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family of love increase. Some account of the first rise of

this sect here. Some of them in Colchester in queen Mary's

reign. Freewill men. Cbristopher Vitelli comes from Delph

to Colchester. Crinel's confession concerning him and his

doctrine. Henry Nicolas, the founder of the family of love,

bis doctrines. Libertines : their speculations. A book writ

against them. Puritans. One of them expostulates with the

lord Burghley : and that he should use more liberty of

speech with the queen. The queen calls in her commissioners

for concealments. Proclamations for the length of swords,

bucklers, &c. Against carrying and shooting in guns, &c. nor

where the queen's residence should be. No coats or doublets

of defence to be worn : nor pocket dags suffered. Procla-

mations about apparel. Letters from the privy-council for

keeping Lent.

P. 279.


Books published this year, 1579. A confutation of the prin-

ciples of the family of love; by William Wilkinson : and

another by J. Knewstubs. A book in answer to the assertion,

that the church of Rome is the true and catholic church.

The Gaping Gulph; by J. Stubbs. His letters wrote with his

left hand. Some farther account of him and bis abilities. Plu-

tarcb's Lives set forth in English by sir Thomas North. Ca-

talogue of the bishops of Exon. A book of Simples and Sur-

gery, by William Bullein. Egyptians and Jews pretending to

do cures by palmistry and charms in these times. Ricbard

Bullein, a divine and physician. Hugh Broughton, fellow

of Christ's college, Cambridge; outed of his fellowship

(founded by king Edward) wrongfully. His remarkable case.

The decision of a college statute; being the ground of this

contention. One undertakes to make saltpetre. One offers

to fortify the seaports of England and Ireland. The names

of the queen's privy-counsellors.

P. 299.

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A reformation endeavoured of certain abuses in the church. The

parliament's address to the queen for that purpose. Her an-

swer. Church holydays : much sin committed then. The

disaffected to the church busy. Appoint fasts. A fast ap-

pointed at Stamford : the lord Burghley's letter forbidding it.

Beza's book concerning bishops, translated into English. His

letter to Scotland. A popish school set up at Doway; and

another in Scotland. Dr. Allen's book. The pope sends

over priests into England. Intelligence from Switzerland of

the pope's preparations against England. Commissions for

search after papists in Lancashire and Yorkshire. The arch-

bishop of York's letter concerning them. Countess of Cum-

berland : lady Wharton. Children of northern gentlemen

sent to Caius college, Cambridge; Dr. Legg, a papist, mas-

ter. Intelligence from the bishop of Winton, concerning pa-

pists in the county of Southampton. A search in papists'

houses. Sir William Tresham in Hoggesdon. Priests taken :

their confession. Popish cases found in sir James Hargrave's


P. 331.


Divers popish emissaries taken up. The conference at Wis-

bich. Feckenham's confession. Dr. Fulk sent by the bishop

of Ely thither. Account of the conference published. Fulk's

challenge. The pope's factors abroad discovered by A. M.

Design in Rome of invading England. Some of the prin-

ciples taught in the English college at Rome. Campion con-

fesses where he was entertained in London, and elsewhere,

viz. in Yorkshire and Lancashire. Several disputations with

him in the Tower, in answer to his challenge. Some account

of Campion, and his course of life. Parry at Paris : corre-

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