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sion, ib.-bis compliment to his ci-devant
flatterers-his war with the critics, 43-
his invective against them, 43, 44–
Mr. Pertness and Mr. Perfection, 45-
Mr. Nothing, ib.--the egotism of Mont-
gomery, ib.-reminiscence of a visit to
Bowles, ib._amende honourable for pas-

sionate phraseology, 47
Oxford Latin Prize Poems, translations of,



Pin Money ; a Novel. By the authoress

of “ The Manners of the Day,” 430—
a tale of our own times in imitation of

Miss Austin, ib.—a gambling scene, ib.
Playwright's Adventures, a, a Dramatic

Annual. By Frederick Reynolds, 154
Poems by Mrs. J. S. Prowse, 310
Poland, History of, from the earlist period

to the present time. By James Fletcher,
Esq., 552 _animating language of the
King of the French, 553—prosperous
career of liberty in different quarters of

Europe, ib.
Porter, Miss Jane, (see Sir E. Seaward)
Portraits of the Dead; to which are added,

Miscellaneous Poems. By H. C. Deakin,

Posture of Sudents, 473
Potter, Mr., (see the Religion of Socrates)
Power, Mr., (see Destiny)
Price, Rev. John, (see Nichols's Illustra-

tions, 49)
Printing in Schools, 473
Prowse, Mrs. J. S., Poems by, 310
Puff, system of, 36--the rotten borough

system of literature, ib.—the voice of
this journal raised against it, ib.--account
of the difficulties wiih which this journal
had to contend in opposing that system for
several years, 36, 37.


Quin, life of, 498


Paley's Moral and Political Philosophy

condensed, being vol. i. of an Epitome
of English Literature; or a concentra-
tion of the Matter of Standard English
Authors. Under the superintendence of
A. J. Valpy, 148.

vol. ii., 466
Palgrave, (see the Cabinet Cyclopedia)
Paris Exhibition, 315
Parliament, dissolution of, 135—measure

of reform laid before Parliament, ib.
carried by the approbation of the people,
ib.-radical auxiliaries of the borough-
mongers, 136-real character of the ultra-
radicals, ib. essential qualities of the
oligarchy, ib.—the late debates on the dis.
solving of Parliament, ib._scenes on that
occasion, 136, 7, 8-proceedings of the
oppositionists, 138 --- proceeding, of an
inquisitorial nature against the printer of

the Times, 139
Patents, 158
Peninsula, History of the War in the, and

in the South of France, from the year
1807 to the year 1814. By W. F. P.
Napier, 1-its unnecessary minuteness,
ib.-details of insignificant transactions,
2-the author's ultimate design, ib.-
his success in describing battles, ib.--the
moral of his theme, 3-object of the
British arms in the Peninsula, the sup-
port of the aristocratical principle, ib.
the best authenticated work upon the

war in the Peninsula, ib.
Persian Manuscripts, 315
Philip Augustus ; or, the Brothers in Arms.

By the author of Darnley, 418—Mr.
James, ib.—a well wrought picture of
chivalrous ages, ib.-outline of the story,
419_in description of scenery and cos-
tume, the author particularly happy, ib.
---specimen of the unaffected and pic-
turesque style in which the novel is

written, ib.
Phillips, (see the Exhibition of the Royal

Philosopher Walker, 608
Pickersgill, (see the Exhibition of the Royal


Raphoe, bishopric of, 480
Rapid Writing, 473
Reason in Birds, 473
Reinagle, R. R., (see the Exhibition of

the Royal Academy)
Rennie, James, (see Orinthological Dic-

Rennie, Mr., (see the Architecture of

Rewards of Merit, 474
Reynolds, Frederick, (see A Playwright's

Roman Relic, 314
Roscoe, Mr., 609
Rose, William Stewart, (see Orlando

Rose, Mr. George, (see Nichols's Illus-

trations, 49)
Ross, see of, 482
Rothwell, (see the Exhibition of the Royal

Royal Society of Literatures, 474
Royal Academy, the sixty-third exhibitiou

of the, 271-cumparative number of the

works of art in the present exhibition,
ib.-remarkable deficiency in the pro-
portion of brilliant paintings, ib.—Sir
M. A. Shee's paintings, 272_Wilkie's
works of Lady Lyndhurst, ib.—whole
length of Lord Melville, ib.—the dinner
at Page's house, by Leslie, 273—scene
in Tristram Shandy, ib.—Westall's pic-
tures-Margaret at church-Faust pre-
paring to waltz with the young Witch,
274 Phillips's portraits, 275_New-
ton's pictures, 276–Calcot's landscapes,
ib-paintings by Mr. Edward Chalon,
ib.— Reinagle's landscapes and por-
traits, ib. Collins's pictures- his “Ven.
turesome Robin," 277-portraits and
historical painting of Briggs—"the Ro-
mans instructing the Ancient Britons in
the mechanical arts," ib.-Sir W. Bee-
chey's portraits, 278—Pickersgill's por-
traits, ib.-Etty's anatomical paintings,
the “ Maid of Judith,” ib.-Landseer's
works, 279—Dyce's portraits, ib.-Mul-
ready's “Sailing Match,” ib.-sailing
match on the Thames, 280-sailing match
at Cowes, ib.—Gordon's portrait of Sir
Walter Scott, 281–Turner's landscapes,
Caligula's palace and bridge, ib.-Hil.
ton's two pictures, 282–Constable's
“ View of Salisbury Cathedral,” ib.-
Noble's Cain, ib.-Macartan's portrait
of “ Patrick Gibson,” 283—Hollins's
paintings-portrait of Lord Nugent, ib.
-Mr. Rothwell's picture of “The
Children of the late Charles Herbert,
of Muckruss Abbey, Killarney," ib.
West's representation of the insanity of
a young woman, ib.-an Italian family,
by Eastlake, 284–M. A. Shee's repre-
sentation of the interview between Gil
Blas, and Aurora de Guzman, ib.
“ Interior," by Fraser, 285—his “ Tap-
ping the Ale Barrel,”' ib.-his “ Solo-
mon's Sacrifice, ib.—Gray's “Villagers,”
ib.-S. Nixon's “ Infant Moses,' ib.
Turnerelli's bust of Lady Morgan, ib.
Sievier's busts of Doctor Turton, and
Baron Bolland, ib.-Westmacott's “ As.
canius carried away by Venus,” ib. -
his statue of the late Mrs. Rawson, ib.
-Chantrey's busts of His Majesty, and
the Duke of Sussex, ib.-Westmacott

junior's “ Mischief,” ib.
Russell, Rev. Michael, (see a View of An-

cient and Modern Egypt
Ryan, Lacy, life of, 501

Sandford, life of, 498
Sarum, Old,'borough of, (see Nichols's

Illustrations, 49)
Satires and the Beggar's Coin; a Poem.

By John Richard Best, 310
Savage, life of, 498
School and College Greek Classics, 147
Scientific expedition, 315
Seaward, Sir Edward, his Narrative of

his Shipwreck, aod consequent discovery
of certain Islands in the Caribbean Seas,
with a detail of many and highly inte-
resting events in his life, from the year
1733 to 1749, as written in his own
diary, 354—difficulty of deciding whe-
ther the work be a true or fictitious par.
rative, ib.-doubts upon that point, 355
-Miss Porter's account of the manu-
scripts from which the narrative is taken,
ib.-her cautious language on the sub-
ject, 356—the work supposed to be a tale

after the manner of De Foe, 357.
Secret, the King's, (see Destiny)
Select Works of the British Poets, from

Chaucer to Jonson ; with Biographical
Sketches. By R. Southey, Esq. 464

Biographical and Critical Preface3-

Jonson to Beattie. By Dr. Aikius, 464
Senteace, specimen of a long, 314
Siddons, Mrs., 504
Sketches in Spain and Morocco. By Arthur

de Capell Brooke, 227_character of his
work, ib.—his fault of generalising too has
tily, ib.—his art of book-making, 228–

passage to Seville, 229—his excursion
to the land of Sherry, ib.—description of
the town of Tangier, 236_circumcision
of the Moorish children, 237_festival of
the Jews, ib.—beauty of the Jewesses in
Tangier, ib.—a dear present, ib.-madu-
factures of Tetuan, 239 — the scenery
along the coast, ib. summary of the
Moorish character, 241-account of the
Sierra de Ronda, ib. the Duke of Wel-
lington's estate, Soto de Roma, ib.
Sharp, (see the Exhibition of the Royal

Shee, Sir M. A., (see the Exhibition of the

Royal Academy)
Sievier, (see the Exhibition of the Royal

Sinclair, Right Hon. Sir John, (see the

correspondence of)
Sketches of Irish Character. By Mrs. S.C.

Hall. Second series, 151
Smith, Wm. J., (see a Synopsis of the

Origin and Progress of Architecture)
Smith, James Edward, (see Nichols's Illus-

trations, 49)
Social Life in England and France, from

the French Revolution in 1799 to that of
July, 1830. By the editor of Madame du
Deffand's Letters, 204—a light, sketchy,
and well-written work, ib.-society in the
higher classes, ib.-society amongst the
professions, 205—society in public insti.
tutions, ib.– the clubs, ib.-society more
limited in this country than in France, ib.
-cause of this traceable to our very ge-

[blocks in formation]


Tales of Welshland and Welsherie. By

the Author of “ Reginald Trevor," 437.
A series of tales intended to illustrate the
manners of the Welsh mountaineers some

forty years ago, ib.
Tax, equitable property, 601
Tempter, Alibeg the, (see Destiny)
Territory, elevation of, 607
Theatres, origin of the attendance of sol.

diers at, 498
Thoughts on Various Subjects. By W.

Danby, 604
Thunder storms, 601
Tides, atmospheric, 607
Tieck (see The Old Man of the Moun-

tafn, &c.)
Tithe systems, Jewish and English, 488
Tomline, Dr., 87
Tuam, see of, 483
Tufnel, H., and G. Lewis, (see their trans-

lation of the History and Antiquities of

the Doric Race)
Turner, (see The Cabinet Cyclopædia)

Rev. Baptist Noel, (see Nichols's
Illustrations, 49)

(see the Exhibition of the Royal
Turnerelli, (see the Exhibition of the Royal

Twelve Nights, 309
Tythe systems, English and Jewish, com-

pared, 475
Tytler, P. F., (see The Family Library)


Upper Ranks, Wedded Life in the, (see



Valpy, A. J., (see Paley's Evidences)
Vaughan, Robert, (see The Life of

View, of Ancient and modern Egypt,

with an Outline of its Natural History.
Vol. iii. of the Edinburgh Cabinet Li-
brary. By the Rev. Michael Russell,
L.L.D., 150
Viper's Grass, 474.
Vision, a, of Hell. A Poem, 310.


neral extravagance, ib.
Societies, 157
Society of Horticulturists, 314
Socrates, the religion of.

Dedicated to
sceptics and sceptic-makers, 468
Sotheby, William, (see the lliad)
Southey, R., (see select works of the Bri-

tish Poets)
Spain in 1830. By Henry D. Inglis, 438—

Inforination concerning the actual state
of society, 439—a bighly engaging pic.
ture of the living manners of that country,
ib. visit to Bilbas, ib.—sketch of the
Prado, ib.—the Café de Santa Catalina,
444_favourable ideas of Ferdinand VII.,
anecdotes of, ib.—the city of Murcia, ib.
remarkable feature in the social practices
of Murcia, 449—Carlos de Espana, ib.
the author's account of an interview with
this personage, ib.—the state of parties

in Spain, 450
Speech delivered in the House of Commons

on Lord John Russell's motion for leave
to bring in a bill to amend the repre-
sentation of the people of England and
Wales. By Thos. Babington Macauley,

M.P., 134
Spiders, red ones, 607
Standard Novels, No. 1, the Pilot-2, Ca-
leb Williams, 145

No. 3, the Spy; a Tale
of the Neutral Ground. By the author

of the Pilot, 308
Stanhope, Earl, address of 599,
Starling, Mr. Thomas, (see the biblical se-

ries of the Family Cabinet Atlas)
St. Simonism, 314, 474
St. John, J. A. (see the Anatomy of So-

ciety, by)
State Papers, (see the Cabinet Cyclopædia)
Stories for young children, 606
Stratten, Thomas, (see English and Jewish

tithe systeins compared)
Substance of several courses of Lectures on

Music, read in the University of Oxford,
and in the Metropolis. By William

Crotch, 304.
Switzerland, the Deliverance of, a Drama.

tic Poem. By H. C. Deakin, 310
Synopsis, a, of the Origin and Progress of

Architecture, to which is added a Dic-
tionary of General Terms. By William
J. Smith, 172

Wakefield on the punishment of death in

the metropolis, 538

Walker, Dr. (see Cholera)

Wilkie, (see the Exhibition of the Royal
Warburton, Doctor, 87

Ward, Nathaniel, (see the Correspondence Willianis, D, E., (see the Life and Cor-
of Doctor Baisre)

respondence of Sir Thomas Lawrence)
Waterford, see of, 482

Wilmot, Mr. Eardley, (see Nichols's Ilus-
Weather, the late, 313

trations, 49)
Wedded Life in the Upper Ranks. The Whittle, P., (see Marina)

Wife and Friends, and the Married Woffington, Mrs., life of, 501
Men, 127

Wollaston Medal, 157
West, Mr. W. E., (see the Exhibition of Wood, Paper from, 156
the Royal Academy),

Wordsworth, selections from bis poems,
Westall, (see the Exhibition of the Royal

Westmacott, (see the Exhibition of the

Royal Academy)
Westmacott, jun., (see the Exhibition of ZOOLOGICAL SOCIETY, 315
the Royal Academy)

The Gardens and Mena.
Wight, Doctor, (see the Botanical Mis gerie of, delineated. Published under

the superintendence of the Secretary and
Wilks, biography of, 495

Vice-secretary of the Society, 465

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