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On another occasion a person called, with whom your father had been on friendly terms. He had been machinist of a well-known morning newspaper, had subsequently started in business, and had brought out a new publication, entitled “P— T."

That man called upon your father to have his publication machined; but observing an engraving of a questionable character,

“S—,” your father said, "let me have a proof." Your father looked at the proof, and then looked at the man. “ You have a daughter—or daughters?” The reply was, “ Yes, one daughter."

“Do you mean to tell me that the types of this publication are set up on your premises ?”

66 Yes."
“ I am ashamed of you. Take your formes away.”

That man, my son, like all men who lend themselves to bad ends, did not prosper. His daughter, mixing with the profligate contributors to such a periodical, naturally fell, and the father went to Australia, where in poverty he ended his days.

A bad man cannot prosper, my son ; nor can any man who tries to secure gain by debasing or dishonest means.

Ilistory and our own experience confirm the fact — that to live well is to live honestly and in love with all mankind. 16 A dishonest man cannot do anything real;" and, as Carlyle says, “it would be greatly better if he were tied up from doing anything. He does nothing but darken counsel by the words he utters. This is a very old doctrine, but a very true one ; and you will find it confirmed by all the thinking men that have ever lived in this long series of generations, of which we are the latest."




“ Economize Time, my Son; for Time well spent beareth goodly fruit ; while he that squanders Time is like the barren fig-tree, it only to be hewn down.”

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