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was a Delegate to Congress, from Paris, Tennessee. In 1834 he was the Territory of Florida, from 1841 editor and publisher of the Columto 1845, a delegate to the Conven-bian Observer, in the same State; tion which formed the State, Con- in 1835 he was elected State prinstitution, and was elected a Senator ter, and re-elected in 1837; in 1842 in Congress, in 1845, where he still he removed to Nashville, and edited continues, officiating as Chairman the Banner; in 1843 he was electof the Committee on Post-offices ed Comptroller of the State Treaand Post-roads. He is also Presi- sury, and was re-elected in 1845 dent of the Atlantic and Gulf Rail- and 1847; in 1849 was elected to road in Florida.

the State Senate; in 1850 was a contractor for building the Suspen

sion Bridge, at Nashville ; in 1851 ZOLLICOFFER, FELIX K.

and 1852, again edited the NashBorn in Mowry County, Tennes- ville Banner, and was elected a see, May 19, 1812, and received an Representative in Congress, from academical education. He served Tennessee, in 1853, where he has for a few months in a printing continued to the present time; and office, and in 1829 took upon

himself is a member of the Committee on the management of a newspaper at Territories.


The Author embraces the present opportunity of acknowledging his obligations to the following gentlemen, who have favored him with much valuable assistance in this undertaking, viz.: William Willis, Esq., of Maine; Ben Perley Poore, Esq., of Massachusetts; George F. Houghton, Esq., of Vermont; Gideon J. Tucker, Esq., of New York; Hon. James Parker, of New Jersey; A. L. Ashley, Esq., of Kentucky; and Col. Peter Force, George J. Abbot, Esq., Yelverton P. Page, Esq., Daniel Buck, Esq., William Hickey, Esq., and John H. Wheeler, Esq., of Washington City; and while thanking them for their kindness, he takes the liberty of adding, that he would be glad to receive from ex-members of Congress, and from the friends of deceased members, any information they may be pleased to communicate, calculated to make his work more correct and complete, in the subsequent editions that may be published. Address,



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