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-improve TRICARE program (see H.R. 1547),

-restore health care coverage to retired members
of the uniformed services (see H.R. 2966), [28SE]

-use of military health care system and com-
missary stores by unremarried former spouses of

members (see H.R. 475), [2FE]
Budget: improve and strengthen budget process (see

H.R. 853), [25FE)
Business and industry: require certain parent corpora-

tions of Federal contractors to provide health care
benefits to retired employees of the contractor (see

H.R. 3506), [18NO)
Children and youth: improve health of children (see
H.R. 1085), [11MR]

-require children-only coverage option under
group health plans (see H.R. 1169), [17MR]

-require health plans to cover treatment of a
minor child's congenital or developmental deformity
or disorder due to trauma, infection, tumor, or dis-

ease (see H.R. 49), [6JA)
Churches and synagogues: prohibit insurers from can-

celing or refusing to renew fire insurance policies

(see H.R. 2432), [1JY]
Contraceptives: require equitable coverage of drugs, de-

vices, and services under health insurance plans (see

H.R. 2120), (10JN)
Courts: product liability reform (see H.R. 1577),

Dept. of Agriculture: make supplemental income pay-

ments to producers of certain crops for years when
the national gross revenue of the crop is below a
certain percentage (see H.R. 2792), [5AU]

-payment of disaster assistance to onion and
apple farmers in New York (see H.R. 2237), [16JN]
Dept. of Defense: allow Medicare-eligible military

health care system beneficiaries to enroll in the Fed-
eral Employees Health Benefits Program (see H.R.

113), (see H.R. 205), [7JA]
Dept. of HHS: make additional payments to certain

home health agencies with high-cost patients and
provide for an interest-free grace period for repay-

ment of overpayments (see H.R. 1917), [25MY]
Dept. of HUD: establish program to eliminate redlining
in the insurance business (see H.R. 1429), [15AP]

-insure mortgages for the acquisition, construc-
tion, or rehabilitation of child care facilities and es-
tablish a Children's Development Commission to

certify such facilities (see H.R. 1112), [16MR]
Dept. of Transportation: reauthorize Aviation War Risk
Insurance Program (see H.R. 98), [7JA]

-reauthorize Aviation War Risk Insurance Pro-
gram (H.R. 98), Senate amendments (see H. Res.

135), [12AP]
Dept. of Veterans Affairs: improve access of veterans

to emergency medical care in non-Dept. of Veterans

Affairs medical facilities (see H.R. 135), [7JA]
Disasters: authorize predisaster mitigation programs,

streamline the administration of disaster relief, and
control the costs of disaster assistance (see H.R.
533), [3FE] (see H.R. 707), [11FE] (see H.R. 1711),

-authorize predisaster mitigation programs,
streamline the administration of disaster relief, and
control the costs of disaster assistance (H.R. 707),
consideration (see H. Res. 91), [3MR]

-creation of protection funds by property and
casualty insurance companies for the payment of
policyholders' claims arising from future catastrophic
events (see H.R. 2749), [5AU) (see H.R. 3303),

establish Federal insurance programs against the
risks of catastrophic earthquakes, volcanic eruptions,
and hurricanes (see H.R. 481), [2FE]

-Federal reinsurance contracts for eligible State
insurance programs covering homeowners impacted

by natural disasters (see H.R. 21), [6JA]
Diseases: coverage of minimum hospital stays for

mastectomies and lymph node removals relative to
breast cancer and coverage for secondary consulta-
tions (see H.R. 383), [19JA] (see H.R. 1911),

-provide coverage for individuals participating in
approved cancer clinical trials (see H.R. 3110),

-require coverage of hair prostheses for individ-
uals with scalp hair loss as a result of alopecia
areata (see H.R. 3328), [10NO]

-require group and individual health insurance
plans to provide coverage of cancer screening (see
H.R. 1285), [25MR)

-require health plans to provide coverage for a
minimum hospital stay for certain breast cancer treat-

ments (see H.R. 116), [7JA]
Drugs: coverage of prescription drugs (see H.R. 3319),

-provide nondiscriminatory coverage of sub-
stance abuse treatment services under private group
and individual health coverage (see H.R. 1977),

Employment: provide certain temporary employees

with the same benefits as permanent employees (see
H.R. 2298), [22JN]

-provide that employees that receive certain in-
creases in health insurance coverage will not be cov-
ered by Federal minimum wage increases (see H.R.

3409), [16NO]
ERISA: ensure choice of physicians (see H.R. 2275),

ensure proper treatment of temporary employees
under employee benefit plans (see H.R. 2299),

establish new procedures and access to courts
for grievances arising under group health plans (see
H.R. 2758), [5AU]

-make group health plan reforms (see H.R.
2095), [9JN)

-provide new procedures and access to review
for grievances arising under group health plans (see
H.R. 2089), [9JNI

-provide that participants in disability insurance
plans are entitled to judicial review of certain benefit

determinations (see H.R. 1773), [12MY]
Families and domestic relations: demonstration projects

to support State and local efforts to provide partial
or full wage replacement for childbirth, adoption,

or other caregiving needs (see H.R. 2500), [13JY]
FDIC: eliminate the special reserve funds created for

the Savings Association Insurance Fund and the De-
posit Insurance Fund (see H.R. 687), [10FE]

-strengthen the special examination authority in
order to protect the Bank Insurance Fund and the
Savings Association Insurance Fund (see H.R. 3374),

Federal Employee Health Benefits Program: allow par-

ticipation by individuals aged 55 to 65 who would
not otherwise have health insurance (see H.R. 55),

Federal employees: availability of health coverage for
dependent parents (see H.R. 2096), [9JN]

enable the Government to enroll an employee's
child in the Federal Employees Health Benefits Pro-
gram when the employee fails to provide coverage
for the child under a State court order (see H.R.
2842), [13SE]

establish program under which current and
former employees may obtain long-term care insur-
ance (see H.R. 110), [7JA] (see H.R. 602), [4FE]
(see H.R. 1111), [16MR]

-health benefits coverage for hearing aids and
examinations (see H.R. 2321), [23JN]

-health benefits coverage for infertility treatment
(see H.R. 2706), (4AU]

-health benefits coverage of services by chiro-
practors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, naturo-
pathic physicians, and midwifes (see H.R. 2360),

-provide benefits to domestic partners (see H.R.
2859), [14SE]

-require any health benefits plan which provides
obstetrical benefits to provide coverage for the diag-
nosis and treatment of infertility (see H.R. 2774),

Federal Employees Health Benefits Program: allow op-

tion of obtaining coverage for self and children only
(see H.R. 1170), [17MR]

-coverage of acupuncturist services (see H.R.
1890), [20MY]

-coverage of bone mass measurements (see H.R.
933), [2MR]
Federal Insurance Contributions Act: disclosure of pay-

ments on individual pay checks (see H.R. 246),

Financial institutions: allow payment of Financing Cor-

poration interest obligations from excess deposit in-
surance fund reserves (see H.R. 3278), [9NO]

ensure consumer privacy when establishing a
framework for the affiliation of banks, securities
firms, and other financial service providers (see H.R.
3320), [10NO]

-modernize and improve financial services indus-
try (see H.R. 823), [24FE)

-provide framework for the affiliation of banks,
securities firms, and other financial service providers
(see H.R. 10), [7JA) (see H.R. 665), (10FE)

-provide framework for the affiliation of banks,
securities firms, and other financial service providers
(H.R. 10), consideration (see H. Res. 235), [30JN]

-provide framework for the affiliation of banks,
securities firms, and other financial service providers
(S. 900), consideration of conference report (see H.

Res. 355), [2NO]
Forests: make forestry insurance plans available to

owners of private forest land to protect them from
disaster losses and encourage prescribed burning to

prevent future fire disasters (see H.R. 1530), [22AP]
Genetics: prohibit use of genetic information in deter-

mining coverage or premiums (see H.R. 293), (see

H.R. 306), [7JA]
Hawaii: increase the Federal medical assistance per-

centage (see H.R. 442), [2FE]
Health: application of antitrust laws to labor negotia-

tions by groups of health care professionals with
HMO's (see H.R. 1304), [25MR]

-apply group health plan portability requirements
to students covered under college-sponsored health
plans (see H.R. 991), [4MR]

assure coverage of emergency services under
group health plans and health insurance (see H.R.
904), [2MR]

-assure that funds provided for State emergency
health services furnished to undocumented aliens are
used to reimburse hospitals and their related provid-
ers that treat undocumented aliens (see H.R. 2205),

- continue coverage of custodial care for certain
individuals under the military health care system (see
H.R. 3286), [9NO]

-coverage and treatment of emergency services
under health plans (see H.R. 2045), [8JN]

-coverage of colorectal cancer screening (see
H.R. 1816), [13MY]

-coverage of long-term care services (see H.R.
2691), [3AU] (see H. Con. Res. 8), [7JA]

-disclose limitations placed on medical care serv-
ices to plan participants that would otherwise be
protected under State law (see H.R. 2113), [9JN]

ensure access to information relative to plan
coverage, managed care procedures, health care pro-
viders, and quality medical care (see H.R. 2046),

ensure confidentiality of medical records and
health care-related information (see H.R. 2404),
[30JN] (see H.R. 2470), [12JY]

ensure coverage of emergency ambulance serv-
ices (see H.R. 1777), [12MY]

establish certain requirements for managed care
plans (see H.R. 3259), [8NO]

establish community-based managed care pro-
grams in medically disadvantaged areas (see H.R.
298, 304), [7JA]

establish Federal penalties for prohibited use
and disclosure of personal health information and
allow individuals to inspect and copy their own
health information (see H.R. 2455), [1JY]

-establish hospital lengths of stay based on a
determination by an appropriate physician in con-
sultation with the patient (see H.R. 989), [4MR]

-establish standards to improve children's health
quality in managed care plans and other health plans
(see H.R. 1661), [4MY]


extend COBRA continuation health coverage for
individuals 55 and older (see H.R. 2227), [15JN]

extend COBRA continuation health coverage for
surviving spouses (see H.R. 1335), [25MR]

-improve access and choice for small business
owners relative to employee health insurance ex-
penses (see H.R. 1496), [20AP] (see H.R. 2047),

-improve Federal enforcement against health care
fraud and abuse (see H.R. 308), [7JA]

-limit medical malpractice claims (see H.R.
2242), (16JN)

-maintenance of certain health information when
a health care facility has closed or a benefit plan
sponsor has ceased to do business (see H.R. 307),

-national policy to provide health care and re-
form insurance procedures (see H.R. 16), [6JA] (see
H.R. 1136), [16MR] (see H.R. 1200), [18MR] (see
H.R. 2990), [30SE] (see H.R. 3000), [10C]

-national policy to provide health care and re-
form insurance procedures (H.R. 1136), consideration
(see H. Res. 311), [28SE]

--national policy to provide health care and re-
form insurance procedures (H.R. 2990), consideration
(see H. Res. 323), (50C]

-national policy to provide health care and re-
form insurance procedures (H.R. 2990), Senate
amendment (see H. Res. 348), [1NO]

-permit individuals to continue health plan cov-
erage during participation in approved clinical stud-
ies (see H.R. 2769), [5AU)
-prohibit health insurance and employment dis-
crimination on the basis of genetic information (see
H.R. 2457), (1JY]

-promote purchase of private long-term care in-
surance by providing tax deductibility, State Medic-
aid flexibility, and information dissemination (see
H.R. 1261), [24MR]

-protect beneficiaries of group and individual
health plans, and Medicare+Choice plans in the use
of prescription drug formularies (see H.R. 3274),

-protection of enrollees in managed care plans
and HMO's (see H.R. 358), [19JA] (see H.R. 448),
[2FE] (see H.R. 719), [11FE] (see H.R. 1133),
[16MR] (see H.R. 2723), [5AU] (see H.R. 2824),
[9SE] (see H.R. 2926), [23SE]

-protection of enrollees in managed care plans
and HMO's (H.R. 358), consideration (see H. Res.
197), [27MY] (see H. Res. 310), [28SE)

-protection of enrollees in managed care plans
and HMO's (H.R. 2723), consideration (see H. Res.
323), (50C)

-protection of enrollees in managed care plans
and preserve against preemption of certain State
causes of action (see H.R. 216), [7JA]

-provide access, ensure privacy, and impose pen-
alties on unauthorized use of certain health informa-
tion (see H.R. 1057), [10MR]

-provide equitable coverage of mental health,
substance abuse, and chemical dependency treatment
services under group and individual health coverage
(see H.R. 1515), [21AP]

-require group health plans and health insurance
issuers to provide coverage for human leukocyte
antigen testing (see H.R. 2021), (8JN)

-require group health plans and health insurance
issuers to provide independent review of adverse
coverage determinations (see H.R. 2309), [22JN]

-require group plans to provide access to unre-
stricted medical advice (see H.R. 2043), (8JN]

-require group plans to provide coverage of pedi-
atric care (see H.R. 2044), [8JN]

-require health insurance issuers to notify partici-
pants of impending termination of coverage due to
the failure of a group health plan to pay premiums
(see H.R. 845), (24FE]

--require health plans to provide adequate access
to services provided by obstetrician-gynecologists
(see H.R. 1806), [13MY] (see H.R. 2041), [8JN]

-require insurance coverage of bone mass meas-
urements and inform women concerning reproductive

and post-menopausal health care choices (see H.R.
925), [2MR]

-require managed care organizations to contract
with providers in medically underserved areas (see
H.R. 1860), [19MY]

-study future long-term care needs (see H.R.
1716), [6MY]

-tax treatment of long-term care services, edu-
cational campaign on long-term care, and expansion
of State long-term care partnerships by exempting
partnership assets from Medicaid estate recovery (see

H.R. 2102), [9JN]
Health Care Access, Affordability, and Quality Com-

mission: establish (see H.R. 2042), [8JN]
Health Care Financing Administration: moratorium on

new rules (see H.R. 2689), [3AU]
Health care professionals: establish a national abusive

and criminal background check system for patient

care workers (see H.R. 2627), (27JY]
Law enforcement officers: provide death benefits to

retired public safety officers (see H.R. 789), [23FE]
Medicaid: allow fraud control units to investigate and

prosecute fraud in Medicare and other Federal pro-
grams and elder abuse in residential facilities (see
H.R. 3045), [70C)

-allow States to use State Children's Health In-
surance Program allotment to cover additional low-
income children (see H.R. 458), [2FE]

-assure preservation of safety net hospitals
through maintenance of Disproportionate Share Hos-
pital Program (see H.R. 3103), [190C)

-coverage of breast and cervical cancer treatment
services for certain women screened under federally
funded programs (see H.R. 1070), [11MR]

coverage of screening mammography and
screening pap smears (see H.R. 302), [7JA)

-definition of audiologist (see H.R. 1068),

eliminate the termination of additional Federal
payments to States for outreach and eligibility deter-
mination administrative costs (see H.R. 2912),

establish new prospective payment system for
Federally-qualified health centers and rural health
clinics (see H.R. 2341), [24JN]

exempt disabled individuals from being required
to enroll with a managed care entity (see H.R. 797),

extend the higher Federal medical assistance
payment percentage for Indian Health Service facili-
ties to urban Indian health programs (see H.R. 470),

-permit presumptive eligibility of Medicare bene-
ficiaries for certain low-income Medicare beneficiary
programs (see H.R. 854), [25FE]

-permit public schools and other entities to deter-
mine presumptive eligibility for low-income children
(see H.R. 1298), [25MR]

-permit State waiver authority to provide medical
assistance in cases of congenital heart defects (see
H.R. 3325), (10NO]

-permit States the option to provide coverage
for low-income individuals infected with HIV (see
H.R. 1591), (28AP]

-prohibit transfers or discharges of residents of
nursing facilities (see H.R. 540), (3FE]

protect payments to previously approved State
school-based health plans for Medicaid-eligible chil-
dren with individualized education programs (see
H.R. 3486), [18NO]

-provide State options to allow eligibility for
legal immigrant pregnant women, children, and cer-
tain disabled individuals (see H.R. 1399), [14AP]

-reduce infant mortality through improvement of
coverage of services to pregnant women and infants
(see H.R. 301), [7JA)

-remove special financial limitations on Puerto
Rico and certain other territories relative to medical
assistance for Medicare cost-sharing and for veterans
(see H.R. 2333), (23JN)

-require criminal background checks on drivers
providing medical assistance transportation services
(see H.R. 2828), [9SE]

-require payment by States of certain individual-
ized education programs medical services under the
Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (see H.R.
1672), [4MY]

-require prorating of beneficiary contributions
relative to partial coverage for nursing facility serv-
ices during a month (see H.R. 2852), [14SE]

-restrict imposition of liens and estate recovery
for long-term care services provided to certain indi-
viduals (see H.R. 161), [7JA]

treatment of payments made as a result of to-
bacco industry liability settlement (see H.R. 351),

-waive Federal claim to State tobacco settlements
if State uses funds for smoking reduction programs
and economic assistance for tobacco farming com-
munities (see H.R. 1232), [23MR]

-waive Federal claim to State tobacco settlements
if State uses funds only for smoking reduction and
public health programs (see H.R. 610), [4FE] (see

H.R. 1289), [25MR]
Medicare: administrative fee for submission of paper
rather than electronic claims (see H.R. 2114), [9JN]

-adverse impact of current payment policy for
noninvasive positive pressure ventilators on individ-
uals with severe respiratory diseases (see H. Con.
Res. 138), [22JN)

-allow certain organizations to purchase home-
care services from self-employed caregivers through
home-care referral agencies (see H.R. 3041), [70C]

-allow petitioners for coverage of new tech-
nologies or procedures to meet with the Health Care
Financing Administration to develop written plans
(see H.R. 2338), [24JN]

-assure access to managed health care through
the cost contract program (see H.R. 2268, 2268),

calculation of Medicare+Choice payments for
medical services at Dept. of Veterans Affairs and
Dept. of Defense facilities (see H.R. 2447), [1JY]

change rate of increase for Medicare+Choice
capitation rates (see H.R. 3092), [180C]

clarify non-preemption of State prescription
drug benefit laws relative to Medicare+Choice plans
(see H.R. 549), [3FE]

-combat fraud and abuse relative to partial hos-
pitalization services (see H.R. 1543), [22AP]

combat waste, fraud, and abuse (see H.R. 2229),
[15JN) (see H.R. 3461), (18NO]

-contract reform (see H.R. 312), [7JA]

contracting with certain hospitals to provide cer-
tain surgical procedures and related services at a
single rate (see H.R. 1392), [13AP]

coverage of acupuncturist services (see H.R.
1890), [20MY]

coverage of adult day care services (see H.R.
745), [11FE)

coverage of advanced new therapies to treat
diabetic foot ulcers (see H.R. 2369), [29JN]

coverage of chiropractic services under
Medicare+Choice program (see H. Con. Res. 62),

coverage of chronic disease prescription drugs
(see H.R. 1796), [13MY]

coverage of frail elderly beneficiaries perma-
nently residing in certain nursing facilities (see H.R.
1998), [27MY]

-coverage of glaucoma detection services (see
H.R. 2620), [27JY]

coverage of inpatient hospital services in Puerto
Rico (see H.R. 2712), [4AU]

coverage of marriage and family therapist serv-
ices (see H.R. 2945), [24SE]

-coverage of medical nutrition therapy services
(see H.R. 1187), [18MR]

coverage of nursing facilities and in-home serv-
ices (see H.R. 131), [7JA]

coverage of outpatient prescription drugs (see
H.R. 886), [1MR] (see H.R. 1109), [15MR] (see
H.R. 1495), [20AP] (see H.R. 2012), (SJN) (see H.R.
2782), [5AU) (see H.R. 3482), [18NO] (see H. Con.
Res. 149), (1JY]

-coverage of outpatient prescription drugs for
low-income beneficiaries and provision of stop-loss


protection for outpatient prescription drug expenses
(see H.R. 2925), [23SE]

-coverage of outpatient prescription drugs (H.R.
1495), consideration (see H. Res. 372), [9NO]

-coverage of screening retinal eye examinations
for individuals with diabetes (see H.R. 1542), [22AP]

-coverage of vision rehabilitation services (see
H.R. 2870), [15SE]

-demonstration project to provide coverage for
cancer patients enrolled in certain clinical trials (see
H.R. 1388), [13AP]

-designate certain diabetes educators as certified
providers for purposes of outpatient diabetes edu-
cation services (see H.R. 3003), [40C]

-develop and implement a single, unified pro-
spective payment system for post-care hospital serv-
ices (see H.R. 2070), (8JN]

disclose staffing and performance data, provide
whistleblower protections, and review mergers and
acquisitions relative to Medicare providers (see H.R.
1288), [25MR)

eliminate budget neutrality adjustment factor
used in calculating blended capitation rate for
Medicare+Choice organizations (see H.R. 406),
[19JA) (see H.R. 1088), [11MR]

eliminate reduction in payment amounts to
home health agencies and provide for an interest-
free grace period for repayment of overpayments
(see H.R. 2618), (27JY]

ensure access to comparable prescription drug
coverage in Medigap policies relative to termination
of Medicare+Choice plans (see H.R. 634), [9FE]

ensure geographic reclassifications of hospitals
in urban areas do not result in lower wage indexes
(see H.R. 3216), [3NO]

ensure reimbursement for certain ambulance
services and improve the efficiency of the emergency
medical system (see H.R. 2831), [9SE]

establish a demonstration project to provide
beneficiaries greater information on various courses
of treatment for certain diseases or injuries (see H.R.
1544), [22AP]

establish a prospective payment system for psy-
chiatric hospital services (see H.R. 1006), [4MR]

exclude cancer treatment from the prospective
payment system for hospital outpatient services (see
H.R. 1090), [11MR]

exclude clinical social worker services from
coverage under the skilled nursing facility prospec-
tive payment system (see H.R. 655), [9FE)

exclude lobbying costs from the calculation of
the adjusted community rate for Medicare+Choice
plans (see H.R. 2230), [15JN)

exempt certain beneficiaries from financial limi-
tations imposed on physical, speech-language pathol-
ogy, and occupational therapy services (see H.R.
1837), [18MY]

exempt financial limitations imposed on phys-
ical, speech-language pathology, and occupational
therapy services and develop and implement a classi-
fication system to vary the limitations (see H.R.
1736), [6MY]

expand coverage of certain self-injected
biologicals (see H.R. 2892), [21SE]

expand the use of competitive bidding (see H.R.
1900), [20MY]

extend community nursing organization dem-
onstration projects (see H.R. 1999), [27MY]

extend coverage of immunosuppressive drugs to
cases of transplants not paid for under the program
(see H.R. 3107), [190C]

extend health care coverage (see H.R. 402),

-facilitate use of private contracts (see H.R.
2867), [14SE]

-freeze reductions under Balanced Budget Act
(see H.R. 3145), [260C]

Health Care Financing Administration regu-
latory burdens imposed on suppliers of durable medi-
cal equipment (see H. Con. Res. 98), (5MY]

-implement budget neutrality adjustment factor
in determining payment rates for Medicare+Choice
organizations (see H.R. 2419), [1JY]

-improve access to benefits and programs to eli-
gible, low-income beneficiaries (see H.R. 1455),

-improve access to health insurance and benefits
for certain individuals (see H.R. 2228), [15JN)

-improve and streamline the physician self-refer-
ral law (see H.R. 2650), [29JY]

-improve coverage determination process relative
to new advances in medical technology (see H.R.
2030), [8JN]

-improve methodology for the calculation of
Medicare+Choice payment rates (see H.R. 3284),

-improve review procedures (see H.R. 2356),

-improve the operation of certain
Medicare+Choice and Medigap programs (see H.R.
491), (2FE)

-improve the telemedicine program and provide
grants for the development of telehealth networks
(see H.R. 3420), [17NO]

increase certain payments to hospitals (see H.R.
2266), [17JN]

increase payments for pap smear laboratory tests
(see H.R. 976), [4MR] (see H.R. 2930), (23SE]

-increase payments for physician services pro-
vided in health professional shortage areas in Alaska
and Hawaii (see H.R. 2967), [28SE]

increase payments to providers for case manager
services in rural areas (see H.R. 1646), [29AP]

-increase payments to skilled nursing facilities
that have a significant proportion of residents with
AIDS (see H.R. 3029), [60C]

-limit penalty for late enrollment (see H.R. 914),

-limit reductions in Federal payments under the
prospective payment system for hospital outpatient
department services (see H.R. 2241), (16JN]

-make changes in payment methodologies and
provide coverage of outpatient prescription drugs to
beneficiaries who lose drug coverage under
Medicare+Choice plans (see H.R. 3086), [140C]

-make refinements in the prospective payment
system for outpatient hospital services (see H.R.
2979), (30SE)

-modify restrictions on physician self-referral
(see H.R. 2651), (29JY]

-modify treatment of certain patient days for pur-
poses of determining the amount of disproportionate
share adjustment payments to hospitals (see H.R.
1529), [22AP]

-payment for insulin pumps (see H.R. 360),

-preserve and expand (see H. Con. Res. 135),

-prevent sudden disruption of beneficiary enroll-
ment in Medicare+Choice plans (see H.R. 141),

-prohibit collection of data from home health
agencies under the OASIS data collection program
from non-Medicare patients (see H.R. 2246), [16JN]

-protect right of beneficiaries enrolled in
Medicare+Choice plans to receive services at any
skilled nursing facility (see H.R. 3004), [40C]

-provide additional benefits to prevent or delay
the onset of illnesses (see H.R. 1968), [26MY]

-provide for independent case managers for
home health services (see H.R. 746), [11FE]

-provide greater equity to home health agencies
and ensure access to medically necessary home
health services (see H.R. 2628), [27JY]

-provide more equitable payments to home
health agencies (see H.R. 2546), [16JY]

-provision of physical therapy, occupational ther-
apy, speech-language pathology services, and res-
piratory therapy by a comprehensive outpatient reha-
bilitation facility at a single, fixed location (see H.R.
3441), [17NO]

-reduce amount of coinsurance payable in con-
junction with outpatient department services (see
H.R. 421), (19JA)

-reduce capital payments to certain hospitals with
below average occupancy rates (see H.R. 2199),

-reduce financial liability of physicians providing
certain care under Medicare+Choice program (see
H.R. 1375), [12AP]

-reductions in prescription drug prices (see H.R.
664), (10FE)

-reductions in prescription drug prices (H.R.
664), consideration (see H. Res. 371), [9NO]

-reform beneficiary payment limits for certain
long-existing home health agencies relative to the
interim payment system (see H.R. 2123), [10JN]

-reform purchasing, payment, and administrative
requirements (see H.R. 2115), [9JN]

-reimburse hospitals for psychologist, physician
assistant, and nurse practitioner training costs (see
H.R. 2794), (5AU)

-reimburse hospitals for psychologist training
costs (see H.R. 1140), [16MR]

-reimbursement for chiropractic services (see
H.R. 1046), [9MR]

-reimbursement of routine patient care costs for
individuals participating in approved clinical trials
(see H.R. 61), [7JA]

-remove the sunset and numerical limitation on
participation in Medicare+Choice medical savings
account plans (see H.R. 2068), [8JN] (see H.R.
2173), [10JN]

-repeal interim payment system, eliminate man-
datory reduction under the prospective payment sys-
tem, and continue periodic interim payments for
home health services (see H.R. 2361), [24JN]

-repeal restriction on payment for hospital dis-
charges to post-acute care (see H.R. 405), [19JA)
(see H.R. 1936), [25MY]

-repeal the financial limitation on rehabilitation
services (see H.R. 1385), [13AP]

-require advanced notice to managed care plan
enrollees of hospital termination under such plans
(see H.R. 1639), [29AP]

-require appropriate training and certification for
suppliers of certain listed items of orthotics or pros-
thetics (see H.R. 1938), [25MY]

-require certain additional information in state-
ments of explanation of benefits provided to bene-
ficiaries (see H.R. 1511), [21AP]
-require Dept. of HHS study on mortality and
adverse outcome rates of patients receiving anesthe-
sia services (see H.R. 632), [9FE] (see H.R. 2002),

-require governing boards of national accrediting
entities to have public representation and open meet-
ings (see H.R. 2174), (10JN)

-require universal product numbers on claims
forms for reimbursement for durable medical equip-
ment and other items (see H.R. 418), [19JA)

--restore the non-applicability of private contracts
for the provision of benefits (see H.R. 958), [3MR]

-restrictions on changes in benefits under
Medicare+Choice plans (see H.R. 1134), [16MR]

-revise inflation update factor used in making
payments to prospective payment system hospitals
(see H.R. 3114), [200C)

-revise interim payment system to home health
agencies for home health services (see H.R. 2492),
[13JY) (see H.R. 2744), (5AU]

-revise payment amounts to home health agen-
cies (see H.R. 2240), (16JN]

-standardize clinical practice guidelines to im-
prove delivery of services (see H.R. 2069), (8JN]

-treatment of payments to Medicare+Choice or-
ganizations relative to disproportionate share hospital
payments (see H.R. 1103), [11MR]

-waive waiting period for coverage and provide
coverage of drugs for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

(see H.R. 353), (19JA)
Medicare Eligible Military Retiree Health Care Consen-

sus Task Force: establish (see H.R. 119), [7JA]
Medicare Payment Advisory Commission: expand

membership and include individuals with expertise
in manufacturing and distributing finished medical

goods (see H.R. 3271), [9NO]
Medicare/Medicaid: restrict use and require recording

and reporting of information on use of physical and
chemical restraints and seclusion in mental health
facilities (see H.R. 1313), [25MR]


-surety bond requirements for home health agen-
cies, durable medical equipment suppliers, and others

(see H.R. 2325), [23JN)
Mental health: clarify application of certain mental

health parity provisions to annual and lifetime visit,
benefit, and dollar limits (see H.R. 2445), [1JY]

-provide for treatment parity (see H.R. 2593),
Motor vehicles: establish requirements for the cancella-

tion of automobile insurance policies (see H.R. 644),

-limit liability of rental or leasing companies
for negligent operation of rented or leased vehicles
(see H.R. 1954), [26MY]

-provide consumers choice of auto insurance,
guarantee affordable premiums, and improve com-
pensation for accident victims (see H.R. 1475),

National Flood Insurance Program: improve predisaster

mitigation and facilitate voluntary buyouts of repet-
itively flooded properties (see H.R. 1297), [25MR]

(see H.R. 2728), (SAU)
Pensions: require plan administrators that provide ac-

cess to automobile insurance to submit certain infor-
mation on such insurance to the FTC (see H.R.

2006), (8JN)
Pharmaceuticals: demonstration project to expand eligi-

bility under existing State prescription drug assist-
ance programs for low-income seniors (see H.R.

2375), [29JN)
Senior citizens: establish a consumer price index for

elderly consumers to compute cost-of-living in-
creases for Social Security and Medicare benefits
(see H.R. 1422), [14AP] (see H.R. 2180), [10JN]

establish a program of pharmacy assistance fee
for elderly persons who have no health insurance
coverage (see H.R. 723), [11FE]

-limit hardship endured when meeting prescrip-
tion drug needs (see H. Con. Res. 152), [13JY]

-prevent and increase penalties for crimes such
as health care, pension, and telemarketing fraud, and
nursing home abuse and fraud (see H.R. 1862),

Small business: protect from litigation excesses and

limit product liability of non-manufacturer product
sellers (see H.R. 2366), (25JN]

provide employees with a simple, secure, and
fully portable defined benefit plan (see H.R. 2190),

-use of welfare-to-work funds to form alliances
to purchase discounted health insurance for welfare-
to-work program eligible employees (see H.R. 2238),

Social Security: allow diversion of percentage of pay-

roll tax payments into personal investment plans and
extend the Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability Insur-
ance Program (see H.R. 250), [7JA] (see H.R. 1793),

-allow States to use State Children's Health In-
surance Program allotment to cover uninsured preg-
nant women (see H.R. 1843), [18MY]

clarify exemption of certain children with spe-
cial needs from State option to use managed care
(see H.R. 3332), [10NO]

constitutional amendment relative to budget
treatment of Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability In-
surance Program and the hospital insurance program
(see H.J. Res. 40), [16MR]

continue eligibility for child's insurance benefits
to individuals who marry and have Hansen's disease
(see H.R. 3280), [9NO]

effects of reform proposals on women (see H.
Res. 34), [2FE)

eliminate benefit penalties to individuals receiv-
ing pensions from noncovered employment (see H.R.
742), [11FE)

ensure solvency of trust funds (see H.R. 37),
[6JA] (see H.R. 3012), [50C]

establish and maintain individual investment ac-
counts (see H.R. 1897), [20MY]

expand health care coverage for working, dis-
abled individuals and establish a Ticket to Work
and Self-Sufficiency Program to provide work oppor-

tunities for such individuals (see H.R. 1091), [11MR]
(see H.R. 1180), [18MR]

extend rural Advanced Life Support intercept
services to other areas (see H.R. 2711), [4AU]

-improve computation system for certain workers
who attain age 65 (see H.R. 538), [3FE]

-improve coverage of low-income children under
State Children's Health Insurance Program and Med-
icaid (see H.R. 827), [24FE] (see H.R. 3480),

-level of benefit payment in the month of the
beneficiary's death (see H.R. 163), (see H.R. 287),

-make corrections in Medicare, Medicaid, and
State Children's Health Insurance Program relative
to the Balanced Budget Act (see H.R. 3075), (140C]
(see H.R. 3146), [260C) (see H.R. 3426), [17NO]

-permit children covered under the State Chil-
dren's Health Insurance Program to be eligible for
the Federal Vaccines for Children Program (see H.R.
2976), [29SE]

-permit members of the clergy to be exempt
from coverage at any time during career (see H.R.
1061), [10MR)

-permit members of the clergy to revoke their
exemption from coverage (see H.R. 133), [7JA)

-preserve all budget surpluses until legislation
is enacted to strengthen and protect Social Security
and Medicare (see H.R. 1927), [25MY]

-promote identification of children eligible for
State Children's Health Insurance Program and Med-
icaid (see H.R. 2807), [8SE]

-protect Social Security surpluses and reserve a
portion of non-Social Security surpluses to strength-
en and protect Medicare (see H.R. 3165), [280C]

-provide annual statement of accrued liability of
the Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance
Program (see H.R. 244), [7JA]

-provide disabled beneficiaries opportunities to
return to work, and extend Medicare coverage and
tax credits for such beneficiaries (see H.R. 3070),

-provide enrollment period for Medicare and
Medigap relative to certain military retirees and de-
pendents (see H.R. 743), [11FE)

-provide lump-sum death payments (see H.R.
3281), [9NO]

-reform (see H.R. 1), [1MR]

-remove limitations on outside income while re-
ceiving benefits (see H.R. 47), [6JA] (see H.R. 288),
[7JA] (see H.R. 519), [3FE]

-require specific legislative recommendations to
ensure solvency of trust funds (see H.R. 245), [7JA]

-treatment of severe spinal cord injuries relative
to certain earnings (see H.R. 401), [19JA]

-waive waiting period for disability benefits rel-
ative to individuals with terminal illnesses (see H.R.

1107), [11MR]
States: improve data collection and evaluation of chil-

dren's health coverage under the State Children's
Health Insurance Program and Medicaid (see H.R.
1545), [22AP]

-increase allotments to territories under the State
Children's Health Insurance Program (see H.R. 806),

Taxation: allow a refundable credit for certain Medi-

care premiums (see H.R. 122), [7JA] (see H.R.
1772), [12MY]

-allow credit to military retirees for Medicare
coverage (see H.R. 121), [7JA]

allow individuals a refundable credit for the
purchase of private health insurance and provide for
a report on State health insurance safety-net pro-
grams (see H.R. 2362), [25JN)

-allow individuals a refundable credit for the
purchase of private health insurance through a pool-
ing arrangement (see H.R. 2185), (143N)

-allow individuals to designate refunds to pro-
vide catastrophic health coverage to individuals who
do not otherwise have health coverage (see H.R.
2433), (1JY]

-allow penalty-free distributions from qualified
retirement plans on account of the death or disability
of the participant's spouse (see H.R. 2826), [9SE]

clarify exemption from the self-employment tax
for termination payments received by former life
insurance salesmen (see H.R. 1593), [28AP]

credits for health insurance costs of employees
not eligible to participate in employer-subsidized
health coverage (see H.R. 1819), [14MY]

deduction for health insurance premiums (see
H.R. 145), [7JA) (see H.R. 1177), [18MR]

-deny charitable contribution deduction for trans-
fers associated with split-dollar insurance arrange-
ments (see H.R. 572), [4FE] (see H.R. 630), [9FE]

-deny deduction for certain reparations received
by Holocaust survivors (see H.R. 3511), [19NO]

disclose to Federal employees the Government's
share of taxes paid for old-age, survivors, disability,
and hospital insurance for the employee (see H.R.
1263), [24MR]

disclosure of employer's share of taxes paid
for old-age, survivors, disability, and hospital insur-
ance for the employee (see H.R. 1264), [24MR]

ensure employees retain hospital insurance tax
exemption relative to consolidation of a political sub-
division with the State (see H.R. 873), [25FE]

exclude reparations received by Holocaust sur-
vivors (see H.R. 390), [19JA] (see H.R. 1292),

-full deduction of health insurance costs for self-
employed individuals (see H.R. 225), [7JA] (see
H.R. 611), [4FE] (see H.R. 918), [2MR] (see H.R.
980), [4MR]

-impose a tax on certain unearned income and
provide tax relief by reducing the rate of the Social
Security payroll tax (see H.R. 1099), [11MR]

-permit consolidation of life insurance companies
with other companies (see H.R. 2431), [1JY]

-permit penalty-free withdrawals from retirement
plans for medical expenses of certain older relatives
(see H.R. 253), (see H.R. 275), [7JA]

-provide disaster relief for homeowners (see H.R.
2393), [30JN)

-provide incentives for health coverage (see H.R.
2261), [17JN]

provide marriage penalty relief, incentives to
encourage health coverage, and increased child care
assistance, and extend certain expiring tax provisions
(see H.R. 2020), (8JN]

-provide tax-exempt status for organizations cre-
ated by a State to provide property and casualty
insurance coverage for property (see H.R. 264),

-treatment of active financing income earned
overseas by financial services firms (see H.R. 681),

-treatment of employers who maintain a self-
insured health plan for their employees (see H.R.
2304), [22JN]

-treatment of flexible spending arrangements rel-
ative to long-term care insurance (see H.R. 161),

-treatment of individual health insurance costs
and employees who elect not to participate in em-
ployer subsidized health plans (see H.R. 1687),

-treatment of marriage penalty, estate taxes,
long-term care needs, child care, health insurance
costs for self-employed individuals, and the alter-
native minimum tax (see H.R. 2085), [9JN]

-treatment of medical savings accounts (see H.R.
614), [8FE)

-treatment of unused benefits under cafeteria
plans that allow flexible spending accounts for out-

of-pocket medical expenses (see H.R. 3034), [60C]
Ticket to Work and Work Incentives Improvement Act

(H.R. 1180): consideration of conference report (see
H. Res. 387), [17NO)

-corrections in enrollment (see H. Con. Res.
236), [18NO]
Trust funds: investment of several Federal health-relat-

ed and retirement trust funds in broad-based private

equities indices (see H.R. 633), [9FE]
Veterans: extend dependency and indemnity compensa-

tion benefits to surviving spouses whose subsequent
marriages have terminated (see H.R. 708), [11FE]

[ocr errors]


increase service-connected disability benefits for
veterans and survivors (see H.R. 1765), (12MY]

-payment of certain group life insurance benefits
to beneficiaries of deceased members of the uni-

formed services (see H.R. 2206), [15JN]
Women: allow direct access to obstetrician-gyne-
cologists (see H. Res. 164), [6MY]

coverage of screening mammography (see H.R.
524), [3FE] (see H.R. 1132), [16MR]

-implement coverage of reconstructive breast sur-
gery resulting from mastectomies (see H.R. 3224),

World War II: recovery of insurance issued for victims

of the Holocaust (see H.R. 126), [7JA]
Conference reports
Framework for the Affiliation of Banks, Securities

Firms, and Other Financial Service Providers (S.

900), [2NO]
Ticket to Work and Work Incentives Improvement Act

(H.R. 1180), (17NOJ
Strengthen Social Security and Medicare Act: President

Clinton, [260C]
Financial institutions: provide framework for the affili-

ation of banks, securities firms, and other financial
service providers (H.R. 10), (1JY]

-provide framework for the affiliation of banks,
securities firms, and other financial service providers

(S. 900), [30JY]
Health: national policy to provide health care and re-

form insurance procedures (H.R. 2990), [60C],

Reports filed
Agricultural Risk Protection Act: Committee on Agri-

culture (House) (H.R. 2559) (H. Rept. 106-300),

[5AU], [22SE)
Aviation War Risk Insurance Program Reauthorization:

Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure

(House) (H.R. 98) (H. Rept. 106–2), [2FE]
Comprehensive Budget Process Reform Act: Commit-

tee on Appropriations (House) (H.R. 853) (H. Rept.
106–198), [24JN]

-Committee on Rules (House) (H.R. 853) (H.
Rept. 106-198), (5AU]

-Committee on the Budget (House) (H.R. 853)
(H. Rept. 106–198), [5AU)
Consideration of Conference Report on H.R. 1180,

Ticket to Work and Work Incentives Improvement
Act: Committee on Rules (House) (H. Res. 387)

(H. Rept. 106–482), [17NO]
Consideration of Conference Report on S. 900, Frame-

work for the Affiliation of Banks, Securities Firms,
and Other Financial Service Providers: Committee
on Rules (House) (H. Res. 355) (H. Rept. 106–

440), [2NO]
Consideration of H.R. 10, Financial Services Act: Com-

mittee on Rules (House) (H. Res. 235) (H. Rept.

106–214), (30JN]
Consideration of H.R. 707, Disaster Mitigation and

Cost Reduction Act: Committee on Rules (House)

(H. Res. 91) (H. Rept. 106-41), (3MR]
Consideration of H.R. 2559, Agricultural Risk Protec-

tion Act: Committee on Rules (House) (H. Res. 308)

(H. Rept. 106-346), (28SE)
Consideration of H.R. 2723, Bipartisan Consensus

Managed Care Improvement Act: Committee on
Rules (House) (H. Res. 323) (H. Rept. 106–366),

Consideration of H.R. 2990, Quality Care for the Unin-

sured Act: Committee on Rules (House) (H. Res.

323) (H. Rept. 106-366), (50C]
Disaster Mitigation and Cost Reduction Act: Commit-

tee on Transportation and Infrastructure (House)

(H.R. 707) (H. Rept. 106-40), (3MR]
Financial Services Act: Committee on Banking and

Financial Services (House) (H.R. 10) (H. Rept. 106–
74), [23MR), (10JN]

-Committee on Commerce (House) (H.R. 10) (H.
Rept. 106–74), (15JN)
Framework for the Affiliation of Banks, Securities

Firms, and Other Financial Service Providers: Com-
mittee of Conference (S. 900) (H. Rept. 106–434),

Medicaid Coverage of Breast and Cervical Cancer Supply Enhancement Act: Committee on Resources

Treatment Services for Certain Women Screened (House) (H.R. 795) (H. Rept. 106–374), (120C]
Under Federally Funded Programs: Committee on INTERMODAL SURFACE TRANSPORTATION EF-
Commerce (House) (H.R. 1070) (H. Rept. 106–486), FICIENCY ACT

Bills and resolutions
Medicare, Medicaid, and SCHIP Balanced Budget Re Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century: repeal

finement Act: Committee on Ways and Means the Interstate System Reconstruction and Rehabilita-
(House) (H.R. 3075) (H. Rept. 106-436), [2NO]

tion Pilot Program (see H.R. 1252), [24MR]
Prohibit Transfers or Discharges of Medicaid Residents INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE

of Nursing Facilities: Committee on Commerce Appointments
(House) (H.R. 540) (H. Rept. 106-44), [8MR)

Conferees: H.R. 2488, Financial Freedom Act, [2AU]
Senate Amendment to H.R. 2990, Quality Care for Bills and resolutions

the Uninsured Act: Committee on Rules (House) Business and industry: promote and improve employee
(H. Res. 348) (H. Rept. 106-430), [1NO]

stock ownership plans (see H.R. 2124), [10JN]
Ticket to Work and Work Incentives Improvement Act: Dept. of the Treasury: codify authority to issue regula-

Committee of Conference (H.R. 1180) (H. Rept. tions covering the practices of enrolled agents (see
106-478), (17NO]

H.R. 3491), [18NO]
-Committee on Ways and Means (House) (H.R. Federal employees: extend civil service retirement op-
3070) (H. Rept. 106-393), [180C]

tions to IRS revenue officers, INS inspectors, and
Work Incentives Improvement Act: Committee on certain other Federal law enforcement officers (see

Commerce (House) (H.R. 1180) (H. Rept. 106-220), H.R. 1228), [23MR]

Internal Revenue Code: simplify certain provisions (see

Small business: provide regulatory assistance (see H.R.
Conference reports

296), [7JA]
Provisions (H.R. 1554), [9NO]

Taxation: allow designation of charity contributions on
Reports filed

tax returns and establish the Checkoff for Charity
Provisions: Committee of Conference (H.R. 1554) (H. Commission to ensure payment of contributions (see
Rept. 106-464), [9NO]

H.R. 2053), (8JN]

-allow income tax refund (see H.R. 1254),

Conferees: H.R. 1555, intelligence services appropria-

-allow individuals to designate percentage of
tions, [22SE]

their tax overpayments or to make contributions for
Bills and resolutions

units of the National Park System (see H.R. 1154),
Appropriations: authorizing (see H.R. 1555), [26AP] [17MR]
-authorizing (H.R. 1555), consideration (see H.

-authorize Federal entities to take control of cer-
Res. 167), [12MY]

tain State child support enforcement programs (see
-authorizing (H.R. 1555), consideration of con H.R. 1488), [20AP]
ference report (see H. Res. 364), [8NO]

clarify that certain small businesses that use
Classified information: identify, collect, and review for merchandise or inventory are permitted to use the

declassification information that is of extraordinary cash method of accounting (see H.R. 2273), (17JN]
public interest (see H.R. 3152), [270C]

eliminate marriage tax penalty (see H.R. 725),
Dept. of Energy: establish moratorium on Foreign Visi-

tors Program and set up counter-intelligence program

eliminate marriage tax penalty by adjusting in-
at nuclear laboratories (see H.R. 1348), [25MR]

come tax rate brackets and standard deduction
Conference reports

amounts (see H.R. 6), [10FE)
Intelligence Services Appropriations (H.R. 1555),

eliminate marriage tax penalty by adjusting

standard deduction amounts (see H.R. 108), [7JA]
Reports filed

ensure confidentiality of advance pricing agree-
Consideration of Conference Report on H.R. 1555, In ments (see H.R. 2378), [29JN]
telligence Services Appropriations: Committee on

ensure tax payments from certain religious indi-
Rules (House) (H. Res. 364) (H. Rept. 106-460), viduals are used for nonmilitary purposes (see H.R.

1454), [15AP]
Consideration of H.R. 1555, Intelligence Services Ap-

extend due date for filing a tax return for any
propriations: Committee on Rules (House) (H. Res. member of a uniformed service on a tour of duty
167) (H. Rept. 106-136), [12MY]

outside the U.S. (see H.R. 1411), [14AP]
Intelligence Services Appropriations: Committee of

-prevent abuse of the enhanced charitable deduc-
Conference (H.R. 1555) (H. Rept. 106-457), (5NO] tion for overseas contributions of drugs (see H.R.

Committee on Intelligence (House, Select) (H.R. 3197), [2NO]
1555) (H. Rept. 106-130), [10MY]

-reduce individual income tax rates, provide mar-

riage penalty and estate and gift tax relief, reduce
Bills and resolutions

taxes on savings and investments, and establish in-
Chippewa Cree Tribe: final settlement of water rights centives for education and health care (see H.R.
claims (see H.R. 795), [23FE]

2488), [13JY]
Federal aid programs: public participation in establish-

-reduce individual income tax rates, provide mar-
ing locations of substance abuse treatment group riage penalty and estate and gift tax relief, reduce
homes (see H.R. 2983), [30SE]

taxes on savings and investments, and establish in-
Native Americans: provide remedies for sovereign trib centives for education and health care (H.R. 2488),

al governments relative to gaming compacts and consideration (see H. Res. 256), [20JY]
gaming participation laws (see H.R. 1811), [13MY]

-reform interest allocation rules (see H.R. 2270),
Schools: establish a partnership to rebuild and modern [17JN)
ize school facilities (see H.R. 2955), [27SE]

-reform Internal Revenue Code through revenue
Taxation: treatment of Indian tribal governments as neutral proposals which protect Social Security and

State, local governments or nonprofit organizations Medicare trust funds (see H. Con. Res. 85), [14AP]
relative to unemployment compensation (see H.R.

-repeal income tax, abolish the IRS, and institute
1943), [26MY]

a national retail sales tax (see H.R. 1467), [15AP]
Treaties and agreements: prohibit executive branch (see H.R. 2001), [27MY] (see H.R. 2525), (14JY]
compliance with the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty

-restore deduction for 2-income married couples
and the multilateral Memorandum of Understanding (see H.R. 1453), [15AP]
related to that treaty (see H.R. 2022), [8JN]

-restructure and replace the income tax system
Reports filed

to meet national priorities (see H.R. 134), [7JA]
Chippewa Cree Tribe of The Rocky Boy's Reservation

-simplify certain provisions of the Internal Reve-
Indian Reserved Water Rights Settlement and Water nue Code (see H.R. 1928), [25MY]

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