Lecture on Education

Marsh, Capen, Lyon and Webb, 1840 - 62 Seiten
Tharp collection.

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Seite 31 - You may break, you may shatter the vase, if you will, But the scent of the roses will hang round it still.
Seite 8 - ... Preface and Notes, by FRANCIS WAYLAND, DD, President of Brown University. THE PURSUIT OF KNOWLEDGE UNDER DIFFICULTIES, illustrated by incidents in the Lives of AMERICAN INDIVIDUALS ; in one volume, with Portraits. HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY, in two volumes, with illustrative wood cuts, by ROBLEY DDNGLISON, MD, Professor of the Institutes of Medicine in the Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia; Author of ' Elements of Hygiene,' ' The Medical Student,' 'Principles of Medical Practice,
Seite 3 - Board, collect information of the actual condition and efficiency of the Common Schools, and other means of popular education, and diffuse as widely as possible, throughout every part of the Commonwealth, information of the most approved and successful methods of arranging the studies and conducting the education of the young...
Seite 58 - The theory of our government is, — not that all men, however unfit,, shall be voters, — but that every man, by the power ' of reason and the sense of duty, shall become fit to be a voter.
Seite 58 - Education must prepare our citizens to become municipal officers, intelligent jurors, honest witnesses, legislators, or competent judges of legislation — in fine, to fill all the manifold relations of life.
Seite 16 - In this Commonwealth, there are about three thousand Public Schools, in all of which the rudiments of knowledge are taught. These schools, at the present time, are so many distinct, independent communities, each being governed by its own habits, traditions, and local customs. There is no common, superintending power over them ; there is no bond of brotherhood or family between them. They are strangers and aliens to each other.
Seite 41 - They were then asked, by a visiter, some general questions respecting their lesson, and, amongst others, whether they had ever seen the earth about which they had been reciting ; and they unanimously declared, in good faith, that they never had.

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