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Jonathan Williams Condy.... Pennsylvania ... 15 May, 1797

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20 Sept. 1838

31 May, 1841

Walter S. Franklin.......... Pennsylvania ... 2 Dec. 1833
Hugh A. Garland ......... Virginia ....... 3 Dec. 1838
Matthew St. Clair Clarke..... Pennsylvania ... 31 May, 1841
Caleb J. McNulty..........

Ohio ......... 6 Dec. 1843
Benjamin B. French............ N. Hampshire... 18 Jan. 1815

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John W. Forney....

4 Feb.

Pennsylvania ..
Tennessee ......

1 Dec.



William Cullom.....

4 Feb.


6 Dec.


James C. Allen.....


6 Dec.


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FIRST ADMINISTRATION-1789 to 1797.-Eight Years.

PresidentGEORGE WASHINGTON, Virginia.
Vice-President-JOHN ADAMS, Massachusetts.

Secretaries of State*—Thomas Jefferson, of Virginia, September 26, 1789; Edmund Randolph, of Virginia, January 2, 1794; Timothy Pickering, of Massachusetts, December 10, 1795. .

Secretaries of the Treasury-Alexander Hamilton, of New York, September 11, 1789; Oliver Wolcott, of Connecticut, February 3, 1795.

Secretaries of War and of the Navyt-Henry Knox, of Massachusetts, September 12, 1789; Timothy Pickering, of Massachusetts, January 2, 1794; James McHenry, of Maryland, January 27, 1796.

Postmasters-GeneralSamuel Osgood, of Massachusetts, September 26, 1789; Timothy Pickering, of Massachusetts, November 7, 1791; Joseph Habersham, of Georgia, February 25, 1795.


President-JOHN ADAMS, Massachusetts.
Vice-PresidentTHOMAS JEFFERSON, Virginia.

Secretaries of State Timothy Pickering, continued in office; John Marshall, of Virginia, May 13, 1800.

Secretaries of the Treasury-Oliver Wolcott, continued in office; S. Dexter, of Massachusetts, December 31, 1800.

Secretaries of War-James McHenry, continued in office; S. Dexter, of Massachusetts, May 13, 1800; Roger Griswold, of Connecticut, February 3, 1801.

Secretaries of the Navy-George Cabot, of Massachusetts, May 3, 1798, declined; Benjamin Stoddert, of Maryland, May 21, 1798.

Postmaster-GeneralJoseph Habersham, continued.

* The Department of State was created by the Act of September 15, 1759, previously to which, by Act of July 27, 1789, it was denominated the Department of Foreign Affairs.

† The War Department, as created by Act of Congress of August 7, 1759, had also the superintendence of Naval Affairs. A separation took place in April, 1789, when a Navy Department was established.

THIRD ADMINISTRATION_1801 to 1809.-Eight Years.

President-THOMAS JEFFERSON, Virginia.

Vice-Presidents—AARON BURR, New York; GEORGE CLINTOX, New York.

Secretary of StateJames Madison, of Virginia, March 5, 1801.

Secretaries of the Treasury-S. Dexter, continued in office; Albert Gallatin, of Pennsylvania, January 26, 1802.

Secretary of War-Henry Dearborn, of Massachusetts, March 4, 1801.

Secretaries of the Navy_Benjamin Stoddert, continued in office; Robert Smith, of Maryland, January 26, 1802; Jacob Crowninshield, of Massachusetts, March 2, 1805.

Postmasters-General—Joseph Habersham, continued in office; Gideon Granger, of Connecticut, January 26, 1802.

FOURTH ADMINISTRATION_1809 to 1817.-Eight Years.

President-JAMES MADISON, Virginia.

Vice-Presidents-GEORGE CLINTON, New York; ELBRIDGE GERRY, Massachusetts.

Secretaries of State - Robert Smith, of Maryland, March 6, 1809; James Monroe, of Virginia, November 25, 1811.

Secretaries of the Treasury-Albert Gallatin, continued in office; George W. Campbell, of Tennessee, February 9, 1814; Alexander J. Dallas, of Pennsylvania, October 6, 1814.

Secretaries of War-William Eustis, of Massachusetts, March 7, 1809; John Armstrong, of New York, January 19, 1813; James Monroe, of Virginia, September 26, 1814; William H. Crawford, of Georgia, March 2, 1815.

Secretaries of the NavyPaul Hamilton, of South Carolina, March 7, 1809; William Jones, of Pennsylvania, January 12, 1813, Benjamin W. Crowninshield, of Massachusetts, December 17, 1814.

Postmasters-General—Gideon Granger, continued in office; R. J. Meigs, of Ohio, March 17, 1814.


President-JAMES MONROE, Virginia.
Vice-President—DANIEL D. TOMPKINS, New York.

Secretary of State-John Q. Adams, of Massachusetts, March 3, 1817.

Secretary of the Treasury-William H. Crawford, of Georgia, March 5, 1817.

Secretaries of War—Isaac Shelby, of Kentucky, March 5, 1817, declined the appointment; John C. Calhoun, of South Carolina, December 16, 1817.

Secretaries of the Navy-Benjamin W. Crowninshield, continued in office; Smith Thompson, of New York, November 30, 1818; Samuel L. Southard, of New Jersey, December 9, 1823.

Postmasters-General—Return J. Meigs, continued in office; John McLean, of Ohio, December 9, 1823.


President-John QUINCY ADAMS, Massachusetts.
Vice-PresidentJohn C. Calhoun, South Carolina.
Secretary of State-Henry Clay, of Kentucky, March 8, 1825.

Secretary of the Treasury — Richard Rush, of Pennsylvania, March 7, 1825.

Secretaries of War–James Barbour, of Virginia, March 7, 1825; Peter B. Porter, of New York, May 26, 1828.

Secretary of the Navy-Samuel L. Southard, continued in office. Postmaster-General-John McLean, continued in office.


President-ANDREW JACKSON, Tennessee.

Vice-PresidentsJohn C. Calhoun, South Carolina ; MARTIN Van BUREN, New York.

Secretaries of StateMartin Van Buren, of New York, March 6, 1829; Edward Livingston, of Louisiana, 1831; Louis McLane, of Delaware, 1833; John Forsyth, of Georgia, 1834.

Secretaries of the Treasury-Samuel D. Ingham, of Pennsyl

vania, March 6, 1829; Louis McLane, of Delaware, 1831; William J. Duane, of Pennsylvania, 1833; Roger B. Taney, of Maryland, 1833, (not confirmed by the Senate;) Levi Woodbury, of New Hampshire, 1834.

Secretaries of War—John H. Eaton, of Tennessee, March 9, 1829; Lewis Cass, of Ohio, 1831.

Secretaries of the Navy-John Branch, of North Carolina, March 9, 1829; Levi Woodbury, of New Hampshire, 1831; Mahlon Dickerson, of New Jersey, 1834.

Postmasters-General—William T. Barry, of Kentucky, March 9, 1829; Amos Kendall, of Kentucky, 1835.*


President-MARTIN VAN BUREN, New York. · Vice-PresidentRICHARD M. Johnson, Kentucky.

Secretary of State-John Forsyth, appointed June 27, 1831, resigned March 3, 1841.

Secretary of the Treasury-Levi Woodbury, appointed June 27, 1834, resigned March 2, 1841.

Secretary of War-Joel R. Poinsett, appointed March 7, 1837, resigned March 2, 1841.

Secretaries of the Navy-Mahlon Dickerson, appointed June 30, 1834, resigned June, 1838; James K. Paulding, appointed from June 30, 1838; resigned March 2, 1841.

Postmasters-General-Amos Kendall, appointed May 1, 1835, resigned; John M. Niles, appointed from May 25, 1810, resigned March 1, 1841.



April 4, 1841.

Vice-President-JOHN TYLER, Virginia.
President-John TYLER, Virginia, (from April 4, 1841.)

* Before the accession of Andrew Jackson to the Presidency, the PostmasterGeneral was looked upon as the head of a bureau, but President Jackson invited Mr. Barry to a seat in his cabinet meetings, since which time the head of the Post-office Department has been considered a regular member of the cabinet.

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