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Is tight and yare, and bravely rigg'd, as when
We first put out to sea. :,

Art. Sir, all this service .: ...
Have I done since I went. t '■, (- ...'

Pro. My trjcksey spirit!

Alon. These are not natural events •, they strengthen
From strange to stranger. Say, how came you hither?

Voa{j\ If I did think, Sir, I were well awake,
I'd strive to tell you. We were dead a-fleep,
And, how we know not, all clapt under hatches,
"Where but ev'n now with strange and sev'ral noises
Of roaring, shrieking, howling, gingling chains, •,
And more diversity-of founds, all horrible,..■
We were awak'd; straightway at liberty:
Where we in all 5 /herv trim freshly beheld
Our royal good and gallant ship-, our master
Cap'ring to eye her •, on a trice, so please you,
Ev'n in a dream, were we divided from them,
And were brought moping hither. .
Art. Was't well done? \ .
Pro. Bravely, my diligence; thou shalt be free.
Alon. This is as strange a maze as e'er men trod,
And there is in this business more than nature
Was ever conduct of; some oracle
Must rectifie our knowledge.

Pro. Sir, my Liege,
Do not infest your mind with beating on
The strangeness of this business; at pickt leisure
(Which shall be shortly) single PJB resolve you,
Which to you shall seem probable, of every.
These happen'd accidents; 'till when be chearful,
And think of each thing well. Come hither, spirit j
Set Caliban and his companions free:
Untie the spell. How fares my gracious Sir i
There are yet missing of your company
Some few odd lads, that you remember not.

3 OBT. . .old tdit. Tbtab. tmend.

SCENE • S C E N E vC'ri

Enter Ariel, driving in Caliban, Stephano, and. Trinculo, in tbeir stolen apparel. .'

Ste. Every man mist for all the rest, and set no man take care for himself; for all is but fortune.; Cor agio, bullymonster, Cor agio. .

Trin. If these be' true spies which I wear in my head, here's a goodly sight. v. 'r" 1

Cal. O Setebos, these be brave spirits indeed!
How fine my master is ! I am afraid
He will chastise me. '»

Seb. Ha, ha; what things are these, my lord Antbonio? ■ buy 'em?

Ant. Very like; one of them
Is a plain filh, and no doubt marketable.

Pro. Mark but the badges of these men;' my lords,
Then fay if they be truer mis mis-map'd'krrave,
His mother was a witch, and one so strong
That could controul the moon, make flows and ebbs,
And deal in her command without her power:
These three have robb'd me, and this demy-devil
(For he's a bastard one) had plotted with them
To take my life; two of these fellows you
Must know and own, this thing of darknesi i
Acknowledge mine.

Cal. I shall be pincht to death.

Alon. Is not this Stephano, my drunken butler?

Seb. He is drunk now: * 'but how? where had he wine ?N

Alon. And Trinculo is recling-ripe; where should they
Find this grand 1''lixirv that hath gilded 'em?
How cam'st thou in this pickse?

Trin. I have been
In such a pickle since I saw you last,

F 3 That,

4 where had lie v. inc? . . .«■ „

5 i.quor . ... old tdit. ifarb. ems Hit.

That, I fear me, will ne'er out of my bones:
I shall not fear fly-blowing. '•

Seb. Why, how now, Stephano?
Ste. O, touch me not:
I am not Stepbano, but a cramp.

Pro. You'd be
King oW Isle, Sirrah?

Ste. I should have been a fore one.
Æon. 6 'This is a strange thing as I ever Iook'd on.*
Pro. He is as difproportion'd in his manners
As in his lhape: go, Sirrah, to my cell,
Take with you your companions; as you look

Cal. Ay, mat I will; and I'll be wife hereafter,
And seek for grace. What a thrice double ass
Was I to take this drunkard for a god?
And worlhip this dull fool?
Pro. Go to,, away!

Alon. Hence, and bestow your luggage where you Found it;'

Seb. Or stole it rather.'

Pro. Sir, I invite your Highness and your train
To my poor cell; where you shall take your rest
For this one night, which (part of it) I'll waste
With such discourse, as I not doubt shall make it
Go quick away; the story of my life,
And the particular accidents gone by
Since I came to this Isle: and in the morn
I'll bring you to- your ship; and so to Naples.
Where I have hope to sec the nuptials
Of these our dear-beloved solemniz'd;
And thence retire me to my Milan, where
Every third thought shall be my grave.

Æon. I long
To hear the story of your life, which must
Take the ear strangely.

To have


lardon, trim it handsoml;



6 Tis a strange thing, as e'er I look'd on.

Pro. I'll deliver all,
And promise you calm seas, auspicious gales,
And lail so expeditious 7 rits shall catch
Your royal fleet far off: My Ariel, chick,
That is thy charge: Then to the elements
Be free, and fare thou well! Please you, draw near.

[Exeunt omnes.

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Spoken by Prosper o. OW my charm are all o'er-thrown,

And what strength I have's mine own; Which is most faint: and now Uis true

Or sent to Naples. Let me not.
Since I have my Dukedom got,
And pardon'd the deceiver, dwell . \?
In this bare island by your folly -■
But release me from my bands,
With the help of your good bands.
Gentle breath of yours my fails T
Must fill, or else my projetl fails.
Which was to please. For now I want
Spirits t' enforce, art to enchant;
And my ending is despair,
Unless I be relieved by prayer;
Which pierces so, that it assaults
Mercy it self, and frees all faults.

As you from crimes would pardon* d be,
Let your indulgence set me free.


I must be here confirid by you,

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