Discourses on Davila: A Series of Papers, on Political History. Written in the Year 1790, and Then Published in the Gazette of the United States

Russell and Cutler, 1805 - 248 Seiten

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Seite 91 - liberty, and of all free governments, is, a right in the people, to participate in their legislative council. That you were entitled to the common law of England, and more efpecially to the great and ineftimable privilege of being tried by
Seite 74 - Or like a gallant horfe, fall'n in firfl. rank, Lie there for pavement to the abject rear, O'errun and trampled on« The inference from all the contemplations and experiments which have been made, by all nations, upon
Seite 74 - as foon read in the eyes of others, As feel in his own fall: for men, like butterflies, Shew not their mealy wings but to the fummer; And not a man for being
Seite 74 - Infifture, courfe, proportion, feafon, form, Office and cuftom, in all line of order : And therefore is the glorious planet Sol, In noble eminence, enthron'd and fpher'd Amidft the
Seite 26 - a right to make a free ufe of the poets. The love of praife, howe'er conceal'd by art. Reigns more or lefs, and glows in every heart; The proud to gain it, toils on toils endure, The mode-ft fhun it, but to make it
Seite 35 - the futility of richefs, power,liberty, and all earthly things ? The cloud-capt towers, the gorgeous palaces, the folemn temples, the great globe itfelf, appear the bafelefs fabric of a vifion, and life itfelf a tale, told by an ideot, full of found and fury, fignifying nothing. Shall it be inferred from this, that fame, liberty, property and life,
Seite 91 - Conftitution, and your feveral charters or compacts, you were entitled to life, liberty and property ; that your anceftors were entitled to all the rights, liberties and immunities of free and natural born fubjects
Seite 69 - by men, who were educated in the middle and inferior ranks of life, who have been carried forward by their own induftry and abilities, though loaded with the jealoufy, and oppofed by the refentment of all thofe who were born their fuperiors, and to whom the great, after having regarded them,
Seite 67 - be by more important virtues : he muft acquire dependants, to balance the dependants of the great; and he has no other fund to pay them from but the labour of his body, and the activity of his mind. He muft cultivate thefe, therefore, he muft acquire fuperior knowledge in his profeffion, and fuperior induftry in the
Seite 63 - the misfortune of lovers. Thefe two fituations are the chief which intereft us on the ftage; becaufe, in fpight of all that reafon and experience can tell us to the contrary, the prejudices of the imagination, attach to thefe two ftates. a happinefs fuperior to any other. To difturb or

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