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35 False Wit and Humour—Genealogy of
Humour A

36 Letters from the Play-house, on the Dis-
mission of inanimate Performers Steele

37 Catalogue of a Lady's Library—Charac.

ter of Leonora Addison
38 On Affectation—Wanity Steele
39 English Tragedy—Lee—Otway Addison
40 Tragedy and Tragi-Comedy -
41 Women called Picts—no Faith to be

kept with them Steele

42 English Tragedy—Methods to aggran-

7 Popular Superstitions Addison dize the person in Tragedy ddison
8 Letters on Masquerades 43 Account of the Hebdomadal Club—Re-
9 Account of various Clubs - marks on Dulness Steele
10 The uses of the Spectator — 44 Stage tricks to excite Pity—Dramatic
11 Character of Arietta—the Ephesian Ma- Murders Addison
tron—Inkle and Yarico 45 Ill Consequences of the Peace—French
-12 Custom of telling Stories of Ghosts to Fashions—Childish Impertinence -
Children 46 The Spectator's Paper of Hints drop-
13 Conduct of the Lions at the Opera- ped–Gospel-gossip—Ogling -
Merit of Nicosini 47 Theory of the Passion of Laughter -

14 Letters from the Lion—from an under 48 Spectator's Letter to the Ugly Club—

sexton—on the Masquerade—Puppet atters from Hecatissa—an old Beau—

Show Steele Strolling Players

15 Story of Cleanthe—On happiness, ex- 49 Character at the Coffee-House–Eu-

emplified in Aurelia–Fulvia Addison us -

16 Various articles of dress—Lampoons— 50 Remarks on the English, by the Italian

Scandal–Politics-Letter from Charles [ings ison

Lillie 51 Censure of a Passage in the Funeral—

17 Account of the Ugly Club Steele Indelicacies in Plays teele

18 History of the Italian Opera Addison 52 Letter from the Ugly Club—Hobbes's

19 On Envy Steele Theory of Laughter

20 Impudence—the Starers 53 Letters on Female Education Hughes

21 Divinity, Law, and Physic overburdened The best-bred Men—the Spleen—a

with Practitioners Addison Peeper—King Latinus

22 Absurdities of the Opera exemplified in 54 Account of a new Sect of Loungers

Letters from the Performers of Beasts Steele 55 Effects of Avarice and Luxury on Em-

23 Ill-natured Satire Addison loyments Addison

24 Complaint of Thomas Kimbow—imper- 56 Vision of Maraton

tinent Acquaintance—Letter from Ma- 57 Mischiefs of Party-Rage in the Female

ry Tuesday Sex -

25 Letter from a Valetudinarian—Excess 58 Essay on Wit—History of False Wit —

s of Anxiety about Health ddison 59 The same Subject continued -

26 Reflections in Westminster Abbey —|60 Wit of the Monkish Ages—in Modern

27 Resolutions to quit the world—Letter to Times -

a Clergyman Steele | 61 The Subject continued -

28 Project of an Office for the Regulation 62 Difference between True and False Wit

of Signs—a Monkey recommended for –Mixt Wit --

the Opera Addison | 63 Allegory of several Schemes of Wit -

29 Italian Recitative—Absurdities of the | 64 On public Mournings Steele

Opera Dresses 65 Characters of Sir Fopling Flutter, Dori-

30 Club of Lovers established at Oxford Steele mant, and Harriot

31 Project of a new Opera Addison | 66 Letters on fashionable Education Hughes

32 Admission of the Spectator into the

Ugly Club

33 Characters of Lætitia and Daphne—Art

of Improving Beauty

34 Success of the Spectators with various

glo- of Readers represented by the A



Errors in the common Modes Steele

67 Dancing—the Dangers of it—Country

Dances—Exhibition of Pictures

68 On Friendship

69 Visit to the Royal Exchange—Benefit of

extensive Commerce

ddison 170 Critique on the Ballad of anfor

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ve Steele

114 On the Shame and Fear of Poverty—

Characters of Laertes and Irus
115 Labour and Exercise Addison
116 A hunting Scene with Sir Roger Budgell

117 On Witchcraft—Story of Moll White Addison
J18 Sir Roger's Reflections on the Widow
—Love Scene

119 Rural Manners—Politeness



159 The Vision of Mirza Addison

On great and natural Geniuses -

161 Letter and Reflections on rustic Amuse-

ments Budgell

162 On Inconstancy and Irresolution Addison

163 Disappointment in Love—Letter srom

Leonora Miss Shepherd

Consolation Addison
of a Castilian and his Wife Addison


199 Letter on the mercenary Practices of

Men in the Choice of Wives Steele

200 Political Arithmetic—Rules for Popu-

lation Mr. H. Martm

201 Devotion—Enthusiasm Addison

202 Folly of the Pride of Birth or Fortune

—Letters from Servants Steele

203 On Seducers and their illicit Progeny

—Letter from a natural Son Addison

204 Letters from Belinda to the Sothades

—D. to his Coquette Mistress—to a

Husband Steele

205 Description of a Female Pander—af.

fected Method of Psalm-singing—

Erratum in the Paper on Drinking Addison

206 Modesty, Diffidence, Self-denial Steele

207 Notions of the Heathens on Devotion Addison

208 Depraved Taste on the Theatre—Let-

ters on Wisiting—Seduction—from a

Lover Steele


209 Simonides's Satire on Women —Addison

210 Immortality of the Soul Hughes

211 Transmigration of Souls—Letters on

Simonides's Satire on Women Addison

212 Letter from a Hen-peckt Husband de-

termined to be free Sterle

213 On habitual good intentions Addison

214 On Patrons and their Clients Nterle

215 Education—compared to Sculpture Addison

216 Success of the Hen-peckt Husband de-

termined to be free Steele

217 Club of Shc-Romps—Letters on Inde-

licacy—from an old Maid—a lee Budgell

218 Fame—Reputation.—Credit Sterle

219 Quality—Vanity of Honours and Titles Addison

220 o of an aged Lover Steele

'alse Wit and Mechanic Poetry Hughes

Love—Salutations Steele

221 Use of Mottos—Love of Latin among

the common People—Signature let-


222 Inconsistencies of Men of Talents with


respect to Economy Steele

223 Account of Sappho Addison

Her Hymn to Venus Am. Phillips

224 Universality of Ambition—its wrong

Directions Hughes

225 Discretion and Cunning Addison

226 On Raphael's Cartoons Steele

227 Letter on the Lover's Lean Addison

228 Inquisitive Disposition—Remedy for

loud Talkers Steele

229 Fragment of Sappho Addison

230 Benevolent Disposition--Letter of Pliny Hughes

Plan of an Academy Steele

231 Letter on Bashfulness Hughes

Reflections on Modesty Addison

1232 Sir Andrew Freeport's Opinion of Beg-


233 Ho, of the Lover's Leap

234 Good-natured Species of Lies—Ac-

count of a Freethinker

235 Account of the Trunkmaker in the


236 Letters on cruel Husbands—on impro-

per Behaviour at Church

237 On the Ways of Providence Addison

238 On the Love of Flattery—Translation

from Arista-netus Steele

239 Various Ways of Managing a Debate Addison

240 Grateful Letter on heroic Virtue—

Country Breeding—Behaviour of a

Beau at the Theatre

241 Letter on the Absence of Lovers—Re-

medies proposed

243 Letters on improper Behaviour in a

Stage-Coach—Story of a Lottery

Ticket—from the Guardian of two

Nieces Steele

243 On the Beauty and loveliness of Virtue Addison

244 Letters on Raphael's Cartoons—on Fe-

male Apes Steele

245 Simplicity of Character—Letters on in-

nocent Diversions—Absent Lovers-

from a Troian

246 Mischief of Mothers not nursing their










247 Different Classes of Female Orators Addison

248 On Beneficence, with Examples Steele

249 Laughter and Ridicule Addison

250 On the eyes Golding

Complaint of Starers steele

251 Letter on the Cries of London Addison

252 Letters on the eye—Cure for a bad


Female Oratory

253 On Detraction among bad Poets—




Popc's Essay on Criticism

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