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Vol. P«»e.


% Congelation of Quicksilver; Cold produced by Evaporation ........ VI. 255


*A Narrative of the Late Massacres of Indians in Lancaster County ... . . . . IV. 54

•Cool Thoughts on the present Situation of Public

Affairs IV. 78

Petition to the King for Changing the Proprietary Government of Pennsylvania into a Royal Government ....... IV. 93

Remarks on a Militia Bill rejected by the Proprietor's

Deputy, or Governor ..... IV. 95

Preface to the Speech of Joseph Galloway, on the
Subject of a Petition to the King for Changing
the Proprietary Government of Pennsylvania to a
Royal Government ...... IV. 101

Remarks on a late Protest against the Appointment of
Mr. Franklin as Agent for the Province of Penn-
sylvania . . . . . . . IV. 143


Remarks and Facts the American Paper

Money II. 340

On the Harmony and Melody of the Old Scotch Tunes VI. 263

t On the Defects .of Modern Music . . . .VI. 269


On the Price of Corn, and the Management of the

Poor II. 355

Letter concerning the Gratitude of America, and the
Probability and Effects of a Union with Great
Britain IV. 156

Examination of Dr. Benjamin Franklin in the British
House of Commons relative to the Repeal of the
American Stamp Act ..... IV. 161

Remarks on a Plan for the future Management of In-
dian Affairs IV. 20!


Vol. P»«*

* Hints for a Reply to the Protests of certain Members

of the House of Lords against the Repeal of the

Stamp Act IV. 206

•Observations on Passages in a Pamphlet, entitled

"Good Humor, or a Way with the Colonies." . IV. 211

* Observations on Passages in " A Letter from a Mer

chant in London to his Nephew in North America" IV. 215

•Walpole's Grant IV. 233

Electricity of the Fogs in Ireland . . . .V. 409 fMode of ascertaining whether the Power, giving a Shock to those who touch either the Surinam Eel,

or the Torpedo, be Electrical . . . V. 412

1767. Smuggling, and its Various Species . . . .II. 361 Note respecting Trade and Manufactures . . .II. 366 Of Lightning, and the best Methods used in America for securing Buildings and Persons from its mischievous Effects V. 414

Conjectures as to Elephants being Natives of America VI. 275


On the Laboring Poor II. 367

f Some Good Whig Principles 11.372

Causes of American Discontents before 1768 . . IV. 242

* Preface to the " Letters from an American Fanner." IV. 256 On Conductors for protecting Houses from Lightning V. 419 On the Colica Pictonum, and pernicious Use of Lead

in Distilleries VI. 278

On Chimneys VI. 280

On the Difference of Navigation in Shoal and Deep

Water VI. 283

t On the Art of Swimming VI. 286

f Modes of Swimming VI. 290

On the free Use of Air VI. 294

A Scheme of a new Alphabet and a Reformed Mode

of Spelling, with Remarks and Examples . . VI. 295

f X Petition of the Letter Z VI. 304

t Method of contracting Chimneys .... VI. 324

Vol. Pace.

1769. Positions to be examined, concerning National Wealth II. 373 Queries of Mr. Strahan respecting American Affairs,

and Dr. Franklin's Answers . . . .IV. 258 State of the Constitution of the Colonies by Governor

Pownall; with Remarks by Dr. Franklin . . IV. 270

* Observations on Passages in " An Inquiry into the

Nature and Causes of the Disputes between the
British Colonies in America and their Mother

Country" IV. 281

♦Observations on Passages in a Pamphlet, entitled "The True Constitutional Means for putting an End to the Disputes between Great Britain and the American Colonies" .... IV. 298


* The Craven Street Gazette ....
Respecting Covering Houses with Copper
On Securing Houses from Fire



Vol. Pvtt

X Description of Canton's Apparatus . . .V. 446

Electrical Experiments and Machines . . . VI. 342 Answer to M. Dubourg's Queries respecting the Ar

monica VI. 352

f % Some Directions for drawing out the Tones from

the Glasses of the Armonica .... VI. 353


Preface, by the British Editor, to "The Votes and
Proceedings of the Freeholders and other Inhab-
itants of the Town of Boston." . . . IV. 381
Rules for reducing a Great Empire to a Small One. . IV. 387

Edict of the King of Prussia IV. 399

Analogy between Magnetism and Electricity . . V. 450 Concerning the Mode of rendering Meat tender by

Electricity V. 456

f Answer to Inquiries respecting the Choice of Glass for

the Leyden Experiment . . . . .V. 459

On Conductors of Lightning V. 461

Answers to Queries on Electricity . . . .V. 462

|On the Stilling of Waves by Means of Oil . . VI. 355

On the Spots in the Sun VI. 368

On the Causes of Colds VI. 378

On Mr. Wilson's Opposition to Pointed Conductors . VI. 379 Observations on the prevailing Doctrines of Life and

Death VI. 381

Explosion of Melted Iron and Glass Drops in Water VI. 383
Erled of Cold Air on Diseases . . . . VI. 385
Inquiries on the Causes of taking Colds . . . VI. 387
Preparatory Notes and Hints for writing a Paper con-
cerning what is called Catching Cold . .VI. 387
On Stoves for Public Buildings . . . . VI. 397
Colds produced by Contagion; Various Causes of

Colds . . VI. 399

X Unwholesomeness of Manufacturing Establishments;

Moist Air not Unhealthy . . .VI. 402

X Torpedo; Magnetic Needle; Electrical Machine . VI. 406 * Preface to an Abridgment of the Book of Common

Prayer X. 207

Vol. Pag*.

1774. Parable against Persecution II. 118

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f Parable on Brotherly Love ....

Principles of Trade .....

Reflections on Coin .....

f Notions concerning Trade and Merchants

t A Thought concerning the Sugar Islands

An Account of the Transactions relating to Governor

Hutchinson's Letters .... f Emblematical Representation f Proposed Act of Parliament for Preventing Emigration IV. 458

* A True State of the Proceedings in the Parliament

of Great Britain, and in the Province of Massa-
chusetts Bay, relative to the Giving and Granting
the Money of the People of that Province and all
America, in the House of Commons, in which
they are not represented .....

Letters to Dean Tucker ......

f On the Rise and Progress of the Differences between Great Britain and her American Colonies .

X Answers to Questions on Philosophical Subjects

% Experiment to show that Electricity does not pass through a perfect Vacuum ....

Effect of Vegetation on Noxious Air

On the Inflammability of the Surface of certain Rivers

in America VI. 415


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