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-firearms and ammunition excise taxes, parts, and accessories final rule, (EC1977) [10MY]

-labeling final rule, (EC951) [9MR), (EC4860) [2000]

-plastic explosives marketing final rule, (EC5424) [17NO]

-rules of practice in permit proceedings final rule, (EC4891) [210C)

-technical amendments final rule, (EC4893) [210C)

-viticultural area final rule, (EC950) [9MR] Bolivian Embassy: counter-narcotics efforts report,

(EC2574) [10JN] Bonneville Power Administration: report, (EC1812)

[3MY] Broadcasting Board of Governors: commercial activi

ties inventory report, (EC5316) (11NO] Bureau of the Census: foreign trade statistics regula

tions final rule, (EC3794) [5AU] CBO: budget estimates report, (EC5404) [17NO]

deduction-of-pay requirements for reemployed annuitants notice, (EC811) [2MR]

-national defense function outlays report, (EC1311) [12AP]

-report, (EC954) [9MR)

-sequestration report, (EC881) [3MR), (EC3978) [9SE]

-unauthorized appropriations and expiring authorizations report, (EC727) [23FE] CFTC: Chicago Board of Trade petition for exemption final rule, (EC3254) [29JY]

-commercial activities inventory report, (EC5338) [15NO]

-contract market designation final rule, (EC2724) [24JN), (EC2818) [1JY]

contract markets and registered futures associations final rule, (EC2618) (16JN]

-derivatives markets and commodity exchange report, (EC5469) [18NOJ

exchange disciplinary, access denial, or other adverse actions review final rule, (EC4231) [17SE]

-Federal speculative position limits and associated rules final rule, (EC2293) [24MY]

-foreign futures and options transactions final rule, (EC5177) [4NO]

-National Futures Association final rule, (EC2722) (24JN), (EC3481) [4AU)

-petition for exemption final rule, (EC5176) [4NO]

-recordkeeping requirements final rule, (EC2817) [1JY]

-records and information final rule, (EC437) [9FE]

-representations and disclosures final rule, (EC2819) [1JY]

-rules of practice final rule, (EC422) [9FE), (EC2723) [24JN]

-trading hours final rule, (EC1) [6JA)

-voting by self-regulatory organizations final rule, (EC421) [9FE] Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board: audit

and investigative activities report, (EC5459) [18NO] Christopher Columbus Fellowship Foundation: Federal

Managers' Financial Integrity Act report, (EC200) [2FE]

-report, (EC1845) [4MY] Coast Guard: anchorage grounds final rule, (EC2029,

EC2031) [11MY] Commission of Fine Arts: commercial activities inven

tory report, (EC6293) [10NOJ Commission on Civil Rights: commercial activities inventory report, (EC5294) [10NO] equal educational

educational opportunity and nondiscrimination for minority students report, (EC5309) [10NO]

-Federal Managers' Financial Integrity Act report, (EC201) [2FE) Commission on Holocaust Assets in the U.S.: extension

legislation, (EC2054) [12MY] Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe:

Parliamentary Assembly report, (EC3788) (5AU] Commission To Assess the Organization of the Federal

Government to Combat the Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction: report, (EC4646) [40C)

Committee for Purchase From People Who Are Blind

or Severely Disabled: procurement list additions final rule, (EC12) [6JA], (EC202) [2FE), (EC343) [4FE), (EC651) [23FE), (EC945) [9MR), (EC1024) [15MR), (EC1122) [18MR), (EC1174) [22MR), (EC1287) [25MR), (EC1363) [12AP], (EC1575) [19AP], (EC1928) [6MY), (EC2124) [14MY), (EC2181) [18MY], (EC2462) [7JN), (EC2641) [16JN], (EC2829) [1JY], (EC2922, EC2923) [12JY], (EC3177) [21JY], (EC3551, EC3552, EC3553) [4AU), (EC3708), (EC3795) [5AU), (EC3997) [9SE), (EC4064, EC4065) [13SE), (EC4192, EC4193) [15SE), (EC4672) [60C), (EC4778) [140C], (EC4806) [180C], (EC4931) [260C], (EC5061) [1NO], (EC5219) [5NO], (EC5471) [19NO]

-regulations final rule, (EC5060) [1NO] Committee on Banking and Financial Services (House):

Federal Managers' Financial Integrity Act report,

(EC4531) (28SE] Comptroller of the Currency: bank transfer agents and broker-dealers final rule, (EC4630) [40C]

-Contracting Outreach Program final rule, (EC2873) [12JY]

Credit Union Membership Access Act report, (EC4564) [29SE]

investment securities final rule, (EC5105) [2NO] -report, (EC3257) [29JY)

-risk-based capital final rule, (EC1012) [15MR), (EC1908) [6MY] Congressional Medal of Honor Society: report,

(EC3570) [4AU) Congressional Office of Compliance: proposed rulemaking notice, (EC305) [2FE), (EC333) [3FE]

-report, (EC4574) [29SE]

-use by covered employees report, (EC305) [2FE], (EC333) [3FE] Corp. for National and Community Service: claims collection final rule, (EC570) (23FE]

education awards final rule, (EC3505) [4AU] -final action report, (EC3030) [14JY]

-Foster Grandparent Program final rule, (EC2428) [7JN]

-Inspector General report, (EC3030) [14JY]

-Learn and Serve America and AmeriCorps Grant Programs final rule, (EC146) [2FE]

-report, (EC145) [2FE), (EC3021) (14JY]

Retired and Senior Volunteer Program final rule, (EC2427) [7JN]

Senior Companion Program final rule, (EC2429) [7JN) CPSC: child-resistant packaging final rule, (EC336, EC337) [4FE), (EC3407) [3AU)

-flammability of children's sleepwear final rule, (EC574) [23FE]

-Government in the Sunshine Act report, (EC1872) [5MY], (EC1929) [6MY]

-Inspector General report, (EC3029) [14JY]

-packaging requirements final rule, (EC336, EC337) [4FE]

-report, (EC2904) [12JY] Customs Service: automated clearinghouse credit final rule, (EC937) [8MR]

-automated export system final rule, (EC3722) [SAU]

commercial testing laboratories final rule, (EC4111) [13SE]

copyrights, trademarks, and trade name protection final rule, (EC841) [2MR]

explosives final rule, (EC302) [2FE)

exportation of used motor vehicles final rule, (EC1896) [5MY)

-flights to and from Cuba final rule, (EC4812) [180C]

-foreign-based commercial motor vehicles in international traffic final rule, (EC763) [25FE]

-import restrictions on Byzantine Ecclesiastical and Ritual Ethnological material from Cyprus final rule, (EC1686) [21 AP]

-interest on overpayments and underpayments of customs duties, fees, interest, and taxes final rule, (EC4811) [180C]

-Land Border Carrier Initiative Program final rule, (EC356) [4FE)

-merchandise detention final rule, (EC3845) [5AU]

-port of entry final rule, (EC762) [25FE]

-technical amendment to customs regulations final rule, (EC1443) [12AP], (EC2205) [18MY], (EC3844) [5AU]

-textiles and textile products final rule, (EC4110) [13SE]

-tonnage tax final rule, (EC1442) [12AP]

-user fees final rule, (EC109) [19JA), (EC3630) [4AU)

-warehouse withdrawals final rule, (EC1895) [5MY]

-warehouses final rule, (EC5094) [1NO]

-withdrawl of international airport designation, (EC1711) [22AP] DAR: report, (EC2795) [29JN), (EC3571) [4AU] DEA: schedules of controlled substances final rule,

(EC1378) [12AP], (EC3662, EC3663) [5AU),

(EC4468) [24SE] Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board: health and

safety activities report, (EC1589, EC1591) [19AP] Defense Security Cooperation Agency: Arms Export

Control Act report, (EC386) [8FE), (EC1259) [24MR), (EC2660) [17JN]

-cooperative project with Sweden, (EC1866) [5MY]

-delivery of defense articles to Bosnia and Herzegovina, (EC1153) [18MR), (EC1922) [6MY]

-Dept. of the Air Force proposed lease of defense articles to Australia, (EC1864) [5MY], (EC4725) [120C], (EC5203) [5NO]

Dept. of the Air Force proposed lease of defense articles to Bahrain, (EC1021) [15MR]

-Dept. of the Air Force proposed lease of defense articles to Egypt, (EC1865) [5MY], (EC1918) [6MY], (EC4928) [260C]

-Dept. of the Air Force proposed lease of defense articles to Greece, (EC4975) [270C]

-Dept. of the Air Force proposed lease of defense articles to Israel, (EC1511) [14AP], (EC3100) [19JY], (EC5011) [280C), (EC5410) [17NO]

-Dept. of the Air Force proposed lease of defense articles to New Zealand, (EC2003) [11MY], (EC2121) [14MY]

-Dept. of the Air Force proposed lease of defense articles to Singapore, (EC778) [1MR), (EC1863) [5MY]

-Dept. of the Air Force proposed lease of defense articles to Thailand, (EC4973) [270C)

-Dept. of the Air Force proposed lease of defense articles to the Netherlands, (EC5012) [280C]

-Dept. of the Air Force proposed lease of defense articles to the Republic of Korea, (EC1351) [12AP), (EC4972, EC4974) [270C)

-Dept. of the Air Force proposed lease of defense articles to the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in the U.S., (EC3690) [5AU]

-Dept. of the Army proposed lease of defense articles to Columbia, (EC5375) [16NO]

-Dept. of the Army proposed lease of defense articles to Denmark, (EC5013) [280C]

-Dept. of the Army proposed lease of defense articles to Egypt, (EC3331, EC3332) [2AU], (EC3426) [3AU), (EC4927) [260C]

-Dept. of the Army proposed lease of defense articles to Greece, (EC2631) [16JN], (EC2743) [24JN], (EC2906) [12JY], (EC3223) [26JY]

-Dept. of the Army proposed lease of defense articles to Israel, (EC4929) [260C), (EC5010) [280C]

-Dept. of the Army proposed lease of defense articles to Kuwait, (EC4502) [27SE]

-Dept. of the Army proposed lease of defense articles to Norway, (EC4926) [260C]

-Dept. of the Army proposed lease of defense articles to Singapore, (EC3693) [5AU]

-Dept. of the Army proposed lease of defense articles to Spain, (EC3769) [5AU]

-Dept. of the Army proposed lease of defense articles to the Netherlands, (EC1867) [5MY], (EC5141) [3NO), (EC5205) [5NO]

-Dept. of the Army proposed lease of defense articles to the Republic of Korea, (EC4930) (260C), (EC5218) (5NO]


-Dept. of the Army proposed lease of defense articles to the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in the U.S., (EC1919) [6MY], (EC2907, EC2908) [12JY)

-Dept. of the Navy proposed lease of defense article to the United Kingdom, (EC5204) (5NO]

-Dept. of the Navy proposed lease of defense articles to Australia, (EC3425) [3AU)

-Dept. of the Navy proposed lease of defense articles to Brazil, (EC3692) [5AU)

-Dept. of the Navy proposed lease of defense articles to Egypt, (EC2799) [30JN), (EC5258) [9NOJ

-Dept. of the Navy proposed lease of defense articles to Japan, (EC3768) [5AU]

-Dept. of the Navy proposed lease of defense articles to Malasia, (EC4971) [270C]

-Dept. of the Navy proposed lease of defense articles to the Republic of Korea, (EC4503) [27SE)

-Dept. of the Navy proposed lease of defense articles to the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in the U.S., (EC3691) [5AU]

-Dept. of the Navy proposed lease of defense articles to the United Kingdom, (EC2329) [25MY]

employee services report, (EC603) [23FE]

-letters of offer to sell defense equipment, (EC4614) [10C)

-license for export of defense articles to Bosnia and Herzegovina, (EC2979) [12JY]

-memorandum of understanding with the United Kingdom, (EC602) (23FE]

-military assistance, exports, and imports report, (EC1094) (17MR]

proposed lease of defense articles to NATO, (EC2122) [14MY)

technology or capability enhancements or upgrades for Greece, (EC3222) [26JY]

-technology or capability enhancements or upgrades for Singapore, (EC1118) [18MR), (EC5411) [17NO]

-technology or capability enhancements or upgrades for foreign countries, (EC601) (23FE)

-technology or capability enhancements or upgrades for the Taiepi Economic and Cultural Representative Office in the U.S., (EC3770) (5AU]

-transfer of defense articles and services to Bosnia-Herzegovinia, (EC3638) [4AU) Dept. of Agriculture: acquisition regulations final rule, (EC4636) [40C), (EC4662) [50C)

-administrative regulations final rule, (EC4713) [120C]

-agency responsibilities, organization, and terminology final rule, (EC539) [23FE)

agricultural commodities final rule. (EC2603) [15JN)

-Agricultural Fair Practices Act amendments, (EC2547) [9JN]

-almonds final rule, (EC1763) [28AP), (EC3652) [5AU), (EC5479, EC5481) [22NO]

-analogous products, patent term restoration, serums, toxins, and viruses final rule, (EC3729) [5AU)

-Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service final rule, (EC1056) [16MR), (EC2206) [19MY), (EC4817) [190C]

-animal welfare enforcement report, (EC3381) [3AU]

-animal welfare programs final rule, (EC4961) [270C)

-avocados and limes final rule, (EC4714) [120C) -avocados final rule, (EC2252) [20MY]

-beetles final rule, (EC114) [2FE), (EC2414) [7JN), (EC4863) [210C]

-binders in meat products final rule, (EC2863) [12JY), (EC4263) [21SE]

-brucellosis in cattle final rule, (EC 1468) [13AP), (EC3116) (20JY]

cattle diseases final rule, (EC3728) [5AU), (EC4844) [200C), (EC4894) [250C]

cherries final rule, (EC27) [19JA), (EC959) [10MR), (EC2754) (25JN), (EC3275) (30JY), (EC3382) [3AU), (EC4389) [23SE), (EC4476) [27SE), (EC4816) (190C)

-child nutrition and WIC programs final rule, (EC1909) [6MY]

citrus fruits final rule, (EC3388) [3AU], (EC4265) [21SE), (EC5196) [5NO]

Community Facilities Grant Program final rule, (EC2984) [13JY)

community programs guaranteed loans final rule, (EC2820) [1JY]

conservation farm option final rule, (EC122) [2FE)

cooperative funding final rule, (EC5324) [15NO]

corn oil, protein, and starch final rule, (EC1847) (5MY]

Cotton Board final rule, (EC2678) (22JN]

countries eligible to export poultry products into U.S. list final rule, (EC4652) (50C]

cranberries final rule, (EC2314) [25MY]

Crop Loss Disaster Assistance Program final rule, (EC2294) [24MY], (EC5194) (5NO]

-Dairy Indemnity Payment Program final rule, (EC1498) [14AP]

dairy products final rule, (EC2049) [12MY]

dairy tariff-rate import quota final rule, (EC3647) (5AU)

-Disaster Set-Aside Program final rule, (EC30) 119JA)

disease status final rule, (EC111, EC115) [2FE), (EC4818) [190C)

Distance Learning and Telemedicine Loan and Grant Program final rule, (EC 1904) [6MY]

dog and cat licensing final rule, (EC3385) [3AU]

eggs final rule, (EC3651) [5AU), (EC4650) [50C), (EC5041) [INO]

-End-Use Certificate Program final rule. (EC1499) [14AP]

export certification final rule, (EC112) [2FE]

-farm labor housing loans and grants final rule, (EC2259) [20MY]

-Farm Loan Program final rule, (EC5390) [17NO]

-Federal crop insurance regulations final rule, (EC2253) [20MY), (EC2413) [7JN), (EC2821) [1JY), (EC4477) [27SE)

Federal Managers' Financial Integrity Act report, (EC2018) [11MY]

-fire ants final rule, (EC2858) [12JY), (EC5039) [1NO], (EC5195) (5NO]

-flood compensation final rule, (EC4020) (13SE] -flowers final rule, (EC3387) (3AU]

-food distribution programs final rule, (EC360) [8FE]

-food stamp eligibility legislation, (EC4386) [22SE]

Food Stamp Program final rule, (EC2725) [24JN), (EC4232) [17SE), (EC4264) [21SE]

-Foreign Market Development Cooperator Program final rule, (EC5000) [280C)

-Forest Development Transportation System final rule, (EC1206) (23MR]

-Forest Service report, (EC3637) (4AU)

-Freedom of Information Act report, (EC4138) [14SE]

-fruit fly final rule, (EC2860, EC2861, EC2862) [12JY), (EC3234) [27JY], (EC3861) [8SE], (EC3975) [9SE), (EC4526, EC4527) [28SE), (EC4921) [260C), (EC5391) [17NO]

-fruits and vegetables final rule, (EC541) [23FE]

-grapefruit, oranges, tangelos, and tangerines final rule, (EC547) [23FE), (EC1901) (6MY], (EC3864) [8SE), (EC4120) [14SE), (EC4557) [29SE), (EC4649) (50C), (EC5478, EC5480) [22NO)

-grapes final rule, (EC1302) [12AP], (EC3384) [3AU)

grazing disputes mediation final rule, (EC3482) [4AU]

Guaranteed Rural Rental Housing Program final rule, (EC3316) [2AU)

-gypsy moth final rule, (EC3483) [4AU), (EC4121) (14SE]

-hazelnuts final rule, (EC958) [10MR), (EC3217) [26JY]

-hogs final rule, (EC752) (25FE), (EC4022) [13SE]

-honey final rule, (EC1761) [28AP]

-horses final rule, (EC2665) [18JN), (EC4021) [13SE)

-imported logs, lumber, and unmanufactured wood articles final rule, (EC5100) (2NO)

Infant Meal Pattern Program final rule, (EC5405) [17NO]

-inspection programs enforcement legislation, (EC4862) (200C)

-inspection services fees final rule, (EC3730) [SAU]

Inspector General report, (EC966) [10MR), (EC2697) (22JN), (EC3432) (3AUJ

jurisdiction exchange with the Dept. of the Army, (EC3375) [2AU]

-karnal bunt final rule, (EC2154) [17MY), (EC2859) [12JY), (EC3190) [22JY]

kiwifruit final rule, (EC3650) [5AU)

-landownership adjustments final rule, (EC2254) [20MY]

-livestock price reporting legislation, (EC1594) [20AP)

-loans final rule, (EC975) [11MR]

-manufactured housing thermal requirements final rule, (EC4438) [24SE)

-meat and poultry establishments sanitation final rule, (EC5099) [2NO), (EC5394) [17NO]

-meat and poultry inspection programs final rule, (EC3731) [5AU)

-meat final rule, (EC544, EC546) [23FE]

-melons final rule, (EC1051) [12MY), (EC3649) [SAU)

-military and National Forest System lands report, (EC5466) [18NO]

-milk final rule, (EC119) [2FE), (EC750) [25FE), (EC1903) [6MY), (EC2415) [7JN), (EC3648) [5AU), (EC4023) (13SE), (EC4351) [22SE), (EC4475) [27SE), (EC4815) [190C), (EC5322, EC5323) [15NO], (EC5439) [18NO]

-moisture meters tolerances final rule, (EC116) [2FE)

-nectarines and peaches final rule, (EC1762) [28AP]

-nonagricultural cooperatives of rural residents legislation, (EC3735) (5AU)

-olives final rule, (EC545) [23FE), (EC1902) [6MY), (EC3218) [26JY]

onions final rule, (EC749) [25FE), (EC3092) [19JY], (EC4267) [21SE]

organic certifying agencies final rule, (EC2822) [1JY]

-Packers and Stockyard Act amendments, (EC2546) [9JN)

-papayas final rule, (EC5483) [22NOJ

-peanuts final rule, (EC118) [2FE), (EC2571) [10JN), (EC3653) [5AU), (EC4266) [21SE), (EC5038) [1NO]

-performance plan report, (EC1579) [19AP]

Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act final rule, (EC3389) (3AU)

-pork final rule, (EC3974) [9SE]
ports final rule, (EC3383) [3AU]

position vacancies notification, (EC1600) [20AP)

-potatoes final rule, (EC4352) [22SE), (EC4390) [23SE]

poultry final rule, (EC544) [23FE]

Preferred Lender Program and Guaranteed Farm Loan Program final rule, (EC3233) [27JY]

-private insurance policy legislation, (EC1497) [14AP)

-prunes final rule, (EC548) [23FE), (EC2050) [12MY), (EC4350) (22SE), (EC4575) (30SE]

quarantine and inspection services final rule, (EC5392) [17NO]

quarantine regulations final rule, (EC469) [10FE]

-rabies vaccine final rule, (EC3866) [8SE]

-raisins final rule, (EC960, EC961) [10MR), (EC1055) [16MR), (EC2529) [8JN), (EC2679) [22JN), (EC3862) (SSE)

-rice final rule, (EC751) (25FE]

-Rural Utilities Service final rule, (EC113, EC120) [2FE)


-scale requirements final rule, (EC4712) (120C]

-school nutrition programs final rule, (EC4794) [180C]

Small Business Timber Sale Set-Aside Program final rule, (EC29) [19JA)

-soybeans final rule, (EC3865) [8SE]
-spearmint oil final rule, (EC542) [23FE]

-streamlining of regulations final rule, (EC5193) [5NO]

sugar final rule, (EC792) [2MR]

-swine final rule, (EC121) [2FE), (EC752) [25FE]

-technical assistance final rule, (EC4161) [15SE]

-tobacco final rule, (EC543) [23FE), (EC1848) (5MY), (EC4651) (50C]

-tomatoes final rule, (EC3863) [8SE), (EC4999) [280C]

-veterinary services user fees final rule, (EC26) [19JA), (EC4628) [40C)

-violations transmittal, (EC5043) [1NO]

-walnuts final rule, (EC117) [2FE), (EC5040) [1NO], (EC5484) [22NO]

-weeds final rule, (EC3386) [3AU)

WIC Farmers Market Nutrition Program final rule, (EC4356) [22SE]

WIC Special Supplemental Nutrition Program final rule, (EC5106) [2NO]

Working Capital Fund legislation, (EC4383) [22SE] Dept. of Commerce: acquisition regulations final rule, (EC1958) [10MY]

-aircraft exports/reexports final rule, (EC4661) [50C]

-Anadromous Fish Conservation Act report, (EC946) [9MR]

-Bureau of Export Administration final rule, (EC2458) [7JN), (EC5217) (5NO] -Bureau of Export

Administration report, (EC856) [3MR]

Chemical Weapons Convention implementation final rule, (EC2267) [20MY]

-Chesapeake Bay living resources and habitat protection and restoration report, (EC3110) [19JY]

client service programs funding final rule, (EC3752) (5AU)

Coastal Zone Management Act legislation, (EC1522) [14AP]

-commercial communication satellites export licenses report, (EC2995) [13JY]

competitive technology competition-experiment funding final rule, (EC2512) [7JN]

-computer exports final rule, (EC189) [2FE), (EC857) [3MR]

-computer licensing policy final rule, (EC3548) [4AU]

-control list final rule, (EC4767) [130C]

-direct investment surveys final rule, (EC1358) [12AP]

-Emergency Oil and Gas Guaranteed Loan Program final rule, (EC6402) [17NO]

encryption items final rule, (EC1573) [19AP] entity list

final rule,

rule, (EC1482) [13AP], (EC2916) [12JY]

-Export Administration final rule, (EC1022) [15MR), (EC3546) [4AU]

-Export Administration regulations final rule, (EC4189, EC4191) [15SE]

-Export Administration regulations relative to Macau final rule(EC2917) [12JY), (EC3054) [15JY]

export controls on terrorist organizations report, (EC190) [2FE]

export controls report, (EC3789) (5AU)

exports and reexports of energetic materials final rule, (EC4190) [15SE]

exports to Cuba final rule, (EC2745) [24JN] exports to Serbia final rule, (EC2088) [13MY]

Federal Managers' Financial Integrity Act report, (EC662) [23FE)

-firearms report, (EC188) [2FE]

-foreign policy-based export controls final rule, (EC2460) [7JN] -implementation plan final

final rule, (EC1202) [22MR]

Inspector General report, (EC197) [2FE), (EC3350), (EC3367) [2AU]

-interim final rule, (EC729) [23FE]

-interlocutory rulings final rule, (EC1186) [22MR)

-International Anti-Bribery and Fair Competition Act report, (EC3195) [22JY]

-license for export of commercial communication satellites, (EC1731) [26AP]

-microprocessor license exception final rule, (EC3547) [4AU]

-missile technology controls final rule, (EC858) [3MR]

National Gulf Oyster Disease Research Program final rule, (EC1179) [22MR]

-national marine sanctuaries preservation legislation, (EC2833) [1JY]

-National Sea Grant College Federal Fellows Program final rule, (EC1180) [22MR]

-New Canadian Province Import Code for Territory of Nunavut final rule, (EC2542) [8JN]

-Patent and Trademark Office fees by credit card payment final rule, (EC5173) [3NO)

-Professional Research Experience Program final rule, (EC2247) [19MY]

-Public Telecommunications Facilities Program final rule, (EC1340) [12AP]

-satellite controls under U.S. munitions list, (EC1481) [13AP]

-solicitation provisions and contract clauses final rule, (EC3509) [4AU]

-subsidies enforcement report, (EC717) [23FE]

-technology administration legislation, (EC2567) [9JN]

- Telecommunications and Information Infrastructure Assistance Program final rule, (EC149) [2FE]

-Trademark Act amendments, (EC4853) [200C]

Trademark Law Treaty Implementation Act final rule, (EC4513) [27SE) Dept. of Defense: acquisition and support workforce reductions report, (EC2681) [22JN]

-acquisition program certification, (EC2053) [12MY]

-acquisition regulations final rule, (EC137, EC138, EC139) [2FE), (EC794, EC795, EC796, EC797, EC798) [2MR), (EC1310, EC1317) [12AP], (EC2173) [18MY], (EC2421, EC2422) [7JN), (EC2550, EC2551, EC2552, EC2553, EC2554) [9JN), (EC2728, EC2729, EC2730)

EC2730) [24JN], (EC2870, EC2871) [12JY], (EC3255)

(EC3255) [29JY), , (EC3496, EC3497, EC3498) [4AU), (EC3741), (EC3797) [5AU), (EC4123) [14SE), (EC4162, EC4163, EC4164, EC4166) [15SE), (EC4234) [17SE), (EC4277, EC4278) [21SE), (EC4600, EC4601) [10C), (EC4796, EC4797) [180C], (EC4864), (EC4880, EC4881, EC4882, EC4883) [210C], (EC5285), (EC5286, EC5287) [10NO], (EC5367) [16NO], (EC5395, EC5396, EC5397, EC5398) [17NO]

-Airborne Laser Program report, (EC1322) [12AP]

-American Red Cross report, (EC184) [2FE]

-Anti-Deficiency Act violation, (EC1064) [16MR), (EC1765) [28AP], (EC1905, EC1906) [6MY], (EC3162, EC3163) [21JY], (EC3305) [2AU]

-appropriations legislation, (EC1616) [20AP]

-armed forces personal property shipment quality improvement report, (EC1313) [12AP]

-assurance report, (EC206) [2FE]
-aviation accidents report, (EC2781) [29JN]
-aviation insurance legislation, (EC711) [23FE]
-aviators waivers report, (EC2621) [16JN]

CHAMPUS TRICARE active duty dependents final rule, (EC3164) [21JY]

CHAMPUS TRICARE final rule, (EC799) [2MR), (EC962) [1OMR), (EC1314, EC1320) [12AP], (EC1907) [6MY], (EC4165)

(EC4165) [15SE), (EC5198) [5NO]

CHAMPUS TRICARE head injury policy and provider network adequacy report, (EC3308) [2AU]

CHAMPUS TRICARE report, (EC4482) [27SE]

-Civilian Separation Incentive Program report, (EC4559) [29SE]

commercial activities performance report, (EC3306) [2AU)

contingency operations supplemental appropriations report, (EC3639) (4AU)

contingent liabilities report, (EC2644) [16JN]

-contractional actions to facilitate national defense, (EC1561) [19AP]

-contractor environmental response action costs report, (EC1565) [19AP]

-Cooperative Threat Reduction Program report, (EC1953) [10MY], (EC3311) [2AU]

comparison study, (EC4275) [21SE), (EC4529) [28SE], (EC5197) [5NO]

-Defense Environmental Quality Program report, (EC3737) (5AU]

-Defense Environmental Response Task Force report, (EC1536) [15AP), (EC1562) [19AP]

-Defense Production Act legislation, (EC1596) [20AP]

-delivery of defense articles to Bosnia and Herzegovina, (EC4647) (40C)

-demilitarization of conventional munitions, rockets, and explosives report, (EC1564) [19AP]

demilitarization of excess and surplus defense property report, (EC 1563) [19AP]

-Dept. of the Army Wholesale Logistics Modernization Program report, (EC5485) [22NO]

education activities and dependents schools report, (EC1282) [25MR]

education programs evaluation final rule, (EC1947) [6MY]

enhanced global positioning system development report, (EC4481) [27SE)

entitlement to reimburse rental car costs to military members report, (EC5444) [18NO]

evaluate year 2000 capabilities of systems within operational enviroments report, (EC1319) [12AP]

extraordinary contractual actions to facilitate national defense, (EC1309) [12AP] -F-22 Aircraft

Aircraft Program report, (EC1011) [15MR]

-Federal Vacancies Reform Act report, (EC1598, EC1599) [20AP]

-Foreign Comparative Testing Program report, (EC1103) [18MR]

-Future Years Defense Program report, (EC914) [8MR]

general and flag officers report, (EC2424) [7JN]

-Gulf War veterans health care services plan report, (EC4814) [180C)

-Gulf War veterans health consequences report, (EC2525) [7JN)

-Gulf War veterans report, (EC1590) [19AP] -headquarters staffing report, (EC3309) [2AU] -hydrocarbon fuels report, (EC4483) [27SE] -hydrogen program report, (EC2568) [9JN] -implementation plan final rule, (EC3742) [5AU]

-Information Security Oversight Office report, (EC4979) [270C]

-Inspector General report, (EC53) (19JA)

-inventory management of in-transit items plan report, (EC 1537) [15AP]

-low-level exposure to chemical warfare agents report, (EC3019) [14JY]

-management legislation, (EC2077, EC2078) [12MY], (EC2528) [7JN), (EC2545) [8JN]

-management legislation final rule, (EC2854) [1JY]

-manpower requirements report, (EC3307) [2AU]

-memorandum of agreement relative to technology demonstration and system prototype projects with Italy, (EC3026) [14JY]

-memorandum of understanding with Canada relative to military satellite communications, (EC4505) [27SE]

-memorandum of understanding with the Seasparrow Consortium (business) relative to the Evolved Seasparrow Missile, (EC4977) [270C]

-memorandum of understanding with the United Kingdom relative to the Intercooled Recuperated Gas Turbine Engine, (EC4976) [270C]

-military pay and retirement reform legislation, (EC1532) [14AP]


-military treatment facilities report, (EC4562) [29SE]

-multiple depot-level maintenance and repair workloads report, (EC793) [2MR]

-National Defense Authorization Act report, (EC560) [23FE), (EC4396, EC4397) [23SE), (EC5368) [16NO]

-national defense stockpile report, (EC135) [2FE), (EC848) [3MR]

National Security Education Program report, (EC3851) [5AU]

-NATO operations in and around Kosovo report, (EC5564) [22NOJ

-natural resources management plans at military installations report, (EC882) (3MR]

-nuclear, biological, and chemical defense report, (EC1538) [15AP]

-Office of the Sec. of Defense final rule, (EC1078) [16MR)

out-of-cycle project funds obligation notice, (EC2680) [22JN]

-personnel and readiness plan, (EC4276) [21SE]

-pharmacy system redesign plan report, (EC1065) [16MR), (EC1986) [11MY]

-pilot programs for testing program manager performance, (EC1323) [12AP]

-prevention of and response to terrorist incidents involving weapons of mass destruction report, (EC1560) (15AP]

Privacy Program final rule, (EC2662) [17JN]

-procurement notification final rule, (EC1315, EC1316, EC1318) [12AP]

-project arrangement between the U.S. and Sweden final approval request, (EC3343) [2AU]

public and private partnerships to benefit morale, welfare, and recreation programs report, (EC334) [4FE]

-Public Law compliance report, (EC5562) [22NO]

-purchases from foreign entities report, (EC1534) [15AP], (EC3744) [5AU), (EC5487) (22NO]

-report, (EC1102) [18MR)

Reserve Forces Policy Board report, (EC2420) [7JN]

-restructurings information report, (EC1312) [12AP]

-retention of Armed Forces members report, (EC847) (3MR]

-retirement notice, (EC2572, EC2573) [10JN), (EC2579, EC3577, EC3578) [14JN), (EC2731) [24JN), (EC2985) [13JY), (EC3310, EC3312, EC3313, , EC3314) [2AU), (EC3394)

(EC3394) [3AU), (EC3743) [5AU], (EC3980) [9SE), (EC4279) [21SE), (EC4530) [28SE), (EC4666) [60C), (EC4865) [210C), (EC4923) [260C), (EC5399) [17NO), (EC5486) [22NO]

-review and internal coordination report, (EC1985) [11MY]

-revitalize laboratories and test and evaluation centers report, (EC3745) [5AU]

-security cooperation programs management legislation, (EC2536) [8JN]

-selection of members to serve on courts-martial study report, (EC1535) [15AP], (EC4895) [250C]

Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program report, (EC1850) [5MY], (EC2151) [14MY]

-study of certain functions for possible performance by private contractors notice, (EC4480) [27SE]

Superfund audit report, (EC4668) [60C]

-support to civil authorities for combating terrorism legislation, (EC2549) [9JN]

-Taiwan Strait security situation report, (EC730) [24FE]

-tax consequences for members of the Armed Forces legislation, (EC2068) [12MY]

-Theater Missile Defense Architecture Options in the Asia-Pacific Region report, (EC2074) [12MY]

-transfer of closed or realigned property to local redevelopment authority legislation, (EC2780) [29JN]

-transfer of prisoners from Fort Leavenworth, KS, disciplinary barracks to Federal Bureau of Prisons report, (EC2977) (12JY]

transportation legislation, (EC2570) [9JN]

-transportation of chemical agent identification sets determination, (EC4561) [29SE]

-tritium production technology options report, (EC3860) (5AU]

-U.S.-NATO Airborne Early Warning Command Program Management Organization cooperative projects memorandum of agreement, (EC3175) [21JY]

-Unified Command Plan report, (EC4896) [250C]

-universities and private sector entities cooperative relationships demonstration program report, (EC1987) [11MY]

-vacancy report, (EC2998) [13JY), (EC3133) [20JY), (EC4568) [29SE]

-visibility of end items and secondary items plan, (EC4629) [40C]

-Water Resources Development Act, (EC5076) [1NO]

-weapons destruction and nonproliferation in the former Soviet Union report, (EC1952) [10MY], (EC5445) [18NO]

Wildfire Suppression Aircraft Transfer Act implementation final rule, (EC3554) [4AU]

-year 2000 compliance report, (EC2872) (12JY] Dept. of Education: accrediting agencies final rule, (EC5110) [2NO]

agreements and grants with institutions of higher education, hospitals, and other non-profit organizations final rule, (EC4357) [22SE]

-Assistance to States for the Education of Children With Disabilities Program final rule, (EC3259) [29JY], (EC3321) [2AU]

-Assistive Technology Act Technical Assistance Program final rule, (EC2987) [13JY]

-awareness and readiness for undergraduate programs final rule, (EC1693) [22AP]

Child Care Access Means Parent in School Program final rule, (EC1082) [17MR), (EC1163) [22MR]

children and youth with disabilities final rule, (EC1248) [24MR]

civil rights enforcement in education report, (EC2152) (14MY]

Commissioner of the National Center for Education Statistics resignation, (EC3441) [3AU]

direct grant programs final rule, (EC3984) [9SE), (EC4032) [13SE]

-disability and rehabilitation research projects and training centers funding final rule, (EC2174) [18MY], (EC2430) [7JN), (EC2881) [12JY]

-disabled veterans Federal student loans procedures for cancellations and deferments report, (EC3272) (29JY]

-Federal Family Education Loan Program final rule, (EC1854, EC1855) [5MY], (EC4925) [260C), (EC4962), (EC4966) [270C), (EC5107, EC5111) [2NO], (EC5137) [3NO]

-Federal Managers' Financial Integrity Act report, (EC663) [23FE]

--Federal Perkins Loan Program final rule, (EC4925) [260C], (EC5109) [2NO]

-funding priorities final rule, (EC1694) [22AP], (EC2296) [24MY], (EC2580, EC2581) [14JN), (EC2624, EC2625, EC2626) [16JN), (EC3124) [20JY]

-graduate assistance in areas of national need final rule, (EC1209) [23MR), (EC1247) [24MR]

-Higher Education Act final rule, (EC5004) [280C)

-Impact Aid Program final rule, (EC754) [25FE]

Inspector General report, (EC1173) [22MR), (EC3106) [19JY]

-international education programs final rule, (EC916, EC917) [8MR]

-Jacob K. Javits Fellowship Board final rule, (EC369) [8FE), (EC571) [23FE)

-National Advisory Committee on Institutional Quality and Integrity report, (EC32) (19JA)

-National Awards Program for Model Professional Development final rule, (EC4964) (270C]

-National Center for Educational Statistics report, (EC2733) [24JN]

-National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research final rule, (EC2175) [18MY]

-new awards application final rule, (EC1335) [12AP]

-preparing teachers to use technology final rule, (EC1478) [13AP], (EC1856) (5MY]

-Privacy Act regulations final rule, (EC3123) [20JY], (EC3749) [5AU]

-projects with industry final rule, (EC4034) [13SE], (EC4281) (21SE]

-recognition of accrediting agencies final rule, (EC4824) [190C)

-report, (EC2999) [13JY)

-resignations and designations report, (EC3366) [2AU], (EC3709) [5AU]

-special education final rule, (EC2826) [1JY]

-student assistance regulatory provisions final rule, (EC801) [2MR), (EC4898) [250C], (EC4963) [270C], (EC5003) [280C), (EC5108, EC5112) [2NO), (EC5138) [3NO], (EC5178) [4NO]

student financial aid programs report, (EC4965) [270C]

-students with disabilities final rule, (EC1249) [24MR]

-Teacher Quality Enhancement Grants Program final rule, (EC4033) [13SE), (EC4533) [28SE]

-training and information for parents of children with disabilities report, (EC3020) [14JY]

-training of interpreters for the disabled final rule, (EC4030) [13SE], (EC4566) (29SE]

-undergraduate programs awareness and readiness final rule, (EC1828) [4MY]

William D. Ford Direct Loan Program final rule, (EC2532) [8JN), (EC2623) [16JN), (EC2827) [1JY], (EC4031) [13SE), (EC4443) [24SE), (EC4897) [250C), (EC4962), (EC4966) [270C), (EC5005) [280C), (EC5137) [3NO], (EC5289,

EC5290, EC5291) [10NO] Dept. of Energy: accelerator facilities safety final rule, (EC1911) [6MY], (EC4132) [14SE]

-accelerator transmutation of waste technology development report, (EC5467) [18NO]

-access to cyber systems final rule, (EC5493) [22NO]

accident investigations final rule, (EC1017) [15MR

-accounting handbook, (EC1993) [11MY]

-acquisition regulations final rule, (EC1252) [24MR], (EC 1619) (21 AP], (EC1910) [6MY]

-activities not inherently governmental in nature report, (EC5472) (19NO)

air monitoring guide final rule, (EC4447) [24SE]

-Alternative Fuel Transportation Program final rule, (EC2434) [7JN), (EC2828) [1JY]

-assessment, (EC3260) [29JY), (EC3413) [3AU] asset management, (EC1783) [29AP]

classified matter protection and control final rule, (EC2627) [16JN]

Clean Coal Technology Demonstration Program report, (EC1900) [5MY]

-commercial and industrial equipment energy efficiency program final rule, (EC5006) [280C)

-conference management final rule, (EC3323) [2AU)

consortium buying final rule, (EC3412) [3AU]

contingent emergency funds request, (EC885) [4MR)

Contractor Employee Protection Program final rule, (EC1251) [24MR), (EC3510) [4AU]

-contractor employees use final rule, (EC4127) [14SE]

Contractor Human Resource Management Programs final rule, (EC1070) [16MR]

-Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board Federal Managers' Financial Integrity Act report, (EC204) [2FE]

-Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board Inspector General report, (EC204) (2FE]

-Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board report, (EC3333) [2AU), (EC3411) [3AU]

-deviations, local clauses, uniform contract format, and clause matrix final rule, (EC3324) [2AU]

[ocr errors]


electric power industry legislation, (EC2352) [25MY]

employee concern program guide final rule, (EC3409) [3AU]

energy outlook report, (EC3985) [9SE]

external dosimetry program final rule, (EC4128) [14SE]

-Exxon and stripper well oil overcharge funds report, (EC1549) [15AP]

-facility disposition activities final rule, (EC2213) [19MY]

-Facility Representative Program final rule, (EC2260) [20MY]

-fossil fuels combustion waste report, (EC1570) [19AP]

-identifying classified information final rule, (EC1165) [22MR]

-Inspector General report, (EC198) [2FE), (EC3433) (3AU]

-internal dosimetry program guide final rule, (EC4491) [27SE]

International Science and Technology Center final rule, (EC4446) [24SE]

-Low-Level Radioactive Waste Management Program report, (EC3221) [26JY), (EC3329) [2AU), (EC3661) [5AU)

-major energy producers performance profiles report, (EC919) [8MR]

-metals initiative report, (EC3230) [26JY]

-Nuclear Explosive and Weapons Surety Program final rule, (EC5134) [3NO]

-nuclear explosive operations safety final rule, (EC5135) [3NO]

-nuclear materials management and safeguards final rule, (EC2582) [14JN]

occupational ALARA program guide final rule, (EC3408) [3AU]

occupational radiation protection final rule, (EC4131) [14SE]

-Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management report, (EC3508) [4AU)

-personnel security activities final rule, (EC1164) [22MR]

-Price-Anderson Act report, (EC1862) [5MY] quality assurance final rule, (EC1569) [19AP]

-radiation dose evaluation and control final rule, (EC4133) [14SE]

-radiation protection final rule, (EC3410) [3AU]

-radiation safety training guide final rule, (EC4492) [27SE)

-radiation-generating devices final rule, (EC4134) [14SE]

-radioactive contamination control guide final rule, (EC4174) [15SE]

-radioactive source accountability and control final rule, (EC4448) [24SE]

-radioactive waste management complex remediation plans report, (EC2056) [12MY]

-radiological control guide final rule, (EC4130) [14SE]

-radiological protection final rule, (EC2436) [7JN)

-scientific and technical information management final rule, (EC1072) [16MR]

-semiautomatic pistols final rule, (EC5494) [22NO]

-startup and restart of nuclear facilities final rule, (EC2435) [7JN)

State Energy Program final rule, (EC4129) [14SE]

-strategic petroleum reserve legislation, (EC 1480) [13AP]

-strategic petroleum reserve report, (EC1114) [18MR), (EC1567) [19AP]

-tritium production technology options report, (EC3860) [5AU]

-unclassified cyber security program final rule, (EC4126) [14SE]

-unclassified foreign visits and assignments final rule, (EC3753) (5AU)

Weather Assistance Program for Low-Incomed Persons legislation, (EC4670) [60C]

-work authorization system final rule, (EC4135) [14SE]

-work smart standards applications final rule, (EC1071) [16MR] Dept. of HHS: BIA Housing improvement assistance program final rule, (EC3118) [20JY]

-bonus to reward decrease in illegitimacy ratio final rule, (EC3632) [4AU]

-Child Support Enforcement Program final rule, (EC952) [9MR), (EC2543) [8JN], (EC3633, EC3634) [4AU), (EC5436) [17NO]

Child Support Enforcement Program report, (EC3152) [20JY]

-children's hospitals graduate medical education legislation, (EC2534) (8JN]

Community Food Nutrition Program report, (EC4444) [24SE]

-Community Services Block Grant report, (EC3750) (5AU), (EC4489) [27SE)

-Comprehensive Community Mental Health Services for Children and Their Families Program report, (EC573) [23FE]

Contraception and Infertility Research Loan Repayment Program report, (EC1962) [10MY]

developmental disabilities assistance legislation, (EC3330) [2AU)

-drug abuse and addiction research report, (EC2297) [24MY]

-drug-free workplace plans report, (EC4645) [40C)

electrocardiogram transportation payments report, (EC1456) [12AP]

emergency funds allotment report, (EC4709) [60C]

emergency funds notification, (EC3479) [3AU], (EC3854) [5AU)

empowerment zones legislation (EC1243) [23MR)

-Family Violence Prevention and Services Program report, (EC5492) [22NO]

-financial disclosure by clinical investigators final rule, (EC150) [2FE)

-foster care transition legislation, (EC1531) [14AP]

-Head Start Program final rule, (EC802) [2MR]

-Health Care Fraud and Abuse Control Program report, (EC2171) [17MY]

-health care practioners national practitioner data bank final rule, (EC1166) [22MR]

-health effects from exposure to power-line frequency electric magnetic fields report, (EC3325) [2AU]

-health insurance markets final rule, (EC4606) [10C)

-Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act implementation report, (EC4176) [15SE]

-health report, (EC4283) [21SE]

-home health agencies Medicare and Medicaid conditions of participation final rule, (EC955, EC956) [9MR]

-hospital inpatient payment percentage increase estimate report, (EC1844) [4MY]

-hospital inpatient prospective payment systems final rule, (EC845) [2MR]

-identification and treatment of children with asthma legislation, (EC2556) [9JN]

-implementation plan for veterans subvention memorandum, (EC2983) [12JY]

infertility and sexually transmitted diseases report, (EC3023) [14JY]

-laboratory requirements final rule, (EC3852) [SAU].

-lead-based paint hazards final rule, (EC4485) [27SE)

-LIHEAP report, (EC3495) [4AU)

-Loan Repayment Program report, (EC1250) [24MR]

Maternal and Child Health Services Program report, (EC3053) [15JY]

-Medicaid and Children's Health Insurance Program legislation, (EC3480) [3AU]

-Medicaid and Medicare final rule, (EC3115) [19JY]

-Medicaid final rule, (EC3754), (EC3853, EC3857) [5AU], (EC4556) [28SE], (EC5468) [18NO]

-medical device surveillance network report, (EC4900) [250C]

-Medicare chiropractic services report, (EC1979) [10MY]

-Medicare claims legslation, (EC2677) [18JN]

-Medicare final rule, (EC844) [2MR), (EC3302) [30JY], (EC3724, EC3725, EC3726), (EC3754), (EC3853, EC3857) [5AU), (EC4474) [24SE), (EC4556) [28SE), (EC4648) [40C), (EC4793) [140C), (EC5192) [4NO), (EC5468) [18NO), (EC5558, EC5559, EC5565) [22NOJ

-Medicare report, (EC957) [9MR), (EC1948) [6MY), (EC3060) [15JY]

-model projects for youth and domestic violence report, (EC148) [2FE]

-modernization of FDA review process tracking systems report, (EC177) [2FE)

-National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program report, (EC4445) [24SE]

-National Health Service Corps report, (EC2555) TOJNI

Native Hawaiian Revolving Loan Fund report, (EC1957) [10MY]

-NIH AIDS Research Loan Repayment Program report, (EC2179) [18MY]

NIH report, (EC4878) [210C]

-Older Americans Act amendments, (EC572) [23FE), (EC1782) (29AP]

open dumps on Indian lands report, (EC4886) [210C)

organ procurement and transplantation network final rule, (EC5037) [280C), (EC5140) [3NO]

-Orphans Products Board report, (EC3423) [3AU)

Pentagon Reservation renovation report, (EC3018) [14JY]

-Prescription Drug User Fee Act report, (EC434) [9FE], (EC1339) [12AP]

-Public Health Service report, (EC3986) [9SE)

-Refugee and Entrant Assistance Program appropriations legislation, (EC3819) [5AU]

-Refugee Resettlement Program report, (EC3209) [22JY]

-report, (EC1364) [12AP), (EC2402) [27MY]
-retirement plan report, (EC1364) [12AP]
-seafood inspection legislation, (EC2855) [1JY]

Social Security Act final rule, (EC2100) [13MY]

SSAN confidentiality, (EC1053) [15MR]

-surplus real property transferred or leased for public health purposes report, (EC609) [23FE]

-telemedicine report, (EC5409) [17NO]

-Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Contingency Fund final rule, (EC1742) [26AP]

-Vaccine Injury Compensation Program final rule, (EC3512) [4AU]

-Welfare-to-Work Grants Program report, (EC1978) [10MY] Dept. of HUD: A-76/Fair Act inventory report, (EC5165) [3NO]

-acquisition regulations final rule, (EC4235) [17SE)

-book-entry securities final rule, (EC3120) [20JY]

-builder warranty for single family new home mortgages final rule, (EC1989) (11MY]

Certificate and Voucher Programs conforming rule final rule, (EC1325) [12AP]

Community Development Block Grant Program final rule, (EC3397) (3AU)

debt collection final rule, (EC3226) [26JY], (EC4328) [21SE]

energy efficiency plan report, (EC3395) [3AU]

-fair housing complaint processing final rule, (EC2028) [11MY]

-fair housing final rule, (EC4327, EC4329) [21SE]

-fair housing report, (EC1876) (5MY]

-FHA programs final rule, (EC4866), (EC4871) [210C)

-financial reporting standards final rule, (EC3121) [20JY]

-Freedom of Information Act report, (EC664) [23FE]

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