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-Government National Mortgage Association report, (EC1324) [12AP), (EC1601) [20AP]

-home equity conversion mortgages final rule, (EC1105) [18MR]

Housing and Community Development Act programs and activities assistance final rule, (EC1159) [22MR]

Housing for Older Persons Act implementation final rule, (EC1877) [5MY]

-lead-based paint final rule, (EC1473) [13AP]

-multifamily housing assistance final rule, (EC140) [2FE]

-multifamily mortgage insurance final rule, (EC1160) [22MR]

-noncitizen assistance restrictions final rule, (EC2318) [25MY]

performance plan report, (EC1158) [22MR]
-procurement reform report, (EC3640) [4AU]

Public Housing Agency plans final rule, (EC1327) [12AP], (EC4487) [27SE), (EC5045) [1NO]

-public housing development final rule, (EC2667) [18JN]

-Public Housing Drug Elimination Program formula allocation final rule, (EC4439) [24SE]

Public Housing Management Assessment Program final rule, (EC5046) [1NO]

Quality Housing and Work Responsibility Act amendments, (EC3748) [5AU]

-real estate settlement procedures final rule, (EC1326) [12AP]

Section 8 certificate and voucher programs final rule, (EC1472, EC1476) [13AP), (EC1990) [11MY], (EC2317) [25MY], (EC4028) [13SE), (EC4486) [27SE), (EC4867), (EC4869, EC4870) (210C]

Section 8 housing programs final rule, (EC5044, EC5047) [INO]

Section 8 Management Assessment Program final rule, (EC3396) (3AU] -single family mortgage insurance final rule, (EC1471, EC1474, EC1475) [13AP], (EC2986) [13JY], (EC3119) [20JY], (EC4868) (210C]

-single family property disposition final rule, (EC1161) [22MR), (EC3122) [20JY]

-uniform financial reporting standards final rule, (EC1104) [18MR]

vouchers for low-income elderly legislation, (EC3747) [5AU] Dept. of Justice: aliens and immigrants employment final rule, (EC1035) [15MR), (EC4623) [10C]

-Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board final rule, (EC1819) [3MY]

-Asset Forfeiture Program legislation, (EC2798) [29JN)

-birth control, pregnancy, child placement, and abortion final rule, (EC1133) [18MR]

-Board of Immigration Appeals final rule, (EC5245) [8NO]

-Bureau of Justice Assistance report, (EC250) [2FE), (EC4326) [21SE]

civil monetary penalties inflation adjustment final rule, (EC4639) (40C]

classification and program review final rule, (EC1132) [18MR]

combat violent crimes against women on campuses grants final rule, (EC3405) [3AU]

Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act report, (EC682) [23FE]

-Convention Against Torture final rule, (EC1187) [22MR]

court docket final rule, (EC5343) [15NO]

CPSC Government in the Sunshine Act report, (EC1967) [10MY]

-detention criminal aliens legislation, (EC2840) (1JY]

-Dickerson v. U.S. report, (EC5423) [17NO]

electronic funds transfer final rule, (EC3210) [22JY]

-Equal Credit Opportunities Act report, (EC4167) [15SE]

ethical standards for attorneys for the Government final rule, (EC3277) [30JY] -FBI systems systems and procedures final

final rule, (EC4687) [60C]

-Federal Bureau of Prisons cost of incarceration final rule, (EC4203) [15SE]

-Federal Bureau of Prisons final rule, (EC2841, EC2842) [1JY]

-Federal Bureau of Prisons visiting notification final rule, (EC2308) [24MY]

-Federal Managers' Financial Integrity Act report, (EC199) [2FE]

-Federal Prison Industries, Inc., report, (EC2172) [17MY]

-financial institution fraud report, (EC1460) [12AP], (EC4555) [28SE]

-Foreign Agents Registration Act administration report, (EC3715) [5AUJ

-Foreign Agents Registration Act amendments, (EC2839) (1JY]

-Foreign Agents Registration Act report, (EC2564) [9JN]

-Freedom of Information Act report, (EC2013) [11MY]

Government in the Sunshine Act report, (EC1097) [17MR]

-immigrant visas final rule, (EC254) [2FE]
-immigration report, (EC2375) [26MY]

-Inspector General report, (EC2704) [23JN), (EC3038) (14JY)

-money laundering legislation, (EC5438) [17NOJ

Office of Justice Programs report, (EC3368) [2AU]

Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention report, (EC2431) [7JN]

-police corps and law enforcement education report, (EC3817) [5AU)

-Police Corps reimbursements final rule, (EC3573) [4AU]

-Police Recruitment Program guidelines final rule, (EC3575) (4AU)

-prisoners access to interactive computer services report, (EC3111) [19JY]

-Public Integrity Section report, (EC3001) [13JY]

-Public Safety Officers Educational Assistance Program final rule, (EC4202) [15SE]

-Radiation Exposure Compensation Act final rule, (EC1628) [21 AP]

-records system exemption final rule, (EC1968) [10MY], (EC5317) [11NO]

-report, (EC2027) [11MY]

-risk management plans accidental release disclosure legislation, (EC2527) [7JN]

-schedules of controlled substances final rule, (EC4633) [40C]

State Criminal Alien Assistance Program report, (EC3058) [15JY]

-status of certain nonimmigrant aliens final rule, (EC3574) [4AU]

suspension of deportations and cancellation of removals final rule, (EC947) [9MR]

-U.S. Parole Commission report, (EC2700) [22JNI Dept. of Labor: Advisory Council for Employee Wel

fare and Pension Benefit Plans report, (EC1338) [12AP]

-alien labor certification process final rule, (EC3458) (3AU]

-American Samoa wage order final rule, (EC4236) [17SE]

Anti-Deficiency Act violation, (EC132) [2FE)

-Assistant Sec. of Labor for Policy nomination, (EC3270) [29JY]

-audit requirements final rule, (EC1337) [12AP]

-commercial activities inventory report, (EC5416) [17NO]

-dipping and coating operations final rule, (EC1336) [12AP]

employment and training programs report, (EC4571) [29SE)

employment statistics system final rule, (EC918) [8MR]

-ERISA report, (EC144) [2FE]

-improving and elimination regulations final rule, (EC4124, EC4125) (14SE]

-Inspector General report, (EC3351) [2AU]
-opening notice, (EC1176) [22MR]

-OSHA amendments, (EC2783) [29JN]

-payroll deduction programs for individual retirement accounts final rule, (EC3276) [30JY]

-pension plans for professional boxers report, (EC884) [3MR]

-report, (EC3351) [2AU]

Self-Employment Assistance Program report, (EC3043) [14JY]

Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century final rule, (EC4470) [24SE]

Unemployment Insurance Program final rule, (EC1099) [17MR]

-Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act report, (EC1976) [10MY]

-worker adjustment assistance training funds report, (EC282) [2FE), (EC1779) [28 AP], (EC3843) [5AU), (EC4643) [40C]

-Workforce Investment Act final rule, (EC5491) [22NO] Dept. of State: Accountability Review Board report, (EC1354) [12AP], (EC1512) [14AP]

-acquisition regulations final rule, (EC3798) [5AU]

appropriations legislation, (EC1790) [29AP]

-appropriations limitation suspension determination, (EC3379) [2AU]

-Baltic States and Eastern Europe assistance final rule, (EC2004) [11MY]

-biography of potential ambassadorial nominee, (EC4314) [21SE]

-biological, chemical, and nuclear weapons proliferation control report, (EC4063) [13SE]

-Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs final rule, (EC1120) [18MR]

chemical and biological weapons proliferation control report, (EC1353) [12AP]

consular services fee schedule final rule, (EC2801) [30JN], (EC5497) [22NO]

consular services fees final rule, (EC191) [2FE), (EC859) [3MR]

-Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreign Public Officials in International Business Transaction of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development report, (EC2918) [12JY]

cooperative activities with the Commonwealth of Independent States report, (EC1121) [18MR]

Cooperative Threat Reduction Act implementation report, (EC4848) [200C)

counternarcotics assistance for Colombia, Ecuador, Panama and Peru report, (EC4505) [27SE]

counternarcotics responsibilities strategy report, (EC5496) [22NO]

danger pay report, (EC1805, EC1806) [3MY), (EC2994) [13JY), (EC3346) 2AU), (EC3431) [3AU), (EC3695) [5AU]

-denial of visas to confiscators of American property report, (EC3003) [13JY)

determination relative to countries not cooperating with U.S. antiterrorism efforts, (EC2303) [24MY]

documentation of nonimmigrants final rule, (EC1377) [12AP]

economic and political transition in Indonesia report, (EC2371) [26MY]

-Economic Support Fund allocations report, (EC608) [23FE), (EC2695) [22JN]

-Egyptian financing of sale and coproduction of tanks, (EC4543) [28SE]

employment of U.S. citizens by the U.N. report, (EC2919) [12JY), (EC3105) [19JY]

-Eximbank justification determination and memorandum, (EC5249, EC5250) [9NO]

export controls on Serbia, (EC2370) [26MY]

-Federal Equal Opportunity Recruitment Program report, (EC1576) [19AP]

-Foreign Assistance Act amendments, (EC2009) [11MY]

-Foreign Assistance Act determination, (EC4545) [28SE]

-Foreign Assistance Act determination and waiver, (EC1574) [19AP]

—foreign operations, export financing, and related programs appropriations report, (EC911) [4MR]


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-Foreign Relations Authorization Act report, (EC3694) [5AU)

-human rights practices report, (EC942) [9MR]

incidental capture of sea turtles in commercial shrimping operations report, (EC2978) [12JY], (EC3274) [29JY], (EC3376, EC3377) (2AU]

-Indonesian violence report, (EC2981) [12JY]

-intercountry adoption legislation, (EC2856) [1JY]

-international agreements other than treaties, (EC47) (19JA), (EC185) [2FE), (EC341) [4FE), (EC781) [1MR), (EC1119) [18MR), (EC1260, EC1261) [24MR), (EC1804) [3MY], (EC2087) [13MY], (EC2227, EC2228, EC2236) [19MY], (EC2368) [26MY], (EC2915) [12JY], (EC3262) [29JY], (EC3344, EC3345, EC3347) [2AU), (EC3994, EC3995) [9SE),

EC3995) [SE], (EC4313) [21SE), (EC4506) [27SE), (EC4776) [140C], (EC4879) [210C], (EC5180) [4NO], (EC5415) [17NO]

International Dolphin Conservation Program certification, (EC2019) [11MY]

-International Labor Organization recommendation relative to job creation in small and mediumsized enterprises, (EC3549) [4AU)

International Narcotics Control Strategy report, (EC780) [1MR]

international traffic in arms regulations final rule, (EC1359) [12AP], (EC1868) [5MY]

-justification and designation of Burma as country of particular concern, (EC5458) [18NO]

-justification and designation of Iran as a country of particular concern, (EC5458) (18NO]

-justification and designation of Iraq as a country of particular concern, (EC5458) [18NO]

-justification and designation of Sudan as a country of particular concern, (EC5458) [18NO]

-justification and designation of the People's Republic of China as a country of particular concern, (EC5458) [18NO]

-Korean Peninsula Energy Development Organization funding report, (EC2645) [16JN), (EC4553) [28SE]

-license for export of defense article to Israel, (EC5216) [NO]

-license for export of defense articles sold commercially under contract, (EC604) [23FE), (EC5230) [8NO]

-license for export of defense articles to a joint venture of several foreign countries, (EC2123) [14MY]

-license for export of defense articles to Australia, (EC5261, EC5265) [9NO], (EC5334) [15NO]

-license for export of defense articles to Bahrain, (EC5336) [15NO]

-license for export of defense articles to Bermuda, (EC5265) [9NO]

-license for export of defense articles to Bosnia and Herzegovina, (EC5149) [3NO]

-license for export of defense articles to Brazil, (EC5214) [5NO]

-license for export of defense articles to Canada, (EC5120) [2NO), (EC5162) [3NO], (EC5265) [9NO), (EC5337) [15NO], (EC5413) [17NO]

-license for export of defense articles to Croatia, (EC5229) [8NO]

-license for export of defense articles to Denmark, (EC3772) [5AU]

-license for export of defense articles to Egypt, (EC3101) [19JY]

-license for export of defense articles to Finland, (EC5306) [5NO]

-license for export of defense articles to France, (EC3244, EC3246) [27JY), (EC3786) (5AU), (EC3988, EC3992) [9SE), (EC5265) [9NO]

-license for export of defense articles to French Guiana, (EC3427) [3AU], (EC3774) [5AU]

-license for export of defense articles to Germany, (EC5265) (9NO]

-license for export of defense articles to Greece, (EC2991) [13JY), (EC3333) [2AU), (EC3773, EC3782) [5AU], (EC3993) [9SE), (EC5230) [8NO]

-license for export of defense articles to Israel, (EC5209) (5NO]

-license for export of defense articles to Italy, (EC3791) [5AU), (EC5263, EC5265) (9NO]

-license for export of defense articles to Japan, (EC3103) [19JY], (EC3197, EC3199) [22JY], (EC3245) [27JY], (EC3430) [3AU), (EC3776, EC3783, EC3785) [5AU], (EC4978) [270C], (EC5145, EC5146, EC5148, EC5152, EC5156) [3NO), (EC5215) (5NO], (EC5264, EC5265, EC5267), (EC6268) [9NO]

-license for export of defense articles to Kuwait, (EC5336) [15NO]

-license for export of defense articles to Luxembourg, (EC5147, EC5155) [3NO]

-license for export of defense articles to Mexico, (EC5333) [15NO]

-license for export of defense articles to NATO, (EC5267) [9NO]

-license for export of defense articles to Norway, (EC1920) [6MY], (EC3025) [14JY], (EC5265) [9NO], (EC5412) [17NO]

-license for export of defense articles to Oman, (EC5336) (15NO]

-license for export of defense articles to Qatar, (EC5336) (15NO]

-license for export of defense articles to Russia, (EC1352) [12AP], (EC3025) [14JY], (EC3775) [5AU), (EC3990) [9SE), (EC5412) [17NO]

-license for export of defense articles to Saudi Arabia, (EC3024) [14JY], (EC5336) [15NO]

-license for export of defense articles to Singapore, (EC3334) [2AU]

-license for export of defense articles to Sweden, (EC5265) [9NO]

-license for export of defense articles to Thailand, (EC5269) [9NO]

-license for export of defense articles to the Cayman Islands, (EC5412) [17NO]

-license for export of defense articles to the Netherlands, (EC3198) [22JY], (EC5144) [3NO], (EC5376) [16NO]

-license for export of defense articles to the Republic of Korea, (EC5126) [2NO), (EC5158) [3NO], (EC5271) [9NO]

-license for export of defense articles to the United Arab Emirates, (EC3790) [5AU), (EC5159) [3NO), (EC5213) (5NO), (EC5336) [15NO]

-license for export of defense articles to the United Kingdom, (EC3025) [14JY], (EC3200) [22JY], (EC3246) [27JY], (EC3336, EC3338) [2AU), (EC3773), (EC3790) [5AU), (EC5150) [3NO], (EC5265) [9NO], (EC5337) [15NO], (EC5412) [17NO]

license for export of defense articles to Turkey, (EC2006, EC2008) [11MY], (EC3428) [3AU], (EC3991) [9SE], (EC5123, EC5125) [2NO], (EC5154) [3NO], (EC5210) (5NOJ

-license for export of defense articles to Ukraine, (EC3025) [14JY], (EC5412) [17NO]

-license for export of defense articles under the Arms Control Act report, (EC2800) [30JN]

-manufacturing license agreement with Australia, (EC3787) [5AU)

-manufacturing license agreement with Belgium, (EC5124) [2NOJ

-manufacturing license agreement with Canada, (EC3337, EC3341) [2AU), (EC3787)

(EC3787) [5AU), (EC5160) [3NO), (EC5207) [5NO], (EC5414) [17NO]

-manufacturing license agreement with Denmark, (EC3787) [5AU)

manufacturing license agreement with Finland, (EC3203) [22JY], (EC3778) [5AU]

-manufacturing license agreement with Germany, (EC3339) [2AU), (EC3777, EC3784, EC3787) [5AU), (EC3989) [9SE), (EC5262) [9NO]

-manufacturing license agreement with Greece, (EC3787) [5AU), (EC5151) [3NO], (EC5260) [9NO]

-manufacturing license agreement with Italy, (EC2005) [11MY], (EC3242, EC3243) [27JY], (EC3340) [2AU), (EC5143) [3NO]

-manufacturing license agreement with Japan, (EC5211) [5NO], (EC5259) [9NO]

-manufacturing license agreement with Mexico, (EC5122) [2NO]

-manufacturing license agreement with Norway, (EC2632) [16JN), (EC3204) [22JY), (EC3787) [SAU]

manufacturing license agreement with Oman, (EC3201) [22JY]

-manufacturing license agreement with Poland, (EC2457) [7JN]

–manufacturing license agreement with Portugal, (EC3102) [19JY]

-manufacturing license agreement with South Africa, (EC5160) [3NO]

-manufacturing license agreement with Spain, (EC3242, EC3243) [27JY], (EC3429) [3AU), , (EC3787) (5AU]

-manufacturing license agreement with the Czech Republic, (EC5207) [5NO]

-manufacturing license agreement with the Netherlands, (EC3781, EC3787) [5AU), (EC5164) [3NO]

-manufacturing license agreement with the Republic of Korea, (EC3771) (5AU)

manufacturing license agreement with the United Kingdom, (EC2992) [13JY), (EC3243) [27JY], (EC3779, EC3780) [5AU], (EC5121) [2NO], (EC5142, EC5163) [3NO], (EC5212) [5NO]

-manufacturing license agreement with Turkey, (EC3335) [2AU), (EC3787) [5AU), (EC5161) [3NO), (EC5266) [9NO), (EC5335) [15NO]

-military expenditures for countries receiving U.S. Government assistance, (EC552) [23FE]

-minorities in Foreign Service Office report, (EC1809) [3MY]

-Multinational Force and Observers report, (EC2744) [24JN]

-nomination of A. Peter Burleigh to be Ambassador to the Philippines and Palau, (EC2913) [12JY]

-nomination of Gregory L. Johnson to be Ambassador to Swaziland, (EC2912) [12JY]

-nomination of Johnnie Carson to be Ambassador to Kenya, (EC2911) [12JY]

-nomination of Larry C. Napper to be Ambassador while serving as Support for East European Democracy (SEED) Program Coordinator, (EC2914) [12JY]

-nomination of Mark W. Erwin to be Ambassador to Mauritius, Seychelles, and the Comoros, (EC2910) (12JY]

-Nonproliferation and Disarmament Fund budget proposal, (EC1946) [6MY]

-Nonproliferation and Disarmament Fund report, (EC953) [9MR), (EC2980) [12JY]

-notification relative to drawdown of funds to assist in relief efforts for countries bordering Kosovo, (EC1592) [19AP), (EC4635) [40C)

-nuclear nonproliferation in South Asia report, (EC3174) [21JY]

-Panama Canal Treaty report, (EC2620) [16JN], (EC3979) [9SE]

-passport procedures final rule, (EC192) [2FE), (EC606) [23FE]

-passports and visas final rule, (EC3002) [13JY], (EC3139) [20JY]

-patterns of global terrorism report, (EC1803) [3MY]

-Presidential determination relative to certification of illicit narcotics producing and transit countries, (EC779) [1MR]

-Presidential determination relative to Emergency Refugee and Migration Assistance Fund, (EC5456) [18NO]

-Presidential determination relative to Foreign Assistance Act contributions to the Korean Peninsula Energy Development Organization, (EC980) [11MR]

-Presidential determination relative to Nigeria, (EC607) [23FE]

-Presidential determination relative to normal trade relations with the People's Republic of China, (EC3373) [2AU]

-Presidential determination relative to the Arms Export Control Act, (EC48) [19JA), (EC4901) [250C]

-Presidential determination relative to the PLO, (EC3046) [14JY), (EC5098) [1NO]

-Presidential determination relative to U.N. assistance mission to East Timor, (EC3263) [29JY]



-religious freedom report, (EC4315) [21 SE]

-reorganization plan modification, (EC1811) [3MY]

-Russian Armed Forces and military equipment withdrawal report, (EC50) [19JA]

Safeguards and Security Independent Oversight Program final rule, (EC2433) [7JN)

-satellite controls under the U.S. munitions list, (EC883) [3MR]

SEED funding notice, (EC843) [2MR]

Support for East European Democracy Act report, (EC1550) [15AP]

-technical assistance agreement for export of defense articles to Germany, (EC2993) [13JY]

-technical assistance agreement for export of defense articles to the Netherlands, (EC2993) [13JY]

-technical assistance agreement with Brazil, (EC5153) [3NO]

-technical assistance agreement with Greece, (EC5157) [3NO]

-technical assistance agreement with Spain, (EC3342) [2AU]

-technical assistance agreement with the United Kingdom, (EC3202) [22JY]

- Torture Convention in extradition cases implementation final rule, (EC1286) [25MR]

-transfer of defense equipment to Germany, (EC3348) [2AU]

-transfer of defense equipment to the United Kingdom, (EC5208) [5NO)

-U.N. recognition of organizations relative to views on pedophilia, (EC4903) [250C]

-U.N. voting practices report, (EC2073) [12MY]
-U.S. contingent to East Timor

Timor funding, (EC4544) [28SE]

-U.S. contributions to international organizations report, (EC605) [23FE)

U.S. Emergency Refugee and Migration Assistance Fund authorization for Kosovo crisis, (EC2909) [12JY]

-U.S. report to the U.N. Committee Against Torture, (EC5181) [4NO] -U.S.-Cuba migration

agreements report, (EC2634) [16JN]

-U.S.-Hong Kong Policy Act report, (EC1784) [29AP]

U.S.-origin military equipment in Cyprus and Azerbaijan report, (EC2767) [25JN)

-unauthorized transfer of U.S.-origin defense articles report, (EC186) [2FE), (EC3792) [5AU)

-visas final rule, (EC2470) [7JN), (EC2843) [1JY], (EC3572) [4AU), (EC4077) [13SE), (EC4640)

[40C] Dept. of the Air Force: cost comparison study,

(EC133), (EC134) [2FE), (EC3736) [SAU], (EC4558) [29SE]

environmental impact analysis final rule, (EC3738) [5AU)

-MacDill AFB Civil Engineer Squadron report, (EC2869) [12JY]

-National Guard's readiness to support emergency responders in domestic, chemical, and biological terrorism defense report, (EC4560) [29SE]

U.S. Air Force Academy report, (EC2868) [12JY] Dept. of the Army: danger zone final rule, (EC1494) [13AP]

emergency detonation of a chemical agent report, (EC136) [2FE]

-Everglades rescue plan notice, (EC3821) [5AU) -final response, (EC2376) [26MY]

-flood damage project report, (EC2943) [12JY], (EC3185) [21JY]

-harbor services fund legislation, (EC2569) [9JN] -heraldic items final rule, (EC3740) [5AU]

jurisdiction exchange with the Dept. of Agriculture, (EC3375) [2AU)

-military and National Forest System lands report, (EC5466) [18NO]

-National Guard's readiness to support emergency responders in domestic, chemical, and biological terrorism report, (EC4560) [29SE]

-post authorization change report, (EC1593) [19AP]

-project implementation final rule, (EC5027) [280C] -radiation sources

on army land final rule, (EC3739) (5AU]

-Tennessee-Tombigbee waterway mitigation project report, (EC5425) [17NO)

-unit cost threshold determination report, (EC2423) [7JN]

-vacancy report, (EC4456) [24SE] Dept. of the Interior: accountability report, (EC3265) [29JY]

-appeal of orders final rule, (EC2268) [20MY]

application procedures final rule, (EC4617) [10C]

Big Thicket National Preserve legislation, (EC4638) [40C]

-Bureau of Reclamation report, (EC668) [23FE]

California Bay delta environmental enhancement legislation, (EC1602) [20AP]

change to delegted State audit functions final rule, (EC3225) [26JY]

coal leasing final rule, (EC4548) [28SE]

-coastal zone consistency review final rule, (EC4663) [50C]

Colorado River final rule, (EC5068) [1NO]

-cost ceiling for Bureau of Reclamation's Dam Safety Program legislation, (EC3807) [5AU]

-El Camino Real de los Tejas National Historic Trail legislation, (EC1485) [13AP]

-El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro National Historic Trail legislation, (EC1818) [3MY]

electronic reporting final rule, (EC3182) [21JY]

-Fort Matanzas National Monument boundary legislation, (EC1514) [14AP]

-Franklin Delano Roosevelt National Historic Site legislation, (EC1785) [29AP]

-gaming procedures final rule, (EC1516) [14AP] -Glen Canyon Dam report, (EC4510) [27SE) Helium Program report, (EC4569) [29SE]

-historic preservation programs final rule, (EC1216) [23MR]

-impact of Compact of Free Association on U.S. territories, commonwealths, and Hawaii report, (EC1899) [5MY]

-Inspector General report, (EC3028) [14JY]

-Kaloko-Honokohau National Historical Park, HI, final rule, (EC2235) [19MY]

-Keweenaw National Historical Park boundary legislation, (EC1515) [14AP]

-leasing of solid minerals final rule, (EC4619) [10C] -leasing systems

systems report, (EC818) [2MR), (EC3445) (3AU)

-location, maintenance, and recording of mining claims or sites final rule, (EC4196) [15SE]

-Migratory Bird Conservation Commission report, (EC681) [23FE)

-mining claims final rule, (EC4549) [28SE]

-Missouri National Recreational River boundary map, (EC2558) [9JN)

National Discovery Trails legislation, (EC2540) [8JN]

-national historic and natural landmarks damage report, (EC1373) [12AP], (EC1556) [15AP]

-National Park Service land acquisition for Wilderness Battlefield legislation, (EC2561) [9JN]

-National Park Service land purchases and conveyances notification, (EC3457) [3AU]

-nonprofit eduction foundation legislation, (EC2782) [29JN]

-Northern Mariana Islands immigration and wage laws report, (EC875) [3MR]

-Office of Surface Mining Abandoned Mine Land Reclamation Program final rule, (EC346, EC347) [4FE), (EC470) [10FE), (EC670) [23FE), (EC819, EC820) [2MR), (EC970) [10MR), (EC1372) [12AP], (EC2305) [24MY], (EC4461) [24SE]

-Office of Surface Mining Regulatory Program final rule, (EC234) [2FE), (EC669, EC673, EC674) [23FE), (EC1215) [23MR), (EC1371) [12AP], (EC1483, EC1484) [13AP), (EC2231, EC2232, EC2233) [19MY], (EC2663) [17JN), (EC3000) [13JY], (EC3224) [26JY], (EC3559) [4AU),

(EC4139) [14SE), (EC4459) [24SE), (EC4582) [30SE), (EC4616, EC4618) [10C),

[10C), (EC5067, EC5069, ]

EC5070) [1NO), (EC5183) [4NO], (EC5342) [15NO), (EC5381) [16NO], (EC5463, EC5464, EC5465) [18NO], (EC5507) [22NO]

Office of Surface Mining report, (EC3443) [3AU]

-Outer Continental Shelf leases final rule, (EC3444) [3AU]

Park Police medical expenses payments legislation, (EC4384) [22SE]

-performance plan report, (EC2126) [14MY]

-preparation of rolls of Indians final rule, (EC1703) [22AP]

-Reclamation Reform Act collection refund legislation, (EC4679) [60C)

-refund of offshore lease revenues, (EC1126) [18MR], (EC4322) [21SE]

-royalty management and delinquent account collection activities report, (EC4509) [27SE]

Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site, NH, legislation, (EC2560) [9JN]

Scotts Bluff National Monument boundary legislation, (EC1513) [14AP]

Special Trustee for American Indians notice, (EC1125) [18MR]

-taking and importing of marine mammals final rule, (EC408) [8FE]

-threatened national historic landmarks report, (EC671) [23FE]

-Title 28 legislation, (EC3859) [5AU]

-Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River's New York visitor center legislation, (EC2559) [9JN)

-water resource development legislation, (EC4678) [60C]

-Willow Creek Dam Sun River Project in Montana report, (EC3042) (14JY]

-Yakima River Basin biologically based flow report, (EC3446) [3AU] Dept. of the Navy: commercial inventory practices implementation schedule report, (EC3256) [29JY]

contractor performance conversion report, (EC4715) [120C]

-Fisher House Trust Fund report, (EC846) [3MR] -regulations final rule, (EC4602) [10C]

-retirement plan for civilian employees of the Marine Corps report, (EC3361) [2AU]

-study functions for possible conversion to contractor performance, (EC2576) [14JN] Dept. of the Treasury: Angola sanctions regulations final rule, (EC4188) [15SE]

-Antigua and Barbuda transactions regulations final rule, (EC2079) [13MY]

-audited financial statements report, (EC4484) [27SE]

-automated clearinghouse final rule, (EC2538) [8JN]

Bank Secrecy Act regulations final rule, (EC4169) [15SE]

-blocked persons and vessels, specially designated nationals, terrorists, and traffickers removal final rule, (EC435) [9FE], (EC3696, EC3697) [5AU)

-blocked persons final rule, (EC5270) [9NO]

-book-entry treasury bonds, notes, and bills final rule, (EC716) [23FE), (EC1050) [15MR]

-branch closings final rule, (EC3258) [29JY]

collection of past-due debt final rule, (EC251, EC252, EC253) [2FE]

Community Development Financial Institutions Program final rule, (EC423) [9FE), (EC5238) [9NO]

copyrights, trademarks, and trade name protection final rule, (EC841) [2MR]

Cuban assets control regulations final rule, (EC2459) [7JN]

derivatives markets and commodity exchange report, (EC5469) [18NOJ

employment tax deposits final rule, (EC3631) [4AU]

-Enhanced Structural Adjustment Facility/Heavily Indebted Poor Countries Trust Fund legislation, (EC2823) [1JY]

-Exchange Stabilization Fund report, (EC1988) [11MY]



-Federal Vacancies Reform Act report, (EC2125) [14MY]

-foreign assets control regulations final rule, (EC5059) [INO]

-foreign locomotives and railroad equipment in international traffic final rule, (EC5247) [8NO]

-funds transfers rules and procedures final rule, (EC2537) [8JN)

Government financial report, (EC1871) [5MY]

-Government Securities Act final rule, (EC789) [1MR), (EC3153) [20JY]

-Government securities brokers and dealers report, (EC3751) [5AU]

-grant of conditional exception extension final rule, (EC3746) [5AU)

-Highway Trust Fund report, (EC1464) [12AP]

-HIPC Trust Fund appropriations legislation, (EC2874) [12JY]

-imported rum excise tax legislation, (EC2313) [24MY]

-Inspector General report, (EC205) [2FE), (EC3641) [4AU]

-interaction of gambling and bankruptcy report, (EC3816) [5AU]

interlocks final rule, (EC4437) [24SE), (EC4532) [28SE)

- Iranian transactions regulations final rule, (EC1964) [10MY]

-Libya sanctions regulations final rule, (EC3698) (SAU)

-Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency legislation, (EC2425) [7JN]

-production of currency, postage stamps, and security documents for foreign governments legislation, (EC768) [1MR)

-production of security documents for State and local governments legislation, (EC768) [1MR]

-Resolution Funding Corp. report, (EC3315) [2AU)

-safety and soundness standards final rule, (EC5401, EC6400) [17NO]

-securities regulations final rule, (EC3476) [3AU]

Sudan sanctions regulations final rule, (EC3698) [SAU]

-Telecommunications Development Fund report, (EC4490) (27SE)

-transfer of debts for collection report, (EC2940) [12JY]

-Treasury Bulletin report, (EC3727) [5AU]

-U.S. Government consolidated financial statement report, (EC283) [2FE]

-U.S. Mint legislation, (EC4387) [22SE]
-U.S. savings bonds final rule, (EC3477) [3AU]

-vacancy report, (EC2642) [16JN], (EC3031, EC3032) [14JY]

-weapons of mass destruction trade control regulations final rule, (EC1357) [12AP] Dept. of Transportation: acquisition regulations final rule, (EC273) [2FE], (EC1135) [18MR]

-Aerospatiale airworthiness directives final rule, (EC1197) [22MR), (EC1405) [12AP], (EC4019) [9SE), (EC5535), (EC5548) [22NO]

-Agusta S.P.A. airworthiness directives final rule, (EC707) [23FE], (EC905) [4MR), (EC1268) [24MR]

-air traffic control clearances and instructions final rule, (EC1388) [12AP]

-Airbus Industries airworthiness directives final rule, (EC62, EC64) [19JA), (EC489), (EC500, EC511, EC512, EC513, EC516, EC517) [11FE), (EC693) [23FE), (EC735) [24FE), (EC992, EC993) [11MR), (EC1750), (EC1751, EC1758) [27AP), (EC3460) [3AU], (EC3907, EC3929) [8SE), (EC4100, EC4103) [13SE), (EC4410, EC4417, EC4418) [23SE), (EC4585, EC4586) [30SE), (EC4695, EC4696) [60C), (EC4991, EC4992) [270C), (EC5029), (EC5030) [280C), (EC5087) [1NO), (EC5522, EC5524, EC5530) [22NO]

-airline passengers protection legislation, (EC1529) [14AP]

-airport allocation of slots final rule, (EC4699) [60C)

-Airport Improvement Program report, (EC2942) [12JY]

-airport revenue final rule, (EC878) [3MR]

-airport safety inspection final rule, (EC5281) [9NO]

-airspace and flight operation requirements final rule, (EC4155) [14SE]

-airspace final rule, (EC18, EC19, EC20) [6JA), (EC75, EC79, EC80, EC81, EC82, EC83, EC84, EC94, EC95, EC96) [19JA), (EC262, EC263, EC264, EC268), (EC269, EC270, EC271, EC272) [2FE), (EC348, EC350, EC351, EC352, EC353) [4FE), (EC454, EC456, EC457, EC458) [9FE), (EC492, EC494, EC495, EC496), (EC503, EC504, EC506) [11FE), (EC697, EC698), (EC699, EC701, EC702, EC703, EC704) [23FE), (EC738, EC740, EC741, EC742, EC743, EC744, EC745, EC746, EC747, EC748) [24FE), (EC833) [2MR), (EC895, EC896, EC897, EC906, EC910) [4MR], (EC928, EC929) [8MR), (EC1000, EC1001, , EC1002, EC1003, EC1004, EC1005, EC1006, EC1007, EC997, EC998, EC999) [11MR), (EC1041, EC1042, EC1043, EC1044, EC1045, EC1046) [15MR), (EC1081) [16MR), (EC1145, EC1146, EC1147, EC1148) [18MR), (EC1189, EC1190, EC1191, EC1192, EC1193, EC1194, EC1195, EC1196) [22MR), (EC1270, EC1271, EC1272, EC1275, EC1276, EC1277) [24MR), (EC1297, EC1298) [25MR), (EC1381, EC1382, EC1383, EC1384, EC1385, EC1386, EC1387, EC1389, EC1395), (EC1396, EC1397, EC1398, EC1399, EC1400, EC1401, EC1402,

EC1402, EC1403, EC1413, EC1414, EC1415, EC1416) [12AP], (EC1523, EC1524, EC1525, EC1526, EC1527, EC1528) [14AP], (EC1615) [20AP], (EC1756, EC1757) [27AP], , (EC1935, EC1936, EC1937, EC1938, EC1939, EC1940) [6MY), (EC2035, EC2036, EC2037, EC2038, EC2039, EC2040, EC2041, EC2042, EC2043) [11MY), (EC2133, EC2134, EC2140, EC2141, EC2142), (EC2143, EC2144, EC2145, EC2146, EC2147, EC2148) [14MY], (EC2158, EC2159, EC2160, EC2161, EC2162, EC2163, EC2164, EC2165,

EC2165, EC2166, EC2167, EC2168, EC2169), (EC2170) [17MY], (EC2237) [19MY], (EC2282) [20MY], (EC2410) [27MY], (EC2476, EC2478, EC2479, EC2481, EC2482), (EC2488, EC2490, EC2491, EC2492, EC2494, EC2499, EC2503, EC2504, EC2507) [7JN), (EC2592) [14JN], (EC2709, EC2710, EC2711, EC2712, EC2713, EC2715, EC2716, EC2717) [23JN), (EC2749, EC2750) [24JN), (EC2844)

[24JN), (EC2844) [1JY], (EC2954, EC2955, EC2956, EC2957, EC2958), (EC2959, EC2960) [12JY], (EC3079, EC3080, EC3081, EC3082) [16JY], (EC3150) [20JY), (EC3281, EC3282, EC3285), (EC3286, EC3290) [30JY], (EC3463, EC3464, EC3467, EC3468, EC3469, EC3471, EC3472) [AU], (EC35686, EC3576, EC3577, EC3584, EC3585, EC3587, EC3588, EC3589, EC3590, EC3591), (EC3598, EC3599, EC3600, EC3601, EC3604, EC3608, EC3617, EC3620, EC3621) [4AU), (EC3716), (EC3822), (EC3829) [5AU), (EC3913, EC3914, EC3916, EC3917, EC3918, EC3919, EC3920, EC3921, EC3922, EC3923, EC3924, EC3925, EC3926, EC3927), (EC3938, EC3945, EC3946, EC3947, EC3948, EC3949, EC3950, EC3951) [8SE), (EC4004, EC4005) [9SE), (EC4078), (EC4080, EC4089, EC4090, EC4091,

EC4091, EC4092, EC4093, EC4094, EC4095, EC4096, EC4106) [13SE), (EC4156, EC4157, EC4158, EC4159) [14SE), (EC4205, EC4206, EC4207, EC4208, EC4209, EC4210, EC4211, EC4212), (EC4216) [15SE), (EC4338, EC4339, EC4340, EC4341) [21SE), (EC4373, EC4376, EC4377, EC4378) [22SE), (EC4411, EC4412, EC4413), (EC4423, EC4430, EC4432, EC4433, EC4434) [23SE), (EC4593) [30SE), (EC4697, EC4698) [60C), (EC3737, EC4733, EC4735, EC4736, EC4738, EC4741, EC4742, EC4744, EC4745, EC4746, EC4747, EC4754) [120C], (EC4833, EC4834, EC4835, EC4836, EC4837, EC4838, EC4839) [190C), (EC4942, EC4943, EC4944, EC4945, EC4946, EC4947, EC4948, EC4949, EC4950, EC4951, EC4952, EC4953, EC4954, EC4955, EC4956) [260C), (EC5079, EC5080, EC5081) [1NO],

(EC5174) [3NO],

[3NO), (EC5190, EC5191) [4NO], (EC5282) [9NO], (EC5345, EC5355, EC5356) [15NO), (EC5516, EC5519, EC5521, EC5526), (EC5553) [22NO]

-alcohol and drug regulations final rule, (EC56) [19JA]

-Alexander Schleicher Segelflugzeugbau airworthiness directives final rule, (EC2189) [18MY), (EC2238) [19MY), (EC2961) [12JY), (EC3581) [4AU]

-AlliedSignal, Inc., airworthiness directives final rule, (EC1292) [25MR), (EC1880) (5MY], (EC2852) [1JY], (EC3582) [4AU), (EC5549) [22NO]

-Allison Engine Co., airworthiness directives final rule, (EC451) [9FE), (EC988, EC989) [11MR), (EC1142) [18MR), (EC1843) [4MY), (EC4082) [13SE]

-Alternate Compliance Program final rule, (EC2851) [1JY]

-altitudes final rule, (EC67) [19JA), (EC1008) [11MR), (EC1614) [20AP], (EC2776) [25JN), (EC3717) [5AU)

-American Society for Testing and Materials final rule, (EC4142) [14SE]

-Anchorage, AK, terminal final rule, (EC1435) [12AP]

-anchorage areas final rule, (EC3289) [30JY], (EC3826) [5AU)

appropriations legislation, (EC1496) [13AP]

-asphalts fundamental properties report, (EC5388) [16NO]

Automotive Fuel Economy Program report, (EC1568) (19AP]

-aviation noise standards final rule, (EC4840) [190C]

-Avions Mudry et Cie airworthiness directives final rule, (EC5031) [280C]

-Avions Pierre Airplanes airworthiness directives final rule, (EC734) [24FE), (EC787) [1MR), (EC1879) (5MY], (EC2191) [18MY], (EC2505, EC2506) [7JN]

Bell Helicopter Textron, Inc., airworthiness directives final rule, (EC498, EC499) [11FE), (EC761) [25FE), (EC785, EC786) [1MR), (EC904) [4MR), (EC933) [8MR), (EC1222) [23MR), (EC1421) [12AP), (EC1836) [4MY), (EC2032) [11MY], (EC2139) [14MY], (EC2950) [12JY], (EC3292) [30JY], (EC3618) [4AU], (EC3909, EC3930) [8SE), (EC4018) [9SE), (EC4081) [13SE], (EC5188) [4NO], (EC5346, EC5347) [15NO], (EC5518, EC5520) [22NO]

-BMW Rolls-Royce airworthiness directives final rule, (EC5546) [22NO]

-Boeing airworthiness directives final rule, (EC16) (6JA], (EC74, EC97) [19JA), (EC267) [2FE), (EC411, EC412, EC413, EC414) [8FE), (EC452) [9FE), (EC510, EC514) [11FE), (EC694, EC695, EC696) [23FE), (EC832) [2MR), (EC903) [4MR), (EC930) [8MR), (EC991, EC994) [11MR), (EC1038, EC1040) [15MR), (EC1141) [18MR), (EC1188) [22MR), (EC1221), (EC1228, EC1229, EC1234) [23MR), (EC1269) [24MR), (EC1420), (EC1434) [12AP), (EC1754) [27AP], (EC1837, EC1938) [4MY), (EC1883, EC1884) [5MY], (EC1941) [6MY], (EC2034) [11MY), (EC2194), (EC2198, EC2199) [18MY], (EC2277, EC2278, EC2279) [20MY], (EC2406, EC2407) [27MY], (EC2475), (EC2484, EC2485, EC2487) [7JN), (EC2802, EC2804, EC2806) [30JN), (EC2848) [1JY), (EC2945, EC2951), (EC2962) [12JY), (EC3085) [16JY], (EC3213) [22JY), (EC3278), (EC3291) [30JY), (EC3462) [3AU), (EC3578) [4AU), (EC3910, EC3911, EC3912), (EC3943) [8SE), (EC4013, EC4014) [9SE), (EC4079), (EC4087, EC4097) [13SE), (EC4335) [21SE), (EC4379) [22SE), (EC4416, EC4419) [23SE), (EC4786, EC4787) [140C), (EC4957) [260C), (EC4983, EC4990) [270C), (EC5032) [280C), (EC5093) [1NO], (EC5352, EC5353) [15NO], (EC5511, EC5527), (EC5544) [22NO]

-Bombardier airworthiness directives final rule, (EC76) [19JA), (EC1138) [18MR), (EC1839) [4MY], (EC2284) [20MY), (EC3828) [5AU), (EC4086)


[13SE), (EC4588, EC4589, EC4592) [30SE), (EC4841) [190C], (EC4937) [260C), (EC4993) [270C], (EC5089) [1NO], (EC5534) [22NO]

-British Aerospace airworthiness directives final rule, (EC66, EC69), (EC78, EC91, EC92) [19JA), (EC990) [11MR), (EC1039) [15MR), (EC1230, EC1231) [23MR), (EC1267, EC1274) [24MR), (EC1408) [12AP], (EC2033) [11MY), (EC2193) [18MY), (EC2500, EC2501) [7JN), (EC3293) [30JY),

(EC3830) [5AU), (EC4098) [13SE), (EC4591) [30SE), (EC4938) [260C], (EC5033) [280C), (EC5088) [1NO), (EC5187) [4NO), (EC5517), (EC5537) [22NO]

Cessna Aircraft Co., airworthiness directives final rule, (EC2807) [30JN), (EC3470) [3AU), (EC4336) [21SE]

CFM International airworthiness directives final rule, (EC1266) [24MR), (EC1607) [20AP]

children of Chernobyl, Hudson River, Manhattan, New York final rule, (EC1648) [21AP]

Chittenden County Circumferential Highway report, (EC4471) [24SE)

civil penalties final rule, (EC3415) (3AU)

Coast Guard administrative proceedings final rule, (EC3145) [20JY], (EC4688) [60C], (EC4732) [120C]

Coast Guard appropriations legislation, (EC1495) [13AP)

-Coast Guard Child Development Services Program final rule, (EC443) [9FE]

Coast Guard final rule, (EC2340) [25MY], (EC3142) [20JY]

Coast Guard technical and conforming amendments and organizational and editorial changes final rule, (EC3597) (4AU]

code-sharing arrangements and wet leases final rule, (EC1290) [25MR), (EC3623) [4AU), (EC4083) [13SE]

combating drowsy driving program report, (EC2882) [12JY]

commercial driver disqualification provisions final rule, (EC4372) [22SE]

-commercial space transportation licensing regulations final rule, (EC2097) [13MY]

Commercial Space Transportation Program report, (EC4518) [27SE]

computer reservations systems regulations final rule, (EC1426) [12AP]

-Construcciones Aeronauticas airworthiness directives final rule, (EC932) [8MR), (EC1419) [12AP], (EC5086) [1NO), (EC5545) [22NO]

consumer information regulations final rule, (EC944) [9MR]

crewmember flight time limitations and rest requirements final rule, (EC2853) [1JY]

-Dassault airworthiness directives final rule, (EC72) [19JA), (EC3059) [15JY], (EC4420) [23SE), (EC5028) [280C)

-Day-Ray Products, Inc., airworthiness directives final rule, (EC892) [4MR]

de Havilland airworthiness directives final rule, (EC3279) [30JY), (EC4007) [SE]

-digital flight data recorder requirements final rule, (EC3934) [8SE]

disadvantaged business enterprises final rule, (EC450) [9FE), (EC3214) [22JY]

-disclosure of change-of-gauge services final ruel, (EC 1428) [12AP]

-Dornier airworthiness directives final rule, (EC77) [19JA), (EC355) [4FE), (EC1273) [24MR), (EC1885) (5MY), (EC4015) [9SE), (EC4214) [15SE), (EC4590) [30SE), (EC5351) [15NO), (EC5523, EC5525), (EC5552) [22NOJ

-Dowty Aerospace airworthiness directives final rule, (EC4016) [9SE]

-drawbridge operation regulations final rule, (EC23) [6JA), (EC60) [19JA), (EC445) [9FE), (EC508) [11FE), (EC828, EC830) [2MR), (EC983, EC987) [11MR), (EC1150) [18MR), (EC1423) [12AP], (EC2271, EC2272) [20MY), (EC2311) [24MY], (EC2344, EC2345) [25MY], (EC2497) [7JN], (EC2594) [14JN), (EC2751) (24JN), (EC2808, EC2810, EC2811, EC2812, EC2813) [30JN),

(EC3007, EC3008, EC3009) [13JY), (EC3186) [21JY], (EC3287, EC3288, EC3297, EC3298, EC3299, EC3300, EC3301) [30JY), (EC3613) [4AU], (EC3825, EC3827) [5AU), (EC3937, EC3940, EC3956) [8SE), (EC4143, EC4149, EC4150) [14SE), (EC4375) [22SE), (EC4415), (EC4428) [23SE), (EC4739, EC4750, EC4751, EC4752) [120C), (EC4855, EC4858) [200C), (EC4889) [210C], (EC5130, EC5131) [2NO], (EC5319, EC5321) [11NO], (EC5344) [15NO), (EC5426, EC5427, EC5428, EC5429, EC5430, , EC5431, EC5432, EC5433) [17NO]

Empressa Brasileira de Aeronautica airworthiness directives final rule, (EC459) [9FE), (EC515) [11FE), (EC688) [23FE), (EC996) [11MR), (EC1237) [23MR), (EC1422) [12AP], (EC2283) [20MY], (EC2502) [7JN), (EC4104) [13SE), (EC4421) [23SE]

entry and competition in the U.S. airline industry report, (EC5360) [15NO]

-Entwicklung airworthiness directives final rule, (EC2949) [12JY), (EC3148) [20JY]

enviromental remedial action report, (EC1213) [23MR]

establishment of VOR Federal airways final rule, (EC3583) [4AU)

-Eurocopter Canada airworthiness directives final rule, (EC5359) [15NO]

-Eurocopter Deutschland airworthiness directives final rule, (EC1293) [25MR), (EC3086) [16JY], (EC4936) [260C], (EC5542) [22NO]

-Eurocopter France airworthiness directives final rule, (EC1232) [23MR), (EC1296) [25MR), (EC1393), (EC1409), (EC1427) [12AP], (EC1840) [4MY], (EC2197) [18MY], (EC2239) [19MY], (EC2280) [20MY], (EC2310) [24MY], (EC2473, EC2477) [7JN), (EC3619) [4AU), (EC4734) [120C], (EC4788) [140C), (EC4832) [190C), (EC4935) [260C), (EC4996, EC4997) [270C], (EC5186) [4NO), (EC5348, EC5354) [15NO), (EC5514, EC5533) [22NO] -FAA appropriations legislation,

legislation (EC1245) [23MR]

-Fairchild Aircraft, Inc., airworthiness directives final rule, (EC1294) [25MR]

-Federal Railroad Administration engineers final rule, (EC4939) [260C)

-Federal railroad safety enhancement legislation, (EC3855) [5AU)

-Fokker airworthiness directives final rule, (EC354) [4FE), (EC490) [11FE), (EC732) [24FE), (EC2136) [14MY], (EC4008) [9SE), (EC4213) [15SE), (EC4584, EC4596) [30SE), (EC4958) [260C], (EC5551) [22NO]

-General Electric Co., airworthiness directives final rule, (EC265) [2FE), (EC1603, EC1604), (EC1609) [20AP], (EC2805) [30JN), (EC4153, EC4154) [14SE), (EC5092) [1NOJ

-GKN Westland Helicopters, Ltd., airworthiness directives final rule, (EC14) [6JA]

-harmonization with U.N. recommendations final rule, (EC1394) [12AP]

-hazardous materials regulations final rule, (EC1047) [15MR), (EC1778) [28AP], (EC2486) [7JN), (EC4424, EC4425) [23SE), (EC4854) [200C]

-hazardous materials regulations legislation, (EC1239) [23MR]

-high-lift device controls final rule, (EC453) [9FE]

-importing noncomplying motor vehicles report, (EC3378) (2AU), (EC4607) [10C)

-importing vehicles and equipment final rule, (EC3414) [3AU) -Industrie Aeronautiche e Meccaniche airworthi

directives final rule, (EC1407) [12AP], (EC2409) [27MY]

-Inspector General report, (EC665) [23FE), (EC2792) [29JN), (EC3367) [2AU), (EC5461) [18NO]

-International Aero Engines airworthiness directives final rule, (EC893) [4MR), (EC1225) [23MR), (EC1608) [20AP], (EC2846) [1JY)

-international management code report, (EC2701) (22JN]

-Israel Aircraft Industries airworthiness directives final rule, (EC502) [11FE), (EC4009) [9SE), (EC4102) [13SE]

-jet route final rule, (EC1390) [12AP]

-jet route realignment final rule, (EC349) [4FE), (EC700) (23FE)

-Learjet airworthiness directives final rule, (EC3831) [5AU), (EC5510) [22NO]

-LET Aeronautical Works airworthiness directives final rule, (EC2947) [12JY], (EC4407) [23SE]

-light duty vehicles and trucks final rule, (EC1 108) [18MR]

-light truck average fuel economy standard final rule, (EC1916) [6MY]

-load combination safety requirements final rule, (EC3834) (5AU]

-Lockheed Corp., airworthiness directives final rule, (EC731) [24FE), (EC1410) [12AP), (EC1613) [20AP), (EC2196) [18MY], (EC2963) [12JY), (EC3935) [8SE], (EC5541, EC5543) [22NO]

Magnetic Levitation Transportation Technology Deployment Program final rule, (EC877) [3MR]

-Management Information System requirements final rule, (EC2195) [18MY], (EC3465) [3AU]

-maritime course approval procedures final rule, (EC444) [9FE)

-McCauley Propeller Systems airworthiness directives final rule, (EC68) (19JA)

-McDonnell-Douglas airworthiness directives final rule, (EC15) [6JA), (EC65), (EC73) [19JA), (EC410) [8FE), (EC460) [9FE), (EC501) [11FE), (EC689) [23FE), (EC739) [24FE), (EC909) [4MR), (EC931) [8MR), (EC1227, EC1233, EC1236) [23MR), (EC1417) [12AP], (EC1708) [22AP], (EC1753) [27AP), (EC1841, EC1842) [4MY], (EC2135) [14MY], (EC2200, EC2201, EC2202, EC2203) [18MY], (EC2240) [19MY], (EC2346) [25MY), (EC2769) [25JN), (EC2845) [1JY], (EC3212) [22JY), (EC4152) [14SE), (EC4337) [21SE), (EC4700) [60C), (EC4959) [260C), (EC4984, EC4986, EC4987) [270C], (EC5091) [1NO), (EC5531, EC5536), (EC5540) [22NO]

-MD Helicopters, Inc., airworthiness directives final rule, (EC3280) (30JY), (EC3957) [8SE), (EC5084) [13SE]

-Mitsubishi airworthiness directives final rule, (EC2286) [20MY]

-modification of VOR Federal airways final rule, (EC17) [6JA]

-monetary threshold for reporting rail equipment accidents and incidents final rule, (EC13) [6JA]

-Mooney Aircraft Corp., airworthiness directives final rule, (EC2474) [7JN]

-motor carrier operations, highway system safety, and commercial driver licensing compliance legislation, (EC3839) [5AU]

-motor carrier registration and insurance fees final rule, (EC831) [2MR]

-motor carriers of property and household goods final rule, (EC1429) [12AP]

-motor vehicle safety standards final rule, (EC338) [4FE), (EC427, EC428) [9FE), (EC944) [9MR), (EC1167) [22MR), (EC1341) [12AP), (EC1597) [20AP), (EC1959) [10MY], (EC2357, EC2358, EC2359) [26MY], (EC4056) [13SE), (EC4140) [14SE), (EC5077) [INO]

-motor vehicles content labeling final rule, (EC3513, EC3514) (4AU]

-National Driver Register and Problem Driver Pointer System final rule, (EC1740) (26AP]

-national emission standards final rule, (EC692) [23FE)

National Intelligent Transportation Systems Program report, (EC936) [8MR]

National Invasive Species Act implementation final rule, (EC2498) [7JN]

National Invasive Species Act report, (EC1585) [19AP]

-national plan of integrated airport systems report, (EC1379) [12AP]

New Piper Aircraft, Inc., airworthiness directives final rule, (EC90) [19JA), (EC1226) [23MR), (EC1295) [25MR), (EC2850) [1JY), (EC2946) [12JY], (EC3146) [20JY), (EC3833) (5AU]


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