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Effect of the King's Marriage at Brussels
The King is cited to appear at Rome
Secret History of the Conduct of Clement
France and the Papacy
English Embassy at Paris
Henry appeals to a Council
Terms of the Appeal

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Cranmer's Sentence is known at Rome

Indignation of the Cardinals

The Pope declares the Divorce illegal
Henry calls on the King of France to fulfil his Engage-

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He presents the King of England's Appeal
The Appeal is rejected

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The Imperialists undertake to execute the Sentence
Obscurity of the Papal Diplomacy..

The Duke of Guise sent to warn Henry
The French Fleet watch the Channel

Commission at Lambeth to receive the Oath..

More and Fisher refuse to swear
Debate in the Council

They are sent to the Tower
Proclamation on the Abolition of the Pope's Authority


Circular to the Sheriffs ..
Death and Character of Clement VII.

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The Vision of the Holy Brigitta

State of Ireland

The Norman Conquest

The Irish Reaction and its Causes. .

Assimilation of the Normans to the Native Population

Perplexity of English Statesmen

Irregular Character of the English Administration
Peculiarities of the Irish Disposition

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Division of the Country ..

Independence of the Chiefs

Wretchedness of the People

English and Irish Estimates of Anarchy

Ireland for the Irish

Coyne and Livery

The Geraldines of Kildare

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