The teeth, how to preserve them

Griffin, 1882 - 74 Seiten

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Seite 2 - The Christian Year. Thoughts in Verse for the Sundays and Holy Days throughout the Year.
Seite 16 - AE A Manual of Marine Engineering. Comprising the Designing, Construction and Working of Marine Machinery.
Seite 15 - A MANUAL OF MACHINERY AND MILLWORK : Comprising the Geometry, Motions, Work, Strength, Construction, and Objects of Machines, &c. Illustrated with nearly 300 Woodcuts, Crown 8vo, cloth.
Seite 8 - Public Analyst for the County of Devon, and Medical Officer of Health for St. Marylebone. AND M. WYNTER BLYTH, BA, B.Sc., FCS GENERAL CONTENTS. — History of Adulteration. — Legislation. — Apparatus. —
Seite 29 - Clever and amusing . . . above the average even of good novels . . . free from sensationalism, but full of interest . . . touches the deeper chords of life . . . delineation of character remarkably good." — Spectator. " Superior in all respects to the common run of novels.
Seite 15 - A MANUAL OF APPLIED MECHANICS : Comprising the Principles of Statics and Cinematics, and Theory of Structures, Mechanism, and Machines. With Numerous Diagrams. Crown 8vo, cloth.
Seite 12 - Published under the sanction of the National Society for Aid to the Sick and Wounded in War. With numerous Illustrations. Post 8vo. Cloth, 5/" A work by a practical and experienced author.
Seite 31 - ... are useful, and in his pages many a hint and suggestion, and many a fact of importance is stored up that would otherwise have been lost to the public." — Builder. " Capital little books of about a hundred pages each, wherein the indefatigable Author is seen at his best.
Seite 11 - Information conveyed in Parts I. and II., to the case of Combined Structures, including the Construction of Overground, Subterranean, and Subaqueous Lines ; Office Fittings ; Estimating ; Organisation, &c. " Mr. Douglas deserves the thanks of Telegraphic Engineers for the excellent ' Manual ' now before us .... he has ably supplied an existing want ... the subject is treated with great clearness and judgment .... good practical information, given in a clear, terse style.
Seite 27 - The delicacy of the engravings, the excellence of the typography, and the quaint antique head and tail pieces, render them the most beautiful volumes ever issued from the press of this country, and now, unquestionably, the cheapest of their class. BURNS

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