The Poor Man's Home, and Rich Man's Palace: Or, The Application of the Gravel Wall Cement to the Purposes of Building

Applegate & Company, 1854 - 54 Seiten

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Seite 72 - We have read this new work of Rev. JS Inskip with great pleasure and profit. It in very truth explains and defends Methodism, and, as the introduction (written by another) says, 'its pages cover nearly the whole field of controversy in regard to the polity of the Methodist Church, and present a clear and. candid exposition of Methodism in a clear and systematic form, and highly argumentative style. It is a book for the times, and should be read by all who desire to become more intimately acquainted...
Seite 66 - ANCIENT HISTORY. The Ancient History of the Egyptians, Carthaginians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Medes and Persians, Grecians, and Macedonians : including a History of the Arts and Sciences of the Ancients, with a Life of the Author. By JAMES BELL. Only complete American Edition. Numerous Maps and Engravings.
Seite 63 - THE NEW TESTAMENT. 2 vols. super-royal 8vo. Plain and embossed gilt. The increasing demand for Dr. Clarke's Commentary on the New Testament, has induced us to issue an edition on superior paper, large clear type, handsomely and substantially bound, containing 1978 pages, with a portrait of the author.
Seite 61 - In addition to a large and varied assortment of School, Classical, Theological and Miscellaneous Books, which they have constantly on hand, publish a series of VALUABLE STANDARD WORKS, suitable for the family circle, as well as public libraries. At this time, when the press teems so abundantly with ephemeral literature, the thinking mind experiences a need of more substantial aliment ; of something which shall at the same time furnish not only enjoyment for the present, but for after thought ; something...
Seite 63 - Whether regarded as a prodigy of human learning, or as a monument of what perseverence and industry, within the compass of a single lifetime, can accomplish, it will long continue to challenge the admiration of men as a work of unrivalled merit. It is a treasury of knowledge, in the accumulation of which, the author seems to have had no purpose in view but the apprehension of truth ; not to sustain a particular creed, but the apprehension of truth for truth's own sake, restrained in the noble pursuits...
Seite 66 - Every private library is deficient without it; and ii is now furnished at so cheap a rate, that every family should have it. It should be placed in the hands of all our youth, as infinitely more instructive and useful than the thousand and one trashy publications with which the country is deluged, and which are so apt to vitiate the taste, and ruin the minds of young readers. One...
Seite 65 - ... in a free, graceful and flowing manner. It used to be considered essential to a good style and a knowledge of Belles-Lettres to have, studied the Spectator, and we are certain our age is not wise in the selection of some of the substitutes which are used in its stead. It should yet be a parlor volume, which should be read with great profit. " But we do not design to criticise the book, but have prefixed these few facts for the information of our readers to a notice of a new edition of the work...
Seite 64 - It is a better piece of property for a young man to own, than an eighty acre lot in the Mississippi Valley, or many hundred dollars in current money. We would rather leave it as a legacy to a son, had we to make the choice, than any moderate amount of property, if we were certain he would read it ; and, we are bound to add, that, were we now going to purchase a copy, this edition would have the preference over every other of which we hav
Seite 64 - Next in importance to a thorough knowledge of history, and in many respects fully equal to it, is the study of well authenticated biography. For this valuable purpose, we know of no work extant superior to the fifty lives of Plutarch. It is a rare magazine of literary and biographical knowledge. The eminent men whose lives compose this work, constitute almost...
Seite 68 - ... Improvement of Mankind ; An Essay on the Sin and Evils of Covetousness ; The Christian Philosopher, or Science and Religion ; Celectial Scenery, illustrated ; Sideral Heavens, Planets, etc. ; The Practical Astronomer ; The Solar System, its Wonders ; The Atmosphere and Atmospherical Phenomena, &c.

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