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Comparison of Great Britain and the United States in
Regard to the Basis of Credit in the Two
Countries .......

A Dialogue between Britain, France, Spain, Holland,
Saxony, and America .....

A Catechism on the National Debt ....


The Ephemera; an Emblem of Human Life . .

An Attempt to Explain the Effects of Lightning on a

Vane of a Steeple at Cremona . . .

The Leyden Phial, and Voka's Experiment . .


The Whistle

f A Petition of the Left Hand to those who have the Superintendency of Education ....

.f The Handsome and Deformed Leg

f Morals of Chess . ......

f An Arabian Tale ......

Passports for Moravian Vessels, and for Captain Cook
On the Aurora Borealis ......


Dialogue between Franklin and the Gout

fTo Madame Helvetius .

t To the Abbe de la Roche

f To the Abbe Morellet .

f An Economical Project

Method of constructing a Slowly Sensible Hygrometer


f The Levee .

j- Proposed New Version of a Part of the First Chapter

of Job

f On the Paper Money of the United States

On a new-invented Stove .....

On the long Retention of Infection in Dead Bodies

after Sepulture ......

On Conductors of Heat ......

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Vol. Page.


II. 168

II. 487

V. 125

VI. 441

VI. 443

Apologue .......

Observations on War . ....

Supplement to the Boston Chronicle

An Account of Toads found enclosed in Solid Stone

On the Theory of the Earth ....


f * Reflections on the Augmentation of Wages, which will be occasioned in Europe by the American Revolution II. 435

An Electrical Experiment . . . . .V. 477

On a Shock by the Electric Bottle, and the Density

of Glass' V. 478

On a patent Electrical Machine, and the Effects of

Lightning on the Eyes of Animals killed by it. . V. 479

On the Comet seen in Yorkshire .... VI. 451


Continuation of the Autobiography . . . I. 98

Extracts from a Private Journal .... I. 579

* A Letter from China II. 241

On Luxury, Idleness, and Industry . . . .II. 448

Remarks concerning the Savages of North America . II. 453 Internal State of America, being a true Description of

the Interest and Policy of that vast Continent . II. 461

Information to those who would remove to America . II. 467

On Balloons and their probable Importance . . VI. 452

Fire supposed to exist in the State of a Subtile Fluid VI. 454

Meteorological Imaginations and Conjectures . . VI. 455

* Loose Thoughts on a Universal Fluid . . . VI. 458

1785. Extracts from a Private Journal .... I. 587

On the Criminal Laws, and the Practice of Privateering II. 478 On the Elective Franchises enjoyed by the Small Boroughs in England ...... II. 489

Militia preferable to Regular Troops in the United

States II. 494

Answers to Public Addresses V. 137


V. -i. ftf

Effect of an Electrical Shock V. 480

Clock with Three Wheels; Gravitation in Bodies . VI. 461 Improvements in Navigation ; Observations on the Construction of Vessels; Means of preserving them from Accidents at Sea; Methods of giving Motion

to Boats VI. 463

On the Causes and Cure of Smoky Chimneys . . VI. 505

Description of a New Stove for burning Pitcoal, and .

consuming all the Smoke VI. 543


f On sending Felons to America . . . .II. 495

f The Retort Courteous II. 498

{Description of an Instrument for taking down Books

from high Shelves VI. 562

On the Effects of Lead upon the Human Constitution VI. 564

On Thermometers VI. 567

1787. Proposals for Consideration in the Convention for forming the Constitution of the United States . . V. 142 Speech in the Convention; on the Subject of Salaries V. 144 Speech in a Committee of the Convention; on the

Proportion of Representation and Votes . . V. 149 Motion for Prayers in the Convention . . .V. 153 Speech in the Convention at the Conclusion of its Deliberations . . . . . . . V. 155

On the Utility of Electrical Conductors . . .V. 482 On Balloons; Pigeons killed by Lightning . . VI. 570


Continuation of the Autobiography . . . . I. 118

f Paper, a Poem II. 161

Comparison of the Conduct of the Ancient Jews and

the Antifederalists in the United States of America V. 158 Queries and Conjectures relating to Magnetism and the

Theory of the Earth VI. 574

f Description of the Process to be observed in making

large Sheets of Paper in the Chinese Manner,

with one smooth Surface VI. 577

1789. Vol F«j».

Observations relative to the Intentions of the Original

Founders of the Academy in Philadelphia . . II. 133

f Hints for Consideration respecting the Orphan Schoolhouse in Philadelphia II. 159

An Account of the Supremest Court of Judicature in

Pennsylvania, viz. the Court of the Press . . II. 508

Plan for improving the Condition of the Free Blacks II. 513

Address to the Public from the Pennsylvania Society
for promoting the Abolition of Slavery, and the
Relief of Free Negroes unlawfully held in
Bondage II. 515

Queries and Remarks respecting Alterations in the

Constitution of Pennsylvania . . . .V. 163

1790. On the Slave-Trade II. 517

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The nimes of the persons, to whom letter* are addressed, are arranged alphabetically. The date of each letter U inserted, with a reference to the tolome and page in which it may be found. Letters which hare heretofore been printed, bat not published in any previous edition of the author's writings, are denoted by a star ('). To letters, which have not before been printed, this mark (t) is prefixed.

1. Letters To Individuals.

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Adams, John,

23 April,

19 May,

11 June, • 6 August,

12 October, 26 November,

t14 December, 31 March,

13 April,

20 — — — 20 — — —

8 May, — —

2 June, — —

15 October, — —

19 January, 1783, —

Alexander, James,

8 June, 1754, III.

— — V.

Alexander, Miss,

24 June, 1782, IX. Alexander, William,

12 March, 1778, I.

Allxyne, John,

9 August, 1768, VII. Aranda, Count D',

7 April, 1777, VIII.

Argenteau, Count De Merct, 30 July, 1784, X.


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Barcock, Joshua,

t 13 January, 1772, VU. Bacre, Richard,

t 30 September, 1774, VIII.


1760, vn.

1 21 September, 1773, VIII. Bathcrst, Lord,


Beccaria, John Baptist,
13 July, 1762,

VII. 381
VI. 946

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