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brought in carriages, and worked up in my house; an hundred and fifty of their beds, sewn together, made up the breadth and length; and these were four doubled, which however kept me but indifferently from the hardness of the floor, that was of smooch stone. By the same computation they provided me with sheets, blankets, and coverlids, tolerable enough for one who had been so long inured to hardships.

As the news of my arrival spread through the kingdom, it brought prodigious numbers of rich, idle, and curious people to fee me; so that the villages were almost emptied; and great neglect of tillage and household affairs must havetnsued, if his imperial majesty had not provided, by several proclamations and orders of state, against tills inconveniency. He directed, that those who had already beheld me should return home, and not presume to come within lifty yards of my house without licence from court; whereby the secretaries of state got Considerable sees.

In the mean time the emperor held frequent councils, to debate what course should be taken with me; and 1 was afterwards assured by a particular friend, a person of great quality, who was as much in the secret as any, that the court was under many difficulties concerning me. They apprehended my breaking loose; that my diet would be very expensive, and might cause a famine. Sometimes they determined to starve me, or at least to shoot me in the face and hands with poisoned arrows, which would soon dispatch me; but again they considered, that the stench of so large a carcase might produce a plague in the metropolis, and probably spread through the whole kingdom. In the midst of these consultations, several officers of the army went to the door of the great councilchamber, and two of them being admitted, gave an account of my behaviour to the fix criminals above-mentioned, which made so favourable an impression in the breast of his majesty, and the whole board, in my behalf, that an imperial Commission was issued out, obliging all the villages nine hundred yards round the city to deliver in every morning six beeves, forty sheep, and other victuals, for my sustenance; together with a proportionable quantity of bread, and wine, aud other liquors; for the due payment of which his majesty gave assignments upon his treasury. For this prince lives chiefly upon his own demesnes, selr dom, except upon great occasions, raising

any subsidies upon his subjects, who are bound to attend him in his wars at their own expence. An cHablimment was also made of six hundred persons to be my do-, meltics, who had board-wages allowed for their maintenance, and tents built for them very conveniently on each side of my door; It was likewise ordered, that three hundred taylors should make me a suit of clo:iths after the fashion of the country: that six of his majesty's greatest scholars should be employed to instruct me in their language: and lastly, that the emperor's horses, and those of the nobility, and troops of guards, should be frequently exercised in my sight* to accustom themselves to me. All these orders were duly put in execution, and in about three weeks I made great progress in learning their language; during which time the emperor frequently honoured me with his visits, and was pleased to assist my masters in teaching me. We began already to converse together in some sort; and the first words I learnt were to express my desire, that he would please to give me my liberty, Which I every day repeated on my knees. His answer, as I could apprehend it, was, that this must be a work of-' time, not to be thought on without th* advice of his council, and that first I must lumos kelmin ptjso desmar Ion ems o/e; that is, swear a peace with him and his kingdom. However, that 1 should be used with all kindness; and he advised me to acquire, by my patience and discreet behaviour, the good opinion of himself and his subjects He desired I would not take it ill, if he gave orders to certain proper officers to search me; for probably I might carry about me several weapons, which mult needs be dangerous things, if they answered the bulk of so prodigious a person. I said, his majesty should be satisfied; for ] was ready to strip myself, and turn up my pockets before him. This 1 delivered part in words, and part in signs. He replied, that by the laws of the kingdom I must be searched by two of his officers; that he knew this could not be done without my consent and assistance; that he had so good an opinion of my generosity and justice, as to trust their persons in my hands: that whatever they took from me, should be returned when >J left the country, or paid for at the rate which I would set upon them. I toeik up the two officers in my hands, put them first into my coatpockets, and then into every other pocket about me, except my two sobs, and another 3 secret secret pocket, which I had no mind should be searched, wherein I had some little necessaries, that were of no consequence to any but myself. In one of my fobs there was a silver watch, and in the other a small quantity of gold in a purse. These gentlemen, having pen, ink, and paper about them, made an exact inventory of every thing they saw; and, when they had done, desired 1 would set them down, that they might deliver it to the emperor. This inventory I afterwards translated into English, and is word for word as follows:

Imprimis, In the right coat-pocket of the great Man-mountain (for so I interpret the words Quinbus Fltftrin) after the strictest search we found only one great piece of coarse cloth, large enough to be a footcloth for your majesty's chief room of state. In the left pocket we saw a huge silver chest, with a cover of the same metal, which we the searchers were not able to Mft. We desired it should be opened, and one of us stepping into it, found himself up to the mid-leg in a sort of dust, some part whereof flying up to our faces, set us both a sneezing for several times together. In his right waistcoat-pocket we found a prodigious bundle of white thin substances, folded one over another, about the bigness of three men, tied with a stiong cable, and marked with black figures; which we humbly conceive to be writings, every letter almost half as large as the palm of our hands. In the left there was a fort of engine, from the back of which were extend'd twenty long poles, resembling the pallisadoes before you\ majesty's court; wherewith we conjecture the Manmountain combs his head; for we did not always trouble him with questions, because we found it a greatdisficulty to make him understand us. In the large pocket on the right fide of his middle cover (so I translate the word ranfulo, by which they meant my breeches) we saw a hollow pillar of iron, about the length of a man, fastened to a strong piece of timber, larger than the pillar; and upon one fide of the pillar were huge pieces of iron sticking out, cut into strange figures, which we know not what to make of. In the left pocket another engine of the fame kind. In the smaller pocket on the right fide were several round fiat pieces of white and Tid metal of different bulk; some of the white, which seemed to be silver, were so large and heavy, that my comrade and I could hardlyiift them. In the left pocket

were two black pillars irregularly shaped1 j we could not without difficulty reach the top of them, as we stood at the bottom of his pocket. One of them was covered, and seemed all os a-piece; but at the upper end of the other there appeared a white round substance, about twice the bigness of our heads. Within each of these was inclosed a prodigious plate of steel; which, by our orders, we obliged him to shew us, because we apprehended they might be dangerous engines. He took them out of their cafes, and told us, that in his own country his practice was to shave his beard with one of these, and to cut his meat with the other. There were two pockets, which we could not enter: these he called his fobs: they were two large flits cut into the top of his middle cover, but squeezed close by the pressure of his belly. Out of the right fob hung a great silver chain with a wonderful engine at the bottom. We directed him to draw out whatever was at the end of that chain; which appeared to be a globe, half silver, and half of some transparent metal; for on the transparent side we saw certain strange figures circularly drawn, and thought we could touch them, till we found our fingers stopped by that lucid substance. He put this engine to our cars, which made an noise like that of a water-mill: and we conjecture it is cither some unknown animal, or the god that he worstiips; but we are more inclined to the Inner opinion, because he a flu red os (if we understood him right, for he expressed himself very imperfectly) that he seldom did any thing without consulting it. He called it his Oracle, and said it pointed out the t;mc for every action of his life *. From the left fob he took out a net almost large enough for a fisherman, but contrived to open and shut like a purse, and served him for the same use: we found therein several massy pieces of yellow metal, which, if they be real gold, must be of immense value.

Having thus, in obedience to your majesty's commands, diligently searched all his pockets, we,observed a girdle about his waist, made of the hide of some prodigious animal, from which on the left side hung a sword of the length of five men; and on the right a bag or pouch divided into two

* Perhaps the juthor intended to expose the probable salLicy or" opinions derived from the relations of travellers, by shewing how little truth need to be misunderstood, to moke falsehood, specious.


cells, each cell capable of holding three of tioned the emperor not to be afraid, and

vour majesty's subjects. In one of these then I let it off in the air. The astonish

cells were several globes, or balls, of a most merit here was much greater than at the

ponderous metal, about the bigness of our sight of my scymeter. Hundreds fell down, heads, and required a strong hand to lift

them; the other cell contained a heap of certain black grains, but of no great bulk or weight, for we could hold above fifty of them in the palms of our hands.

This is an exact inventory of what we found about the body of the Man-mountain, who used us with great civility, and due respect to your majesty's commission. 6igned and sealed, on the fourth day of the eighty-ninth moon of your majesty's auspicious reign.

Clefrin Frehck, Marji Frcloct.

When this inventory was read over to the emperor, he directed me, although in very gentle terms, to deliver np the several particulars. He first called for my scymeter which I took out, scabbard and all. In the mean time he ordered three thousand of his choicest troops (who then attended him) to surround me at a distance, with their bows and arrows just ready to

discharge: but I did not observe it, for mine perfectly understand them. I then gave up eyes were wholly fixed upon his majesty, my silver and copper money, my purse with He then desired me to draw my scymeter, nine large pieces of gold, and some smaller which, although it had got some rust by ones: my knife and razor, my comb and the sea-water, was in most parts exceeding silver snuff-box, my handkerchief and jour

as if they had been struck dead; and even the emperor, although he had stood his ground, could not recover himself in some time. I delivered up both my pistols in the fame manner I had done my scymeter, and then my pouch os powder and bullets; begging him that the former might be kept from fire, for it would kindle with the smallest spark, and blow up his imperial palace into the air. I likewise delivered up my watch, which the emperor was very curious to fee, and commanded two of his tallest yeoman of the guards to bear it on a pole upon their shoulders, as draymen in England do a barrel of ale. He was amazed at the continual noise it made, and the motion of the minute-hand, which he could easily discern; for their fight is much more acute than ours: he asked the opinions of his learned men about it; which were various and remote, as the reader may well imagine without my repeating it; although indeed I could not very

bright. I did so, and immediately all the hoops gave a shout between terror and surprize; for the sun shone clear, and the reflection dazzled their eyes, as I waved the scymeter to and fro in ujy hand. His majesty, who is a most magnanimous prince •, was less daunted than I conid expect; he ordered me to return it into the scabbard, and cast it on the ground as gently as I could, about six feet from the end of my chain. T^e next thing he demanded, was one of the hollow iron pillars; by which he meant my pocket-pistols. I drew it out, and at his desire, as well as I could, expressed to him the use of it; and charging it only with powder, which by the closeness of my pouch happened to escape wetting in the sea (an inconvenience against which all prudent mariners take special care to provide) I first cau

• He who does not find himself disposed to hoaour this magnanimity should reflect, chat a right to judge of moral and inteleclual excellence is with great absurdity and injustice arrogated by him who admires, in a being six feet high, "any qualities that h? def/ifcs in one whose ilatuic does cot exceed fit inches.

nal-book. My scymeter,pistols.and pouch, were conveyed in carriages to his majesty's stores; but the rest of my goods were returned me.

I had, as I before observed, one private pocket, which escaped their search, wherein there was a pair of spectacles (which I sometimes use for the weakness of mine eyes) a pocket perspective, and some other little conveniences; which being of no consequence to the emperor, I did not think myself bound in honour to discover, and I apprehended they might be lost or spoiled, if I ventured them out of my possession.

Chap, m.

The author Ji-vtrts the emperor and his nobility
of both fixes in a very uncommon manner,
the diversions of the court of Lilliput de-
scribed. The author has his liberty granted
him upon certain conditions.
My gentleness and good behaviour had
gained so far on the emperor and his court,
and indeed upon the army, and people in
general, that I began to conceive hopes of
getting my liberty in a short time. I took
3 0.4 al1

all possible methods to cultivate this fa- his neck, if one of the king's cushions, that vourabic disposition. The natives came by accidentally lay on the ground, bad no* degrees to be less apprehensive of any dan- weakened the force of his fall, ger from me. I would sometimes lie down, Thereislikewiseanotherdiverfon, which, and let five or six of them dance on my is only shewn before the emperor and emhand: and at last the boys and girls would press, and first minister, upon particular venture to come and play at hide and seek occasions. The emperor lays on the ubles in my hair. I had now made a good pro- three fine silken threads of six inches long; gress in understanding and speaking their one is blue, the other red, and the third language. The emperor had a mind one green. These threads are proposed as day to entertain me with several of the prizes for those persons, whom the emperor country shows, wherein they exceed all hath a mind to distinguish by a peculiar nations I have known both for dexterity mark of his savour. The ceremony is perand magnificence. I was diverted with formed in his majesty's great chamber of none so much as that of the rope-dancers, state, where the candidates are to undergo performed upon a slender white thread, a trial of dexterity very differeut from the extended about two feet, and twelve inches former, and such as I have not observed the from the ground. Upon which I shall least resemblance of in any other country of desire liberty, with the reader's patience, the old or new world. The emperor holds to enlarge a little. a stick in his hands, both ends parallel to the This diversion is only practised by those horizon, while the candidates advancing, persons, who are candidates for great one by one, sometimes leap over the stick, employments, and high savour at court, sometimescreepunderitbackwardsandforThey are trained in this art from their wards several times, according as the stick; youth, and are not always of noble birth, is advanced or depressed. Sometimes tbo or liberal education. When a great office is emperor ho!ds one end of the stick, and hi$v.-cant either by death or disgrace (which first minister the other; sometimes the mtoften happens) five, or six of those candi- nister has it entirely to himself. Whoever dnti-s petition the emperor to entertain his performs his part with moll agility, and majesty and the court with a dance on the holds out the longest in leaping and creeprope, and whoever jumps the highest with- ing, is rewarded with the blue-coloured silk 5 out falling, succeeds m the office. Very the red is given to the next, and the green often the chief ministers themselves are to the third; which they all wear girt twice commanded to shew their skill, and to con- round about the middle; and you fee sew vince the emperor that they have not lost great persons about this court, who are not their faculty. Flimnap, the treasurer, is adorned with one of these girdles, allowed to cut a caper on the strait rope at The horses of the army, and those os the. least an inch higher than any other lord in royal stables, having been daily led before the whole empire. I have seen him do the me, were no longer shy, but would come up summerset several times together upon a to my very sect without starting. The trencher, fixed on a rope, which is no thicker riders would leap them over my hand, as I than a'common packthread in England, held it on the ground; and one of the emMy friend Reldresal, principal secretary for peror's huntsmen upon a large courser took, private affairs, is, in my opinion, if I am my foot, (hoe and all; which was indeed a not partial, the second after the treasurer; prodigious leap. I had the good fortune to the rest of the great officers are much upon divert the emperor one day after a very a par. extraordinary manner. I desired he would These diversions are often attended with order several sticks of two feet high, and the fatal accidents, whereof great numbers are thickness of an ordinary cane, to be brought on record. I myself have seen two 01 three me; whereupon his majesty commanded the candidates break a limb. But the danger master of his woods to give directions acis much greater, when the ministers them- cordingly, and the next morning six woodselves are commanded to shew their dexte- men arrived with as many carriages, drawn rity; for, by contending to excel themselves by eight horses to each. I took nine of and their fellows, they strain so far, that these sticks, and fixing them firmly in the there is hardly one of them, who hath not re- ground in a quadrangular figure, two feetceivedafall, and some of them, two or three, and a half square, I took four other Hicks, I was assured, that a year or two before my and tied them parallel at each corner about arrival Flimnap would have infallibly broke two feet from the ground; then I fastened

my handkerchief to the nine sticks that stood erect; and extended it on all sides, till it was tight as the top of a drum; and the four parallel sticks, rising about five inches higher than the handkerchiefs, served as ledges on each side. When I had finilhed my work, I desired the emperor to let a troop of his best horse, twenty-four in number, come and exercise upon this plain. His majesty approved of the proposal, and I took them up one by one in my hands, ready mounted and armed, with the proper officers to exercise them. As soon as they got into order, they divided into two parties, performed mock skirmishes, discharged blunt arrows, drew their swords, fled and pursued, attacked and retired, and in lhort discoveied the best military discipline I ever beheld. The parallel sticks securedthem and their horses from falling over the stage ; and the emperor was so much delighted, that he ordered this entertainment to be repeated several days, and once was pleased to be lifted up, and give the word of command ; and, with great difficulty, persuaded even the empress herself to let me hold her in her close chair within two yards of the llage, from whence (he was able to take a full view of the whole performance. It was my good fortune, that Bo ill accident happened in these entertainments, onlyoncea fiery horse, thatbelonged' to one of the captains, pawing with his hoof, struck a hole in my handkerchief, and his foot flipping he overthrew his rider and himself; but I immediately relieved them both, and covering the hole with one hand, I set down the troop with the other, in the manner as 1 took them up. The horse that fell was strained in the left Ihoulder, but the rider got no hurt, and I repaired my handkerchief as well as I could; however, I would not trust to the strength of it any more in such dangerous enterprizes.

About two or three days before I was set at liberty, as I was entertaining the court with this kind of feats, there arrived an express to inform his majesty, that some of his subjects, riding near the place where I was first taken up, had seen a great black substance lying on the ground, very odly shaped, extending its edges round as wide as his majesty's bedchamber, and rising up in the middle as high as a man; that it was no living creature, as they at first apprehended, for it lay on the grafs without motion; and some of them had walked round it several times; that, by mounting upon each other's shoulders, they had got to the top, which was flat and even, and stamping upon it, they found it was hollow within; that they

humbly conceived it might bz something belonging to the Man-mountain; and if hi* majesty pleased, they would undertake to bring it with only five horses. I presently knew what they meant, and was glad at heart to receive this intelligence. It seems, upon my first reaching the (hore after our shipwreck, I was in such confusion, that, before I came to the place where I went to steep, my hat, which 1 had fastened with a string to my head while I was rowing, and had stnek on all the time I was swimming, fell oft" after I came to land ; the string, as I conjecture, breaking by some accident, which I never observed, but thought my hat had been lost at sea. I entreated his imperial majesty to give orders it might be brought to me as soon as possible,describing to him the useand the nature of it: and the next day the waggoners arrived with it, but not in a very good condition: they had bored two holes in the brim within an inch and a half of the edge, and fastened two hooks in the holes; these hooks were tied by a long cord to the harness, and thus my hat was dragged along for above half an. English mile; but the ground in that country being extremely smooth and level, it received less damage than I expected.

Two days after this adventure, the emperor having ordered that part of his army, which quarters in and about his metropolis, to be in readiness, took a fancy of diverting himself in a very singular manner. He desired I would stand like a colossus, with inv legs as far asunder as I conveniently could. He then commanded his general (who was an old experienced leader, and a great patron of mine) to draw up the troops in close order, and march them under me ; the foot by twenty-four in a breast, and the horse by sixteen, with drums beating, colours flying, and pikes advanced. This body consisted of three thousand foot and a thousand horse. His majesty gave orders, upon pain of death, that every soldier in his march should observe the strictest decency with regard to my person; which however could not prevent some of the younger officers from turning up their eyes, as they pasted under me: and, to confess the truth, my breeches were at that time in so ill a condition, that they afforded some opportunities for laughter and admiration.

I had sent so many memorials and petitions for my liberty, that his majesty at length mentioned the matter first in the cabinet, and then in a full council; where it was opposed by none, except Skyresh Bol


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