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search of him; but, we understand,

BOSTON, AUG. 30. all their vigilance has hitherto been

Fire at Nahant. unsuccessful. The Manhattan Company have

On the 27th inst. midnight, the offered a reward of five hundred inhabitants of Lynn were alarmed dollars for his apprehension, and with the cry of fire. On awaking ten per cent. upon such part of the from their slumbers, the awfully embezzled property as may be re

distressing spectacle of Johnson's covered.

Hotel at Nahant, enveloped in flames, presented itself to their

view, which, in a short period was TRENTON, AUGUST 29. entirely consumed. So rapid was

the conflagration, that the family On Monday evening last a daring escaped only with their lives, not robbery was committed on the per- being able to preserve the smallest son of a Dutch gentleman from article of furniture, or even of raiSurinam, in the upper part of this

ment. township, by a person of the name

SEPT. 1. of Zebulon Phares. The gentle

Came on before the hon. John man had lately come into the coun, Sloss Hobart, judge of the court of try for the benefit of his health, and the United States for this district, was on his way to the state of New- the trial of a young man of the name York, in the mail stage, where of William H. Burredge, lately Phares came across him; who, af- employed in the post-office of this ter introducing himself by familiar city. The charge was published conversation, very kindly invited

some time was that of the gentleman to spend a day or purloining a letter, enclosing bank two at his house, which, he said, notes to the amount of 800 dollars, was near Trenton, to which the the property of Mr. Jolin D. Margentleman, after some hesitation, tin. He pleaded guilty to the inconsented. On crossing the Dela

dictment. ware, they left the stage together,

The punishment was mitigated and walked five or six miles into

on account of the youth and contrithe country, when coming intò a tion of the delinquent; he was senpiece of woods in a by place, tenced to thirty stripes, and to sufPhares caught the gentleman by the fer six months imprisonment. throat, and demanded his money,

It may be of use to observe, that which he compelled him to give

up, this crime of letter-stealing is one together with a number of trifling which the laws of the United States articles which he had about him, consider highly atrocious, and treat and a few pieces of wearing appa- with great severity. For the first rel. With these he immediately offence the punishment in extent is left the gentleman, and disappeared thirty-nine lashes and ten years imin the woods. The gentleman prisonment; but a second convicsought an asylum in the first house tion of robbing the mail, is punished he could find, which was that of Mr. with death. Israel Moore, where he lodged that night. On the following morning a four inspected in Fredericksburg,

The followirg is the quantity of warrant was issued by Andrew (Virg.) from the 1st of September, Reeder, Esquire, for the apprehen- 1802, until the same date 1803, viz. sion of the perpetrator, and by the

Superfine.............41,627 activity of the people of the neigh

Fine......... 12,944 bourhood he was taken in the course

X Middlings..........1,461 of the day, and a number of the articles found upon him alleged to

Total....56,032 have been stolen; he was of course committed to Flemington goal to NEW-BRUNSWICK, SEPT. 1. take his trial at the next court of The following unfortunate cirOyer and Terminer.

cumstance happened at Matchipo

nix, Middlesex county, on Sunday other, and as there is a competimorning last....A well had been dug tion between the states of Newthe week before on a farm belong- York and Maryland, for a particiing to Mr. Cornelius Johnson, fifty- pation in the trade of Pennsylvania, one feet deep. On the morning would it not be good policy in our above-mentioned, Samuel Garrit- citizens to endeavour to promote an son, a tenant on the place, who dug union of town and country capital. the well, attempted, with the as- for the improvement of water carsistance of his son, to let down his riage and roads generally, either son-in-law, William Brown, in a by a new establishment for that bucket, who, when he had descend- purpose, or by engrafting an ined about twenty feet, called to those creased capital and plan on some above to lower away; a few mo one of those already existing, with ments after which they discovered the consent of the present stockthat he had fallen out of the bucket holders. to the bottom of the well.... upon This would produce a concert of which Mr. Garritson was let down measures, that might doubtless be by his wife and son to the assistance highly beneficial to the whole trade. of his son-in-law; when he had got We are told that a fund and indown about the same distance, he stitution of a private nature, somealso called out to lower away; he what of the kind proposed, is in also fell out of the bucket when contemplation by a company of within about six feet of the bottom: landholders, for the improvement a trial was then made with a lighted of their back lands. Whatever candle, which went out after it de- may be proposed in this way, is no scended ten feet, and no person doubt intended to be done with the dare go down to their relief. Gar- approbation of the legislature, and ritson continued to groan for more will be something more solid, than than half an hour, but there was no the wild schemes of the extravapossibility of getting him out; they gant landjobbers of 1794 and 1795. were afterwards taken up by grapplings and their remains interred.

NEWBERN, SEPT. 2. Thus were two honest, industrious and respectable men, snatched from On Wednesday last, this town their families and connexions when was visited by the most violent least expected.

storm of wind and rain, which has Philadelphia..... The prosperity been experienced in many years, and growing wealth of our coun- The day before, the appearance of try, must be evident to the most the weather was extremely threatcommon observer who will view ening; and about three o'clock in the surprising increase of our the morning of Wednesday it becities and villages within a few came alarming. Many persons years, and the change that has who had property on the wharves, taken place in the whole face of the saved it, but notwithstanding every country, including many new and precaution great damage was done. extensive settlements, in parts that The greatest sufferers on this occawere lately wilderness.

sion were Mr. Thomas Turner, As an evidence of the monied and Mr. John Harvey; the former wealth of Philadelphia alone, there had his warehouses carried off, have been lately established two which were filled with pork, and new Insurance Companies, and a other articles of value, and the lat. Bank, which will together embrace ter, we learn, lost about sixteen a sum of nearly two millions of dol- hundred bushels of salt, &c. Selars.

veral vessels which attempted to go Under these circumstances, and up the river, ran ashore, and it as the welfare of agriculture and will be with great difficulty that commerce mutually depend on each some of them will be got off.

The storm began about three Being in Shenandoah county on o'clock in the morning, with the Friday evening last, I was informed wind at N. E. and continued with that a most atrocious murder and increased fury, till about 4 o'clock robbery had been committed on the in the evening, when the wind body of a travelling gentleman, a shifted to the westward, and check- little above Stoverstown, on the ed its havock. It is supposed, that main road. Impelled by curiosity the water rose about nine feet

per as well as duty, I rode with several pendicular. A small negro girl gentlemen to view the body, early was drowned.

on yesterday morning.

SEPT. 7. Upon examination, we found that In the late storm there have been he had received a violent blow upon five vessels cast away in Edenton the head, just above the left ear.... Sound, and none of the crews saved. the contusion was as large as the There have been six dead bodies palm of a man's hand. There were taken up, that floated on the beach, several other wounds on the head, and some casks of wine; the latter and a bruise on the breast. The ata belonged to Robert Armistead of this tack was made about nine o'clock, place, and was shipped at Norfolk, A. M. not more than two hundred but we know nothing more of the and seventy paces from Mr. Jacob vessels, than that the hulls are seen Snapp's, and he expired about floating about. There are some twelve. He was found weltering women's as well as men's clothes in his blood, a few minutes after, found floating. We have not heard by two Germans; when they camé from the bar yet, but it is thought up, they inquired “what was the there are a great many vessels cast matter?” Ñe replied, “ that he away there."

had been robbed by a negro or muFrederick County, Sept. 4, 1803. lutto man,” and immediately faint

On Friday, the 2d inst, a most dar- ed. One of these strangers ran to ing murder and robbery were com- Mr. Snapp's, whilst the other remitted on the main road from Stras- mained with him. The alarm was burg, (Virginia) to Staunton. From immediately given, and notice sent the papers found about the body of to P. Spangler, a magistrate, who the person murdered, he is supposed made use of every exertion to disto be from Philadelphia; his name cover the perpetrator of this horrid is William C. Simonton, or Sim- crime, but without effect. Two permerton; he rode in a chair which sons are suspected, one a mulatto is marked on the back with the let- fellow, who, it appears, was trater S. The chair was drawn by a velling towards Rockingham, and bay horse, on whom no brand was lives at Holker's plantation, in this perceivable. The property left by county ; the other calls himself the atrocious murderer, and found James Scott, a free mulatto, who about the body of the deceased, is has lived some time near Middleall consists of one hun- town. Pursuit was made after dred and forty-five dollars in bank the first, but, by the information notes, four dollars in silver, and of some travellers, it appears, the four and a half pence; a box of fellow had left the road, and was medicines, and some wearing ap not taken early yesterday morning. parel. It appears that he was tra- Scott was apprehended on suspicion, velling to the Sweet or Warm examined before two magistrates, Springs. It would, perhaps, be and committed to jail: I however an act of benevolence to have the incline to think he is not guilty, and contents of this letter inserted in that it is more probable that the the public prints, in order that the first mentioned fellow committed relations of the deceased may know the murder. He is said to be a tall his unfortunate fate, and get the dark mulatto, stoops much in his property which he has left.

walk, blind of an eye, and was

dressed in coarse linen clothes ;

NORFOLK, SEPT. 8. carried a budget, and a large club. Tuesday came on the trial of neThe stick with which the murder groes George and Charity, before was committed, was a dead hickory. the magistrates of Princess Ann It was found near the deceased, with county, under a charge of attemptthe hair remaining to the big end ing to poison the whole of the white from the violence of the blow. I family of Thomas Lawson, Esq. am informed the above described of said county; the charge being fellow, was noticed to have used fully proven, they were condemned such a club as a walking-stick. to be hanged on the seventh of

I requested to examine the pa- October next. pers in the pocket-book of the deceased, and found one hundred and the late papers as a runaway, and

The negro fellow advertised in forty-five dollars in bank notes, and committed to the jail of this borough four dollars and six cents in silver. under the name of John (but whose It appears that his name was Wil- real name is Peter) was yesterday liam C. Simonton; and that a commission of bankruptcy had issued Gates county, North-Carolina, to

delivered to a guard of citizens from against him in Philadelphia, in De- take his trial for the murder of a cember last; that he was in a declining state of health, and on his young man in the employ of Mr.

Daniel Southall at Gates county way to the Sweet-Springs. It is court-house, about eight weeks highly probable that the assassin since. He was outlawed by the gomissed his object, and that he was

vernment of that state, and a rerouted before he could plunder his ward of seven hundred dollars ofvictim. He took nothing but a fered for apprehending him and trunk, which was lashed behind another black man, who is not yet the chair in which he travelled, taken. probably containing nothing but clothing.


This morning about half past four N. B. An inquest was taken on

o'clock a fire broke out in the bakethe body, before Capt. Spangler's, house of Simon Frazer, in Cliffnear yesterday, and the jury pronounced John street, which before it was exit a most atrocious, wilful, and ma

tinguished destroyed eleven front licious murder, perpetrated by the and four back buildings, four of hand of a mulatto man, by the in- which were brick. In consequence formation of the deceased, but by of the deserted state of the city, which particular person was not and particularly in that neighbourknown to the jurors.

hood, the fire had made great pro

gress before a sufficient number of

SEPT. 8. firemen and citizens were collected The foundation stone of St. John's to arrest its progress. Fortunately Church, which is to be erected on it was a perfect calm or its ravages the east side of Hudson-square, was might have spread destruction laid by the right rev. Bishop Moore, to a much greater extent. Many in the presence of the members of families have lost their all....seve. the corporation of Trinity Church, ral of the occupants had removed to the workmen who are to be employ- the country. We have not learnt ed in the building, and many specta- all the names of the sufferers.... The tors who attended on the occasion. following are among them : Simon The ceremony of laying the stone Frazer, bake-house ; Mr. M'Kee, was succeeded by a short address by brick-house, grocer, corner of John Bishop Moore ; and the whole so- and Cliit-streets ; Mr. Bukce, coopleninity was concluded by prayer er, dwelling-hcuse, Cliff-street; for the divine benediction on their Michael Bloomer, pilot, dwellingpresent undertaking.

house, corner of Cliff-street; Mr.


Cairnes, chair-maker, Cliff-street; them to jail at Poughkeepsie, but W. Kersheitt, silver-smith, John- Nathaniel Searls and his brother street; Mr. M'Cleod, dwelling- Joseph Searls unfortunately made house, Cliff-street; Widow Baily, their escape. Nathaniel is about dwelling-house, do. Dr. Fargures, five feet three or four inches high, dwelling-house, in John-street; Mr. light complexion and light hair; Hazlet, chair-maker's shop, do. had on a light blue coat, red and On Wednesday evening last, as

brownish striped vest, and I think one of the hearse-men was entering wears his hair tied. Joseph is about the alms-house gate his attention

five feet six inches high. I cannot was attracted by a bundle, which give a particular description of him, on examination he found to contain as he made his escape while I was an infant mulatto child. He took securing the principal coiner in his it into the alms-house, and also an

chamber. After Mr. Budd and old negro woman who was near the

myself with a number of respectaspot, and who appeared from her ble citizens descended a cave of actions to entertain no little con

about sixty feet, three quarters of a cern for its fate. Great pains were

mile east of John Warrens in the taken to induce her to disclose the high-lands, we had the good luck author of so brutal and unfeeling to discover and take a pair of belan act, but to no purpose. The lows, and all the implements and child is about a week old, and was contrivances those villains made use very abundantly supplied with of for coining dollars, with a numcloathing.

ber of dollars. A reward of fifty

dollars will be paid with reasonable September 13. About eight o'clock, a smoke was Searls, and confining them in jail or

charges for securing both the said discovered bursting out of the win- delivering them to the authority in dows of the house lately occupied by Duchess county. Mr. Kelso, No. eighty-four, Fair

N. B. It is supposed they will street. On entering the house a straw bed was found on fire in the go to the Neversink, or lurk in the middle of the floor of the lower room,

mountainous country, in Smith's

Cove. THOMAS PALMER. and in a few minutes the house would have been enveloped in the

WINCHESTER, Sept. 13. flames. It has been evacuated for

Scott, the mulatto fellow, who three weeks past by Mr. Kelso's fa

committed to Shenandoah mily, and there remains no doubt of its being the work of some incen. county jail, on suspicion of murder

ing and robbing William C. Simdiary.

merton, has partly confessed to be Frost has been known in Hudson the perpetrator of that crime, by every month in the year excepting giving information where he had July: and a few days past was per- concealed those articles of clothing ceived in the vicinity of this city to &c. of which he had robbed Mr. have damaged some vegetables. S. and search having been made FISHKILL, SEPT. 12

accordingly, found its statement to On Monday evening last, myself

be correct. and Underhill Budd, of Philipstown, BALTIMORE, SEPT. 23. discovered one Nathaniel Searls, This day the sun entered the sign who had passed two counterfeit dela of Libra; at the same time the lars in said Budd's store. We im- planets Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, mediately pursued and took the fel. and the Georgian planet or Herslow before esqrs. Neilson and Hor- chel, are also in Libra; Venus and ton, and on interrogating him, he Saturn are both in the twenty-fourth brought out four others, whom we degree of Virgo, but six degrees also pursued and tock, and on Tues- distant from the sun. Thus all the day evening we committed three of planets are nearly in conjunctioa VOL. I....*0. I.



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