Education Series, Ausgabe 3

University of Minnesota, 1925

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Summary of receipts and disbursements of the permanent school fund during one year 191920
Growth of South Dakota permanent school fund 191020
South Dakota permanent school fund growth and importance 191020
Lease and rental of South Dakota school lands 191520
South Dakota state special appropriations 191421
County and district aid
Amounts contributed by South Dakota counties for the support of schools 191920
South Dakota school bonds and types of districts issuing 1920
Sources of school revenue in South Dakota in 1920 1915 and 1905 follows
How school moneys are apportioned and used
Teachers certificates issued in South Dakota 1920
County inequalities in length of school year
Inequalities of educational opportunity among counties in South Dakota 1920
Inequalities in yearly salary of women teachers in elementary work
Inequalities in the division of school burdens among South Dakota counties as shown by variation in proportion of revenue furnished by the state an...
Inequalities in assessed valuation and state aid in nine selected
Inequalities in ability effort and aid in South Dakota rural districts of nine selected counties 1920
Inequalities in ability effort and aid in South Dakota independent districts of nine selected counties 1920
Inequalities in ability effort and aid in South Dakota consolidated districts in nine selected counties 1920
Inequalities in ability and effort among three selected oneteacher
Expenditures from the federal appropriation of 200000 for education

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Seite 32 - No county, city, township, school district or other municipal corporation, shall be allowed to become indebted in any manner or for any purpose to an amount, including existing indebtedness, in the aggregate exceeding five per centum on the value of the taxable property therein, to be ascertained by the last assessment for State and county taxes, previous to the incurring of such indebtedness.
Seite 150 - That sections numbered sixteen and thirty-six in every township of public lands in said State, and where either of said sections, or any part thereof, has been sold or otherwise disposed of, other lands, equivalent thereto, and as contiguous as may be, shall be granted to said State for the use of schools.
Seite 41 - Neither the General Assembly nor any county, city, town, township, school district or other public corporation shall ever make any appropriation or pay from any public fund whatever, anything in aid of any church or sectarian purpose or to help support or sustain any school, academy, seminary, college, university, or other literary or scientific institution controlled by any church or sectarian denomination whatever...
Seite 225 - All losses to the Permanent, School, or University fund of this state, which shall have been occasioned by the defalcation, mismanagement, or fraud of the agents or officers controlling and managing the same, shall be audited by the proper authorities of the state.
Seite 33 - ... provide for the collection of a direct annual tax to pay, and sufficient to pay the interest on such debt as it falls due, and also to pay and discharge the principal of such debt within eighteen years from the time of the contracting thereof.
Seite 150 - That when the lands in the said Territory shall be surveyed under the direction of the government of the United States, preparatory to bringing the same into market, sections numbered sixteen and thirty-six in each township in said Territory shall be and the same are hereby reserved for the purpose of being applied to schools in said Territory, and in the States and Territories hereafter to be erected out of the same.
Seite 221 - States on the sales of public lands ; the proceeds of all property that shall fall to the state by escheat; the proceeds of all gifts or donations to the state for public schools or not otherwise appropriated by the terms of the gift; and all property otherwise acquired for public schools, shall be and remain a perpetual fund for the maintenance of public schools in the state.
Seite 33 - Provided, however. that warrants drawn and issued under the provisions of this section shall show upon their face that they are payable solely from said taxes when collected, and not otherwise...
Seite 80 - It puts a premium on dishonesty and debauches the public conscience; it reduces deception to a system, and makes a science of knavery; it presses hardest on those least able to pay; it imposes double taxation on one man and grants entire immunity to the next.
Seite 31 - For the purpose of building or repairing school houses or purchasing or improving school sites, the directors of any school district, when authorized by a majority of the votes cast at an election held for that purpose, may borrow money; and, as evidence of such indebtedness, may issue bonds signed by at .least two directors, in denominations of not less than $100.00, and bearing interest at a rate not exceeding 7 per cent per annum.

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