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Entered according to the act of Congress, in the year one thousand eight hundred and forty, by Hilliarl Grit, And Company, in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the District of Massachusetts.


StkrkOtYPkd And PrIntkd bY

FOlSOM, WkllS, ANd thURStOn,

PRIntkR! tO thk UnIVkrSItY.

To the President of Congress. 13 September, 1783. . 15

Relations with Morocco. — Portugal. — English Minister*.

From David Hartley to B. Franklin. 24 September. . 18

Concerning a Treaty of Commerce with England.

To the President of Congress. 27 September. . . 19

Enclosing a Copy of the Definitive Treaty.

To Sir Edward Newenham. 2 October 20

Dungannon Resolutions. — Trade between Ireland and


To Thomas Brand Hollis. 5 October 21

Eulogium of Thomas Hollis.

From the Count de Bruhl to B. Franklin. 10 October. . 23

From Samuel Cooper to B. Franklin. 16 October. . . 25

Impost of Five per Cent agreed to by the Legislature of


To David Hartley. 16 October. 26

To David Hartley. 22 October 27

To the President of Congress. 1 November. ... 28

Financial Difficulties of France. — Sweden, Denmark, Por-


From Giacomo F. Crocco to B. Franklin. 25 November. 31

From Sir Joseph Banks to B. Franklin. 28 November. . 32

Ascent of a Balloon.

To William Carmichael. 15 December 33

Proposed Treaty with Morocco.

To Giacomo Francesco Crocco. 15 December. . . 35

To the President of Congress. 25 December. . . 36

American Commissioners. — Signing of the Definitive Trea-

ties. — British Court. — American Constitutions published

in the French Language. — Treaties with European Pow-

ers. — Paul Jones.

To Robert Morris. 25 December. . ... 43

Difficulty of meeting Drafts on the public Account . — Sala-

ries of the American Ministers in Europe. — Contingent

Expenses. — Taxation. — Nature of Property in Civil So-
ciety.— The Marquis dc Lafayette.

From John Jay to B. Franklin. 26 December. . . 47

To Thomas Mifflin. 26 December 48

Dr. Franklin requests of Congress to be recalled from


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