The Cincinnatus


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Seite 337 - ONE BY ONE. One by one the sands are flowing One by one the moments fall; Some are coming, some are going, Do not strive to grasp them all. One by one thy duties wait thee, Let thy whole strength go to each; Let no future dreams elate thee, Learn thou first what these can teach.
Seite 337 - pain; GOD will keep thee for to morrow, Every day begin again. Every hour that fleets so slowly, Has its task to do or bear; Luminous the crown and holy, If thou set each gem with care. Do not linger with regretting, Or for pending hours despond
Seite 337 - shall meet thee, Do not fear an armed band; One will fade as others greet thee Shadows passing through the land. Do not look at life's long sorrow, See how small each moments pain; GOD will
Seite 14 - act upon the mind. I here introduce a fact which has been suggested to me by my profession, and that is that the exercise of the organs of the breast, by singing, contributes very much to defend them from those diseases to which the climate and other causes expose them. The Germans are seldom afflicted with
Seite 373 - of Salt Spring lands, now unappropriated, or the money arising from the sale of the same where such lands have been already sold, and any land which may hereafter be granted or appropriated for such purpose, for the support and maintenance of such
Seite 48 - brings The peasants' food, the golden pomp of kings This is the page whose letters shall be seen Changed by the sun to words of living green; This is the scholar whose immortal pen Spells the first lesson hunger taught to men; These are the lines, Oh!
Seite 288 - Divine Sabbath in which there is no more creative labor, and which, “blessed and sanctified' beyond all the days that had gone before, has as its special object the moral elevation and final redemption of man. And over it no evening is represented in the record as falling, for its special work is not yet
Seite 48 - lord of earth, the hero of the plow; First in the field before the reddening sun, Last in the shadows when the day is done; Line after line along the bursting sod, Marks the broad acres where his feet have trod.
Seite 9 - that he would never again ride his horse unless he gave him his purse at the same time; and on the latter inquiring what he meant, he replied: “As soon as a poor man on the road takes off his hat and asks charity, the animal immediately stands still, and will not stir
Seite 288 - in deep caves till the evening, or lie in wait for their prey amid tangled thickets, or beneath some broken bank. At length, as the day wanes and the shadows lengthen, Man, the responsible lord of creation, formed in GoD's own image, is introduced upon the scene, and the work of creation ceases

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