my orders, which was of infinite advantage to all parties; for as I punished the first offenders with a necessary severity, many irregularities, that would otherwise have produced the roost disagreeable consequences, were prevented: we were «lso indebted for many advantages to the old man, whofe caution kept our people perpetually on their guard, and soon brought back those who straggled from the party.


1767- she natives would indeed sometimes pilser, but by the J^^. terror of a gun, without using it, he always found means to make them bring back what was stolen. A sellow had one day the dexterity and address to cross the river unperceived, and steal a hatchet; the Gunner, as soon as he -missed it, made the old man understand what had happened, and got his party ready, as if he would have gone into the woods after the thief: the old man, however, made signs that he would fave him the trouble, and immediately setting off, returned in a very short time with the hatchet. The Gunner then insisted that the offender should be delivered up, and with this the old man, though not without great 'reluctance, complied. When the sellow was brought down, the Gunner knew him to be an old ofsender, and therefore sent him prisoner en board. I had no intention to punish him otherwise, than by the sear of punishment, and therefore, after great entreaty and intercession, I gave him his liberty, and sent him on shore. When the natives faw him return in fasety, it is hard to fay whether their astonishment or joy was greatest ; they received him with universal acclamations, and immediately carried him off into the woods: the next day, however, he returned, and as a propitiation to the Gunner, he brought him a considerable quantity of bread,fruit, and a large hog ready roasted.

At this time the people on board were employed in caulking and painting the weather-work, over-hauling the rigging, stowing the hold, and doing other necessary business ; but my disorder, which was a bilious cholic, increased so much, that this day I was obliged to take to my bed; my First Lieutenant also still continued very ill, and the Purser was incapable of his duty. The whole command devolved upon Mr. Furneaux, the Second Lieutenant, to whom I gave general directions, and recommended a particular attention to the people on snore. I also ordered that fruit and fresh provisions should be served to the ship's company as long as they could be procured, and that the boats should never be absent from the ship after sun-set. These directions were sulfilled with fuck prudence and punctuality, that during all my


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sickness I was not troubled with any business, nor had „»76;the mortification to hear a single complaint or appeal. ,£"^. The men were constantly served with fresh pork, fowls, and fruit, in such plenty, that when I left my bed, aster having been confined to it near a fortnight, my ship's company looked so fresh and healthy, that I could scarcely believe them to be the same people.

Sunday the 28th was marked by no incident; but Sund. z8, on Monday the 2Qth, one of the Gunner's party found MoadiJ 15' a piece of saltpetre near as big as an egg. As this was an object of equal curiosity and importance, diligent inquiry was immediately made from whence it came.

The surgeon asked every one of the people on shore, separately, whether he had brought it from the ship; every one on board also was asked whether he had carried it on shore ; but all declared that they had never had such a thing in their possession. Application was then made to the natives, but the meaning of both parties was so imperfectly conveyed by signs, that nothing could be learnt of them about it: during our whole stay here, however, we saw no more than this one piece.

While the gunner was trafficking for provisions on shore, we sometimes hauled the seine, but we caught no fish; we also frequently trawled, but with no better success: the disappointment, however, was not felt, for the produce of the ista"nd enabled our people to "fare sumptuously every day."

All matters continued in the fame situation till the ,> 2d of July, when our old man being absent, the supply Thmsd.' %. of fresh provisions and fruit fell short; we had, however, enough to ferve most of the messes, reserving" plenty for the sick and convalescent.

On the 3d, we heeled the ship, and looked at her Fr;(l,y . bottom, which we found as clean as when she came out of dock, and to our great satisfaction as sound. During all this time, none of the natives came near our boats, or the ship, in their canoes. This dav, about noon, we caught a very large shark, and when the boats went to fetch the people on board to dinner, we sent it on shore. When the boats were putting


1767- off again, the Gunner seeing some of the natives on the

July'' other fide of the river, beckoned them to come over;

they immediately complied, and he gave them the

.shark, which they soon cut to pieces, and carried away

with great appearance of satisfaction.

On Sunday the 5th, the old man returned to the Sunday 5. market-tent, and made the gunner understand that he had been up the country, to prevail upon the people to bringdown their hogs, poultry, and fruit, of which the parts near the watering place were now nearly exhausted. The good effects of his expedition soon appeared, for several Indians, whom our people had never seen before, came in with some hogs that were larger than any that had been yet brought to market. In the mean time, the old man ventured off in his canoe to the ship, and brought with him, as a present to me, a hog ready roasted. I was much pleased with bis attention and liberality, and gave him, in return for his hog, an iron pot, a looking-glass, a drinking-glass, and feveral other things, which no man in the island was in poffefTion of but himself.

While our people were on shore, several young women were permitted to cross the river, who, though they were not averse to thegranting of personal favours, knew the value of them too well not to stipulate for a consideration; the price indeed, was not great, yet 4t was such as our men were not always able to pay, and under this temptation they stole nails and other iron from the ship. The nails that we brought for trasfic, were not always in their reach, and therefore they drew several out of different parts of the vessel, particularly thofe that fastened the cleats to the ship's side. This was productive of a double mischief; damage to the ship, ami a considerable rise at market. When the Gunner offered, as usual, small nails for hogs of a middling size, the natives refused to take them, and produced large spikes, intimating that they expected such nails;as these. A most diligent enquiry was set on foot to discover the offenders, but all to no purpose; and thouch a large reward was offered to procure intelligence, none was obtained. I was mortified at the disappointment, but I was still more mortified at a fraud 'which I found some of o.:r people had practised upon

tne the natives. When no nails were to be procured, they had stolen lead, and cut it up in the shape of nails. Many of the natives, who had been paid with this base money, brought their leaden nails with great simplicity, to the Gunner, and requested him to give them iron in their stead. With this request, however reasonable, he could not comply, because, by rendering lead current, it would have encouraged the stealing it, and the market would have been as effectually spoiled by those who could not procure nails, as by those who could; it was therefore necessary, upon every account, to render this leaden currency of no value, though for our honour I should have been glad to have called it in.


On Tuesday the 7th, I sent one of the mates, with Tuesday 7. thirty men, to a village at a little distance from the market, hoping that refreshments might there be bought at the original price; but here they were obliged to give still more than at the water-side. In the mean time, being this day able to get up for the first time, and the weather being fine, I went into a boat, and rowed about four miles down the coast. I found the country populous, and pleasant in the highest degree, and saw many canoes on the shore; but not one came off to us, nor did the people feem to take the least notice of us as we passed along. About noon I returned to the ship.

The commerce which our men had found means to establish with the women of the island, rendered them much less obedient to the orders that had been given for the regulation of their conduct on shore, than they were at first. I found it necessary therefore to read the articles of war, and I punished James Proctor, the Corporal of marines, who had not only quitted his station, and insulted the officer, but struck the Master at Arms such a blow as brought him to the ground.

The next day, I sent a party up the country to cut Wednes. 8. wood, and they met with some of the natives, who treated them with great kindness and hospitality. Several of these friendly Indians came on board in our boat, and seemed, both by their dress and behaviour, to be of a superior rank. To these people I paid a particular attention; and to discover what present would most gratify them, I laid down before them a

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