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Wilson's Nehustan.
Wilson's Vitis Degeneris ; a treatise on

Ancient Ceremonies.
Wilson's Vishnu Purana, or system of

Hindu Mythology.
Worde Wynkyn (de), The Myracles of

our Blessed Ladie.
Wotton's Rabinical Traditions.
Wotton's Leges Wallicæ.
Wright's Archæological Album.
Wright's Celt, Roman, and Saxon.
Wright's St. Patrick's Purgatory.
Wright's Louthiana.
Wyndham's Tour through Wales.
Wynn's History of Wales.

Werenfel's Superstition.
Whitaker's History of the Britons.
Whitaker's History of Manchester.
Whittington's Ecclesiastical Antiquities

of France.
Wilhelmi Malmesburiensis Monachi,

gesta rerum Anglorum.
Williams' Poems, Lyric and Pastoral.
Williams' History of Monmouthshire.
Williams' Dictionary of all Religions.
William's Masonry.
Williams' Ode on the British Druids.
Williams' Ecclesiastical Antiquities of

the Cymry.
Wilson's Archæological Dictionary.



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