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-performance plan report, (EC1025) [15MR), (EC1770) [28AP]

-predisaster mitigation programs, disaster relief, and disaster assistance legislation, (EC1238) [23MR]

Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act report, (EC4003) [9SE]

State Hazardous Waste Management Program final rule, (EC5002) [280C)

-suspension of community eligibility final rule, (EC565, EC566) [23FE), (EC1069) [16MR), (EC2875) [12JY], (EC3401) [3AU), (EC4355) [22SE], (EC5199) [5NO], (EC5489) [22NO]

working capital fund legislation, (EC2796) [29JN] FERC: complaint procedures final rule, (EC2629) [16JN]

construction and operation of facilities applications final rule, (EC3097) [19JY]

electronic service of documents final rule, (EC3096) [19JY]

energy facility applications final rule, (EC4877) [210C]

environmental filing requirements final rule, (EC5455) [18NO]

-fee schedule final rule, (EC2763) [25JN]
-filling fees final rule, (EC2762) [25JN]

-Government in the Sunshine Act report, (EC2014) [11MY]

-interstate natural gas pipelines business practice standards final rule, (EC2083) [13MY], (EC2764, EC2766) [25JN)

-off-the-record communications regulations final rule, (EC5057) [INO)

open access same-time information system and standards of conduct final rule, (EC597) (23FE]

open access same-time information system final rule, (EC3098) [19JY]

-project cost and annual limits final rule, (EC2765) [25JN]

-report, (EC3406) [3AU) Financial Management Service: bonds final rule,

(EC880) [3MR] Forest Service: Tongass land management plan revision

decision, (EC3183) [21JY] FRS: availability of funds and collection of checks final rule, (EC1851) [5MY], (EC5104) [2NO]

-brokers and dealers credit final rule, (EC4280) [21SE]

consumer leasing final rule, (EC 1690) [22AP]

credit by brokers and dealers final rule, (EC800) [2MR]

-Government in the Sunshine Act report, (EC1362) [12AP]

-Inspector General report, (EC3036) [14JY]

-monetary policy report, (EC1455) [12AP], (EC3403) [3AU]

National Flood Insurance Program final rule, (EC4563) [29SE]

-profitability of credit card operations report, (EC3319) [2AU)

-report, (EC2702) [23JN]

-risk-based capital final rule, (EC1106, EC1107) [18MR), (EC 1692) [22AP]

-truth in savings final rule, (EC4029) [13SE]

-truth-in-lending final rule, (EC 1691) [22AP] FTC: appropriations legislation, (EC1530) [14AP]

cigar sales, advertising, and promotional expenditures report, (EC3420) [3AU]

-Cigarette Labeling and Advertising Act report, (EC3539) (4AU]

decorative wall paneling industry final rule, (EC46) [19JA)

energy and water consumption final rule, (EC1479) [13AP]

-Fair Debt Collection Practices Act report, (EC1853) [5MY]

-Federal Managers' Financial Integrity Act report, (EC215) [2FE]

-Government in the Sunshine Act report, (EC3268) [29JY]

-limited liability companies final rule, (EC1098) [17MR] -pet food industry guides final rule, (EC5058) [INO]

-premerger notification final rule, (EC3211) [22JY]

-report, (EC1054) [15MR), (EC1220) [23MR] -smokeless tobacco sales report, (EC167) [2FE]

-watch industry guidelines final rule, (EC2990) [13JY] GAO: bid protest report, (EC889) [4MR]

-Capitol Preservation Fund financial statements report, (EC4554) [28SE]

employees detailed to congressional committees report, (EC890) [4MR], (EC3796) [5AU]

-investigations, audits, and evaluations report, (EC203) [2FE), (EC813) [2MR], (EC1079) [16MR), (EC1970) [10MY], (EC2698) [22JN), (EC3360) [2AU)

-proposed and enacted rescissions report, (EC2104) [14MY]

-reports, (EC342) [4FE), (EC405) [8FE], (EC1095, EC1096) [17MR), (EC1869) [5MY], (EC2575) [10JN), (EC2746) [24JN), (EC3434) [3AU), (EC3996) [9SE), (EC4904) [250C], (EC5437) [17NO), (EC5460) [18NO]

-rescissions and deferrals final rule, (EC2105) [14MY], (EC4272) [21SE]

-Research Notification System report, (EC2703) [23JN), (EC3998) [SE], (EC4320) [21SE), (EC4673) [60C), (EC5339) [15NO]

-retirement system report, (EC1816) (3MY]

-vacancy report, (EC3363) [2AU), (EC3435) [3AU) Geological Survey: Marine Mammal Protection Act re

port, (EC1875) [5MY] Georgia State Properties Commission: agreement on

location of Georgia and South Carolina boundary,

[13JY) Girl Scouts: report, (EC1582) [19AP] GSA: acquisition regulations final rule, (EC657)

[23FE), (EC1175) [22MR), (EC2673) [18JN), (EC3555) [4AU]

-audit report, (EC3364) [2AU]

-BATF National Laboratory Center and the Fire Investigation Research and Education Facility status report, (EC3229) [26JY]

-building alterations District of Columbia, (EC2379) [26MY]

-building project survey report, (EC2566) [9JN]
Clean Air Act report, (EC4981) [270C]
-Fair Act inventory report, (EC5182) [4NO]

-Federal Advisory Committee Act report, (EC216) [2FE]

-Government employees operating privately owned vehicles report, (EC2016) [11MY]

-Inspector General report, (EC3107) [19JY]
-lease prospectus, (EC3187) [21JY]
performance plan report, (EC1027) (15MR)

-personal property furnished to non-Federal recipients report, (EC4454) [24SE]

procurement report, (EC1369) [12AP]

-Public Buildings Service capital investment and leasing program report, (EC3228) [26JY]

-report, (EC1461) [12AP] Harry S Truman Scholarship Foundation: report,

(EC1566) (19AP] House of Representatives: Members' personal financial disclosure statements report, (EC3216) [22JY]

-receipts and expenditures report, (EC667) [23FE), (EC2090) [13MY], (EC3804) [5AU),

(EC5462) (18NO] INS: adjustment of status of persons admitted for permanent residence final rule, (EC2472) [7JN] application for refugee status

refugee status final rule, (EC2404) [27MY]

-Canadian Border Boat Landing Program final rule, (EC3184) [21JY]

educational requirements for naturalization of certain applicants final rule, (EC826) [2MR]

employment requirements final rule, (EC683) [23FE]

-health workers final rule, (EC2186) [18MY]

-immigrant visas final rule, (EC254) [2FE), (EC825) [2MR]

-nonimmigrant classification final rule, (EC2941) [12JY]

-receipts for employment eligibility verification final rule, (EC1134) [18MR]

-suspension of deportation of certain foreign nationals final rule, (EC2405) [27MY]

Visa Waiver Pilot Program final rule, (EC4204) [15SE] International Fund for Ireland: report, (EC2330)

[25MY] International Trade Administration: Market Develop

ment Cooperator Program final rule, (EC2661)

[17JN) Interstate Commission on the Potomac River Basin:

financial statement, (EC2925) [12JY] IRS: accident and health plan adoption final rule, (EC1448) [12AP]

-accounting period and method changes final rule, (EC764) [25FE), (EC1205) [22MR), (EC1943) [6MY]

-administrative, procedural, and miscellaneous final rule, (EC1445) [12AP]

-adoption taxpayer identification numbers final rule, (EC4523) [27SE)

-Appeals Customer Service Program final rule, (EC4791) [140C]

-audit procedures final rule, (EC475) [10FE), (EC790) (IMR]

-balanced measuring system final rule, (EC4380) [22SE]

-bond factor amounts final rule, (EC4230) [15SE]

capital gains installment sales final rule, (EC4114) [13SE]

charitable remainder trusts and capital gains final rule, (EC1588) [19AP]

charitable split-dollar insurance transactions final rule, (EC2617) [15JN]

closing agreements final rule, (EC2291) [20MY], (EC4348) [21SEJ

compromises final rule, (EC3188) [21JY]

consolidated returns final rule, (EC2975) [12JY], (EC4221) [15SE]

coordinated issue final rule, (EC837) [2MR), (EC4115, EC4116) [13SE]

-court docket final rule, (EC3973) [8SE], (EC4222, EC4223, EC4224, EC4225, EC4226, EC4227) [15SE), (EC4550, EC4551) [28SE), (EC4597) [30SE), (EC4707) [60C), (EC4790) [140C)

-debt instruments inflation index final rule, (EC4229) [15SE]

-debt instruments issue price final rule, (EC105) [19JA), (EC1051) [15MR), (EC1281) [24MR), (EC1743) [26AP], (EC2046) [11MY], (EC4417) [13SE]

department store inventory price indexes final rule, (EC2976) [12JY], (EC3478) [3AU), (EC4113) [13SE]

determination of correct tax liability final rule, (EC3155) [20JY], (EC3966) [8SE]

differential earnings rate final rule, (EC3723) [5AU]

disaster losses final rule, (EC839) [2MR]
-discount factors final rule, (EC4706) [60C]

distributions to foreign persons final rule, (EC3961) [8SE), (EC4118) [13SE]

early referral of issues appeals final rule, (EC3635) [4AU)

education tax credit final rule, (EC2544) [8JN]

effective date of regulations final rule, (EC2522) [7JN)

-Eisenberg v. Commissioner final rule, (EC464, EC465) [9FE]

electronic funds transfer final rule, (EC722) [23FE], (EC938) [8MR), (EC1587) [19AP], (EC1893) [5MY]

employee benefit plans final rule, (EC723, EC724) [23FE]

employee plans corrections examples final rule, (EC3849) [5AU)

employee stock ownership plans final rule, (EC359) [4FE]

employment taxes final rule, (EC289) [2FE]
extension to file final rule, (EC2523) [7JN]


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-farm property valuing method final rule, (EC2070) [12MY]

-filing procedures final rule, (EC722) [23FE), (EC3968) [8SE]

-foreign contingent debt comments request final rule, (EC3156) [20JY]

-foreign loss provisions final rule, (EC101), (EC103) [19JA)

-gifts and inheritances final rule, (EC4842) [1900]

-gross proceeds payment to attorney final rule, (EC5095) [INO]

-group health plans final rule, (EC726) [23FE]

-group-term insurance final rule, (EC2664) [17JN]

-health insurance deductibility for self-employed individuals final rule, (EC1447) [12AP]

-income tax return preparers final rule, (EC286) [2FE), (EC3960) [8SE]

-income tax treaties final rule, (EC25) [6JA] inflation adjustment final rule, (EC4349) [21SE]

-interest rate determination final rule, (EC1241) [23MR), (EC2601) [14JN), (EC3967) [8SE]

-joint and several liability relief final rule, (EC2248) [19MY]

-Larotonda v. Commissioner final rule, (EC466, EC467) [9FE]

-last-in, first-out inventories final rule, (EC298) [2FE), (EC1052) [15MR), (EC 1450) [12AP], (EC2071) [12MY], (EC2518) [7JN), (EC4626) [10C]

-loss allocations final rule, (EC293) [2FE]

-low-income housing credit final rule, (EC299) [2FE), (EC765) [25FE), (EC2249)

(EC2249) [19MY), (EC2290, EC2292) [20MY], (EC2411) [27MY], (EC3374) [2AU)

-magnetic tape program elimination for Federal tax deposits final rule, (EC3970) [8SE]

-marginal production rates final rule, (EC4382) [22SE]

-Market Segment Specialization Program audit techniques final rule, (EC790) [1MR], (EC838) [2MR), (EC1759) [27AP]

-medical expense deduction for smoking-cessation programs final rule, (EC2721) [23JN]

-medical savings accounts final rule, (EC4708) [60C]

-mining industry coordinated issue final rule, (EC 1444) [12AP]

-mutual life insurance companies final rule, (EC295) [2FE), (EC1152) [18MR]

-nonpayment, under payment, or extension of time for payment final rule, (EC4436) [23SE]

-notice, (EC2382) [26MY]
-notice final rule, (EC357, EC358) [4FE]

optional standard mileage rates final rule, (EC100) [19JA)

-Oshkosh Truck Corp. v. U.S. final rule, (EC1760) [27AP]

-partnership income final rule, (EC5365) [15NOJ -partnership returns final rule, (EC5366) [15NO]

-partnerships and branches final rule, (EC3154) [20JY]

-penalty and interest study final rule, (EC294) [2FE]

-placer mining industry final rule, (EC4473) [24SE]

-private delivery services final rule, (EC3972) [8SE]

-public disclosure of tax exempt organizations materials final rule, (EC2289) (20MY]

qualified intermediate withholding agreements final rule, (EC939, EC940) [8MR]

qualified retirement plans final rule, (EC359) [4FE]

-Qualified Zone Academy bond credit rate final rule, (EC3113, EC3114) [19JY]

-railroad employees supplemental annuity tax exception final rule, (EC3848) [5AU]

-registration final rule, (EC3965) [8SE]

-renewable electricity production credit final rule, (EC2047) [11MY]

-rental agreements final rule, (EC2288) [20MY]

-reopening of U.S. Treasury securities final rule, (EC5363) [15NO]

-reporting methods final rule, (EC108) [19JA]

-research activities tax credits final rule, (EC836, EC837) [2MR]

-returns, claims for refunds, credits or abatements final rule, (EC296, EC297) [2FE), (EC725) [23FE), (EC 1449, EC1451) [12AP], (EC1944) [6MY], (EC5175) [3NO]

-returns relating to payment of tuition and related expenses and payments of interest on education loans final rule, (EC3636) [4AU]

-revenue procedure final rule, (EC99), (EC104, EC106) [19JA), (EC285, EC287, EC288, EC290, EC291, EC292, EC300) [2FE), (EC719) [23FE), (EC1101) [17MR], (EC1894) [5MY]

-revenue ruling final rule, (EC718, EC720, EC721) [23FE), (EC839) [2MR), (EC1100) [17MR), (EC1300) [25MR), (EC2381) [26MY], (EC3091) [16JY], (EC3189) [21JY], (EC3847) [SAU, (EC3962, EC3971) [8SE), (EC4381) [22SE), (EC4519, EC4520, EC4521, EC4522, EC4524) [27SE), (EC4705) [60C], (EC4792) [140C], (EC4813) [180C), (EC4843) [190C), (EC4960) [260C], (EC5035, EC5036) [280C), (EC5096) [INO], (EC5361, EC5364) [15NO), (EC5435) [17NO), (EC5560, EC5561) [22NO]

-rollover distributions final rule, (EC107) [19JA) -Roth IRA guidelines final rule, (EC766) [25FE]

-rulings and determination letters final ru (EC461, EC462) [9FE), (EC1446) [12AP]

S corporation acquisitions final rule, (EC5362) [15NO]

-schedule revisions final rule, (EC2524) [7JN]

-secured employee benefits settlement final rule, (EC2602) [14JN]

-significant reduction in rate of future benefit accrual final rule, (EC1942) [6MY]

sports franchises final rule, (EC4347) [21SE)

-start-up expenditures final rule, (EC2250) ) [19MY], (EC4112) [13SE]

-tax forms and instructions final rule, (EC2519, EC2520) [7JN]

-Tax Refund Offset Program final rule, (EC4228) [15SE]

-tax relief relative to Operation Allied Force, (EC2287) [20MY]

-taxation of fringe benefits final rule, (EC1280) [24MR), (EC3964) [8SE]

-transfers to foreign partnerships and foreign corporations final rule, (EC463) [9FE), (EC1204) [22MR]

-trusts and estates final rule, (EC3969) [8SE] use of actuarial table final rule, (EC2521) [7JN]

-weighted average interest rate update final rule, (EC102) [19JA), (EC474) [10FE), (EC840) [2MR], (EC1301) [25MR), (EC2069) [12MY], (EC2412) [27MY], (EC2974) [12JY], (EC3846) [5AU],

(EC3963) [8SE), (EC4627) [10C), (EC5097) [INO] ITC: Andean Trade Preference Act report, (EC4919) [250C]

-Caribbean Basin Economic Recovery Act report, (EC4919) [250C]

commercial activities inventory report, (EC5299) [10NO]

-Inspector General report, (EC2924) [12JY], (EC5300) [10NO]

-performance plan report, (EC658) [23FE]

-preliminary critical circumstances findings final rule, (EC4346) [21SE]

-strategic plan report, (EC658) [23FE] James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation: re

port, (EC2182) [18MY] Japan-U.S. Friendship Commission: contracting activi

ties report, (EC5275) [9NO] John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts: com

mercial activities inventory report, (EC5305) [10NO] Judicial Conference of the U.S.: consolidation of judicial offices, (EC876) (3MR]

-Federal courts improvement legislation, (EC2982) [12JY]

-judgeship needs report, (EC3057) [15JY] Kansas: supplemental appropriations legislation,

(EC2694) (22JN]

Legion of Valor of the United States of America, Inc.:

audit report, (EC4641) [40C] Library of Congress: Capitol Preservation Commission report, (EC784) [1MR]

-Capitol Preservation Fund report, (EC2706) [23JN]

copyright fees report, (EC948) [9MR]

-report, (EC3442) [3AU] Little League Baseball, Inc.: report, (EC1583) [19AP] LSC: Inspector General report, (EC2926) [12JY] Marine Mammal Commission: commercial activities in

ventory report, (EC5127) [2NO), (EC5276) [9NO] Medicare Payment Advisory Commission: policies report, (EC3858) [5AU)

-report, (EC4598) [30SE] Merit Systems Protection Board: Federal supervisors and poor performers report, (EC3801) (5AU]

-hiring new employees in a decentralized civil service report, (EC3999) [9SE]

-report, (EC874) [3MR), (EC1552) [15AP], (EC1972) [10MY] Mine Safety and Health Administration: health stand

ards for occupational noise exposure final rule, (EC4173) [15SEJ

-training and retraining of miners final rule, (EC4534) [28SE]

-underground coal mines preshift examinations safety standards final rule, (EC4605) [10C] NASA: acquisition regulations final rule, (EC98)

[19JA), (EC278) [2FE), (EC713) [23FE), (EC1240) [23MR), (EC2149) [14MY], (EC4472) [24SE), (EC4905, EC4906, EC4907, EC4908, EC4909, EC4910, EC4911, EC4912) [250C], (EC4980) [270C), (EC5014, EC5015) [280C), (EC5062, EC5063, EC5064, EC5065) [1NO), (EC5557) [22NO]

-administrative revisions final rule, (EC3473) [3AU]

-commercial activities inventory report, (EC5301) [10NO]

Commercial Space Act amendments, (EC3840) [5AU]

contracting officer's technical representative training final rule, (EC2204) [18MY]

disadvantaged business participation evaluation and incentives final rule, (EC2513) [7JN]

earned value management final rule, (EC1889) [5MY]

electronic funds transfer final rule, (EC1890) [5MY]

-FAR supplement final rule, (EC34374) [3AU]

-foreign proposals to research announcements final rule, (EC4345) [21SE]

Inspector General report, (EC3132) (20JY]

-internal programmatic approval documentation final rule, (EC1439) [12AP]

-labor disputes final rule, (EC1891) [5MY]

-Mentor-Protege Program final rule, (EC1440) [12AP]

-structured approach for profit or fee objective final rule, (EC4624) [10C)

-Superfund implementation final rule, (EC3099) [19JY] National Archives and Records Administration: classi

fied national security information final rule, (EC4615) [10C)

-Information Security Oversight Office final rule, (EC4455) [24SE)

-Nixon Presidential materials final rule, (EC5016) [280C]

Privacy Act final rule, (EC51) [19JA)

-research procedures and regulations final rule, (EC2089) [13MY] National Capital Planning Commission: Inspector Gen

eral report, (EC217) [2FE] National Commission on Libraries and Information

Science: report, (EC3165) [21JY] National Council on Disability: civil rights of air travelers report, (EC1584) [19AP]

-National Voter Registration Act implementation report, (EC4914) [250C)

-report, (EC1540) [15AP] National Council on Radiation Protection and Measure

ments: report, (EC3227) [26JY]


National Credit Union Administration: change of offi

cials in newly chartered or troubled credit unions final rule, (EC3503) [4AU] commercial activities inventory

report, (EC5302) [10NO]

conversions of credit unions to mutual savings banks final rule, (EC4440) [24SE]

-Inspector General report, (EC2927) [12JY]
-loan interest rates final rule, (EC4171) [15SE]

organization and operation of Federal credit unions final rule, (EC31) [19JA), (EC141) [2FE), (EC310) [3FE), (EC3192, EC3193) [22JY], (EC3502, EC3504) [4AU), (EC4172) [15SE), (EC4441) [24SE), (EC5048) [1NO]

-prompt corrective action final rule, (EC2622) [16JN]

-report, (EC1618) [21AP]

-share insurance and appendix final rule, (EC2825) [1JY]

-truth in savings final rule, (EC4170) [15SE] National Endowment for Democracy: Federal Man

agers' Financial Integrity Act report, (EC218) [2FE) National Endowment for the Arts: Federal Managers’ Financial Integrity Act report, (EC219) [2FE]

-Inspector General report, (EC3108) [19JY] National Foundation on the Arts and Humanities: Arts

and Artifacts Indemnity Program report, (EC2055)

[12MY] National Gallery of Art: commercial activities inventory report, (EC5277) [9NO]

-financial statements report, (EC3365) [2AU] National Gambling Impact Study Commission: report,

(EC3369) [2AU] National Mediation Board: report, (EC221) [2FE] National Park Foundation: report, (EC2026) [11MY] National Science Board: Inspector General report,

(EC3037) [14JY] Navajo and Hopi Relocation Commission: Federal

Managers' Financial Integrity Act report, (EC5378)

[16NO] Naval Sea Cadet Corps: audit report, (EC3370) [2AU) NIST: advanced technology report, (EC949) [9MR]

-alliance for math, science, and technology literacy final rule, (EC2598) [143N]

donated educationally useful Federal equipment final rule, (EC835) [2MR] NLRB: commercial activities inventory report, (EC5278) [9NO]

-Federal Managers' Financial Integrity Act report, (EC220) [2FE)

-Government in the Sunshine Act report, (EC782) (IMR), (EC1367) [12AP]

-Inspector General report, (EC2928) [12JY]

-performance plan report, (EC1366) [12AP] NOAA: Alaska exclusive economic zone fisheries final

rule, (EC239, EC241, EC242, EC243, EC246,
EC247) [2FE), (EC441) [9FE), (EC472, EC473)
[10FE), (EC677, EC678, EC679) [23FE), (EC822,
EC823) [2MR), (EC971, EC972) [10MR), (EC981)
[11MR), (EC1030) [15MR), (EC1080) [16MR),
(EC1182, EC1183) [22MR), (EC1289) [25MR),
(EC1374) [12AP), (EC1486, EC1487, EC1488,
EC 1490, EC1491) [13AP], (EC15181518, EC1519)
[14AP), (EC1733, EC1734, EC1735, EC1736,
EC1737, EC1738) [26AP), (EC1773, EC1774,
EC1775, EC1777) [28AP], (EC1973) [10MY],
(EC2022) [11MY), (EC2065) [12MY], (EC2094)
[13MY], (EC2127, EC2128) [14MY], (EC2183,
EC2185) [18MY), (EC2306) [24MY], (EC2338,
EC2339) [25MY), (EC2563) [9JN), (EC2707,
EC2708) [23JN), (EC2748) [24JN), (EC2834,
EC2835, EC2836), (EC2838) [1JY) (EC3208)
[22JY), (EC3447, EC3449, EC3453, EC3454,
EC3455, EC3456) [3AU), (EC3561, EC3562) [4AU),
(EC3714), (EC3809, EC3810, EC3812) [5AU),
(EC3891, EC3892, EC3895, EC3896, EC3897,

EC3899, EC3900, EC3901, EC3902, EC3903,
EC3904), (EC3905) [8SE), (EC4070, EC4072,
EC4073, EC4075, EC4076) [13SE), (EC4197,
EC4198, EC4199, EC4201) [15SE), (EC4249,
EC4252, EC4253, EC4256, EC4257, EC4258),
(EC4259) [17SE), (EC4465) [24SE), (EC4511,
EC4512) [27SE), (EC3620) [10C], (EC4681) [60C),

(EC4728, EC4730) [120C), (EC4769) [130C), (EC4810) [180C), (EC4852) [200C), (EC4915) [250C), (EC4933) [260C), (EC5019, EC5020, EC5021, EC5022, EC5024) [280C), (EC5071, EC5072, EC5073, EC5075) [1NO], (EC5170, EC5171) [3NO), (EC5184, EC5185) [4NO], (EC5382) [16NO]

American Meteorological Society's Industry, Government Scholarship, and Fellowship Program final rule, (EC2312) [24MY]

-Atlantic highly migratory species fisheries final rule, (EC3563) (4AU]

-ballast water treatment and management final rule, (EC1184) [22MR]

-bass fisheries final rule, (EC238), (EC249) [2FE), (EC471) [10FE), (EC759) [25FE], (EC4255) [17SE), (EC4783) [140C]

Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, and South Atlantic fisheries final rule, (EC3906) [8SE), (EC4250) [17SE]

clam fisheries final rule, (EC237), (EC240) [2FE]

Climate and Global Change Program final rule, (EC4435) [23SE]

coastal ecosystems report, (EC5279) [9NO]

Coastal Ocean Program final rule, (EC4324) [21SE]

Coastal Ocean Program proposals request funding announcement, (EC1580) [19AP]

Coastal Services Center Board final rule, (EC5383) [16NO]

-Coastal Zone Management Fund report, (EC2643) [16JN]

cod fisheries final rule, (EC473) [10FE)

ecology and oceanography of harmful algal blooms project proposal request, (EC2351) [25MY]

endangered and threatened wildlife and plants final rule, (EC248) [2FE), (EC2020, EC2021, EC2023, EC2024, EC2025) [11MY], (EC2938) [12JY), (EC3567) [4AU), (EC3811) (5AU)

estuarine research fellowship final rule, (EC4325) [21SE]

-Financial Assistance for Research and Development Projects for the fishing industry final rule, (EC3448) (3AU)

-fisheries final rule, (EC54) [19JA), (EC439) [9FE), (EC927) [8MR), (EC1033) [15MR), (EC1229) [18MR), (EC1263, EC1264) [24MR), (EC1489) [13AP], (EC2092, EC2093) [13MY], (EC3451) [3AU), (EC3894) [8SE), (EC4069, EC4071) [13SE), (EC5128) [2NO), (EC5172) [3NO), (EC5243, EC5244) [8NO), (EC5307, EC5308) [10NO], (EC5386) [16NO]

-flounder fisheries final rule, (EC471) [10FE), (EC759) [25FE), (EC4255) [17SE), (EC4729) [120C], (EC4783) [140C]

-groundfish fisheries final rule, (EC239, EC241, EC243) [2FE), (EC3814) [5AU), (EC4685) [60C], (EC4731) [120C], (EC4785) [140C]

-grouper fisheries final rule, (EC244) [2FE), (EC4001) [9SE]

-halibut and sablefish fisheries final rule, (EC2469) [7JN]

-halibut fisheries final rule, (EC1520) [14AP), (EC4683) [60C]

-High Seas Fishing Compliance Act final rule, (EC55) [19JA)

-highly migratory species fisheries final rule, (EC3452) [3AU), (EC3808) [5AU), (EC4463,

EC4466, EC4467) [24SE), (EC4500) [27SE), (EC4887) [210C], (EC5018, EC5026) [280C), (EC5074) [1NO), (EC5384, EC5387) [16NO]

-lobster fisheries final rule, (EC1029) [15MR] -mackerel fisheries final rule, (EC678) [23FE]

-Magnuson-Stevens Act final rule, (EC680) [23FE), (EC2269) [20MY), (EC4462) [24SE]

-National Fisheries Habitat Program final rule, (EC5280) [9NO]

-National Marine Fisheries Service report, (EC5224) [NO]

-New England fishing capacity report, (EC821) [2MR]

-Northeastern U.S. fisheries final rule, (EC237, EC238), (EC240) [2FE), (EC676) [23FE), (EC759) [25FE), (EC1217) [23MR), (EC1521) [14AP], (EC1581) [19AP], (EC1776) [28AP], (EC1934) [6MY], (EC2129) [14MY], (EC2184) [18MY], (EC2307) [24MY], (EC2468) [7JN), (EC2768) [25JN), (EC2937, EC2939) [12JY], (EC3711, EC3715) [5AU), (EC3898) [8SE), (EC4074) [13SE), (EC4260) [17SE), (EC5023) [280C], (EC5385) [16NO]

-notice and request for proposals final rule, (EC2752) [24JN]

-perch fisheries final rule, (EC4621) [10C]

-pollock fisheries final rule, (EC472, EC473) [10FE), (EC822, EC823) [2MR), (EC4680, EC4682, EC4684, EC4686) [60C]

quahog fisheries final rule, (EC237), (EC240) [2FE]

-Regional Fishery Management Council membership apportionment report, (EC1131) [18MR]

-salmon fisheries final rule, (EC3813) [5AU), (EC4200) [15SE], (EC4784) [140C)

-satellite, data, and information service final rule, (EC3841) [5AU)

-scallop fisheries final rule, (EC4406) [23SE]

-scup fisheries final rule, (EC238) [2FE), (EC471) [10FE), (EC759) [25FE), (EC4255) [17SE), (EC4783) [140C)

-Sea Grant Industry Fellows Program final rule, (EC1181) [22MR], (EC5224) [5NO]

-Sea Grant Technology Program final rule, (EC1185) [22MR]

-sea lion protection final rule, (EC679) [23FE] -shrimp fisheries final rule, (EC4622) [10C]

Shrimp Trawl Bycatch Program report, (EC245) [2FE]

-swordfish fisheries final rule, (EC440) [9FE), (EC1704) [22AP]

-taking and importing of marine mammals final rule, (EC1031, EC1032, EC1034) [15MR), (EC1128, EC1130) [18MR), (EC1218) [23MR), (EC2403) [27MY], (EC2676) (18JN), (EC5129) [2NO]

-towing vessels final rule, (EC5389) [16NO]

-tuna fisheries final rule, (EC409) [8FE), (EC2066), (EC2075) [12MY], (EC3564) [4AU), (EC4000) [9SE), (EC4254), (EC4261) [17SE), (EC4367), (EC4368, EC4369, EC4370) [22SE]

-turtle conservation final rule, (EC2587, EC2588) [14JN), (EC3138) [20JY], (EC4770, EC4771) [130C], (EC4781, EC4782) [140C]

-West Coast fisheries final rule, (EC1627) [21AP], (EC1705) [22AP], (EC1874) [5MY], (EC2234) [19MY], (EC2270) [20MY], (EC2467) [7JN), (EC2562) [9JN), (EC2837) [1JY), (EC3137) [20JY], (EC3565, EC3566) [4AU), (EC4251)

[17SE), (EC5025) [280C] Non-Commissioned Officers Association of the U.S.:

report, (EC3818) [5AU) North Dakota: Devils Lake basin relief, (EC2597)

[14JN] Northeast Interstate Low-Level Radioactive Waste

Commission: report, (EC173) [2FE] Northern Mariana Islands: report, (EC2699) [22JN] NRC: abnormal occurances at licensed nuclear facilities, (EC2900) [12JY]

-accountability report, (EC1971) [10MY]

-acquisition regulations final rule, (EC4187) [15SE]

appropriations legislation, (EC2630) [16JN]

-atomic energy and energy reorganization legislation, (EC2350) [25MY]

-certification renewal and amendment process final rule, (EC4136) (14SE]

changes, tests, and experiments final rule, (EC4724) [120C]

classified information final rule, (EC1963) [10MY]

code case acceptability final rule, (EC3130) [20JY], (EC3327) [2AU]

codes and standards final rule, (EC2119) [14MY], (EC4634) [40C]

-commercial activities inventory report, (EC5340) [15NO), (EC5418) [17NO]


-denial of safeguards report, (EC2902) [12JY] -electronic records final rule, (EC4137) [14SE]

elimination of reporting and holding requirements final rule, (EC1700) [22AP]

enforcement policy final rule, (EC174, EC176) [2FE), (EC854) [3MR), (EC2400) [27MY], (EC3767) [5AU), (EC3888) [8SE), (EC4846) [200C], (EC5228) [8NO]

-fee schedule final rule, (EC2615) [15JN)

-formal and informal adjudicatory hearing procedures final rule, (EC2899) [12JY]

-Government in the Sunshine Act report, (EC1732) [26AP]

-industrial devices final rule, (EC3688) [5AU), (EC4311) [21SE]

-inservice inspection final rule, (EC3129) [20JY] -inspection manual final rule, (EC1113) [18MR]

Integrated Materials Performance Evaluation Program final rule, (EC3328) [2AU]

-laboratory testing of nuclear-grade activated charcoal final rule, (EC2901) [12JY]

-license applications final rule, (EC175) [2FE), (EC921) [8MR]

-license qualification for safety analyses final rule, (EC3766) [5AU]

-licensed operator examination requirements final rule, (EC2059) [12MY]

-licensing requirement for independent storage of spent nuclear fuel and high-level radioactive waste final rule, (EC3544) [4AU]

-maintenance at nuclear power plants final rule, (EC3541) [4AU] -materials licenses final rule, (EC329, EC330,

[3FE), (EC2178) [18MY], (EC2326) [25MY], (EC3542, EC3543) [4AU]

-nondisclosure of safeguards information report, (EC852) [3MR], (EC3687) [5AU], (EC5139) [3NO]

-nuclear material safety and safeguards final rule, (EC2367) [26MY]

-policy and procedure final rule, (EC1349) [12AP]

-power plant operating licenses final rule, (EC4057) [13SE]

--prenatal radiation exposure final rule, (EC3326) [2AU]

-quality assurance programs final rule, (EC1117) [18MR)

-regulatory authority final rule, (EC4310) [21SE] -report, (EC3422) [3AU), (EC4501) [27SE]

-respiratory protection final rule, (EC4831) [190C], (EC5009) [280C]

-reviews and audits of plans and programs, (EC1917) [6MY]

-safety analysis report, (EC4847) [200C]

-spent fuel storage final rule, (EC4312) [21SE), (EC4659) [50C)

-spent nuclear fuel and high-level radioactive waste final rule, (EC853) [3MR]

-standard review plan final rule, (EC1258) [24MR), (EC4804) [180C]

Year 2000 computer problem final rule, (EC2401) [27MY) NSF: Federal Managers' Financial Integrity Act report, (EC659) [23FE]

-Inspector General report, (EC814) [2MR), (EC1028) [15MR), (EC2705) [23JN]

-women, minorities, and persons with disabilities in science and engineering report, (EC2380) [26MY] NTSB: appeal letter to OMB on budget, (EC1462) [12AP]

-budget report, (EC4916) [250C]

-Federal Managers' Financial Integrity Act report, (EC815) [2MR]

-report, (EC4917) [250C] Nuclear Facilities Safety Board: commercial activities

inventory report, (EC5273) [9NO] Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission:

Federal Managers' Financial Integrity Act report, (EC1771) [28AP)

-Inspector General report, (EC1771) [28AP] Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight: re

sponse to OMB report, (EC4913) (250C] Office of Government Ethics: appropriations legislation,

(EC791) [1MR]

-Ethics in Government Act violations monetary penalties inflation adjustments final rule, (EC4331) [21SE]

-financial disclosure waiver provision final rule, (EC4321) [21SE]

-Freedom of Information Act report, (EC2374) [26MY]

-post-employment conflict of interest restrictions final rule, (EC4332) [21SE]

-regulations final rule, (EC222) [2FE)

-standards of ethical conduct for executive branch employees final rule, (EC1177) [22MR] Office of Independent Counsel: audit and investigative activities report, (EC5168) [3NO], (EC5506) [22NO]

-Federal Managers' Financial Integrity Act report, (EC5341) [15NO]

-Inspector General report, (EC5341) [15NO]

-report, (EC5169) [3NO], (EC5422) [17NO], (EC5506) [22NO] Office of Special Counsel: audit and investigative activities report, (EC5222) [5NO]

-Federal Managers' Financial Integrity Act report, (EC228) [2FE)

-report, (EC3440) (3AU) Office of the U.S. Trade Representative: Building

American Prosperity in the 21st Century report, (EC3799) [5AU]

-commercial activities inventory report, (EC5167) (3NOJ OMB: accounting standards report, (EC923) [8MR]

-appropriations legislation report, (EC3404) [3AU)

-budget estimates report, (EC5404) [17NOJ

-budget rescissions and deferrals, (EC128) [2FE), (EC553, EC554) [23FE), (EC1764) [28AP], (EC2315) [25MY], (EC3303) [2AU), (EC4122) [14SE], (EC5133) [3NO]

-commercial activities inventory report, (EC4884) [210C]

-cost estimates for pay-as-you-go calculations report, (EC4442) [24SE]

-deferred maintenance reporting amendments report, (EC3437) (3AU)

-Dept. of Agriculture appropriations legislation, (EC1595) [20AP]

-direct spending or receipts legislation, (EC3320) [2AU), (EC5136) [3NO]

discretionary spending offset legislation, (EC2857) [1JY]

effects of regulation on the economy report, (EC 1459) [12AP]

electronic purchasing and payment in the Federal Government report, (EC3438) [3AU)

emergency appropriations for hurricane damage request, (EC4273) [21SE)

-Federal financial management status report, (EC3436) (3AU)

-Federal government use of voluntary consensus standards report, (EC1299) [25MR]

-Government-wide spending to combat terrorism report, (EC1321) [12AP], (EC1980) [10MY]

-national defense function outlays report, (EC1311) [12AP]

-Paperwork Reduction Act report, (EC2063) [12MY]

-performance plan report, (EC816) (2MR] -prompt payment final rule, (EC4808) [180C) -sequestration report, (EC4479) [27SE)

-U.S.-Caribbean Basin trade enhancement legislation, (EC1242) [23MR]

-Unfunded Mandates Reform Act report, (EC4885) (210C]

-vacancy report, (EC660) [23FE), (EC2017) [11MY], (EC3556) [4AU), (EC5166) [3NO] OPIC: host country development report, (EC2010) [11MY]

-Management Control Review Program report, (EC5473) [19NO]

-performance plan report, (EC2064) [12MY]

-records and testimony of employees final rule, (EC810) [2MR]

-report, (EC1817) (3MY], (EC3027) [14JY] OPM: absence and leave final rule, (EC4365) [22SE]

-appointment of persons who fail to register under Selective Service Law final rule, (EC2930) [12JY]

career transition assistance for surplus and displaced Federal employees final rule, (EC3557) [4AU)

Civil Service Retirement and Disability Fund report, (EC3803) [5AU)

Combined Federal Campaign report, (EC2465) [7JN]

-commercial activities inventory report, (EC5303) [10NO]

-CSRS and FERS inequities legislation, (EC2793) [29JN)

-Dept. of Defense civilian acquisition workforce personnel report, (EC915) [8MR]

drug and alcohol abuse prevention, treatment and rehabilitation programs and services for Federal employees report, (EC1577) [19AP]

excepted service final rule, (EC227) [2FE) -facility designation legislation, (EC2511) [7JN]

-Federal Employees Group Life Insurance final rule, (EC2229) [19MY], (EC2464) [7JN)

-Federal Employees Group Life Insurance Program final rule, (EC1932) [6MY], (EC4809) (180C)

-Federal employees group long-term care insurance legislation, (EC783) [1MR]

-Federal Employees Health Benefits Program legislation, (EC2794) (29JN]

-Federal Employees Health Benefits Program and Dept. of Defense Demonstration Project final rule, (EC3205, EC3206) [22JY]

-Federal Employees Health Benefits Program final rule, (EC1931) [6MY]

-Federal employees overtime pay limitation legislation, (EC2557) [9JN]

-Federal Equal Opportunity Recruitment Program report, (EC225) [2FE)

-Federal Managers’ Financial Integrity Act report, (EC224) [2FE]

-hazardous duty pay final rule, (EC661) [23FE]

-human resources management demonstration project plan, (EC3439) (3AU)

-Inspector General report, (EC3179) [21JY], (EC4457) [24SE]

-interagency career transition assistance for displaced former Panama Canal employees final rule, (EC2463) [7JN]

-locality pay report, (EC223) [2FE]

-lump-sum payments for annual leave final rule, (EC3134) [20JY]

-pay administration final rule, (EC226) [2FE], (EC436) [9FE]

-personnel management demonstration project proposal, (EC1897) [5MY]

-physicians comparability allowances report, (EC3349) [2AU)

-positions restricted to preference eligibles final rule, (EC3558) [4AU)

-prevailing rate system final rule, (EC332) [3FE), (EC1123, EC1124) [18MR), (EC1554) [15AP], (EC1701, EC1702) [22AP), (EC2230) [19MY),

, (EC2921), (EC2931) [12JY], (EC4726, EC4727) [120C], (EC5379) [16NO]

-reduction in force service credit final rule, (EC1930) [6MY]

-reemployment rights of employees performing military duty final rule, (EC2929) [12JY]

-retirement, health and life insurance coverage for certain District of Columbia employees final rule, (EC1553) [15AP]

-retirement coverage error correction legislation, (EC1244) [23MR]

-targeting of early retirement offers by Federal agencies legislation, (EC2639) (8JN]

-temporary and term employment final rule, (EC1578) [19AP]

-voluntary early retirement authority final rule, (EC4768) [130C]

-voluntary separation incentives for Federal agencies reducing employment levels legislation, (EC3802) [5AU]

-Voting Rights Program final rule, (EC4514) [27SE)

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OTS: capital distributions final rule, (EC143) [2FE]

-compensation plan report, (EC1539) [15AP]
consumer report, (EC3045) [14JY]

Credit Union Membership Access Act report, (EC4564) (29SE]

-letters of credit final rule, (EC4168) [15SE]

-minority savings institutions final rule, (EC2880) [12JY]

-risk-based capital final rule, (EC977) [11MR]

-technical amendments final rule, (EC142) [2FE] Panama Canal Commission: appropriations legislation, (EC1781) [29AP]

-Freedom of Information Act report, (EC1772) [28AP]

-Inspector General report, (EC3039) [14JY] Parliamentary Conference of the Americas: report,

(EC3793) [5AU) Peace Corps: Federal Managers' Financial Integrity Act report, (EC925) [8MR)

-Inspector General report, (EC2996) [13JY] Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp.: allocation of assets

in single-employer plans final rule, (EC147) [2FE), (EC755) [25FE), (EC1744) [27AP], (EC1956) [10MY], (EC2432) [7JN], (EC2671) [18JN), (EC3125) [20JY], (EC3507) [4AU), (EC3877) [8SE), (EC4282) [21SE), (EC4802) [180C), (EC5406) [17NO]

-alternative dispute resolution final rule, (EC1955) [10MY]

-financial statements, (EC2072) [12MY] Postal Rate Commission: Government in the Sunshine Act report, (EC52) [19JA)

-international mail cost report, (EC2932) [12JY] Postal Service: Government in the Sunshine Act report, (EC345) [4FE]

-Inspector General report, (EC967) [10MR)

-management report, (EC2933) [12JY] Potomac Electric Power Co.: balance sheet report,

(EC873) (3MR] Presidio Trust: Federal Tort Claims Act report, (EC229) [2FE)

-Freedom of Information Act report, (EC229) [2FE]

-management final rule, (EC229) [2FE), (EC3568) [4AU]

Privacy Act report, (EC229) [2FE] Production Credit Association: retirement plan report,

(EC2585) [14JN] Qatari Embassy: Advisory Council of Qatar letter,

(EC3055) [15JY] Railroad Retirement Board: actuarial status report, (EC3232) (26JY]

-budget estimates report, (EC2251) [19MY], (EC2649) [16JN)

-budget request, (EC4508, EC4525) [27SE)

-commercial activities inventory report, (EC5474) [19NO]

exemption from payment of full commercial rent for real property legislation, (EC2647) (16JN]

-Federal Managers' Financial Integrity Act report, (EC230) [2FE]

Government in the Sunshine Act report, (EC1870) (5MY]

-Inspector General report, (EC2747) (24JN]

-national directory of new hires legislation, (EC2648) [16JN]

-Program Fraud Civil Remedies Act report, (EC5304) [10NO] -unemployment


system report, (EC3231) [26JY] Reserve Officers Association: audit report, (EC4002)

[9SE] Resolution Funding Corp.: internal controls and finan

cial systems report, (EC3180) [21JY] SBA: acquisition regulations final rule, (EC1365) [12AP]

-administrative claims, representations, and indemnifications of employees final rule, (EC3842) (SAU)

-Business Loan Program final rule, (EC1203) [22MR), (EC2967, EC2970) [12JY]

-commercial activities inventory report, (EC5420) [17NO]

commercial loans final rule, (EC4108) [13SE]

Disaster Loan Program final rule, (EC2968) [12JY], (EC4642) [40C]

-Inspector General report, (EC232) [2FE), (EC1368) [12AP]

-internal controls and financial systems report, (EC2935) (12JY]

-management actions report, (EC1368) [12AP]

-separation incentives relative to workforce transition legislation, (EC4385) [22SE]

-small business investment companies final rule, (EC4789) [140C]

-small business size regulations and Government contracting assistance regulations final rule, (EC2966) [12JY]

Surety Bond Guarantees final rule, (EC2969) [12JY] SEC: authorization requests, (EC2903) [12JY]

-broker-dealer registration and reporting final rule, (EC2180) [18MY]

-brokers and dealers reports final rule, (EC3424) [3AU), (EC3545) [4AU), (EC3689) [5AU)

commercial activities inventory report, (EC5419) [17NO]

-compensatory arrangements final rule, (EC978) [11MR]

delivery of prospectuses to investors final rule, (EC5332) [15NO)

-derivative dealers final rule, (EC855) (3MR]

-derivatives markets and commodity exchange report, (EC5469) [18NO]

-EDGAR System final rule, (EC180) [2FE), (EC2327) [25MY]

equity securities final rule, (EC4541) [28SE]

exchanges and alternative trading systems regulations final rule, (EC4969) [270C]

exemption of securities final rule, (EC1116) [18MR]

-frequently asked questions final rule, (EC1115) [18MR]

Government in the Sunshine Act report, (EC4194) [15SE]

-Inspector General report, (EC3109) (19JY]

-international disclosure standards final rule, (EC4613) [10C]

-Investment Advisers Act final rule, (EC179) [2FE]

-investment advisers final rule, (EC1350) [12AP]

investment companies final rule, (EC2120) [14MY]

-investment company assets final rule, (EC340) [4FE]

-investment company deregistration final rule, (EC2266) [20MY]

-management report, (EC231) [2FE]
performance plan report, (EC968) [10MR]

-personal investment activities of investment company personnel final rule, (EC4058) [13SE)

-publication or submission of quotations without specified information final rule, (EC964) [10MR]

-securities exemption final rule, (EC2659) [17JN]

Securities Investor Protection Corp. report, (EC3196) [22JY]

-securities registration final rule, (EC965) [10MR]

-seed capital exemption regulation final rule, (EC979) [11MR]

-segment reporting final rule, (EC178) [2FE]

-takeovers and security holder communications final rule, (EC4970) [270C] Selective Service System: Freedom of Information Act

report, (EC1262) [24MR] South Carolina South Carolina-Georgia Interstate

Compact legislation, (EC3371) [2AU) SSA: administrative review process final rule, (EC1945) [6MY), (EC4664) (50C)

-beneficiaries information report, (EC301) [2FE]

clarification of age as a vocational factor final rule, (EC3850) [5AU]

-commercial activities inventory report, (EC5066) [1NO], (EC5475) [19NOJ

continuing disability reviews report, (EC4918) 250C)

-dual entitlement final rule, (EC5283) [9NO]
-Inspector General report, (EC2920) [12JY]

Social Security and SSI Disability Programs report, (EC2150) [14MY]

Social Security card and numbers misuse report, (EC4861) [200C]

-spouses’, mothers’, fathers', and children's benefits final rule, (EC1453) [12AP]

SSI legislation, (EC4388) [22SE]

-SSI Program report, (EC1452) [12AP], (EC3044) [14JY] Superior Court of the District of Columbia: jury plan

report, (EC924) [8MR] Supreme Court: Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure amendments report, (EC1786) (29AP]

-Federal Rules of Civil Procedure amendments report, (EC1787) (29AP]

-Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure amendments report, (EC1788) [29AP]

-Judicial Conference of the U.S. proceedings report, (EC824) [2MR], (EC3569) [4AU]

-notice, (EC4469) [24SE]

-protective functions report, (EC973) [1OMR] Surface Transportation Board: licensing and related services fees final rule, (EC834) [2MR]

-market dominance determinations final rule, (EC274) [2FE)

-miscellaneous regulations final rule, (EC4262) [17SE)

-rail rates expedited procedures final rule, (EC4107) [13SE]

tariffs for the transportation of property final rule, (EC2096) [13MY]

and Development Agency: audit report, (EC5421) [17NO] TVA: statistical summary report, (EC1820) [3MY] U.S. Botanic Garden: report, (EC4330) [21SE] U.S. Court of Appeals: District of Columbia circuit

opinion, (EC127), (EC255, EC256), (EC275) [2FE), (EC551), (EC684), (EC712) [23FE), (EC5508), (EC5563) [22NO]

opinion, (EC1492, EC1493) [13AP] U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service: Alaska National Wild

life Refuges visitor facility sites final rule, (EC1376) [12AP]

commercial fishing final rule, (EC4932) (260C)

eagle transportation permits final rule, (EC4248) [17SE)

endangered and threatened wildlife and plants final rule, (EC672, EC675) [23FE), (EC1178) [22MR), (EC1517) [14AP), (EC1557) [15AP], (EC1873) [5MY), (EC2336, EC2337) [25MY], (EC2831) [1JY], (EC3135, EC3136) [20JY], (EC3207) [22JY], (EC3712) [5AU), (EC4067) [13SE), (EC4323) [21SE), (EC4366) [22SE], (EC4677) [60C], (EC4849, EC4850, EC4851) [200C], (EC5017) [280C), (EC5476) [19NO]

-hunting and fishing regulations final rule, (EC235, EC236) [2FE)

-Kenai National Wildlife Refuge moose range meadows final rule, (EC1375) [12AP] Marine Mammal Protection

Act report, (EC1875) [5MY]

-migratory birds final rule, (EC926) [8MR), (EC1127) [18MR), (EC2586) [14JN), (EC2675) [18JN), (EC2832) [1JY], (EC3889, EC3890, EC3893) [8SE), (EC4066, EC4068) [13SE), (EC4458, EC4460) [24SE), (EC4570) [29SE]

-safe harbor agreements and candidate conservation agreements with assurance final rule, (EC3450) [3AU)

-subsistence land management regulations in Alaska final rule, (EC3560) [4AU), (EC3713) [5AU]

-wildlife exportation, importation, and transportation final rule, (EC2091) [13MY]

-wildlife refuge lands final rule, (EC4371) [22SE] U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum: commercial activi

ties inventory report, (EC5298) [10NO] U.S. Institute of Peace: audit report, (EC1789) [29AP]

Federal Managers' Financial Integrity Act report, (EC233) [2FE]

-report, (EC728) [23FE)

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