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Consideration of H.R. 1655, Dept. of Energy Appro-

4,4'-difluorobenzophenone (see H.R. 2211),
priations for Civilian Research, Development, Dem [150N]
onstration, and Commercial Application Activities:

-light absorbing photo dye (see H.R. 2208,
Committee on Rules (House) (H. Res. 289) (H. Rept. 2210), (15JN)
106-317), (14SE]

Taxation: increase small issuer exemption from pro
Consideration of H.R. 2466, Dept. of the Interior and rata allocation of interest expenses of financial insti-
Related Agencies Appropriations: Committee

tutions to tax-exempt interest (see H.R. 544), [3FE]
Rules (House) (H. Res. 243) (H. Rept. 106–228),

-reform corporate alternative minimum tax (see

H.R. 2318), [23JN]

-treatment of Native American housing assist-
Bills and resolutions

ance programs (see H.R. 152), [7JA]
Aviation: regulation of airspace over National Park

-treatment of tax-exempt bond financing of cer-
System lands (see H.R. 482), [2FE]

tain electrical output facilities (see H.R. 721), [11FE)
Courts: convert a Federal judgeship in Hawaii to per-

manent status and extend statutory authority for mag-

istrate positions in Guam and the Northern Mariana

Bills and resolutions
Islands (see H.R. 944), [2MR]

Agriculture: harmonization of registrations of certain
Dept. of the Interior: conduct a study to determine

pesticides (see H.R. 1913), [24MY]
ways of restoring the natural wetlands conditions Airports: conduct a study to assess and reduce the
in the Kealia Pond National Wildlife Refuge (see

adverse environmental impacts of ground and flight
H.R. 3176), [280C)

operations (see H.R. 1463), [15AP]
Medicaid: increase the Federal medical assistance per-

Bikini Atoll: assist in resettlement and relocation of
centage (see H.R. 442), [2FE]

people (see H.R. 2368), [29JN)
Medicare: increase payments for physician services

Cargo transportation: authorizing appropriations for
provided in health professional shortage areas in

safe transportation of hazardous material (see H.R.
Alaska and Hawaii (see H.R. 2967), [28SE]

968), [3MR)
National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day: observance

CERCLA: amend (see H.R. 617), [8FE]
(see H. Res. 392), [18NO]

-amend relative to settlements by certain quali-
Pearl Harbor Day: treat December 7 in the same man-

fied businesses (see H.R. 2921), [22SE]
ner as Veterans Day for all purposes relative to

-authorize certain research, development, and
Federal employment (see H.R. 965), [3MR]

demonstration activities (see H.R. 3207), [3NO]

clarify liability for sale of certain facilities for

residential use (see H.R. 1418), [14AP]
HAWKINS, AUGUSTUS F. (a former Representative

exempt small businesses from certain liability
from California)

(see H.R. 2247), (16JN]
Bills and resolutions relative to

-limit portion of Superfund expended for admin-
Augustus F. Hawkins Post Office Building, Los Ange-

istration, oversight, support, studies, design, inves-
les, CA: designate (see H.R. 643), [9FE]

tigations, monitoring, assessment and evaluation, and
HAYES, ROBIN (a Representative from North Caro-

enforcement activities (see H.R. 2754), [5AU]

-provide liability relief for small parties, innocent
Bills and resolutions introduced

landowners, and prospective purchasers (see H.R.
Agriculture: emergency assistance to farmers and

2940), [23SE]
ranchers (see H.R. 2843), [13SE]

-reauthorize (see H.R. 2956), [27SE]
Foreign policy: require President adhere to consistent

-reauthorize and reform Superfund program and
policy when introducing Armed Forces into hostile

promote brownfields redevelopment (see H.R. 1300),
situations (see H. Con. Res. 164), [27JY]

Kosovo: use all diplomatic means to negotiate a peace Children and youth: require lead poisoning screening
ful settlement without the introduction of U.S.

for enrollees in certain Federal programs (see H.R.
ground forces (see H. Con. Res. 96), [5MY]

1996), [27MY]
Members of Congress: allow Members to decline an-

Clean Air Act: reduce acid deposition (see H.R. 25),
nual pay adjustments (see H.R. 2622), [27JY]

[6JA] (see H.R. 657), [9FE]
Taxation: extend work opportunity tax credit relative

Colorado: management as open space of certain lands
to hiring of workers in rural areas (see H.R. 998),

at Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site (see

H.R. 2179), [10JN]
HAYWORTH, J.D. (a Representative from Arizona) Courts: clarify jurisdiction and procedures for com-
Bills and resolutions introduced

pensating injuries resulting from the production and
Contracts: prohibit discrimination in awarding Federal mining of beryllium (see H.R. 675), [10FE)
contracts on the basis of labor policies (see H.R.

establish legal standards and procedures for the
2088), [9JN)

fair, prompt, inexpensive, and efficient resolution of
Education: transfer of certain public lands or national asbestos exposure personal injury claims (see H.R.

forest lands for use as elementary or secondary 1283), [25MR)
schools (see H.R. 150), [7JA]

Dept. of Defense: use of funds to pay for environ-
Government: require Congress and the President to ful mental fines and penalties (see H.R. 3387), [16NO]

fill their constitutional duty to take personal respon Dept. of Energy: establish a compensation program

sibility for Federal laws (see H.R. 2301), [22JN] for employees injured in Federal nuclear activities
Native Americans: protect tribes from coerced labor (see H.R. 3495), [18NO]
agreements (see H.R. 2992), [10C]

establish compensation programs for employees
-repeal the Bennett Freeze to allow Navajo Na sustaining illnesses from exposure to beryllium and
tion citizens to live in habitable dwellings and raise other hazardous substances and examine health ef-
their living conditions (see H.R. 151), [7JA]

fects of exposure to hazardous substances (see H.R.
Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community: owner 3418), [17NO] (see H.R. 3478), [18NO]
ship and operation of irrigation works on reservation

-provide compensation and increase safety for
in Maricopa County, AZ (see H.R. 2820), [9SE] on-site storage of spent nuclear fuel and radioactive
Schools: provide matching grants for the construction, waste (see H.R. 1309), [25MR]
renovation and repair of school facilities in areas

-terminate exemption of nonprofit institutions
affected by Federal activities (see H.R. 1842), from civil penalties for violations of nuclear safety

requirements (see H.R. 3383), [16NO]
Swanson, Carl D.: correct administrative error in the Dept. of HUD: provide assistance for startup costs

computation of retired pay (see H.R. 3337), [10NO] of community programs to prevent residentially
Tariff: filter blue green photo dye (see H.R. 2209), based lead poisoning in children (see H.R. 1518),

-fluorinated compound (see H.R. 2207, 2212), Dept. of Veterans Affairs: establish presumption of

service connection for a disease incurred or aggra-

vated while performing inactive duty training (see
H.R. 3230), [4NO)

establish presumption of service connection for
certain chronic symptoms of Persian Gulf Conflict

veterans (see H.R. 2697), [4AU]
Ecology and environment: assessment, cleanup, and re-

development of brownfield sites (see H.R. 1756),

-assist local governments and encourage State
voluntary response programs relative to remediating
brownfield sites (see H.R. 1750), [11MY]

development and use of brownfield sites (see
H.R. 1537), [22AP]

encourage State response programs for contami-
nated sites, remove barriers to cleanup of brownfield
sites, and return contaminated sites to economically
productive or other beneficial uses (see H.R. 2580),

establish standards for cleanup of dry cleaning
solvents (see H.R. 2726), [5AU)

expand public's right to know about toxic
chemical use and release in their communities and
disclose toxins in children's consumer products (see
H.R. 1657), [3MY]

-improve the management of environmental in-
formation and encourage innovation to enhance envi-
ronmental quality (see H.R. 3448), [18NO]

-promote environmental justice by establishing
links between pollution and community health prob-
lems and assist such communities (see H.R. 1510),

-protect children from exposure to certain envi-
ronmental pollutants (see H.R. 199), [7JA]
Electric power: reduce emissions of mercury, carbon

dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and sulfur dioxide from
fossil fuel-fired electric utility generating units (see

H.R. 2980), [30SE]
EPA: certify State voluntary cleanup programs for

brownfield sites and clarify liability of landowners
and prospective purchasers (see H.R. 1391), [13AP]

-prohibit the importation for disposal of poly-
chlorinated biphenyls (PCB's) at certain concentra-
tions (see H.R. 2408), [30JN]

-public disclosure of accidental release scenario
information in risk management plans (see H.R.
1790), [13MY]

-requirements relative to disposal of poly-
chlorinated biphenyls (PCB's) at certain facilities
(see H.R. 2407), [30JN]

-waive oxygen content requirement for certain
reformulated gasoline (see H.R. 3449), [18NO]
Federal employees: eliminate certain inequities in the

computation of retirement benefits for law enforce-
ment officers, firefighters, air traffic controllers, nu-
clear materials couriers, and their survivors (see H.R.

1769), [12MY]
Floods: prevent release of hazardous waste due to

flooding (see H.R. 3093), [180C)
Mercury: require powerplants, industrial plants, and in-

cinerators to reduce emissions (see H.R. 2667),

Motor vehicles: provide for annual renewal of safety

permits relative to transportation of hazardous sub-

stances (see H.R. 646), [9FE]
NRC: require applicants for, or holders of, operating

licenses for nuclear power reactors to have emer-
gency response plans for surrounding areas (see H.R.

1072), [11MR]
Nuclear energy: Portsmouth, OH, and Paducah, KY,

gaseous diffusion plants funding (see H.R. 3151),

Nuclear Waste Policy Act: amend (see H.R. 45), [6JA]
OSHA: exempt voluntary self assessments and audits

from being used to identify safety and health viola-

tions by employers (see H.R. 1438), [15AP]
Pesticides: implement integrated pest management sys-

tems to minimize use in schools and provide parents
and employees with notices of pesticide use (see
H.R. 3275), [9NO]

-making supplemental appropriations to ensure
inclusion in State source water assessment programs

(see H.R. 1909), [24MY]
Pipelines: authorizing appropriations for pipeline safety

activities (see H.R. 1378), [13AP]


-improve safety (see H.R. 3226), [4NO]
Poison control centers: increase funding and establish

toll-free telephone number to improve access (see

H.R. 1221), [23MR]
Radiation Exposure Compensation Act: compensation

for certain individuals exposed to radiation in ura-
nium mines and mills (see H.R. 1516), [21 AP]

compensation for certain individuals exposed to
radiation in uranium mines, mills, or during transport
(see H.R. 1045), [9MR)

-remove requirement that exposure resulting in
stomach cancer occur before a certain age (see H.R.

930), [2MR]
Radioactive substances: remediation of Atlas uranium

milling site near Moab, UT (see H.R. 393), [19JA]

(see H.R. 1559), [26AP)
Railroads: authorize activities under Federal railroad

safety laws (see H.R. 2666), [30JY] (see H.R. 2683),

-reform the safety practices of the railroad indus-
try (see H.R. 2450), [1JY]
Rongelap Atoll: prescribe certain terms for resettlement

of residents due to conditions created from nuclear

testing (see H.R. 2970), [29SE]
Solid Waste Disposal Act: management of remediation

waste at brownfields and other remediation sites (see

H.R. 2718), [5AU]
South Carolina: eliminate use of Savannah River nu-

clear waste separation facilities (see H.R. 2603),

Taxation: allow credit for dry cleaning equipment that

uses reduced amounts of hazardous substances (see
H.R. 1303), [25MR]

-allow private foundations to treat certain costs
of removing hazardous substances as qualifying dis-
tributions (see H.R. 2284), [18JN]

credit for recycling of hazardous wastes (see
H.R. 286), [7JA]

extend expensing of environmental remediation
costs to contaminated sites located outside of tar-
geted areas (see H.R. 2264), [17JN]

-permanently extend environmental remediation
costs (see H.R. 1630), [29AP]
Veterans: expand list of diseases presumed to be serv-

ice connected with respect to radiation-exposed vet-

erans (see H.R. 1286), [25MR]
Water: study and establish a national primary drinking

water standard for radium 224 (see H.R. 2665),


NRC Report: President Clinton, [23JN], [180C]
Veto of H.R. 2606, Foreign Operations, Export Financ-

ing, and Related Programs Appropriations: President

Clinton, [180C]
Reports filed
Bikini Resettlement and Relocation Act: Committee on

Resources (House) (H.R. 2368) (H. Rept. 106–267),

Nuclear Waste Policy Act Amendments: Committee

on Commerce (House) (H.R. 45) (H. Rept. 106-

155), [20MY]
Pipeline Safety Activities Appropriations: Committee

on Commerce (House) (H.R. 1378) (H. Rept. 106–

153), [20MY]
Recycle America's Land Act: Committee on Transpor-

tation and Infrastructure (House) (H.R. 1300) (H.

Rept. 106-353), (30SE]
Rongelap Resettlement Act: Committee on Resources

(House) (H.R. 2970) (H. Rept. 106-404), [200C)
Bills and resolutions
Head Start Program: reauthorize and amend (see H.R.

1722), [6MY]

Conferees: H.R. 1180, Work Incentives Improvement
Act, [280C]

-H.R. 2116, Veterans' Millennium Health Care
Act, [8NO]

-H.R. 2488, Financial Freedom Act, [2AU]

-H.R. 2990, Quality Care for the Uninsured Act,

Social Security Advisory Board, [30SE]
Bills and resolutions
Abortion: constitutional amendment on right to life (see
H.J. Res. 4), [7JA] (see H.J. Res. 31), [23FE]

eliminate prohibitions on the transmission of
abortion related material (see H.R. 2808), [8SE]

-prohibit certain late-term abortions (see H.R.
2149), [10JN]

-protect lives of born and unborn persons (see
H.R. 639), [9FE)

-provide freedom of choice to military personnel
serving overseas (see H.R. 1350), [25MR]

-provide grants for State programs to provide
pregnant women with alternatives to abortion (see

H.R. 2901), [21SE]
Africa: HIV/AIDS prevention programs funding for

sub-Saharan Africa (see H.R. 2765), (5AU]
Agency for Health Care Policy and Research: revise
and extend (see H.R. 2506), [14JY]

-revise and extend (H.R. 2506), consideration
(see H. Res. 299), [22SE]
Agriculture: eliminate use of antibiotic drugs in live-

stock unless there is a reasonable certainty of no
harm to human health (see H.R. 3266), [9NO]

-prohibit transfer or marketing of nonambulatory
cattle, sheep, swine, horses, mules, or goats (see

H.R. 443), [2FE]
Antitrust policy: application of antitrust laws to labor

negotiations by groups of health care professionals

with HMO's (see H.R. 1304), [25MR]
Arlington National Cemetery: authorize memorializa-

tion at the columbarium for eligible veterans who
have donated their remains to science (see H.R.

1069), [11MR]
Armed Forces: alternative financing mechanism for
TRICARE program (see H.R. 476), [2FE]

expand geographic area of the TRICARE senior
supplement demonstration project for certain covered
beneficiaries (see H.R. 955), [3MR]

-improve access to treatment facilities, provide
Medicare reimbursement, and permit enrollment in
Federal Employees Health Benefits Program for vet-
erans and their dependents (see H.R. 1067), [10MR]

-improve TRICARE program (see H.R. 1547),

-make anthrax vaccination immunization pro-
gram voluntary (see H.R. 2543), [16JY]

-protect confidentiality of communications be-
tween dependents of members and professionals rel-
ative to sexual or domestic abuse services (see H.R.
1847), [18MY]

-provide for Medicare subvention demonstration
project for veterans and improve TRICARE program
(see H.R. 1347), [25MR]

-require consent before administering an inves-
tigational new drug or drug unapproved for its ap-
plied use (see H.R. 3460), [18NO]

-restore health care coverage to retired members
of the uniformed services (see H.R. 2966), [28SE]

-suspend anthrax vaccination immunization pro-
gram until it is determined to be safe and effective
(see H.R. 2548), [19JY]

-use of military health care system and com-
missary stores by unremarried former spouses of

members (see H.R. 475), [2FE]
Aviation: develop and implement plans to reduce cer-

tain public risk caused by helicopter operations (see

H.R. 729), (11FE)
Beaches: improve quality of coastal recreation waters
(see H.R. 950), [3MR] (see H.R. 999), [4MR]

-improve quality of coastal recreation waters
(H.R. 999), consideration (see H. Res. 145), [21AP]
Bikini Atoll: assist in resettlement and relocation of

people (see H.R. 2368), [29JN]
Black Lung Benefits Act: ensure benefit equity for
eligible survivors (see H.R. 228), [7JA]

-improve (see H.R. 466), [2FE]
Business and industry: involvement of private compa-

nies in the trafficking of fetal tissue and body parts
(see H. Res. 350), [2NO]

-require certain parent corporations of Federal
contractors to provide health care benefits to retired
employees of the contractor (see H.R. 3506), [18NO]

California: fund and implement a balanced, long-term

solution to groundwater contamination, water supply,
and reliability problems affecting the Eastern Santa

Clara groundwater basin (see H.R. 2483), [12JY]
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: surveil-

lance and research of autism and related develop-
mental diseases to implement effective treatment and

prevention strategies (see H.R. 274), [7JA]
Children and youth: adolescent health demonstration
projects (see H.R. 300), [7JA)

-authorize grants for the prevention of alcoholic
beverage consumption by underage individuals (see
H.R. 3430), [17NO]

-carry out programs to prevent and manage asth-
ma, allergies, and related respiratory problems and
establish a pest control services tax credit for low-
income multifamily residential housing (see H.R.
1966), [26MY]

establish programs for early detection, diagnosis
and intervention of hearing loss in newborns (see
H.R. 1193), [18MR]

establish standards to improve children's health
quality in managed care plans and other health plans
(see H.R. 1661), [4MY]

-improve health of children (see H.R. 1085),

increase public awareness of the dangers of pe-
diatric cancer (see H. Con. Res. 115), [25MY]

increase the availability, affordability, and qual-
ity of child care (see H.R. 30), [15AP] (see H.R.
2943), [24SE)

-meet mental health and substance abuse treat-
ment needs of incarcerated children and youth (see
H.R. 837), [24FE]

-mental health services (see H.R. 3455), [18NO]

-provide for grants, a national clearinghouse, and
a report to improve the quality and availability of
after-school programs (see H.R. 1307), [25MR]

-require lead poisoning screening for enrollees
in certain Federal programs (see H.R. 1996), [27MY]

-require posting of CPSC safety standards in
child care centers and require a Dept. of HHS report
with recommendations to promote compliance with

such standards (see H.R. 2552), [19JY]
China, Republic of: assistance for earthquake victims
(see H.J. Res. 70), [50C]

participation in WHO (see H.R. 1794), [13MY]
Civil liberties: protect the privacy of personally identi-

fiable health information (see H.R. 1941), [25MY]
(see H.R. 2878), [15SE]

-provide access, ensure privacy, and impose pen-
alties on unauthorized use of certain health informa-

tion (see H.R. 1057), [10MR]
Civil rights: protect first amendment rights relative to

abortion and reproductive services (see H.R. 270),

Coal: disability benefit eligibility for certain miners

(see H.R. 722), [11FE)
Contraceptives: require equitable coverage of drugs, de-

vices, and services under health insurance plans (see

H.R. 2120), (10JN]
Contracts: require managed care organizations to con-

tract with providers in medically underserved areas

(see H.R. 1860), [19MY]
Controlled Substances Act: civil liability for illegal

manufacturers and distributors of controlled sub-

stances (see H.R. 1042), [9MR]
Correctional institutions: combat the overutilization of

prison health care services and control prisoner
health care costs (see H.R. 1349), [25MR]

-funding for jail-based substance abuse treatment
programs (see H.R. 1114), [16MR]
Courts: establish legal standards and procedures for

the fair, prompt, inexpensive, and efficient resolution
of asbestos exposure personal injury claims (see H.R.
1283), [25MR]

-limit medical malpractice claims (see H.R.
2242), [16JN)

-provide that the inferior courts do not have ju-
risdiction to hear abortion-related cases (see H.R.

3400), [16NO]
Crime: improve Federal enforcement against health

care fraud and abuse (see H.R. 308), [7JA]


-prohibit taking minors across State lines to
avoid State laws requiring parental notification of
abortions (see H.R. 1218), [23MR]

-prohibit taking minors across State lines to
avoid State laws requiring parental notification of
abortions (H.R. 1218), consideration (see H. Res.
233), [29JN]

-protect the civil rights of victims of gender-
motivated violence (see H.R. 3106), [190C]
Cuba: exception to trade embargo for food, medicines

and medical supplies, instruments, or equipment (see

H.R. 230), [7JA] (see H.R. 1644), [29AP]
Death and dying: promote pain management and pallia-

tive care without permitting assisted suicide and eu-
thanasia (see H.R. 2260), [17JN)

-promote pain management and palliative care
without permitting assisted suicide and euthanasia
(H.R. 2260), consideration (see H. Res. 339), [210C]

-recognize prevention of youth suicide as a na-
tional priority (see H. Res. 286), [9SE]
Dentistry: improve access to dentistry programs in un-

derserved areas and health professional shortage

areas (see H.R. 1920), [25MY]
Dept. of Defense: allow Medicare eligible military

health care system beneficiaries to enroll in the Fed-
eral Employees Health Benefits Program (see H.R.
113), (see H.R. 205), [7JA]

continue coverage of custodial care for certain
individuals under the military health care system (see
H.R. 3286), [9NO)

-use available funds to implement special supple-
mental food benefit program for personnel stationed

overseas (see H.R. 1779), [12MY]
Dept. of Energy: establish a compensation program

for employees injured in Federal nuclear activities
(see H.R. 3495), [18NO]

establish compensation programs for employees
sustaining illnesses from exposure to beryllium and
other hazardous substances and examine health ef-
fects of exposure to hazardous substances (see H.R.

3418), [17NO] (see H.R. 3478), [18NO]
Dept. of HHS: collection of information relative to

the use of mentally disabled children and individuals
in biomedical and behavioral research (see H.R.
299), [7JA)

delay effective date of the final rule relative
to the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Net-
work (see H.R. 3242), [5NO]

ensure individuals who undertake federally
funded research and development of drugs enter into
pricing agreements (see H.R. 626), [8FE]

-Healthy Start Program funding (see H.R. 2739),

-make additional payments to certain home
health agencies with high-cost patients and provide
for an interest-free grace period for repayment of
overpayments (see H.R. 1917), [25MY]

-make grants in the form of forgiveable capital
advances to help preserve community hospitals expe-
riencing financial difficulties (see H.R. 2236), [16JN]

-require recreational camps to report information
concerning deaths and certain injuries and illnesses

(see H.R. 266), [7JA)
Dept. of HUD: provide assistance for startup costs

of community programs to prevent residentially
based lead poisoning in children (see H.R. 1518),

Dept. of Labor: require completion of a National Acad-

emy of Sciences study before implementing stand-
ards or guidelines on ergonomics (see H.R. 987),

-require completion of a National Academy of
Sciences study before implementing standards or
guidelines on ergonomics (H.R. 987), consideration

(see H. Res. 271), [2AU]
Dept. of Transportation: make grants to develop a pilot

program on the use of telecommuting as a means
of reducing air pollutant emissions (see H.R. 2556),

Dept. of Veterans Affairs: authorize projects to facili-

tate the treatment of veterans with Alzheimer's dis-
ease (see H. Res. 177), [18MY]

establish an outpatient clinic in Georgia's 7th
Congressional District (see H.R. 1296), [25MR]

establish an outpatient clinic in Salem, OR (see
H.R. 3079), (140C]

establish presumption of service connection for
a disease incurred or aggravated while performing
inactive duty training (see H.R. 3230), [4NO]

establish presumption of service connection for
certain chronic symptoms of Persian Gulf Conflict
veterans (see H.R. 2697), [4AU)

exempt amounts owed for prescription drugs
and medical supplies from certain interest charges
and administrative costs (see H.R. 3227), [4NO]

expand respite care program (see H.R. 1762),

-improve access of veterans to emergency medi-
cal care in non-Dept. of Veterans Affairs medical
facilities (see H.R. 135), [7JA]

-improve allocation of health care resources (see
H.R. 24), (6JA)

-improve health care programs and provide ex-
tended care services for veterans (see H.R. 2116),

-improve outreach program to more fully inform
veterans of available benefits (see H.R. 3256), [8NO]

-improve programs providing counseling and
treatment for sexual trauma experienced by veterans
(see H.R. 1799), [13MY]

-payment of benefits for smoking-related ill-
nesses caused by nicotine dependence developed dur-
ing service (see H.R. 832), [24FE]

-provide grants for toll-free telephone number
to provide information and assistance to veterans
(see H.R. 2736), [5AU]

-provide long-term nursing care at public ex-
pense to veterans with extensive service-connected
disabilities (see H.R. 1432), [15AP]

-use portion of any national tobacco settlement
for veterans health care (see H.R. 691), [10FE]
Discrimination: prohibit health insurance and employ-

ment discrimination on the basis of genetic informa-

tion (see H.R. 2457), [1JY]
Diseases: Depts. of HHS and Education asthma pro-

grams funding and authority (see H.R. 1965),

-distribution of information the human
papillomavirus (see H.R. 3248), [8NO]

efforts to combat fibromyalgia (see H. Res.
237), [30JN)

efforts to prevent transmission of HIV (see H.R.
2405), [30JN)

establish a commission to recommend a strategy
for the global eradication of disease (see H.R. 2399),

establishment and operation of asthma treatment
services for children (see H.R. 2840), [13SE]

expand research activities relative to lupus (see
H.R. 762), (12FE]

-importance of education, early detection, and
treatment in the prevention of breast cancer (see
H. Res. 278), (5AU]

-increase public awareness, encourage regular
testing and examinations, and extend research pro-
grams for prostate cancer (see H. Res. 211), [16JN]

-increase research, treatment, and public edu-
cation of Lyme disease (see H.R. 2790), [5AU]

-increased support and funding to combat diabe-
tes (see H. Res. 325), [70C]

issue special postage stamps to fund AIDS re-
search and education programs (see H.R. 597), [4FE]

-issue special postage stamps to fund Alz-
heimer's research (see H.R. 1939), [25MY]

-issue special postage stamps to fund diabetes
research (see H.R. 1472), [15AP]

issue special postage stamps to fund prostate
cancer research (see H.R. 2562), [20JY]

Lovarian cancer research programs (see H.R.
961), [3MR]

-promote research into, and the development of
an ultimate cure for, the disease known as fragile
X (see H.R. 1445), [15AP]

-provide for screenings, referrals, and education
relative to osteoporosis (see H.R. 2471), [12JY]

-recognize the severity of colon cancer and the
need for education in prevention and early detection
(see H. Con. Res. 133), [15JN)


lymphangioleiomyomatosis (see H.R. 2527), [15JY]
District of Columbia: prohibit the Legalization of Mari-

juana for Medical Treatment Initiative from taking

effect (see H.R. 2959), (see H.J. Res. 69), [28SE]
Drug abuse: combat methamphetamine production and

abuse (see H.R. 988), [4MR] (see H.R. 2613),

-prohibit use of Federal funds for needle ex-
change programs (see H.R. 982), [4MR]
Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment Administration:

establish (see H.R. 2576), [21JY]
Drugs: registration requirements for practitioners who

dispense narcotic drugs for maintenance or detoxi-
fication treatment (see H.R. 2634), [29JY]

-treatment of gamma y-hydroxybutyrate and
ketamine hydrochloride relative to the Controlled
Substances Act (see H.R. 3457), [18NO]

use of marijuana for medicinal purposes (see
H.R. 912), [2MR]
Ecology and environment: establish standards for clean-
up of dry cleaning solvents (see H.R. 2726), [5AU]

expand public's right to know about toxic
chemical use and release in their communities and
disclose toxins in children's consumer products (see
H.R. 1657), [3MY]

-promote environmental justice by establishing
links between pollution and community health prob-
lems and assist such communities (see H.R. 1510),

-protect children from exposure to certain envi-
ronmental pollutants (see H.R. 199), [7JA]
Education: establish medical education trust fund (see
H.R. 2771), (5AU)

-recognize success of lay person CPR training
in increasing the rate of survival of cardiac arrest
and support efforts to enhance public awareness of
the need for such training (see H. Con. Res. 139),

Employment: provide that employees that receive cer-

tain increases in health insurance coverage will not
be covered by Federal minimum wage increases (see

H.R. 3409), [16NO]
Energy Policy and Conservation Act: eliminate certain

plumbing supply regulations (see H.R. 623), [8FE]
EPA: limit authority to ban metered-dose inhalers (see

H.R. 136), [7JA]
ERISA: ensure choice of physicians (see H.R. 2275),

establish new procedures and access to courts
for grievances arising under group health plans (see
H.R. 2758), (5AU]

-make group health plan reforms (see H.R.
2095), [9JN]

-provide new procedures and access to review
for grievances arising under group health plans (see
H.R. 2089), [9JN]

-provide that participants in disability insurance
plans are entitled to judicial review of certain benefit

determinations (see H.R. 1773), [12MY]
Families and domestic relations: demonstration projects

to support State and local efforts to provide partial
or full wage replacement for childbirth, adoption,
or other caregiving needs (see H.R. 2500), [13JY]

-improve the availability of child care and devel-
opment services outside normal school hours (see
H.R. 489), [2FE]

-improve the availability of child care for chil-
dren of parents working nontraditional hours or shifts
(see H.R. 2694), [3AU]

-increase availability, affordability, and quality
of child care and enhance early childhood develop-
ment (see H.R. 1139), [16MR]

-limit the effects of domestic violence on the
lives of children (see H.R. 3315), [10NO]
Family and Medical Leave Act: allow leave for paren-

tal involvement in educational and extracurricular
activities, routine medical needs, and assistance to
elderly relatives (see H.R. 2103), [9JN]

allow leave to care for a domestic partner, par-
ent-in-law, adult child, sibling, or grandparent with
a serious health condition (see H.R. 2104), [9JN]

-amend (see H.R. 91), [7JA]


[ocr errors]


eliminate an hours of service requirement for
benefits (see H.R. 3297), [10NO]
FDA: establish a comprehensive program to ensure
food safety (see H.R. 1612), [28AP]

-require sunscreen products to include an expira-
tion date and storage recommendations on label (see
H.R. 2658), [30JY]

-uniform food safety warning notification re-
quirements (see H.R. 2129), [10JN]
Federal aid programs: public participation in establish-

ing locations of substance abuse treatment group

homes (see H.R. 2983), [30SE]
Federal Employee Health Benefits Program: allow par-

ticipation by individuals aged 55 to 65 who would
not otherwise have health insurance (see H.R. 55),

Federal employees: availability of health coverage for
dependent parents (see H.R. 2096), [9JN]

enable the Government to enroll an employee's
child in the Federal Employees Health Benefits Pro-
gram when the employee fails to provide coverage
for the child under a State court order (see H.R.
2842), [13SE]

establish program under which current and
former employees may obtain long-term care insur-
ance (see H.R. 110), [7JA] (see H.R. 602), [4FE]
(see H.R. 1111), [16MR]

-health benefits coverage for hearing aids and
examinations (see H.R. 2321), [23JN]

-health benefits coverage for infertility treatment
(see H.R. 2706), [4AU]

-health benefits coverage of services by chiro-
practors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, naturo-
pathic physicians, and midwifes (see H.R. 2360),

-increase leave time relative to services as an
organ donor (see H.R. 457), [2FE]

-require any health benefits plan which provides
obstetrical benefits to provide coverage for the diag-
nosis and treatment of infertility (see H.R. 2774),

-treatment of Government physicians' com-
parability allowances as basic pay for retirement pur-

poses (see H.R. 207), [7JA)
Federal Employees Health Benefits Program: allow op-

tion of obtaining coverage for self and children only
(see H.R. 1170), [17MR]

-coverage of acupuncturist services (see H.R.
1890), [20MY]

-coverage of bone mass measurements (see H.R.
933), (2MR]
Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act: provide for

enhanced implementation of Food Quality Protection
Act amendments (see H.R. 1334), [25MR]

Frequire persons who reprocess medical devices
to comply with certain safety requirements (see H.R.
3148), [260C)

-safeguard public health and provide food that
is safe, unadulterated, and honestly presented (see

H.R. 1346), [25MR]
Food: consumer access to information on the health

benefits of foods and dietary supplements (see H.R.
1077), [11MR]

-improve public health and food safety through
enhanced enforcement of food inspection laws (see
H.R. 983), (4MR)

-improve safety of imported foods (see H.R.
830), [24FE] (see H.R. 2055), [8JN]

-initiatives to protect and inform the public about
food allergies (see H. Res. 309), [28SE]

-promote clinical research and development on
dietary supplements and foods and establish a new
legal classification for dietary supplements and food
with health benefits (see H.R. 3001), [10C)

-require labels on food that contains, or is pro-
duced with, a genetically engineered material (see

H.R. 3377), [16NO]
Food industry: freshness dates on food (see H.R. 2897),

Food Quality Protection Act: establish certain require-

ments (see H.R. 1592), [28AP]
Food Safety Administration: establish as independent

agency to consolidate food safety, labeling, and in-
spection functions (see H.R. 2345), [24JN]

Food stamps: permit purchase of vitamin and mineral

supplements (see H.R. 3304), [10NO]
Foreign Assistance Act: authorize appropriations for

certain infant and child health programs (see H.R.

2028), [8JN]
Foreign countries: require congressional approval of

U.S. economic sanctions on agricultural products,
medicines, and medical products (see H.R. 2993),
[10C] (see H.R. 3140), [250C]

-require GAO report on effectiveness of eco-
nomic sanctions and prohibit imposition of unilateral
sanctions on exports of food, agricultural products,
medicines, or medical supplies and equipment (see

H.R. 212), [7JA)
Foreign trade: strengthen U.S. ability to counteract for-

eign measures that act as market access barriers (see

H.R. 3393), [16NO]
Genetics: limitations on disclosure and use of genetic

information (see H.R. 2555), [19JY]
Government: maintenance of certain health information

when a health care facility has closed or a benefit
plan sponsor has ceased to do business (see H.R.

307), [7JA]
GSA: convey a parcel of land in the District of Colum-

bia for construction of the National Health Museum

(see H.R. 3171), (280C)
Hawaii: increase the Federal medical assistance per-

centage (see H.R. 442), [2FE]
Hazardous substances: increase funding for poison con-

trol centers and establish toll-free telephone number

to improve access (see H.R. 1221), [23MR]
Health Care Access, Affordability, and Quality Com-

mission: establish (see H.R. 2042), [8JN]
Health care facilities: assure availability of a non-emer-

gency department physician in certain hospitals (see
H.R. 567), (3FEJ

exempt physician office laboratories from clini-
cal laboratory requirements (see H.R. 528), [3FE)
Health Care Financing Administration: moratorium on

new rules (see H.R. 2689), [3AU]
Health care professionals: admission requirements for

nonimmigrant nurses willing to practice in under-
served areas (see H.R. 414), [19JA) (see H.R. 441),

-allow access to drugs and medical devices rec-
ommended and provided by health care practitioners
that are not approved by the FDA (see H.R. 2635),

establish a national abusive and criminal back-
ground check system for patient care workers (see
H.R. 2627), (27JY]

establish demonstration projects to provide spe-
cialized assistance to victims of sexual assault and
interpersonal violence in hospital emergency rooms
(see H.R. 3287), [9NO]

-prohibit discrimination or retaliation against
health care workers who report unsafe conditions
and practices (see H.R. 137), [7JA]

training to identify, address, and prevent domes-
tic violence (see H.R. 3317), [10NO]
Health Professions Education Partnership Act: applica-

bility to the Health Education Assistance Program

(see H.R. 2148), [10JN]
Immigration: assure that funds provided for State emer-

gency health services furnished to undocumented
aliens are used to reimburse hospitals and their relat-
ed providers that treat undocumented aliens (see
H.R. 2205), [15JN)

-pilot program to extend voluntary departure pe-
riod for certain nonimmigrant aliens admitted under
the Visa Waiver Pilot Program for medical treatment
in the U.S. (see H.R. 2961), [28SE]

-waive naturalization requirement to take oath
of renunciation and allegiance for certain disabled

or impaired applicants (see H.R. 1846), [18MY]
Indian Health Service: elevate position of Director to

Assistant Sec. of HHS (see H.R. 403), [19JA)
Individuals with Disabilities Education Act: funding

(see H. Con. Res. 84), [13AP]
Insurance: apply group health plan portability require-

ments to students covered under college-sponsored
health plans (see H.R. 991), [4MR]

-assure coverage of emergency services under
group health plans and health insurance (see H.R.
904), [2MR]

-coverage and treatment of emergency services
under health plans (see H.R. 2045), [8JN]

-coverage of colorectal cancer screening (see
H.R. 1816), [13MY]

coverage of long-term care services (see H.R.
2691), [3AU) (see H. Con. Res. 8), [7JA)

-coverage of minimum hospital stays for
mastectomies and lymph node removals relative to
breast cancer and coverage for secondary consulta-
tions (see H.R. 383), [19JA] (see H.R. 1911),

-coverage of prescription drugs (see H.R. 3319),

-coverage of screening mammography (see H.R.
524), [3FE] (see H.R. 1132), [16MR]

-disclose limitations placed on medical care serv-
ices to plan participants that would otherwise be
protected under State law (see H.R. 2113), [9JN]

ensure access to information relative to plan
coverage, managed care procedures, health care pro-
viders, and quality medical care (see H.R. 2046),

ensure coverage of emergency ambulance serv-
ices (see H.R. 1777), [12MY]

-establish certain requirements for managed care
plans (see H.R. 3259), [8NO]

establish hospital lengths of stay based on a
determination by an appropriate physician in con-
sultation with the patient (see H.R. 989), [4MR]

-extend COBRA continu on health coverage fo
individuals 55 and older (see H.R. 2227), [15JN]

extend COBRA continuation health coverage for
surviving spouses (see H.R. 1335), [25MR]

-implement coverage of reconstructive breast sur-
gery resulting from mastectomies (see H.R. 3224),

-permit individuals to continue health plan cov-
erage during participation in approved clinical stud-
ies (see H.R. 2769), [5AU]

-prohibit use of genetic information in determin-
ing coverage or premiums (see H.R. 293), (see H.R.
306), [7JA]

-promote purchase of private long-term care in-
surance by providing tax deductibility, State Medic-
aid flexibility, and information dissemination (see
H.R. 1261), [24MR]

-protection of enrollees in managed care plans
and HMO's (see H.R. 358), [19JA) (see H.R. 448),
[2FE] (see H.R. 719), [11FE] (see H.R. 1133),
[16MR] (see H.R. 2723), [5AU) (see H.R. 2824),
[9SE] (see H.R. 2926), [23SEJ

-protection of enrollees in managed care plans
and HMO's (H.R. 358), consideration (see H. Res.
197), [27MY] (see H. Res. 310), [28SE]

-protection of enrollees in managed care plans
and HMO's (H.R. 2723), consideration (see H. Res.
323), (50C]

-protection of enrollees in managed care plans
and preserve against preemption of certain State
causes of action (see H.R. 216), [7JA]

-provide coverage for individuals participating in
approved cancer clinical trials (see H.R. 3110),

-provide equitable coverage of mental health,
substance abuse, and chemical dependency treatment
services under group and individual health coverage
(see H.R. 1515), [21AP]

-provide nondiscriminatory coverage of sub-
stance abuse treatment services under private group
and individual health coverage (see H.R. 1977),

-require children-only coverage option under
group health plans (see H.R. 1169), [17MR]

-require coverage of bone mass measurements
and inform women concerning reproductive and
post-menopausal health care choices (see H.R. 925),

-require coverage of hair prostheses for individ-
uals with scalp hair loss as a result of alopecia
areata (see H.R. 3328), [10NO]

-require group and individual health insurance
plans to provide coverage of cancer screening (see
H.R. 1285), [25MR]


-require group health plans and health insurance
issuers to provide coverage for human leukocyte
antigen testing (see H.R. 2021), [8JN]

-require group health plans and health insurance
issuers to provide independent review of adverse
coverage determinations (see H.R. 2309), [22JN]

-require group health plans to provide access
to unrestricted medical advice (see H.R. 2043), [8JN]

-require group health plans to provide coverage
of pediatric care (see H.R. 2044), [8JN]

-require health insurance issuers to notify partici-
pants of impending termination of coverage due to
the failure of a group health plan to pay premiums
(see H.R. 845), [24FE]

-require health plans to cover treatment of a
minor child's congenital or developmental deformity
or disorder due to trauma, infection, tumor, or dis-
ease (see H.R. 49), [JA]

-require health plans to provide adequate access
to services provided by obstetrician-gynecologists
(see H.R. 1806), [13MY] (see H.R. 2041), [8JN]

-require health plans to provide coverage for a
minimum hospital stay for certain breast cancer treat-
ments (see H.R. 116), [7JA]

-study future long-term care needs (see H.R.
1716), [6MY]

-tax treatment of long-term care services, edu-
cational campaign on long-term care, and expansion
of State long-term care partnerships by exempting
partnership assets from Medicaid estate recovery (see

H.R. 2102), [9JN)
Internet: regulation of online sales of pharmaceuticals

(see H.R. 2763), [5AU]
Jerry O'Brien Dept. of Veterans Affairs Outpatient

Clinic, Melbourne, FL: designate (see H.R. 2330),

Medicaid: allow fraud control units to investigate and

prosecute fraud in Medicare and other Federal pro-
grams and elder abuse in residential facilities (see
H.R. 3045), [70C]

-allow States to use State Children's Health In-
surance Program allotment to cover additional low-
income children (see H.R. 458), [2FE]

assure preservation of safety net hospitals
through maintenance of Disproportionate Share Hos-
pital Program (see H.R. 3103), [190C]

coverage of breast and cervical cancer treatment
services for certain women screened under federally
funded programs (see H.R. 1070), [11MR]

coverage of disabled children and individuals
who became disabled as children without regard to
income or assets (see H.R. 821), [24FE]

coverage of screening mammography and
screening pap smears (see H.R. 302), (7JA]

coverage of services provided by nurse practi-
tioners and clinical nurse specialists (see H.R. 1514),

-definition of audiologist (see H.R. 1068),

eliminate the termination of additional Federal
payments to States for outreach and eligibility deter-
mination administrative costs (see H.R. 2912),

establish new prospective payment system for
Federally-qualified health centers and rural health
clinics (see H.R. 2341), [24JN]

exempt disabled individuals from being required
to enroll with a managed care entity (see H.R. 797),

extend the higher Federal medical assistance
payment percentage for Indian Health Service facili-
ties to urban Indian health programs (see H.R. 470),

-permit presumptive eligibility of Medicare bene-
ficiaries for certain low-income Medicare beneficiary
programs (see H.R. 854), [25FE]

-permit public schools and other entities to deter-
mine presumptive eligibility for low-income children
(see H.R. 1298), [25MR]

-permit State waiver authority to provide medical
assistance in cases of congenital heart defects (see
H.R. 3325), (10NO)

-permit States the option to provide coverage
for low-income individuals infected with HIV (see
H.R. 1591), (28AP]

-prohibit transfers or discharges of residents of
nursing facilities (see H.R. 540), [3FE]

-protect payments to previously approved State
school-based health plans for Medicaid-eligible chil-
dren with individualized education programs (see
H.R. 3486), [18NO]

-provide State options to allow eligibility for
legal immigrant pregnant women, children, and cer-
tain disabled individuals (see H.R. 1399), [14AP]

-reduce infant mortality through improvement of
coverage of services to pregnant women and infants
(see H.R. 301), [7JA]

-reinstate prior level of disproportionate share
hospital payments to Minnesota (see H.R. 1610),

Freinstate prior level of disproportionate share
hospital payments to Minnesota, New Mexico, and
Wyoming (see H.R. 2800), [5AU]

-remove limit on disproportionate share hospital
payments to Ohio (see H.R. 3065), [130C]

-remove special financial limitations on Puerto
Rico and certain other territories relative to medical
assistance for Medicare cost-sharing and for veterans
(sec H.R. 2333), [23JN]

-require payment by States of certain individual-
ized education programs medical services under the
Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (see H.R.
1672), [4MY]

-require prorating of beneficiary contributions
relative to partial coverage for nursing facility serv-
ices during a month (see H.R. 2852), [14SE]

-restrict imposition of liens and estate recovery
for long-term care services provided to certain indi-
viduals (see H.R. 161), [7JA]

-treatment of payments made as a result of to-
bacco industry liability settlement (see H.R. 351),

-waive Federal claim to State tobacco settlements
if State uses funds for smoking reduction programs
and economic assistance for tobacco farming com-
munities (see H.R. 1232), [23MR]

-waive Federal claim to State tobacco settlements
if State uses funds only for smoking reduction and
public health programs (see H.R. 610), [4FE] (see

H.R. 1289), [25MR]
Medicare: accelerate payments to hospitals relative to

costs of graduate medical education for
Medicare+Choice enrollees (see H.R. 2989), [30SE]

-administrative fee for submission of paper rather
than electronic claims (see H.R. 2114), [9JN]

-adverse impact of current payment policy for
noninvasive positive pressure ventilators on individ-
uals with severe respiratory diseases (see H. Con.
Res. 138), [22JN]

-allow certain organizations to purchase home-
care services from self-employed caregivers through
home-care referral agencies (see H.R. 3041), [70C)

-allow petitioners for coverage of new tech-
nologies or procedures to meet with the Health Care
Financing Administration to develop written plans
(see H.R. 2338), [24JN]

-assure access to managed health care through
the cost contract program (see H.R. 2268), [17JN]

-calculation of Medicare+Choice payments for
medical services at Dept. of Veterans Affairs and
Dept. of Defense facilities (see H.R. 2447), [1JY]

change rate of increase for Medicare+Choice
capitation rates (see H.R. 3092), [180C]

clarify non-preemption of State prescription
drug benefit laws relative to Medicare+Choice plans
(see H.R. 549), [3FE]

combat fraud and abuse relative to partial hos-
pitalization services (see H.R. 1543), [22AP]

-combat waste, fraud, and abuse (see H.R. 2229),
[15JN) (see H.R. 3461), [18NO]

comprehensive financing for graduate medical
education (see H.R. 1224), [23MR]

contract reform (see H.R. 312), [7JA]

contracting with certain hospitals to provide cer-
tain surgical procedures and related services at a
single rate (see H.R. 1392), [13AP]

coverage of acupuncturist services (see H.R.
1890), [20MY]

coverage of adult day care services (see H.R.
745), [11FE)

coverage of advanced new therapies to treat
diabetic foot ulcers (see H.R. 2369), [29JN]

coverage of chiropractic services under
Medicare+Choice program (see H. Con. Res. 62),

-coverage of chronic disease prescription drugs
(see H.R. 1796), [13MY]

coverage of frail elderly beneficiaries perma-
nently residing in certain nursing facilities (see H.R.
1998), [27MY]

coverage of glaucoma detection services (see
H.R. 2620), [27JY]

coverage of inpatient hospital services in Puerto
Rico (see H.R. 2712), [4AU)

-coverage of marriage and family therapist serv-
ices (see H.R. 2945), [24SE]

coverage of medical nutrition therapy services
(see H.R. 1187), [18MR]

coverage of nursing facilities and in-home serv-
ices (see H.R. 131), [7JA]

coverage of outpatient prescription drugs (see
H.R. 886), [1MR] (see H.R. 1109), [15MR] (see
H.R. 1495), (20AP) (see H.R. 2012), [8JN] (see H.R.
2782), [5AU) (see H.R. 3482), [18NO] (see H. Con.
Res. 149), [1JY]

coverage of outpatient prescription drugs for
low-income beneficiaries and provision of stop-loss
protection for outpatient prescription drug expenses
(see H.R. 2925), [23SE]

coverage of outpatient prescription drugs (H.R.
1495), consideration (see H. Res. 372), [9NO]

coverage of screening retinal eye examinations
for individuals with diabetes (see H.R. 1542), [22AP]

-coverage of vision rehabilitation services (see
H.R. 2870), [15SE]

-demonstration project to provide coverage for
cancer patients enrolled in certain clinical trials (see
H.R. 1388), [13AP]

-designate certain diabetes educators as certified
providers for purposes of outpatient diabetes edu-
cation services (see H.R. 3003), [40C]

develop and implement a single, unified pro-
spective payment system for post-care hospital serv-
ices (see H.R. 2070), [8JN]
-disclose staffing and performance data, provide
whistleblower protections, and review mergers and
acquisitions relative to Medicare providers (see H.R.
1288), [25MR]

eliminate budget neutrality adjustment factor
used in calculating blended capitation rate
Medicare+Choice organizations (see H.R. 406),
[19JA] (see H.R. 1088), [11MR]

eliminate reduction in payment amounts to
home health agencies and provide for an interest-
free grace period for repayment of overpayments
(see H.R. 2618), [27JY]

eliminate time limitation on benefits for im-
munosuppressive drugs (see H.R. 1115), [16MR)

ensure access to comparable prescription drug
coverage in Medigap policies relative to termination
of Medicare+Choice plans (see H.R. 634), [9FE]

ensure geographic reclassifications of hospitals
in urban areas do not result in lower wage indexes
(see H.R. 3216), (3NO]

ensure proper payment of approved nursing and
paramedical education programs (see H.R. 1483),

ensure reimbursement for certain ambulance
services and improve the efficiency of the emergency
medical system (see H.R. 2831), [9SE]

establish a demonstration project to provide
beneficiaries greater information on various courses
of treatment for certain diseases or injuries (see H.R.
1544), (22AP]

establish a prospective payment system for psy-
chiatric hospital services (see H.R. 1006), [4MR]

exclude cancer treatment from the prospective
payment system for hospital outpatient services (see
H.R. 1090), [11 MR]

exclude clinical social worker services from
coverage under the skilled nursing facility prospec-
tive payment system (see H.R. 655), [9FE]

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