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L I T E R A T U R E,
For the Y E A R 1792.

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Pinted for F. and C. Rivisoton, N° 62, St. Paul's Church-Yard.


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HE portion of history now presented to the Public, occupies confiderably more than double the space allotted to that head in our former volumes. It comprizes the transactions of much more than a single year; and the period to which it relates, is the most critical and interesting in the present century, perhaps in the whole succession of centuries from the reign of Charlemagne. With the events, here narrated, began a new aera in the system of Europe. The long established balance of power, shaken by repeated wars, and settled again by renewed treaties, has been Overturned both in the North and South ; the received law of nations has been antiquated; and not only forms of government, but the first principles of politics, and morals, have undergone a revolution. On such a subjećt, we thought it our duty to spare no pains in the Compilation of documents, and the investigation of facts, which could, in the least respect, tend to elucidate an £p0ch, likely to engage the particular atten

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