The Children's Pic-nic and what Came of it

Griffith and Farran, 1868 - 122 Seiten

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Seite 19 - LADY STODDART. 2. Mrs. Leicester's School. BY CHARLES and MARY LAMB. 3. The History of The Robins. BY MRS. TRIMMER. 4. Memoir of Bob, The Spotted Terrier. 5. Keeper's Travels in Search of His Master. 6. The Scottish Orphans. BY LADY STODDART. 7. Never Wrong; or, the Young Disputant; AND "It was only in Fun." 8. The Life and Perambulations of a Mouse. 9. Easy Introduction to the Knowledge of Nature. BY MBS. TRIMMER. 10. Bight and Wrong. BY the Author of "ALWAYS HAPPY.
Seite 16 - Tales from Catland ; Dedicated to the Young Kittens of England. By an OLD TABBY. Illustrated by H. WEIR.
Seite 4 - Four Seasons (The) ; A Short Account of the Structure of Plants, being Four Lectures written for the "Working Men's Institute, Paris. With Illustrations. Imperial 16mo.
Seite 7 - Lost in Ceylon ; The Story of a Boy and Girl's Adventures in the Woods and Wilds of the Lion King of Kandy. Illustrated by WEIR. " Clever, exciting and full of true descriptions of the creatures and sights in that noble island."— literary Gazette. The White Elephant; Or the Hunters of Ava, and the King of the Golden Foot. Illustrated by WEIR. " Full of dash, nerve and spirit, and withal freshness.
Seite 17 - Foreign Animals and Birds." Playing at Settlers; Or, the Faggot House. Illustrated by GILBERT. Second Edition. Price 2s. 6d. cloth; 3s. 6d. coloured, gilt edges. Adventures in Australia; Or, the Wanderings of Captain Spencer in the Bush and the Wilds.
Seite 24 - The First Book of Geography ; Specially adapted as a Text Book for Beginners, and as a Guide to the Young Teacher. By HUGO REID, author of " Elements of Astronomy," etc. Fourth Edition, carefully revised. 18mo, Is. sewed. " One of the most sensible little books on the subject of Geography we have met with.
Seite 25 - Engravings . 2s. 6d. plain; 3s. 6d. coloured, gilt edges. Key to Knowledge ; Or, Things in Common Use simply and shortly explained. By a MOTHER, Author of " Always Happy,
Seite 14 - Talking Bird (The), or THE LITTLE GIRL WHO KNEW WHAT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN. By M. and E. KIRBY.
Seite 24 - Engravings. 2s. 6d. plain; 3s. 6d. coloured. Bible Illustrations; Or, a Description of Manners and Customs peculiar to the East, and especially Explanatory of the Holy Scriptures. By the Rev. BH DRAPER. With Engravings. Fourth Edition. Revised bv Dr. KITTO, Editor of " The Pictorial Bible,

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