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He was a Representative in Congress, from Pennsylvania, from 1820 to 1822.

ment from that office, he was appointed a member of the first Board of Canal Commissioners, in which capacity he served until his death, which occurred in 1827.


WORTHINGTON, THOMAS C. Born at Chesnut Ridge, in the Township of Harrington, Bergen

He was born in Maryland, and County, New Jersey, November 27,

was a Representative in Congress, 1818; graduated at Rutgers's Col- from that State, from 1825 to 1827. lege, in 1839; and was for several years teacher of the classics and

WRIGHT, AUGUSTUS R. mathematics. He commenced the study of law in 1849, and was ad

Born at Wrightsborough, Comitted to the bar in 1852 ; was Al

lumbia County, Georgia, June 16, derman of Jersey City, where he 1813; commenced his education at practiced law; and was elected a

a grammar school; afterwards enRepresentative in the Thirty-fifth tered Franklin College, but left in Congress, from New Jersey, serving

the latter part of the junior year, on the Committee of Public Ex

without graduating.

He is a penditures.

lawyer by profession; and at the age of twenty-nine was elected Cir

cuit Judge ; he resigned before the WORTHINGTON, J. T. H.

expiration of the second term, and He was born in Maryland, and was elected a Representative, from was a Representative in Congress, Georgia, to the Thirty-fourth Confrom that State, from 1831 to 1833, gress, and re-elected to the Thirtyand again from 1837 to 1841. fifth, serving as a member of the

Committee on the District of Co

lumbia. WORTHINGTON, THOMAS. He was born in Jefferson County,

WRIGHT, DANIEL B. Virginia, about 1769; emigrated to

He was born in Tennessee, and Ohio, and settled in Ross County, in 1798. In 1803 he was a mem

was a Representative in Congress,

from Mississippi, from 1853 to ber of the State Constitutional

1857. Convention. He was a Senator in Congress, from Ohio, from 1803 to 1807, and again from 1810 to 1814;

WRIGHT, GEORGE H. and from 1814 to 1818, he was Go- He was born in Concord, Massavernor of Ohio. After his retire. I chusetts, June 4, 1817; spent seven


years on a farm; settled in Boston, as a merchant, in 1822 ; was connected with the Boston Courier for two years, from 1837, after which he settled in Nantucket, in the whaling business; went to California in 1849; and was a Representative in Congress, from that State, during the years 1850 and 1851.

He was a Senator in Congress, from Maryland, from 1801 to 1806; at one time member of the State Executive Council; was Governor of Maryland, from 1806 to 1809; & Representative in Congress, from Maryland, from 1810 to 1817; reclected for the term from 1821 to 1823; and died September 7, 1826.

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WRIGHT, SAMUEL G. He was a native of Pennsylvania,

Born in 1787, and at the time of and a Representative in Congress,

his death, was a member elect of from that State, from 1853 to 1855.

Congress, from New Jersey. Died

near Allentown, New Jersey, July WRIGHT, JOHN C.

30, 1845. He was a Representative in Con

WRIGHT, SILAS. gress, from Ohio, from 1823 to

Was born at Amherst, Massa1829.

chusetts, May 24, 1795. He workWRIGHT, JOHN W.

his father's farm, in Born in McNairy County, Ten

Vermont, in the summer, and atnessee, June 28, 1828; is a lawyer

tended school in the winter. He by profession ; was elected a Repre- prepared for and entered college in sentative to the Thirty-fourth and

August, 1811, and graduated at Thirty-fifth Congresses, from his na

Middlebury College in 1815. He

read law in Washington County, tive State; and is a member of the Committees on Revolutionary Pen

New York, teaching school one or sions and Expenditures in the War

two winters to aid in defraying his Department

own expenses. In 1819 he settled, in the practice of the law, at Canton,

St. Lawrence County, New York, WRIGHT, JOSEPH A.

where he continued his residence He was born in Pennsylvania, and, until his death. He was soon made having settled in Indiana, was elect- a magistrate and postmaster of his ed a Representative in Congress, town, and surrogate of his county. from that State, from 1843 to 1845; He early raised a uniformed militia and in 1857 he was appointed, by rifle company, of which he was President Buchanan, Minister to unanimously chosen captain, from Prussia.

which position he rose to be colonel

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of a rifle regiment, and became a a seat upon the bench of the Subrigadier-general of infantry, in preme Court, which he declined. 1827. He was elected to the State By other Presidents he was offered Senate in November, 1823, and seats in their cabinets and missions served until March 4, 1827, when abroad, all of which he refused. he resigned that office, having been His last labor for the public was the elected to Congress in November, preparation of an address for the 1826. He took his seat in Congress State Agricultural Society, which in December, 1827. He was re- having been finished, was read to elected in November, 1828. Having that body, a short time after his been elected State Comptroller, death, by his friend General Dix. January 27, 1829, he resigned his He appeared twice in the Supreme seat in Congress, before serving out Court of the United States to argue this term. While in Congress, he of high importance, and served as a member of the Commit- established in that tribunal a high tee on Manufactures, and took an reputation as a lawyer. active part in the tariff investigations and discussions of 1828. He

WRIGHT, WILLIAM. served as Comptroller from the

He was born in New York, and time of his election until he was

having removed to New Jersey, chosen United States Senator, in

was a Representative in Congress, the early part of January, 1833,

from that State, from 1843 to 1847; when he immediately took his seat

and in 1853 was elected a Senator in that body. He was re-elected

in Congress for the term ending in in February, 1837, and again in

1859. He is Chairman of the February, 1843, and continued to

Committee on Engrossed Bills, and serve until December, 1844, when

of that on the Contingent Expenses he resigned. In November, 1844,

of the Senate. he was elected Governor of New York, and entered upon his duties

WURTZ, JOHN. January 1, 1845. In 1846 he retired to private life, devoting him

He graduated at Princeton Colself to the cultivation of his farm, lege in 1813, and was a Represenand enjoying the society of his early

tative in Congress, from Pennsylfriends and neighbors. On August vania, from 1825 to 1827. 27, 1847, he died suddenly, at his residence in Canton. While in the

WYNKOOP, HENRY. United States Senate, he served He was a Delegate to the Contimost of his time on the Committee nental Congress, from 1779 to 1783, of Finance, and introduced the first and a Representative in Congress, Sub-Treasury bill, which became a from Pennsylvania, from 1789 to law. President Tyler offered him 1791.

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He was four years States | moved with his father to LivingAttorney for Orleans County, and ston County, New York, and reJudge of Probate in 1830. In ceived a common school education 1836 he was chosen State Senator, at Conesas; studied law, and was and was twice re-elected. He was admitted to the bar in 1829; was a Representative in Congress, from in the State Legislature in 1831, Vermont, from 1841 to 1843, and 1844, and 1845; was a Represendeclined a re-election. In 1847 he tative in Congress, from New York, removed to St. Albans, and was from 1841 to 1843; Governor of for several years Judge of Franklin the State, from 1847 to 1849; and County Court. He subsequently Assistant Treasurer of the United devoted himself to literary and States, in New York City, at the scientific pursuits, and being a time of his death, which occurred learned geologist and mineralogist, April 23, 1852. was appointed, in 1856, State Naturalist. He died at St. Albans,

YOUNG, RICHARD M. June 1857. He was highly 17,

He was a Senator in Congress, popular, possessed great talents,

from Illinois, from 1837 to 1843. and his scientific books and tracts indicate that he was a great mathematician and a profound reasoner.


He was born in New Hampshire; YOUNG, BRYAN R.

graduated at Bowdoin College in He was born in Kentucky, and 1835; and was a Representative in was a Representative in Congress, Congress, from Illinois, from 1849 from that State, from 1845 to 1847.

to 1851.


YOUNG, WILLIAM F. Born in Killingly, Connecticut,

He was a Representative in Conin 1784, and graduated at Yale

gress, from Kentucky, from 1825 to

1827. College in 1806. In 1823 he was elected to the State Senate, and

YULEE, DAVID L. twice re-elected; he was also two

He was born in the West Indies, years Speaker of the House, and

in 1811, but when quite young was was a Representative in Congress, removed to Virginia, where he refrom 1829 to 1835. He died at

ceived the rudiments of a classical West Killingly, August 18, 1851.

education. He emigrated to Flo

rida in 1824, and though he studied YOUNG, JOHN.

law, he divided his time between He was born in Vermont in the practice of his profession and 1802; when quite a boy he re- the pursuits of agriculture. He

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