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Albers, Dr., (see Cholera)
Aikin, Dr., (see Select Works of the Bri-
tish Poets)

Alibeg the Tempter. A Tale Wild and
Wonderful. By William Child Green.
Author of "The Abbot of Montserrat,"

Anatomy of Society, the, by J. A. St. John,

265-the author one of the disciples of
Rousseau, ib.-his ignorance of the truths
of Christianity, ib.-his ignorance of
mankind, 266 his sneers at Christianity,
ib.-his essay upon the "Science of
Fortune and Power," 267-his disser-
tation upon the progress of civilization,
ib.-his essay upon the character of Dr.
Franklin, ib.-his false view of the insti-
tutions of Monachism, 268

Antiquities, Etruscan, 610
Arc, Joan of, 609
Architecture of Birds, 566
Ardagh, diocess of, 480
Ardfert, of, 482
Armagh, diocess of, 477
Armstrong, J. B., (see his Journal of Tra-

vels in the seat of War, during the last
two campaigns in Russia and Turkey)
Arthur of Britanny, an Historical Tale. By
the author of the "Templars," 422-time
of the story towards the close of the
twelfth century, 423-outline of the tale,
ib.-striking scene in a secret gallery,
424-situation of Arthur in the castle of
Falaise, 427
Asbestos, 157

At Home and Abroad; or, Memoirs of
Emily de Cardonnell. By the author of
"Rome in the Nineteenth Century," &c.
VOL. II. (1831.) No. IV.

128-character of, 128, 129-extract
from, 129

Authorship; a Tale. By a New-Englander
over-sea, 438-A love story of the Isle
of Wight, ib.
Azani, a visit to,


BADDELEY, Mrs., 504
Barry, Mrs. E., life of, 498

Basire, the correspondence of Isaac, D.D.,
Archdeacon of Northumberland, and Pre-
bendary of Durham, in the reigns of
Charles I. and Charles II.; with a Me-
moir of his Life. By W. N. Darnell,
326-Basire little known in his own day,
327-biographical sketch of, ib.
Beattie, William, (see Journal of a Resi-
dence, &c.)

Bedouins in London, 472

Beechey, Sir W., (see the Exhibition of
the Royal Academy)

Beer, sour, 610

Bees, 609

Bellamy, Georgiana, life of, 503
Bernays, A., (see Familiar German Exer-
A. (see German Poetical Antho-


Best, John Richard, (see Satires, &c.)
Betterton, life of, 492
Beverley, R. M., Esq., (see his Letter to
his Grace the Archbishop of York)
Biblical Series of the Family Cabinet Atlas,
engraved on steel, by Mr. Thomas Star-
ling, 465

Bird, James, (see Framlingham)
Birds, Architecture of, 566
Bishop Kenn, 314

Book of the Seasons; or the Calendar of
Nature. By William Howitt, 146
Booth, life of, 498

Bonpland, M., 607

Botanical Miscellany, The; containing
figures and descriptions of such plants as
2 s

recommend themselves by their novelty,
rarity, or history; or by the uses to which
they are applied in the arts, in medicine,
and in domestic economy; together with
occasional botanical notices and informa-
tion. By W. Jackson Hooker, 317-
botany of India and the Malay Islands,
ib.-illustrations of Indian botany, ib.-
biographical sketches of eminent bota-
nists, 318-the trumble-dung-their
instinct, 324-males of the white ants,
natural history of, ib.-remarks of Mr.
Carmichael upon the Moravian mission,

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character of, ib.-our climate unfavour-
able to, 505-facility for taking precaution
in England against the disease, 505, 6
-Dr. Walker, his report upon, 506
-his opinion upon the question of con-
tagion, 507-Dr. Albers, his report upon,
509-Sir W. Crichton, his report on,
510 his history of the origin and pro-
gress of the malady, ib.-symptoms of
the disease, 512-causes of, ib.-mode
of treatment in Russia, ib.-means of
prevention, 513

Cholera Morbus, the, 313, 474, 607
Chubbe, the Rev. William, (see Nichols's
Illustrations, 49)

Church, reform of, 79
Church establishment, founded in error,
by a Layman, 596

Church in Ireland-first fruits-return to

an order of the House of Commons, 475
-diocess of Armagh, 477-benefices in,
ib-number of pluralists in, ib-diocess
of Clogher, 478-ecclesiastical benefices
in, ib. diocess of Meath, ib.-ecclesi-
astical benefices in, ib.-see of Down,
benefices in, 479-diocess of Connor,
number of parishes in, ib.-diocess of
Derry, ib.-the family of the Knox's in,
ib.bishopric of Raphoe, 480-glebe
lands in, ib-diocess of Kilmore, ib.-
bishopric of Dromore, valuation of, ib.
diocess of Ardagh, ib.-see of Dublin,
benefices in, ib.-bishopric of Kildare,
481-see of Ossory, ib.-bishopric of
Ferns, ib. -pluralists in, ib.-see of
Leighlin, 482-see of Cashell, ib.—sees
of Limerick, Ardfert, and Aghadoe;
Waterford, Lismore, Cork, Ross, Cloyne,
Killaloe, Kilfenna, Tuam, Elphin, Clon-
fert, Kilmacduagh, Killala, and Achonry,
482, 483-the French Catholic clergy,
487-their stipends, ib.-Jewish and
English tithe systems, 488-Archbishop
of Canterbury's tithe composition bill,


Church patronage, 609

Cibber, Colley, life of, 498
Clarke, Charlotte, life of, 501

Clergy, the French Catholic, 487—their
stipends, ib.

Clogher, diocess of, 478

Clonfert, see of, 483
Cloyne, see of, 482

Cold, mortality of infants from, 156
Collier, J. P., (see The History of English
Dramatic Poetry)

Collins, (see the Exhibition of the Royal

Congress, scientific, 155
Connor, diocess of, 479
Constantinople, Panorama of, 308-corres-
pondence of the Right Honourable Sir
John Sinclair, Bart., with reminiscences
of the most distinguished characters who

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have appeared in Great Britain, and in
foreign countries, during the last fifty
years, illustrated by facsimilies of two
hundred autographs, 141
Cooke, 504

Cork, see of, 482

Cox, Rev. Robert, (see the Liturgy Re-

Crichton, Sir W., (see Cholera)
Croker, J. W,, (see the Life of Johnson)
Crotch, William, (see Substance of Several
Courses of Lectures, &c., by)

Crotchet Castle. By the author of "Head-
long Hall," 117
Cunningham, Rev. Peter, (see Nichols's Il-
lustrations, 49)

Cyclopædia, the Cabinet. England. By
the Right Hon. Sir James Mackintosh-
real design of this history, 187-philo.
sophical and critical inclinations of the
author, ib.-confused and grovelling style
of his accounts of battles, 189-Charac-
ter of Sir Thomas Moore, 195-closing
scene of his life, ib.-dissolution of the
monasteries, 197-question of church pro-
perty discussed, ib.--the spoliations of
Henry exposed, ib.-fallacy of the refor
mation, 198-laws of divorce discussed,


DARBY, Rev. Samuel, (see Nichols's Illus-
trations, 49)

Darnell, W. N., (see the Correspondence
of Dr. Basire)

Deakin, H. C., (see the Deliverance of
Switzerland; also Portraits of the Dead,

Derry, diocess of, 479
Descriptive and Historical Account of the
Liverpool and Manchester Railway. By
Joseph Kirwan, Civil Engineer, 305
Destiny; or, the Chief's Daughter. By the
author of "Marriage," and the " Inhe-

ritance," 116

D'Israeli, (see the Cabinet Cyclopœpedia)
Divines of the Courch of England-Dr.
Isaac Barrow. By the Rev. J. S.
Hughes, 467

Dogget, life of, 498

Doric Race, the History and Antiquities of
the, by C. O. Muller. Translated from
the German, by H. Tufnel, Esq., and
G. C. Lewis, Esq., 159-the Dorians,
one of the principal races of ancient
Greece, ib.-Doris confined originally to
the valley of the Pindus, 160-incur-
sions of the Dorians into several parts of
southern Greece, ib.-migrations and re-
ligion of the Dorians, ib.--their first co-
lony, ib.-Muller's Observations on the

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Eastern Travellers, 158
Ecclesiastical property, the Institution and
Abuse of, 475

Education in America, 473
Effect of the Corn Laws, 463
Egyptian writing, 314
Elphin, see of, 483

England, church of, 485-remarks upon,
ib.-nature of tithes, 486-consequence
of the alliance of the church and state,

English and Jewish Tythe Systems com-
pared in their origin, their principles,
and their moral and social tendencies,

Essay, Prize, 610

Essays and Orations, read and delivered at
the Royal College of Physicians; to which
is added an account of the opening of the
tomb of King Charles I. By Sir Henry
Halford, 285-the "climacteric disease,"
description of, 286-treatment of, 287-
paper on the necessity of caution in the
estimation of symptoms in the last stage
of some diseases, ib.-dissertation upon
the tic douloureux, ib-popular and clas-
sical illustrations of insanity, 290-Shak-
speare's test of madness exemplified, ib.

essay upon the influence which some
diseases of the body have upon the mind.
ib.-author's digression to his own con-
duct during his attendance upon the late
King, 294-account of the opening of the
coffin of King Charles I., ib.
Essays on the lives of Cowper, Newton, and
Heber, and an examination of the evi-
dence of the course of nature being in-
terruptedly the divine government, 468
Etty, (see the Exhibition of the Royal


FACTS relating to the punishment of death
in the metropolis. By E. G. Wakefield,

Esq., 538-effects of capital punish-
ment as administered in London and
Middlesex, ib.-internal scenery and
operations of Newgate, ib.-abuses
pointed out, 539-differences in the ad-
ministration of justice in the metropolis
and the country, ib.-author recom-
mends a preventive police, 540-orga-
nized bodies of thieves, ib.-establish-
ments for facilitating the disposal of
stolen goods, ib.-effectual interference
recommended, in order to suppress the
haunts of thieves, 541-nurseries of
crime kept by receivers of stolen goods,
544-average of escapes to detections,
546-effect of severity of punishment,
ib.-case as a commentary upon our pre-
sent system, 548-author suggests the
appointment of a public prosecutor, ib.
-great uncertainty of punishment, 549
-average period of impunity amongst
thieves, ib.-impolitic effects of refer-
ence to the Privy Council, 550-trans-
portation a mere farce, 552-solitary
imprisonment the only punishment that
deserves the title, 552
Familiar German Exercises. By A. Ber-
nays, 469

Family Classical Library, No. XVII.-
Horace Translated. By William Fran-
cis, 309-No. XVIII., Horace, Vol II.
Phædrus, 472

Family Library; Lives of the Scottish
Worthies. By P. F. Tytler, Esq., 466
Farquhar, G. life of, 498

Farren, Miss, 504

Ferns, bishopric of, 481
Ferrier, Miss, (see Destiny)
Few Words on many Subjects, grave and
light. By a Recluse, 153
Fitz-Raymond, or the Rambler on the
Rhine. By Caledonnicus, 310
Five Years of Youth; or Sense and Senti-
ment. By Harriet Martineau, 307
Fletcher, James, (see the History of

Flora of Great Britain, (fossils) 600
Flowers, cultivation of, 156
Foote, life of, 501

Foreign Missions, 312-a volume of com-
mentary upon, ib.
Fragments of Voyages and Travels, includ-
ing Anecdotes of a Naval Life; chiefly
for the use of Young Persons. By Capt.
Basil Hall, 59-author avowedly an
anti-reformer, ib.-his disposition to
promote the interests of the naval pro-
fession, 61-the writer's early predilec-
tions for naval life, ib.-description of,
62-recommends close attention to the
Greek and Latin classics, 64-his initia-
tion upon his first voyage, ib.-appetites
of middies, 67-British sailor's habit of

considering his ship as his home, ib.-
attempt to capture a whale, 68-an oc-
currence that will startle the reader, ib.
story about the poor dog "Shakings," ib.
modes of management, 69-character by
which two of them were contra-distin-
guished, ib.-the subject illustrated by a
passage from Shakspeare, 70-author's
mode of repaying acts of favour done to
himself, 71-description of routine of
duties, 72

Framlingham; a Narrative of the Castle.
In four Cantos. By James Bird, 309
Francis, William, (see Family Classical

Fraser, (see the Exhibition of the Royal
Freemason's Pocket Companion; contain-
ing a brief Sketch of the History of Ma-
sonry, a chronology of interesting events,
&c., 154

Friendly Advice, most respectfully sub-
mitted to the Lords, on the Reform Bill,
299-the late general election conducted
with tranquillity, ib.-ludicrous visions
of the anti-reformers, ib.-nothing like
zeal exhibited on their side, by any class
of the people, ib.-the people unanimous
for the reform bill, ib.-improvements
suggested, 300-anecdote of Sir Joseph
Jekyll, ib.--Lord Mansfield's apothegm,
ib.-effects of popular indignation in
France, 301-effects of the adoption of
the reform bill contrasted with those of
its rejection, 302

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Hall, Captain Basil (see Fragments of
Voyages and Travels)

Mrs. S. C., (see Sketches of Irish

Hart, Charles, life of, 492
Haverhill; or Memoirs of an Officer in the
Army of Wolfe. By J. A. Jones, 433-
each of the three volumes a story in
itself: the first a picture of American
manners; the second, an account of the
expedition of General Wolfe; third,
interior of life in the West Indies, ib.-an
episode of Indian love, 434—song of an
Indian girl, 436
Haynes, life of, 492

Hellins, Rev. John, (see Nichols's Illus-

trations, 49)

Henderson, life of, 501
Herbaria, protection of, 156
Herschelian Companion to the Telescope.
Part I. Orionis and Leporis, 307
Hilton, (see the Exhibition of the Royal

History of English Dramatic Poetry, to the
time of Shakspeare; and Annals of the
Stage of the Restoration. By J. P. Col-
lier, 377-character of the work, ib.-
its novelty in some respects, ib.-unne-
cessary separation of topics, 378-new,
interesting, and authentic facts, ib.
Hitchins, Rev. Malachy, (see Nichols's
Illustrations, 49)

Holcroft, Thomas, 504

Hollins, (see the Exhibition of the Royal

Home, at, and Abroad, (see Destiny)
Hooker, W. Jackson, (see the Botanical

Hope, Thomas, (see An Essay, &c.)
Howitt, William, (see the Book of the

Hughes, Rev. J. S., (see Divines of the
Church of England)

Hull, Rev. E., (see the Institution and
Abuse of Ecclesiastical property

-struggle for the body of Patroclus, 110
-description of the shield of Achilles,
112-arithmetical comparison of the
translations of Pope and Sotheby, 116.
Illustrations of the Literary History of the
Eighteenth Century, consisting of authen-
tic memoirs and original letters of emi
nent persons; and intended as a sequel
to the Literary Anecdotes. By John
Nichols, F.S.A., 49--the collection con-
sists chiefly of small details connected
with persons who have obtained no cele-
brity, ib.-the Rev, John Hellins, ib.-
the Rev. Malachy Hitchins, ib.-the Rev.
Peter Cuningham, ib,-William Newton,
50-the Rev. William Chubbe, ib.-de-
scription of his character, ib.- the Rev.
Samuel Darley, ib.- the Rev. John
Price, ib., 51-autobiography of Wm.
Gifford, ib.-biography and letters of
Thomas Pitt and Lord Camelford, ib.—
borough of Old Sarum, a portion of his
patrimony, ib.-his letters to Mr. Har-
dinge, ib.-his apprehensions of a repub-
lic, 52-his letters on reform, 53, 54, 55
-letters from Italy, 56-the Rev. Bap-
tist Noel Turner-his acquaintance with
Dr. Johnson, ib.-his description of the
conversations which passed between them,
ib.-" Alexander's Feast," ib.- Rev.
William Chaffin, 57-his autobiography,
ib.-his hunting propensities, ib. -his
meeting with Geo. III., ib.-notice of
Mr. Eardley Wilmot, 58-Mr. Sampson
Gideon, ib.-Rev. Thomas Leman, ib.
-David, Earl of Buchan, ib —James
Edward Smith, ib.-Mr. George Rose,
ib. his letter as to the writings of Pope,
ib. correspondence of Mr. Gough with
Messrs. Essex, Brooke, and Denne, ib.
India, Christian Converts in, 157
Indian Talk, an, 312


ILIAD of Homer, the, translated by Wil-
liam Sotheby, 96-key to the present
version of the Iliad, 97-consistency of
the translator, ib.-the present version
characterised by a studied fidelity to the
original, ib.-parting scene between Hec-
tor and Andromache, 99-compared with
Pope's translation, 101, 102, 103, 104-
Mr. Sotheby correct in the description of
the battles, 105-example of, ib.—a vivid
and powerful battle scene, 107- Mr.
Sotheby's close, yet easy imitation of
Homer's similes, 108-example of, 109

Inventions, old new, 157
Imitative Music, 315

Ireland, First Fruits of, 475-church of
might be overthrown without affecting
the Union, 476-church division of,
477-enormous wealth of, 483, 484
Irish Antiquities, 316
Isle of Wight, love-story of, (see Author-

Ivan Vejeeghen; or, Life in Russia. By
Thaddeus Bulgarin, 437-a translation
from the Russian, ib.-a striking picture
of the domestic habits of the Muscovites,


JAMES, Mr., (see Philip Augustus)
Johnson, Samuel, the Life of, L. L. D.,
including a journal of a tour to the He-

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