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Seite 69 - The Pennsylvania Society for the promotion of Internal Improvements in the Commonwealth," respectfully submit the following essay, on the construction and reparation of roads, to the consideration of their fellow citizens.
Seite 65 - Suppose the glass jar without, to contain diluted sulphuric acid; the inverted bell, within the jar, to contain some zinc, supported on a tray of copper, suspended by wires, of the same metal, from the neck of the bell. The cock being open, when the bell is lowered into the position, in which it is represented, the atmospheric air will escape, and the acid, entering the cavity of the bell, will, by its reaction with the zinc, cause hydrogen gas to be copiously evolved.
Seite 64 - Middlesex ; who, in consequence of a communication made to him, by a certain foreigner residing abroad, is in possession of certain improvements in the construction of Rotatory Steam- Engines, and the apparatus connected therewith.
Seite 76 - What we earnestly wish to obtain, is the means of executing all those works in the best manner, and with the greatest economy and certainty; and for these purposes you will procure and exhibit in your reports, all that will enable those who shall undertake the formation of Canals, Railways...
Seite 361 - ... segment of a sphere, resting in the lower softer part, as in a dish, the hardness, of course, gradually decreasing as you descend towards the foot.* Dies thus hardened, preserve their form till fairly worn out.
Seite 5 - ... and re-occupies its former situation. The piston is worked either by the handle, or the treadle, at C. In order to supply the cask with oxygen gas, it is only necessary to attach to the suction pipe (by means of the gallows and screw at g), another pipe, duly flexible, and passed under a bell containing the gas in question, over the pneumatic cistern.
Seite 4 - ... covers the cavity formed by the hollow cylinder ; also through another mass of lead, like the first, which being forced up by a screw and nut, subjects the leather, between it and the upper leaden hemisphere, to a pressure sufficient to render the juncture air-tight. From...
Seite 1 - ... enabled to judge of the advantage to be gained, and the method to be pursued, in operations on a larger scale. It is by means of the blowpipe, that glass tubes are most conveniently exposed to the heat necessary to mould them into the many forms occasionally required, for philosophical purposes ; and by the .various application of tubes, thus moulded, ingenuity is often enabled to surmount the want of apparatus ; which is the greatest obstacle to the attainment of skill, in experimental philosophy....
Seite 85 - No improvements have been made here in it within the last thirty years, and the use of bituminous and anthracite coal in our furnaces is absolutely and entirely unknown. Attempts, and of the most costly kind, have been made to use the coal of the western part of our State in the production of iron. Furnaces have been constructed according to the plan said to be adopted in Wales and elsewhere; persons claiming experience in the business have been employed...
Seite 116 - ... a vapour engine, which, in the opinion of competent judges, promises to answer well in practice. The vacuum in the cylinder is produced, by firing an explosive mixture of atmospheric air, and vapour from common proof spirits, mixed with a small portion of spirits of turpentine. A working model has been set in...

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