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Joh. Knight. Joh. Kemster. Will. Kemster. Rob. Quaynaton. Rob. More, arm. Rob. Alkerton. Joh. Chorleton. Joh. Eburton, jun. Joh. Eburton, sen. Thome Eburton. Joh. Yonge. Joh. Balle. Thome Balle. Joh. Eureshawe. Galfridi Crewe. Will. Tommys. Will. Ayltan. Joh. Stokes. Joh. Walle. Will. Smith de Chepyng Nor

ton. Johannis Howes. Thome Howes. Willielmi Hide. Rogeri Milton. Johannis Stacy. Richardi Gurgan. Johannis Halle. Johannis Sampson. Willielmi Sampson. Thome Churchehill. Thome Cogeyn. Willielmi Cogeyn. Richardi Bury. Willielmi Houchyns. Johannis Channdyt. Willielmi Bagge. Will. Rollandright. Thome Fayreford. Joh. Martyn. Thome Tackle. Will. Weller. Joh. Maynard. Richardi Couper de Eastan. Will. Wrench. Joh. Halle de Shorthamton. Willielmi Tunford. Johannis Tunford. Johannis Parkyns.

Rob. Raynald.
Joh. Mucy.
Will. Carter de Overnorton.
Tho. Balle de Parvo Rowlan-

Joh. Hammond.
Joh. Halle.
Joh. Payne.
Joh. Shawe.
Joh. Silver.
Joh. Brewes.
Tho. Spillesby.
Joh. Salman.
Joh. Potter, jun. Prioris de

Burcestre. Joh. Langeston. Rogeri Powre. Will. Anderne. Joh. Aston. Joh. Cornwaile. Richardi Purcell. Jacobi Samwell. Rich. Fitz-Water. Tho. Wyonbissh. Joh. Togood. Rich. Togood. Joh. Spere. Joh. Shoue. Nicholai Norris. Thome Chapman. Willielmi Durbare. Thome Hoggys. Thome Gurdon. Tho. Markham. Johannis Lile. Johannis Sylvester. Johannis Balegh. Johannis Chantclere. Joh. Huntingdon. Will. Baldyngton. Johan. Burdon. Johannis Fellipps de Over

fayford. Joh. Smith de Mellington. Thome Smith de eadem. Johan. Notebene de Fencote. Will. Fitz-Water. Joh. Felmersham. Johannis Abbatis de Oseneye.

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Johannis Abbatis de Thame.
Edm. Prioris sancti Frides-

Tho. Baldington, jun.
Tho. Baldington, sen.
Joh. Jacket.
Thome Welles.
Thome Longe.
Joh. Ellys.
Rob. Crakeall.
Willielmi Tyller.
Joh. Dogge.
Andree Sparewe.
Will. Loy, sen.
Joh. Chamberleyn.
Joh. Shrovebury.
Roberti Reve.
Joh. Fryday.
Joh. Mayhon.
Joh. Hamond.
Will. Halfeknight.
Hugonis Benet de Thame.
Will. Collyngrig.
Thome Credy.
Joh. Savage bayly.
Joh. Clifton Abbatis Dorca-

Joh. Harpeden, chev.
Hug. Wolf, chev.
Thome Chaucer, arm.
Rich. Drayton, arm.
Rich. Restold, arm.
Petri Feteplace, arm.
Will. Wikham, arm.
Joh. Fitz-Elys, arm.
Reg. Barantyn, arm.
Will. Lynde, arm.
Rob. Simeon, arm.
Drugonis Barantyn.
Joh. Bedford.
Edmundi Forster.
Rich. Gilot.
Thome Chibenhurst.
Thome atte Hide.
Rogeri Radle.
Petri Shotesbroke.
Johannis Hide.
Will. Ravenying.
Willielmi Borde.

Williel. Skyrmet.
Johannes Elmes.
Thome Vine.
Joh. Hertilpole.
Tho. Clerk bayly.
Joh. Bayly de Puriton.
Johannis Badley
Will. Bosenhe.
Thome Bartelot.
Rich. Calday.
Johannis Crips.
Williel. North.
Johannis atte Water.
Roberti atte Water.
Rich. Forster.
Thome Denton.
Thome atte Well de Garsing-

Johannis Holt.
Nicholai Neuby.
Joh. Thomley.
Will. Bele.
Johannis Lowe.
Rob. Hye.
Joh. Bullery.

h. Fitz-Aleyn.
Joh. Walysby, clerici.
Thome Tretherfet.
Tho. Balingdon, sen.
Joh. Smith.
Joh. Skynner.
Rich. English.
Rob. Powlegh.
Nich. atte Water.
Johannis Hawe.
Thome Dodde.
Thome Bartelet.
Will. Padenale.
Ade Hastyng.
Joh. Stotewell.
Tho. Baker de Watlington.
Richardi Hurry.
Joh. Tours.
Thome Muttyng.
Thome Deven.
Joh. Martyn.
Will Somer.
Joh. Romsey.
Joh. Yonge.

Will. Caturmayn.

Rich. Malpas. Will. Hervey.

Joh. Boure. : Hen. Benefeld.

Rob. Gorewey. Will. North.

Joh. Stafford. Nicholai Wotton de Kingston. Rich. Saddock. Joh. Temple.

Joh. atte Lee. Joh. Fynamour.

Will. Derenden.

The commissioners in this county appear over diligent in discharging their trust: for whereas those in other shires flitted only the cream of their gentry, it is suspicious that here they made use of much thin milk, as may be collected from their numerousness in a county of so small content. I could wish they had spent part of their pains on some other places, seeing we have so little of great, and nothing of some shires in this kind. But, I see, nothing will here fall out adequate to our desires in all particulars; but still we shall conceive ourselves to have cause to complain of something redundant and something defective.

SHERIFFS. Although Oxford and Berk-shires be divided by the Thames, and in the Saxon heptarchy were under two different kingdoms, Oxfordshire belonging to Mercia, and Berkshire to the west Saxons; yet after the Conquest they were united under one sheriff, until the ninth year of queen Elizabeth, as by the catalogue formerly presented in Berkshire doth plainly appear: since that year, for the more effectual discharge of the office, and greater ease of the subjects, each have had several sheriffs, and Oxfordshire as followeth :

ELIZ. REG. Anno Name and Arms.

Place. 9 Ric. Fines, mil.

Broughton. Az. three lions rampant 0. 10 Hum. Ashfeld, arm. 11 Will. Taverner, arm.

Water Eaton. 12 Tho. Gibbons, arm. 13 Ric. Waynman, mil. . Tame Parke.

Quarterly G. and Az, a cross patonce 0. 14 Joh. Danvers, arm.

G. a chevron inter three mullets 0. 15 Hen. Rainford, arm. 16 Will. Babington, mil.

Arg. ten torteaux, 4, 3, 2, and 1. 17 Mich. Molyns, arm. 18 Rob. Doyle, mil. et

ut infra. Joh. Coop, arm.

ut infra. 19 Will. Hawtry, arm.

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Place. 20 Ric. Corbet, arm.

O. a raven proper. 21 Edm. Bray, arm. 22 Ric. Hudleston, arm.

G. fretty Arg.
23 Tho. Denton, arm.
24 Anth. Cope, arm.

Arg. on a chev. Az. betwixt three roses G. slipt and

leaved Vert three flowers-de-luce O. 25 Ric. Fines, arm.

ut prius. 26 On. Oglethorpe, arm. Newington.

Arg. a chevron vairy O. and Vert betwixt three boars'

heads Sable cut off 0. 27 Joh. Doyle, arm.

0. two bends Arg. 28 Idem.

ut prius. 29 Mich. Blount, arm. Mappleduram.

Barry formy nebule of six 0. and S. 30 Joh. Danvers, arm.

ut prius. 31 Will. Clarke, arm. 32 Will. Spencer, arm. Yardington.

Quarterly Arg. and G. a fret 0.; on a bend S. three escalops

of the first. 33 Anth. Cope, mil.

ut prius. 34 Ro. Chamblayn, arm.

G. a chevron Arg. betwixt three escalops O. 35 Fran. Stonard, arm. Stonard.

Az. two bars dancetté O.; a chief Arg.
36 Ric. Fiennes, mil. ut prius.
37 Oni. Oglethorpe, arm. ut prius.
38 Will. Freer, arm.

Water Eaton.
G. two flanches 0.; three wheat-ears erect in fess counter-

39 George Broome, arm.
40 Mich. Blount, arm. ut prius.
41 Fran. Curson, arm.
42 Will. Greene, arm.
43 Will. Pope, arm.

Per pale O. and Az. on a chevron betwixt three griffins'

heads erased four flowers-de-luce, all counterchanged. 44 Ric. Farmer, mil.

Arg. a fess S. betwixt three leopards' heads erased G.



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Place. 4 Tho. Temple, mil

... Buckin. Arg. on two bars S. six martlets 0. 5 Roland. Lacy, mil. 6 Hen. Samborne, arm. 7 Mich. Dormer, mil.

Az. ten billets, 4, 3, 2, and 1, O.; on a chief of the se

cond a lion issuant S. 8 Bene. Winchcombe, arm. 9 Tho. Moyle, arm.

G. a mule passant Arg. 10 Will. Clerke, mil. 11 Hen. Lee, bar.

Dichley. Arg. a fess between three crescents S. 12 Edw. Dunch, arm.

S. a chevron betwixt three towers Arg. 13 Tho. Read, arm.

G. a saltire betwixt four garbs O. 14 Tho. Spencer, mil. et bar. ut prius. 15 Joh. Curson, mil. 16 Edw. Fenner, arm. 17 Will. Cope, mil

. et bar.

ut prius. 18 Ric. Raker, mil. 19 Fra. Stoner, mil.

ut prius. 20 Rowlan. Lacy, arm. 21 Will. Aishcombe, mil. 22 Walt. Dunch, arm. ut prius.

CAROL. I. 1 Ric. Blount, mil.

ut prius. 2 Ric. Lovelace, mil.

modò dom. Lovelace. Berkshire.

G. on a chief indented S. three martlets 0. Cope Doyley, mil. ut prius. 3 Ric. Wenman, mil.

ut prius. modò dom. Wenman. 4 Rob. Dormer, mil. ut prius. 5 Will. Cobb, mil.

Adderbury. 6 Joh. Lacy, mil. 7 Joh. Harborne, arm. 8 Tho. Coghill, arm. modò miles

Blechington. G. on a chevron Arg. three ogresses; a chief S. 9 Joh. Mellor, mil. 10 Pet. Wentworth, mil. bar.

S. a chevron betwixt three leopards' heads 0. 11 Fran. Norris, mil.

Quarterly Arg. and G., a fret Or, with a fess Az. VOL, III,

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