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Vol. Psge.

X Conjecture as to the Cause why Ships in crossing the Atlantic have longer Passages in sailing westward, than in sailing eastward ..... VI. 74


* Plain Truth; or Serious Considerations on the pres

ent State of the City of Philadelphia and Province

of Pennsylvania ...... III. 1

X Northeast Storms; Origin of Springs in Mountains; petrified Shells in the Appalachian Mountains; Observations on a Tariff .... VI. 79

X Experiments on the Culture of Grass . . . VI. 83

On the Vis Inertia? of Matter VI. 87

f J A Conjecture as to the Cause of the Heat of the Blood in Health, and of the Cold and Hot Fits of

some Fevers VI. 97

First Letter to Peter Collinson on the Subject of Electricity; Wonderful Effect of Points ; Positive and

Negative Electricity

Observations on the Leyden Bottle, with Experiments


Advice to a Young Tradesman ....

Further Experiments on Electricity

Observations and Suppositions towards forming a new Hypothesis for explaining the several Phenomena of Thunder-gusts V. 211


* Proposals relating to the Education of Youth in Penn

sylvania I. 569

Sketch of an English School, for the Consideration of

the Trustees of the Philadelphia Academy . H. 125 Magical Square of Squares ..... VI. 100 Magical Circle VI. 104


Electrical Experiments; Effect of Lightning on the

Needle of Compasses explained . . .V. 223

Opinions and Conjectures concerning the Properties and Effects of the Electrical Matter, and the


Vol. Page.

Means of preserving Buildings and Ships from

Lightning V. 227

Additional Experiments in Electricity . . .V. 253 Account of an Accident while making an Electrical

Experiment V. 255

J Reasons why Northeast Storms begin at the South . VI. 105

Electrical Papers and Experiments .... VI. 109

X Inquiries respecting the Mode of planting Hedges . VI. Ill


Observations concerning the Increase of Mankind, and

the peopling of Countries . . . . II. 311 Unlimited Nature of Electric Force . . .V. 258 Queries and Answers on the Properties of Electricity . V. 259 J Remarks on Husbandry VI. 112


Observations on Electricity, and the Sources and Properties of Lightning ...... V. 269

Probable Causes of the different Attractions and Repulsions of two Electrified Globes . . .V. 275 Reasons for supposing that a Glass Globe charges positively and a Sulphur Globe negatively . . V. 280 Supposition of a Region of Electric Fire above the

Atmosphere; Theorem concerning Light . . V. 283

Electrical Kite V. 295

Concerning the Smallpox in Philadelphia . . . VI. 120 X Remarks on Mr. Colden's Theory of Light . . VI. 121 Physical and Meteorological Observations, Conjectures,

and Suppositions ...... VI. 127


J On the Mode of Coating Electrical Jars . . .V. 299 An Account of various Electrical Experiments, with

Remarks and Explanations . . . .V. 300 On the Motion of the Electrical Fluid in Metals . V. 317

Concerning the Light emitted by Salt Water . . V. 337 Water-Spouts and Whirlwinds Compared . . . VI. 145 J Transit of Mercury in 1753 . .. . . .VI. 159

X Properties of Water VI. 160

Reply to Mr. Todd's Observations on a Meteorological

Paper VI. 174


Vol. l'aga

Reply to Mr. Colden's Observations

J On Smeaton's Air-Pump


Papers relating to a Plan of Union of the Colonies, adopted by Commissioners assembled at Albany

Three Letters to Governor Shirley ....

Plan for settling two Western Colonies in North America, with Reasons for the Plan .... III. 69

Additional Proofs of the Positive and Negative State

of Electricity in the Clouds . . . .V. 340


* An Act for the better Ordering and Regulating such

as are willing and desirous to be united for Military
Purposes in Pennsylvania .... III. 78

* Dialogue respecting the State of Affairs in Pennsyl

vania . III. 84

Experiments in Electricity, with Explanations . . V. 341

Turkey killed by Electricity; Effects on the Operator V. 346

Miscellaneous Remarks on Electricity and Lightning . V. 347 Pointed Rods; Effect of Lightning on the Church at

Newbury V. 355

Account of a Whirlwind in Maryland . . . VI. 201


* Plan for saving One Hundred Thousand Pounds . II. 89


The Way to Wealth ; being a Summary of the Maxims

and Proverbs in Poor Richard's Almanac . II. 92

f Observations on May/., or Indian Corn . . .11. 103 Report of the Committee of Aggrievances of the Assembly of Pennsylvania ..... HI. 97 On the Effects of Electricity in Paralytic Cases . V. 359

On Cold produced by Evaporation .... VI. 203

1758. Electrical Apparatus; Description of a Battery . . V. 361 On the different Strata of the Earth . . . .VI. 213 Experiments and Remarks respecting Cold produced

by Evaporation VI. 218

Vol Vege.


Historical Review of the Constitution and Government

of Pennsylvania III. 107

On the Electricity of the Tourmalin . . .V. 363


f Precautions to be used by those who are about to undertake a Sea Voyage . . . . .II. 106

The Interest of Great Britain Considered, with Regard to her Colonies and the Acquisitions of Canada and Guadaloupe ...... IV. 1

On the Saltness of Sea Water . . . .VI. 218

On the Northeast Storms in America . . . VI. 219
Effect of Air on the Barometer, and the Benefits de-
rived from the Study of Insects . . . VI. 222
On the Bristol Waters, and the Tide in Rivers . .VI. 225

1761. Remarks on the Effects of Lightning . . .V. 398 Tides in Rivers . . . . . . . VI. 231

Salt Water rendered Fresh by Distillation . . VI. 232

Tendency of Rivers to the Sea; Effect of the Sun's

Rays on Cloths of different Colors . . . VI. 234


Remarks on Judge Foster's Argument in Favor of the

Right of Impressing Seamen . . . . II. 331

On Electrical Attraction and Repulsion, and various

Properties of Electricity V. 378

Concerning the Leyden Bottle, and Electrical Experiments on Amber ...... V. 403

f Best Method of Securing a Powder Magazine from

Lightning V. 407

On Fire VI. 239

* Method of Securing Houses from the Effects of

Lightning VI. 241

Description of the Armonica, a new Musical Instrument

composed of Glasses ..... VI. 245

Best Mediums for conveying Sound .... VI. 250

A curious Instance of the Effect of Oil on Water . VI. 253

Vol. Page.


X Congelation of Quicksilver; Cold produced by Evaporation VI. 255


* A Narrative of the Late Massacres of Indians in Lan

caster County ... . . . . IV. 54

* Cool Thoughts on the present Situation of Public

Affairs IV. 78

Petition to the King for Changing the Proprietary Government of Pennsylvania into a Royal Government ....... IV. 93

Remarks on a Militia Bill rejected by the Proprietor's

Deputy, or Governor ..... IV. 95

Preface to the Speech of Joseph Galloway, on the
Subject of a Petition to the King for Changing
the Proprietary Government of Pennsylvania to a
Royal Government ...... IV. 101

Remarks on a late Protest against the Appointment of
Mr. Franklin as Agent for the Province of Penn-
sylvania . IV. 143


Remarks and Facts the American Paper

Money II. 340

On the Harmony and Melody of the Old Scotch Tunes VI. 263 t On the Defects .of Modern Music . . . .VI. 269


On the Price of Corn, and the Management of the

Poor II. 355

Letter concerning the Gratitude of America, and the
Probability and Effects of a Union with Great
Britain IV. 156

Examination of Dr. Benjamin Franklin in the British
House of Commons relative to the Repeal of the
American Stamp Act ..... IV. 161

Remarks on a Plan for the future Management of In-
dian Affairs IV. 201

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