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London: Benjamin Franklin Stevens
4 Trafalgar Square Chariny Cross




To the President of Congress. 13 September, 1783. .

Relations with Morocco. — Portugal. – English Ministers.

From David Hartley to B. Franklin. 24 September.

Concerning a Treaty of Commerce with England.

To the President of Congress. 27 September.

Enclosing a Copy of the Definitive Treaty.

To Sir Edward Newenham. 2 October. .

Dungannon Resolutions. Trade between Ireland and


To Thomas Brand Hollis. 5 October.

Eulogium of Thomas Hollis.

From the Count de Brubl to B. Franklin. 10 October.

From Samuel Cooper to B. Franklin. 16 October. .

Impost of Five per Cent agreed to by the Legislature of


To David Hartley. 16 October.

To David Hartley. 22 October.

To the President of Congress. 1 November.

Financial Difficulties of France. -- Sweden, Denmark, Por-


From Giacomo F. Crocco to B. Franklin. 25 November.

From Sir Joseph Banks to B. Franklin. 28 November. .

Ascent of a Balloon.

To William Carmichael. 15 December.

Proposed Treaty with Morocco.

To Giacomo Francesco Crocco. 15 December

To the President of Congress. 25 December.

American Commissioners. -- Signing of the Definitive Trea-

ties. - British Court. American Constitutions published

in the French Language. — Treaties with European Pow-

ers. — Paul Jones.

To Robert Morris. 25 December.

Difficulty of meeting Drafts on the public Accourt. — Sala-

ries of the American Ministers in Europe. Contingent

Expenses. — Taxation. Nature of Property in Civil So-

ciety. - The Marquis de Lafayette.

Froin John Jay to B. Franklin. 26 December.

To Thomas Mifflin. 26 December.

Dr. Franklin requests of Congress to be recalled from


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